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  • Connor Ewens

Every WCW PPV Reviewed & Ranked: Part 1

Hello reader and welcome to a new series of reviewed & ranked. Every Friday for the next few weeks we will be having a nice long conversation about WCW and it's long backlog of content. I was struggling to think of ways to introduce this, so I guess I'll just talk about what I've done. I've watched EVERY WCW PPV, including the NWA/Jim Crockett closed circuit broadcasts. AND, just for extra flavour, I have included all of the Clash of the Champions shows too because they were once a big deal. I've watched over 150 shows for this. Do you realise how mental that is? I have seen some of the best matches in wrestling history, and by god some of the most trashiest moments too. I've got to be in awe of Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Sting, the cruiserweight division. However, I was also treated to Ernest 'Big Cat' Miller, Disco Inferno & whatever the Zodiac is supposed to be. Flair vs Steamboat, Sting vs Cactus Jack, Mysterio vs Guerrero. Hogan vs Warrior, Hogan vs Butcher, Hogan vs Giant. This has taken me close to a year to complete, watching nearly 2 decades worth of wrestling content.

What is there to say about WCW that hasn't already been said? A history of impressive highs and cringeworthy lows. I've never seen a company shoot themselves so much in the foot. My knowledge on WCW has always been solid, but I hadn't actually watched much so a lot of these shows were fresh to my eyes. Boy I was certainly treated to a time of my life. Like I did with the previous, I've given matches a star rating out of 5, then I calculate an average percentage from the star ratings. A 100% would take a full card of 5 star matches, so keep that in mind if percentages look a bit unfair for a shows position. So if you so a (0.5) after a paragraph, that means 0.5 / 5 stars. Also if I call anything a DUD, that's a 0/5. You dig? You dig. I've tweaked how I write these again, purely for my own sanity. Let's get started as we embark on a new journey with a difficult quest. Every WCW PPV ranked and reviewed. But first, some honourable mentions.

(It's worth mentioning that I've spent all of 2023 watching, drafting and writing all of these articles, so some references might be dated. I ain't rewriting them all to remain relevant.)

Honourable Mentions

First up, we have the Great American Bash in 1987. Similar to the year prior, this GAB was a summer tour rather than a singular event. They had 3 shows on the 4th, 18th & 31st of July. The 3-day event is most famous for the first ever WarGames match, a Dusty Rhodes creation. I wasn't able to find the full cards for any of the three days unfortunately. However, some of the matches are available for viewing on the Network including the 2 first ever WarGames matches, I enjoyed them both. A tag title match between the Rock 'N' Roll Express & the Midnight Express was also very good.

Next we have the AAA show from 1994, When World's Collide. Straight away you can see my issue, this isn't a WCW show. The show was produced by WCW's technical staff, Eric Bischoff helping the company secure a broadcast in America. So yes technically WCW were involved, but no WCW wrestlers were part on the card so I won't be including this in my review.

Finally we have WCW Millennium Final from the year 2000. WCW embarked on a 'Millennium Tour' which culminated in Oberhausen for a Germany exclusive PPV. I couldn't find footage anywhere, but if I did it would be in German. Also, 2000 WCW sucked eggs so I don't really want to watch it. With all that out of the way, let's begin our list with the worst WCW show of all time.

#156: Uncensored, March 19th 2000. 11.8%

Fuck, where do I begin? I mean, look at that percentage! That's an embarrassing score for a show. I think I would be violently sick if I had paid my hard earned cash for this show, or any WCW show from the 2000s. Surprisingly, this doesn't even have Vince Russo's fingerprints on it. This occurred with Kevin Sullivan as head booker after Russo walked out at the start of the year. Shortly after this show, Sullivan quit and Russo returned alongside Eric Bischoff to run things. We'll talk about that later. Uncensored was usually WCW's worst PPV of the year, we'll be talking about another 2 Uncensored shows today, oh goodie.

This show is PEAK shitty, to a point it's hilarious but then stops being funny and just becomes infuriating and shitty again. The show opened with a heatless and awkward encounter for the cruiserweight title between The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea (what an original gimmick) and the lover of class-A's Psicosis (0.5). The action somehow gets WORSE with back to back DUD ratings. The team of Lenny & Lodi repackaged as XS take on Norman Smiley & the KISS Demon, followed by Bam Bam Bigelow vs The Wall. Both of these matches sucked, the latter ended in a DQ followed by a chokeslam stunt which could have been cool if it wasn't completely undersold by the the wankers on commentary. It's honestly a shock how AEW gave Tony a job based off of his performances in WCW's final years.

Time for a hardcore title match between Brian Knobbs and 3 Count, a 3-person boy band gimmick which somehow managed to kinda work. Knobbs has to pin and eliminate all 3 guys to win the gold. People will claim the hardcore division was a clear copy from WWF which isn't wrong, but I think WCW were stealing from ECW more than anything in the 2000s, though by this time even ECW had grown up. This isn't a bad match but it's not exactly fun to watch either (1.25). Things continue to improve (slightly) when Booker teams with Billy Kidman to face Harlem Heat 2000, which has Stevie Ray teaming with Ahmed Johnson. Only on a show like this would an Ahmed Johnson be part of the match of the night. Again, not a good match but also not a terrible match, mainly thanks to Booker & Kidman. Evidence piece number 2 of Tony Schiavone being crap, why did he call nearly every move a sidewalk slam? It happened for a few years and it really pissed me off. He's not the only guilty man, Mike Tenay done it a couple times too but my god Tony just learn some fucking move names (1.5).

We go back to our scheduled dogshit now, Fit Finlay & Vampiro wrestled with casts on their wrists due to kayfabe broken wrists. A painfully uneventful falls count anywhere brawl that I wish I slept through (0). The Harris Brothers win the Tag Championships from the Mamalukes in an overbooked match between 4 guys no one gave a shit about (0.5). Not even a Terry Funk vs Dustin Rhodes match was close to being a good. They wrestled an uninteresting bullrope match with DUMB booking when Funk tried to turn the match into an I Quit match. The referee responds "erm, no Terry, you're not the booker" providing Dustin an opportunity to win. I hope they paid you enough to look like a low-IQ ass Terry (0.75). Lex Luger & Sting compete in a Lumberjack match with all the lumberjacks victims of Luger's arm breaking, another match littered with bad booking and bad wrestling (0.25).

The WCW Title doesn't even main event (gold star to who that honour goes to) when Sid Vicious defends against Jeff Jarrett. Why the FUCK is Sid a world champion in the year 2000? This was dull and, yet again, ruined by poor booking decisions and lack of consistent match rules (0.75). Our main event is... Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair... in 2000. A main event match from 6 years ago when even then both guys were past their prime. A collective age of 98, these two battle in a 'Yappapi Indian strap match' which differs to a traditional strap match. Hang on, wait really? There is no difference? Then why is it named so weirdly? WCW I guess. This Yappapi Indian crap match was far from the worst on the show, but it still sucked, especially when pinfalls started being counted, in a match with NO PINFALLS. Then Hulk won, BY PINFALL. Fucking christ (1). This was a painful watch, when you're MOTN doesn't even reach an average score you know it's tragically bad. Only onwards and upwards from here I guess. Ha. Oh god I'm going to die writing this list.

MOTN- Booker & Billy Kidman vs Harlem Heat 2000

#155: Halloween Havoc, October 29th 2000. 13.6%

One of WCW's most iconic PPV events, Halloween Havoc was always an unpredictable show. Most of them were mediocre or out right bad, some of them were alright. 1 of them is ranked in my top 15 in this review. You were never sure what you were going to get, unless you're in the year 2000 then you know exactly how this is going down. *insert loud fart noises*

Most surprising is we actually start with a good match. Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire defend their Tag Titles against Boogie Nights (Disco Inferno & Alex Wright) as well as the Filthy Animals, represented by Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman. I completely forgot about WCW unmasking Rey Mysterio. Not a decision that contributed to ruining the company, but still one of the dumbest booking decisions WCW made. This was very enjoyable, a triangle match with tags involved and all 6 guys busted their ass to put in a good match. Rey & Kidman landed sweet spots, Jindrak & O'Haire were the young but powerful champions and Boogie Nights were the entertaining, braggadocious dicks. Best match of the night from the off (3). You would think this is a good sign of things to come, but you would be dead wrong.

Reno & Sgt. AWOL (who is The Wall but repackaged, do you get it) had a clunky, uninspired hardcore title match (0.75). The team of Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak faced Corporal Cajun & Lieutenant Loco (Chavo Guerrero but stupid) in a late-addition match with about as much heat as frozen peas (0.25). Following those two wastes of time, this show achieved something no other WCW show managed to do, which is have FUCKING FOUR back-to-back DUD ratings. Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson battled Konnan & Tygress in a terrible match, the lads just went through the motions whilst the lasses just sucked. Buff Bagwell and Ric Flair's son (who definitely didn't want to be there) David wrestled in a First Blood DNA match, a disastrous match with stupid storyline ramifications. Ernest 'The Cat' Miller took on Mike Sanders in an insulting Three Round Kickboxing match which ended in a bloody count out, good work booking team. Capping off our 0/5 ratings is Vampiro vs 'That 70s Guy" Mike Awesome, a sloppy, inconsistently ruled contest with Vampiro once again showing off how bad he is at wrestling. I just want this show to stop.

Things improved I guess when Lance Storm with Jim Duggan defended the Canadian Championship against General Hugh G. Rection (DO YOU GET IT?). A bad, boring match that Lance Storm couldn't save from being shit (0.25). Next, a Jeff Jarrett vs Sting match that might have been something worth watching, if it wasn't spoiled like bad milk with Vince Russo's bad ideas. We had not one, not two, but fudging SIX interferences from imposter Sting's. Entertaining in a 'The Room' kinda way. Dumb (0.75). Booker T defended the WCW Title against Scott Steiner, once again not in the main event, this had some good action but was pissed all over by poor booking. After plenty of weapon usage and an attack on referees, no DQ was called until apparently Steiner exceeded the limit of murdering referees then a DQ was called. The fuck? Ridiculous rule following, plus Steiner looked like a fucking tool getting disqualified (1.5)

So, who's in the main event you ask. Is it Hogan? Is it Flair? Luger maybe? NOPE. It's Goldberg, which is fair enough, taking on...Kronik. Wooooow. Baldberg murders the team in a 3 minute squash, in the fucking main event. Boo (1). Yeah, this show was all kinds of shit. Nearly everything was terrible bar the opening match. Any action that was passable was ruined and overshadowed by Vince Russo's booking, which was about as coherent as a pisshead roaming the Bigg Market on a night out.

MOTN- Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire vs Boogie Nights vs Filthy Animals

#154: Starrcade, December 27th 1994. 14.3%

When I finished watching this show, I was adamant that this would end up being the worst of all time. I guess the year 2000 had other plans, thank you Russo. Hulk Hogan was brought into the company earlier in the year, over the course of the following months he used the power of politics to get all of his friends jobs too. That sounds almost admirable, if it wasn't for his friends all being shit at doing the wrestles.

WCW's annual flagship event begins with Vader vs 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan over the US Championship. This was fine, Duggan at least seemed to try although I never liked him as a performer. Vader seemed unmotivated, I think I would be too being demoted from the main event to fight a man famous for shouting "ho" (2). Unfortunately boys and girls, that's our match of the night. Our next match is the second best match on the card. Triple H, I mean, Terra Ryzing, I mean, Jean-Paul Levesque takes on German techno enthusiast, Alex Wright. A somewhat competent but overwhelmingly dull 14 minutes of action with zero heat, zero direction, zero fucks given (1). YEP, 1 star equals a silver medal on this show.

Johnny B. Badd defends his TV Championship against Arn Anderson in a slow, disjointed match but I don't blame the lads. Honky Tonk Man was scheduled to face JBB but he reportedly walked out due to his demands for more money being denied. A last minute match and you could tell (0.75). Harlem Heat faces the Nasty Boys in one of their many bad matches they had together. 75% of the wrestlers in this match are bad, Booker T is alright but would improve exponentially over the next few years. Nearly 20 minutes of rest holds, boring offence, more rest holds, more boring offence and even more rest holds, paying off with a damning DQ finish. I should have succumbed to the tiredness in my eyes (0.5). That wasn't the stinkiest turd on this card though, that honour goes to Mr T vs Kevin Sullivan. B.A Baracus has his first singles match ever, 8 long years after his last wrestling match. Before this he had 2 boxing matches, then also that main event tag at the inaugural Wrestlemania. A truly garbage 4 minutes of action, Mr T got stuck in his t-shirt which was hilarious. T needed help from Sullivan's brother dressed as Santa Claus, which is double hilarious. Just stick to Snicker's ads Lawrence (0).

Sting faces Avalanche next, FKA Earthquake. I think watching an actual natural disaster would be more entertaining. Sting tries but fails to save this from being icky (0.25). Then we have our main event, Hulk Hogan taking on The Butcher, FKA Brutus Beefcake. The Butcher had ZERO right to be in any main event, even when he was in his prime. A blatant political move by the hulkster. This match is 75% nerve holds, the most boring of all the rest holds. As a result, a terrible main event capping off a terrible PPV with terrible buyrates (0.5). *slow clapping*

MOTN- Vader vs Jim Duggan

#153: Bash at the Beach, July 11th 1999. 15.6%

Following the 'Finger poke of Doom' angle, WCW were beginning to flounder in '99. WWF were dominating the Monday Night Wars and WCW were trying anything to try regain momentum and fan interest. You can see how that played out.

Our "crowd-warmer" of a match is Ernest 'The Cat' Miller vs Disco Inferno. Well, shit. To be fair to the guys, this wasn't completely shit like I was expecting but it wasn't exciting either. They did their best in 8 minutes and it didn't generate negative thoughts in my brain so have a star lads (1). Unfortunately, the next match couldn't follow suit. Rick Steiner defended the TV title against Van Hammer in a glorified squash with Steiner blatantly rule breaking but no DQ is called. They had been building Hammer's momentum too! Terrible booking also terrible wrestling because both guys were well past their prime. Here come those negative thoughts (0). Another DUD match follows with David Flair defending the US Championship against Dean Malenko. Poor Dean, he deserves better. David Flair was bad at wrestling and not even Dean Malenko & interference from the Horsemen could hide how trash this was (0). 8-man elimination tag match between the West Texas Rednecks and the No Limit Soldiers. A match featuring Curt Hennig and Rey Mysterio can't be that bad can it? Well it wasn't bad, but also it was 15+ minutes of uninspired offence and no match flow. Why were the faces acting like heels?! Nonsensical but it had it's moments of being decent, just a big let down mainly (1.75).

Oh boy can't wait to talk about this. The Junkard Hardcore Invitational. They don't even announce the participants, they just tell you who's there whilst the match is in progress. Approximately 10 WCW undercarders fighting it out in a junkyard. Anything on the line? NOPE. Just fighting because they've got nothing else better to do. This sucked a Rikishi-sized ass. It was dark and poorly recorded so you couldn't see shit. No flow or choreographed spots, just mindless fighting and weapon shots. The only spot was when someone put Fit Finlay in a car boot, and tried to push him into a crusher and MURDER HIM. Obviously Fit didn't die, he escaped. He also won, by climbing over the fence and escaping the Junkyard. Why didn't everyone just make a mad dash for the gate? Why were they fighting in the first place? Why am I trying to justify WCW's utter shit? Obviously this gets a DUD.

We finally get something redeemable on this show, the Jersey Triad defending the tag belts against Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn. Why did WCW turn Diamond Dallas Page, one of their hottest babyfaces, heel? Because they're stupid. The JT are able to use their Freebird rule to swap in a guy mid-match, essentially making this a 3-on-2. I don't like that, but I did like this match. Very good tag formula and a clear story, until the shoddy referee bump finish. Still, match of the night here (3). Back to our regular programming of shit, Buff Bagwell vs Roddy Piper in a boxing match. Can we just ban the use of boxing matches and/or Kickboxing matches please? They're just so BORING and usually poorly booked. Mercifully short but it ends in a pinfall, because fuck following actual match rules I guess (0). We close the show with a tag match for the WCW Title. I don't mind that trope if it's used on TV, but I don't think it's an appropriate main event gimmick. The champ Kevin Nash with his new friend Sting defend against Randy Savage & Sid Vicious in a low-effort, phoned in match with too much interference from Savage's lady friends (0.5). What else can I say? Another offensively bad WCW show that is saved from last place thanks to a good but could have been better tag match.

MOTN- Jersey Triad vs Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn

#152: Uncensored, March 19th 1995. 16.4%

Oh, hello again Uncensored. Sorry, but you're not invited to this party.. what's that? Oh, you're coming in anyway? And I can't stop you because you are unsanctioned, unauthorised & unbelievable? I don't think so, please leave. Hang on a sec, you have an 'Ultimate Surprise' for us all? Well that sounds intriguing and not at all misleading. Alright, you can come on for ONE drink, but that surprise better be "Ultimate".

We kick off the show with back-to-back DUD ratings, hooray! First we have one of WCW's greatest match types ever, the King of the Road match between Dustin Rhodes & Blacktop Bully. Fighting on a trailer full of hay attached to an 18-wheeler driving around Atlanta with a flipping police escort? Oh hell yeah, now that's uncensored. You win by sounding the horn at the front of the trailer, because pinfalls aren't uncensored enough. Obviously this was crap and it goes down in infamy as one of the worst ideas for a match ever, which is quite the statement. The next DUD is a Martial-Arts match between Meng & Jim Duggan. Because Jim is a face and a proud American, he mocks Japanese culture and the honourable bow you're supposed to do. No wonder Meng cheap-shotted him. A boring match with unclear rules that was supposed to get Meng over in his PPV debut, but instead just sucked.

Boxer vs Wrestler match next with Arn Anderson & Johnny B. Badd, scheduled for ten 3 minute rounds with a minute break in between. You can win by KO or pinfall. The action is competent but they're severely limited by the gimmick, Badd sticks to boxing and Arn sticks to wrasslin'. Not badd but definitely not goodd (1.5). Randy Savage vs Avalanche next in a no DQ match. Remember that, because it's UNCENSORED and this match is NO DISQUALIFICATION. Avalanche is expectedly crap, Savage tries but the match is slow and more dull than British weather. Oh, then Randy Savage wins...BY DISQUALIFICATION. Fuck off WCW. This gets something because Savage deserves credit for just showing up for work (0.25). Sting & Bubba Rogers fought in an 'anything goes' match. It was fine, nothing bad but also nothing to be excited about. It was surprisingly booked well with good psychology, but the action wasn't inspiring outside of Sting's comebacks (2).

Harlem Heat vs The Nasty Boys again, this time a Texas tornado, falls count anywhere match. Okay, so this match is terrible, it deserves a DUD rating really, but boy did I enjoy this. Not because it was fun in a good way but fun in a bad way. After bland, botchy brawling the two teams plus Sister Sherri make their way to a concessions stand, and things get MENTAL. They have a food fight, because they spilled slush mix, ketchup and mustard everywhere they all keep slipping over and fucking up their spots. Sherri especially takes some awful looking falls. It was fucking hilarious. Maybe the funniest WCW match ever, for all the wrong reasons. For somehow making me laugh, this match can have a star, sorry critics (1). Our main event is an Indian strap match (not to be confused with a Yappapi strap match) between WCW champion Hulk Hogan & Vader. Not a title match though, peculiar. Vader has Flair with him and eventually out comes Hogan's 'Ultimate Surprise'. IT'S THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!! Not. It's the Renegade, a version of the big UW. I enjoyed Vader destroying Hogan, but of course the power of Hulkamania overcomes all and Renegade is making Flair shit his pants. How'd you win a strap match? Well you drag your opponent around the ring touching all 4 turnbuckles. How did Hogan win? He dragged Ric Flair around the ring. Fucking what? An awful finish to a bad match, though I did like Flair's antics and the crowd actually popped hard for Renegade somehow. It didn't last long (1/5). I can't believe they did 5 more Uncensored shows after this catastrophe.

MOTN- Sting vs Bubba Rogers

#151: Clash of the Champions 31, August 6th 1995. 17%

The disreputable honour of worst COTC show goes to this one from the painful year of 1995. WCW were planning to launch Monday Nitro so they stopped caring about these specials, you could tell. But hey, at least these are shorter injections of disease compared to a full PPV of tomfoolery.

We begin with Meng & Kurasawa vs Sting & Road Warrior Hawk. An absolute mess of a match. Little selling, awkward flow, botched moves. Hawk & Kurasawa just stand in the ring doing FUCK ALL at one point. Just trash not even a raccoon would eat (0). Things improved with a decent contest between Diamond Dallas Page & Alex Wright. DDP is still a heel but he's making major improvements to his character & in-ring work. Best match on the show (2.25). We go back to DUDs again though, a pair of them. Renegade retains the TV title against Paul Orndorff in a repulsive 4 minutes of action. Orndorff is old, Renegade is shit. What did WCW expect. Then, we have the Harlem Heat including Sister Sherri facing Dick Slater, Bunkhouse Buck & Colonel Robert Parker. Just plain bad, Booker had some good stuff but outside of that it was dreadful. The tag title feud came second to a Sherri/Parker romance. Sherri hits her head, causing her to stop hating Parker and want a taste of him. Her aggressive kissing earns her team a pinfall. Atrocious.

Before we talk about our main event, a gem of a segment to talk about. Hulk Hogan enters the dreaded DUNGEON OF DOOM. Hilariously bad in all of the wrong ways, or maybe right ways I can't tell anymore. Hogan treads through the Dungeon, before demanding the Giant comes out. He gets his wish, the Giant chokes him and the Dungeon of Doom (the stable not the lair) attack him. Vader makes the save, and Hogan's babyface friends drag him out of there alive. All of the acting in this segment is terrible, check it out because you get a laugh or 2 for sure. Our main event is a handicap match, Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs Vader. Vader literally just turned face by saving Hogan from the DoD. This was a standard match, telling the story of Arn doing most of the work whilst Ric is a chicken shit. This got Vader over big as a face which was good. He got fired shortly after because Eric Bischoff doesn't understand talent, which is bad. A serviceable match (2). This probably deserves to be last due 60% of the show being DUD ratings. That DoD segment though, comedy gold.

MOTN- DDP vs Alex Wright

#150: Superbrawl 2000, February 20th 2000. 17.3%

Yes it's 2000 again, lucky for us. The worst edition of WCW's Superbrawl also probably has the worst VHS cover ever. It's not that the design is bad, though it isn't great, but the quality is low value that its just a blur of vaguely recognisable wrestlers, and Sid. You are to blame if you spend money on a WCW VHS from the 2000's.

The final of a tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight champion comes down to TAFKA Prince Iaukea vs Lash Leroux. Is this the best you have left? I know that isn't true. Mercifully short but weak, the crowd didn't care at all. Lash botched a lot but Prince tried to keep things together (1). Bam Bam Bigelow defended his hardcore title against Brian Knobbs in a match blander than a bread sandwich. They managed to make hitting each other with weapons BORING which should be a crime (0.5). Norman Smiley takes on 3 Count in a 3-on-1 handicap match, for some reason. Nice to see Smiley but this was pointless crap, but I can't give Smiley a dud rating (0.25).

Back-to-back-to-back DUD ratings now, because of course. First, KISS Demon vs The Wall. Eric Bischoff commissioned a $500,000 payment to aged band KISS for ONE Nitro performance (which tanked the ratings) and a custom KISS wrestler. Some people call Eric a genius. Boring trash, followed by plenty more boring trash. Big Al faces Tank Abbott in a 'Leather Jacket on a pole' match, because pole matches were WCW's fetish. Absolute shit show, I don't even know who Big Al is. The saddest DUD here though is the next one, Booker vs Big T for ownership of Harlem Heat and the letter T. First of all, stupid stipulation. Secondly, poor Booker having to try polish a turd into diamonds. Big T was bad and out of shape, made worse when Booker lost due to the interference from a secret debuting star. Who could it be? Would it be a defecting WWE star? Or just a random fat guy who we wouldn't see again? If you chose option 2, ding ding ding.

Moving on, Billy Kidman vs Vampiro. Surprisingly, Vampiro didn't completely cock this match up, though he did try. Thank god Kidman is talented enough to carry him to a somewhat enjoyable contest (2). Sicilian Stretcher Match next between Big Vito & Johnny the Bull against David Flair & Crowbar. A match no one cared about, so they tried to make it as chaotic and messy as possible. They succeeded, but it was far from entertaining (1.25). Texas Death match follows between Ric Flair & Terry Funk. Hilarious that this is even considered for a match in 2000. What's even funnier, is that this is the best match of the night. It's still not a good match but it was alright, there's something to enjoy from two wrestling grandads murdering each other. The old boys tried so good job to them (2.25).

I'm surprised this wasn't the main event but I'm glad they decided against it. Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger. A rematch from their Nitro main event from *checks notes* 5 YEARS PREVIOUS. A boring match between these two who are past their sell-by date (0.75). 3-way main event has Sid Vicious defend his WCW Title against Scott Hall & Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett clubbers 4 referees until his crooked ally comes out. Are referees positioned in an order to come out or something? Dumb that. The action was fine but the match was criminally short and of course overbooked (1.5). The perfect way to summarise, the best match came from two guys with a collective age of 107. Oh boy.

MOTN- Ric Flair vs Terry Funk

#149: The Great American Bash, June 11th 2000. 17.5%

I'm going to dedicate some of these introductions to criticisms & pet peeves, because there is only so many ways to say "2000 sucked". This one is dedicated to commentator Mark Madden. I think he's the commentator I've hated the most, ever. Tenay was great but slowly declined thanks to WCW. Schiavone began to get really bad in the last 5 years. But Madden, JEEZ he was terrible. I'm not fully blaming him because I'm sure he was given a lot of instruction. The constant use of 'wrestling' terminology like shoot or work. The disgustingly cringe commentary about and towards women. His ridiculous controversial takes for shock reactions. He is worse than a 100 2010s Michael Cole's.

Lieutenant Loco defended the cruiserweight title against Disco Inferno in a 4 minute cluster of interference of all heels so the crowd didn't care (1). Kronik faces Mamalukes next in quite the opposite kind of match. It felt waaaay too long with nothing much happening to fill the time (1). Mike Awesome vs DDP in an ambulance match. Mainly just mindless brawling, I hoped better from these two. Nearly an average rating but a ridiculous, nonsensical heel turn from Kanyon brings this down (1.75). More gimmick matches as GI Bro (Booker T in an alternate gimmick) takes on Shawn Stasiak in a Boot Camp match. The action isn't bad but it goes nearly 15 minutes which is way too long for a guy like Stasiak who has like 10 moves (1.5).

Back-to-back DUD time. This next one pissed me off. Shane Douglas vs The Wall in a tables match. Firstly Douglas called this a 'best of 5' tables match, mathematically meaning first to 3 table breaks right? THEN, commentary and Douglas both say it's first to put someone through 5 tables, which is different. THEN, Scott Hudson says officially 'best of 3' which mathematically means first to two, even though Douglas already went through 2 tables. FUCKING THEN, after all of that, Douglas puts Wall through 2 tables from a ladder and wins, they all pretend that was 3. Fuck off WCW. After that was an asylum match for the US title, Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner & Tank Abbott. Trash this, originally a 1-on-1 until Tank is added to make it fair because this is Steiners signature match, since when? 3 men fighting in a tiny circular cage inside the ring. Hilarious, but then depressing moments after.

Billy Kidman had the tough test of getting anything worth watching out of Hulk Hogan. An 11 minute dull squash with shitty interference, only earning points based off Kidman trying his bloody best (0.75). Father vs Son next, Ric vs David Flair. If Ric loses he retires, not like it would matter he'd just come back anyway. David's best match thanks to his daddy. Ric walking him through the most basic of matches. A David Flair match is the best match of the night. Rough going (2.25).

I thought Douglas vs Wall would be the worst thing on this show. I was wrong. Really wrong. Sting vs Vampiro, Human torch match. You win by setting your opponent on fire, already not a good start. At least WWE inferno matches had the gimmick of a ring of fire. Here's the match. Sting, starts atop the jumbotron near a flaming torch. He then rappels down for some reason so they can awkwardly fight in the ring. Then, they make their way back to the tron and make the climb. Sting falls like 10/15 feet, then gets back up and climbs again moments later because why the fuck not. They're on top near the fire. The lights flicker and flash, thunder sounds rumble throughout the arena. The lights go out. A fatter looking Sting is there now and he is set on fire and falls off the tron down to the "ground". HAHA. Bad. If you need a stuntman at least make sure they're similar to the man you're emulating. Bad bad bad bad bad. Even worse that they sold it like a real life threatening accident, when Owen Hart died only a year ago. I'd give negative points if I could (0).

Jeff Jarrett defended the WCW Title against Kevin Nash in the main event. A slog of a match, nearly 20 minutes of slow action, overbooked interference and a lousy heel turn for Goldberg, the last character the fans were pretty solidly behind (0.5). Bad matches, bad booking, too many gimmicks. I need a break from talking about 2000 WCW.

MOTN- Ric Flair vs David Flair

#148: Slamboree, May 21st 1995. 18.8%

Thank you, 1995 was bad but 2000 is emotionally and mentally exhausting. After the astounding success that was Slamboree '94 (it'll be a very long time until we're talking about that show) 1995 did what it does best. Try, fail badly and throw anything coherently watchable against a wall and demolish said wall. We're deep into the Hulkamania era of WCW, which means most of the cards are plagued with bad matches and bad booking. Slamboree was created to celebrate legends of the past. It was a good concept, although from 1996 it just became another WCW PPV.

We open with a never before seen match-up between Harlem Heat & the Nasty Boys. Heavy sarcasm. This actually isn't awful which is a nice surprise. This felt like the same as all their other matches but this was pretty decent. Good stuff by Booker again, the rest of the lads did aight (2.25). Best match of the show out of the way, let's dig into the rest of the trash. A match between Kevin Sullivan & 'the man with no name'. The nameless one is Brutus Beefcake, who failed so badly to come up with an attractive gimmick he just went with "uhh, I don't have a name". This is post-Butcher but pre-Zodiac. A boring brawl of a match that was at least kept short (0.25). We have a legends match between Wahoo McDaniel & Dick Murdoch. They put a black & white filter during this one, to throwback to the old days. We can appreciate legends in a modern broadcast style thank you very much, it was distracting. Nice to hear Gordon Solie on commentary, though I would have liked him alongside Bobby Heenan. This was bad. Of course it was. Wahoo was nearly 60 and Dick was nearly 50. Both of these guys could only wrestle a style that would have been entertaining in the 70s. This wasn't fun to watch at all, just sad (0).

The Great Muta defends the IWGP title against Paul Orndorff. Why was this even booked? A long ass 15 minutes with Muta trying to get anything out of Orndorff but he'd have better luck getting movement out of a statue (0.75). Arn Anderson faces Alex Wright for the TV Championship. WCW saw a lot in Wright early on but never kept up his momentum, he was undefeated until this night. Arn tried his best to make this into something but it wasn't too great, but it was watchable (1.5). Meng and Hawk face off in a "surprise bonus match". A couple of minutes of action until it goes into a double count out. What's even the point (0.25). Sting & Bubba Rogers clash in a dull as dirt match, nothing too awful but also it just made me want to take a nap (1). Our main event is Ric Flair & Vader vs Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage. Booooring, sums that up. Savage, Flair & Vader did some good stuff. Hogan was Hogan. The heels needed to cheat an unhealthy amount to even put up a fight in this aaaaand they lost anyways HA. Not very interesting and about 10 minutes too long (1.5). A real slipshod of an event. Barely anything on this card was watchable, at least they kept the DUD ratings to a minimal. Well...done??

MOTN- Harlem Heat vs Nasty Boys

#147: Souled Out, January 15th 2000. 20%

This is another candidate often hailed as the worst WCW PPV ever. I don't blame them. A 12 match card with almost nothing redeemable. Something I've already touched on that I'll complain about, WCW's supposed "relaxed rules". Now that isn't really true. Because you can still get disqualified by using weapons, or interfering or attacking a referee, however it's down to the official in charge whether that goes down. I would almost be able to get on board with that, if each referee had their own code and/or agenda they follow in their matches, that would actually bring in a fresh dynamic, something WCW weren't good at. But what happened is no matter if it was Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson or whoever, their ruling towards DQ's changed. Low blows seemed to be fine mostly until they weren't. Outside interference seemed to be fine until it wasn't. Weapon use even seemed okay until it wasn't. It was never consistent. It wasn't "relaxed rules" it was "convenient rules", depending on what story they had planned. Personally this is the most annoying and worst thing WCW did to their product.

Billy Kidman vs Dean Malenko in a 'catch as catch can' match. "This should be good" I said. After 2 minutes Dean Malenko leaves the ring and gets disqualified. What? The rules weren't explained so I don't know. Malenko's final WCW aaaaand it was his worst (0). Vampiro vs David Flair vs Crowbar, this wasn't good at all. Bad actually, but there was a somewhat decent story told. I'll give it star for Daffney being involved. She was great, RIP (1). Mamalukes vs Harris Bros, about as exciting as watching your pet die (0.75). Cruiserweight title match between Oklahoma & Medusa. Kill me please. This is TRAGIC. Oklahoma is a pisstake of Jim Ross, openly mocking his Bells Palsy, because Vince Russo is a c*nt. Abhorrent match featuring an abhorrent gimmick (0). Brian Knobbs defends the hardcore title against Meng, Norman Smiley & Fit Finlay. Not very good, just bland weapon offence, but somehow the best thing on the show so far (1.25). For the second time tonight, Kidman is wrestling in someone's last WCW match. This time, a Bunkhouse match against Perry Saturn. This was a decent contest, but it only had one weapon usage so not much of a Bunkhouse match (2).

Harlem Heat IMPLODES as Booker T faces Stevie Ray. Not good at all, Stevie was always the weak link and never improved. I'll reward pity points to Booker for trying (0.25). Jerry Flynn & Tank Abbott fight for a minute yet somehow it feels like an eternity. Terrible match with bad commentary alongside it (0). DDP faces Buff Bagwell in a last man standing match because he thinks he's porking his gal, Kimberly. This is actually a decent match, it could have been good if it wasn't for the usual awful ending. Buff Bagwell gets up first, after eating a Diamond Cutter, because I guess DDP is too exhausted? Dumb as dicks finish (2.5). A third Billy Kidman match this team in a 'caged heat' match, AKA a Hell in a Cell match, against a mystery opponent. Revealed to be....The Wall. How thrilling. Imagine the FIRST EVER HIAC match featuring Billy Kidman & The Wall? A midcarder and a man named after fucking concrete? A lousy match. Kidman's percentage for his matches tonight is 2.5/15=16.6%. Poor guy (0.5)

Hardcore match next to determine the commissioner. WCW had waaay too many of these commissioner matches, it was treated like a championship. This was alright, an extended squash as Funk got like 2 moves in, Nash dominated to become the commish (1.75). Another final match for WCW, Chris Benoit takes on the WCW champ Sid Vicious. This was fine, honestly the best you can really expect out of a Sid match. Props go to Benoit for that I think. Weird that they bigged up Sid as not giving up, then he taps immediately to the crossface (2). Yeah this is really dire. Even the stuff I deem watchable is mired with a lot of poor booking decisions that make them not worth your time.

MOTN- DDP vs Buff Bagwell

#146: New Blood Rising, August 13th 2000. 20%

I wish I had a reason why this is above the last show, but I don't. They're equally terrible, this show has two actually good matches on it at least, though it also has more worse matches. Yay. It is both hilarious and depressing that this is the 7th show from 2000 we've talked about already. Over half of WCW's PPV's from that year are among the very worst in their entire company history. Mini spoiler, the highest score a show gets from this year is 42%. I'll let you try guess what that will be. This show replaces Hog Wild which I'm all for to be honest, never really rated those shows, I found the engine revving annoying. On with the shitshow.

Our first match is a good one, a ladder match between 3 Count & Jung Dragons. These two teams were glimmers of light in WCW's dark ages. The stakes are dumb of course, with a recording contract & 3 Counts gold record hanging above. The dragons are fighting to prevent 3 Count from recording any more hits. Even with the dumb ass booking the match is entertaining. A ladder spot fest (3). Great Muta vs Ernest Miller next in our first bad match of the evening. Muta put in little to no effort, whilst Ernest was never that good of a wrestler (0.25). Kanyon takes on Buff Bagwell next in the infamous 'Judy Bagwell on a pole match'. Judy on a forklift is a hilarious iconic image. Is the winner who gets Judy down first? Nope! Just a regular match with a middle-aged woman on a forklift. A weak match with an interference from former World Champion, David Arquette (0.5). Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak, Kronik, The Perfect Event & MIA face off in a 4 corners tag match with the titles on the line. Clusterfuck City. Too much going in and none of it was exciting. 3 special referees is too many, and none of them even counted the fall! Chavo Guerrero came out and put on a referee shirt to do it. That's fucking stupid (0).

Billy Kidman and Shane Douglas fought in a strap match. I don't like strap matches anyway, but this was particularly bad. Douglas was well past his prime so this was dialled in, topped off with a helping of bad booking (0.75). The next two matches are DUD ratings. Major Gunns vs Miss Hancock in a 'Mud rip off clothes' match. That is seriously the name. I mean, I don't enjoy these style of matches but at least WWE called them 'bra & panties' matches, a bit less on the nose. A putrid match with an even more disgusting finish, as they staged a lost baby angle here when Hancock hit her stomach. Russo got so much hate in WWE for doing this with Terri Runnels. Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea? Vile. Then we have the Demon vs Sting. It didn't even last a minute, Sting buried him. Probably for the best. This next match is quite largely disliked but I LOVED IT. Mike Awesome vs Lance Storm under 'Canadian Rules'. Storm is the heel, but we're in Canada so everything he did garnered loud cheers which is hilarious. Anytime Awesome had it won, the rules were changed by special referee Jacques Rougeau to carry on the match. It was another display of Vince Russo being a fucking idiot, but I thought it was great. Genius heel work. The action was pretty good too. I'm probably the only one who feels this way and that's okay (3).

Vampiro & Great Muta teamed up to face Kronik. Our second Kronik match and this was just as awful as the first. Bad in-ring and bad booking. Here's a fun drinking game, drink for everytime I've said bad during this entire article. You'd be dead. Just like this match was (0). Goldberg, Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner faced off in a triple threat. This match is dumb. Purposefully booked to "expose" the business. Talk of Goldberg refusing to lose, Steiner being a "good professional", commentary talking about "booked finishes". We KNOW wrestling is predetermined. We don't want it openly exposed in such ways. Imagine Ken Barlow breaking the fourth wall and telling everyone his real name is Bill Roache and showing us the scripts for the show. I'm sorry for these Coronation Street references that probably fly over people's heads. The action was meh but the booking was atrocious (1). Main event time, Booker T defends the WCW Title against Jeff Jarrett. Booker winning the gold was one of the very few good decisions Russo made. The match was pretty solid, but of course unnecessarily overbooked to shit. 3 ref bumps for no reason except to cheat, even though the rules are "relaxed" (2.5). 6 out of a total 11 stars on this show came from 2 matches. Depressing.

MOTN- 3 Count vs Jung Dragons

#145: The Great American Bash, July 14th 1991. 20.5%

We get to talk about a different year in history, hooray! But it's during the Jim Herd era, oh no! For those spared the pain of knowing who Big Jimmy H is, he was a former TV station & Pizza Hut manager who got the gig of executive vice president due to having connections. He had zero knowledge or passion for the business, made clear about his terrible ideas. Remember the Ding Dongs? That's a Herd creation. The Candyman, Arachnaman, both Herd creations. And of course, wanting to repackage Flair as Spartacus. Due to issues between Flair & Herd, mainly due to an insulting new contract proposal, Herd fired him vacating the title in the process. Flair was due a $25K refund deposit for dropping the title, but Herd didn't give him it. So, Flair kept the title and famously appeared on WWE programming with the big gold. Meaning for this show, not only was the heavily advertised main event no longer happening, but they had to borrow a championship Dusty Rhodes was holding and stick a WCW plate on the front. Long story short, Jim Herd was a dumbass. This is also WCW's first standalone show following a split from the NWA. This was their moment to prove they can do it alone. Safe to say, not a good start.

We open strong with a DUD rating, PN News & Bobby Eaton taking on Steve Austin & Terrance Taylor in a Skywalkers Scaffold match. The previous 2 scaffold matches WCW produced weren't good, but this was the worst. 7 minutes of shuffling around on a narrow platform until Eaton captured the flag. Z-Man vs The Diamond Studd, AKA Tom Zenk vs Scott Hall but in a stupid gimmick. This was kept short thankfully, Zenk was alright but Studd hadn't developed his skill set (1.5). Next we have Kevin Nash vs Ron Simmons. Sorry, correction, Oz vs Ron Simmons. A vain promotion for Wizard of Oz, a terrible idea. LOOK AT HIM! The puke green cape, the cheap ass hat, the Santa beard and his god awful manager, the grand wizard. All of it sucks, including Nash who hasn't got any interesting offence at all (0). Next, former allies gone enemies as Robert Gibson faces Ricky Morton. A terrible decision to split up one of the best tag teams in wrestling history. It didn't even have a satisfying pay off. They have clear chemistry as opponents for obvious reasons but this match went super long, 15+ minutes of repetitive offence (1.5).

Fabulous Freebirds vs Young Pistols & Dustin Rhodes in an elimination tag match. The match was alright but again it dragged a lot, no eliminations then all 5 happened within the last 4 minutes (1.75). Next, a 'bounty match' between Johnny B. Badd and Yellow Dog, who is Brian Pillman under another alias after losing a 'loser leaves town' match. Lots of stalling with an unsatisfying DQ finish. Disappointing (0.75). Big Josh faces Black Blood in a Lumberjack match. A hangman feuding with a Lumberjack, a tale as old as time. I had zero expectations, they managed to slightly exceed them (1). El Gigante vs One Man Gang, this was terrible. Gigante could barely move never mind wrestle. An 8 foot Argentinian ex-basketballer, signed into a hefty contract with no wrestling ability. His selling is hilarious, but it's terrible (0).

Russian chain match between Sting & Nikita Koloff, essentially a strap match. Pretty average this, over-reliance on using the chain and strikes to the crotch for this to be anything more than fine (2). Next we have a Steel Cage match for the vacant WCW Title, Lex Luger vs Barry Windham. This was a solid outing, but a weird finish as apparently Luger turned heel. You wouldn't know though, because he didn't do anything heelish and it was only apparent when he left the ring with heels Harley Race & Mr Hughes, who also didn't do anything in the match. Flair refused to drop the title to Luger claiming he wasn't ready. He might have been right (2.5). Somehow that isn't the end. The main event is ANOTHER steel cage match, Rick Steiner & Missy Hyatt vs Arn Anderson & Paul E. Dangerously. Hyatt gets kidnapped midmatch so it's a handicap match. Doesn't matter though, Rick wins in like 3 minutes. What's the point in that? (0.25). This is a bad show. Low effort from the participants and too many shit match types and shit character gimmicks. 1991 wasn't a good year for wrestling, this is a perfect example.

MOTN- Lex Luger vs Barry Windham

#144: Spring Stampede, April 16th 2000. 20.7%

Uggggggghhhhhhhh. The 2000's are back. What can I talk about. Well this is the first PPV since Bischoff & Russo hit the reset button. Their product sucked so badly that they just went "fuck it, vacate everything and start fresh" which was certainly an idea. Wrestling is like one long continuous narrative. It's like Coronation Street but with more fighting and more crimes going unpunished. Imagine if the next episode of Corrie it was just the executive producer of the show going "I don't like this, so we're going to start fresh" and all of the killed off characters return on screen? It would be insulting. And that's exactly what WCW was some times. Insulting.

14 fucking matches on this card because they're crowning all new champions, including 2 tournament. I'm remaining brief and quick. The Mamalukes, Team Package & The Harris Brothers participated in a short and messy match with too many moving parts (0.75). Our first of 3 DUDS this evening comes from Jimmy Hart wrestling Mancow. I was disappointed to see this was not a half-man, half-cow. I bet that creature would have wrestled better than both of this two. A shitty wrestling match between a manager and a radio/TV personality, who would have guessed (0). Scott Steiner vs The Wall in a QF match in the US tournament. A lame match that ended in DQ even though there was visible cheating earlier. Inconsistent rules earns this a DUD, I was tempted to give it a negative rating for the badass Scott coming out to the GOD AWFUL Steinerline music (0). Mike Awesome vs Ernest 'The Cat' Miller in the US tournament, except Bam Bam Bigelow comes out and takes his place for some reason and the referee accepts it. After some nice hoss action, Miller comes out and reinserts himself in the match, attacking Bigelow but loses anyways. What was the point in that? JUST GIVE US BIGELOW VS AWESOME. The action was good before the shit ending (1).

Back to the tag tournament, Harlem Heat 2000 vs Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell. The match goes like 2 minutes, almost as it there's too much on the card... (0.25). Booker T vs Sting in the US tournament, unfortunately goes just over 5 minutes because of the bloated card. Didn't meet my expectations however they still put on a solid match, best match so far (2.5). US tournament continues with Billy Kidman vs Vampiro. This is watchable until Hulk Hogan comes out, destroys Kidman which the referee is fine with, and Vampiro is able to win. Bollocks finish (0.75). Norman Smiley, the only champion in WCW, defends the Hardcore title against Terry Funk. It was this match when I officially identified as a Smiley fan. He is absolutely hilarious. Funk beats the screaming piss out of him in funny ways. Not the best match, but definitely the most fun (2.25). Our US semi finals are next. Awesome and Steiner fought in a short match with a cheap finish ruining what could have been a great battle (0.75). Then we have Sting vs Vampiro, notoriously a bad pairing and they continued the streak here (0.5).

Our final DUD match comes in the 'Suicide 6-man' for the cruiserweight title. Chris Candido, Crowbar, The Artist, Juventud Guerrera, Shannon Moore & Lash Leroux all compete. Funny, I may be mistaken but I'm sure both Candido & Crowbar exceed the weight limit for Cruiserweights, but who am I to call our WCW's bullshit. This match is terrible. No structure, just 6 men throwing themselves around and it wasn't even fun. A lot of the offence sucked and the sheer clusterfuck made it unwatchable (0). The finals for the tag titles, Bagwell & Douglas vs Team Package. Super dull, no effort at all (0.25). US title finals between Sting & Steiner. Another short match that I was actually really enjoying until ANOTHER screwy finish. How do you expect Steiner to look strong at all when every victory involved interference? At least it had some fun moments (1.75). Jeff Jarrett vs DDP for the vacant world title aaaand this was actually decent. Good nearly. Jarrett's gimmick was very annoying but it worked, and I loved DDP. But of course, we can't have nice things, a potentially good match ruined by a SWERVE that made zero sense and benefitted no one (2.75/5). My advice to any bookers reading this, don't have 14 matches in 2 and a half hours.

MOTN- Jeff Jarrett vs DDP

#143: Uncensored, March 24th 1996. 21.4%

Hello again Uncensored, why are you so bad at being fun. One thing I'll give most of the shows from this era credit for is not having a ridiculous number of matches. A digestible 7 matches on this show. Is this show an improvement in 95? I mean I guess so by the higher percentage, however we still have 3 DUDs to talk about which is nearly half of the card. The biggest selling point of this show is the dreaded Doomsday cage. Christ. We'll get into that much later. The tagline is "Everything you've wanted to the stuff you haven't thought of yet!". That sounds silly and not at all catchy.

Konnan vs Eddie Guerrero for the US title, a pretty good match but mired by a plethora of botches. Seemingly a lot of miscommunication in this one. Konnan looked a beat behind. Still miles more enjoyable than things to come (2.5). A British clash next between Lord Steven Regal & the Belfast Brawler. This is match of the night. This was a good, hard-hitting bludgeon of a match. Testosterone levels were BOOMING. Unfortunately WCW bizarre booking strikes again, it ends in a DQ, even though we're at Uncensored where rules don't matter? Dumb ending drags it down unfortunately (2.75). Our first bad match of the night Col. Robert Parker vs Madusa. This sucked. I'll give pity points because Sherri is fantastic. She's great. If only there was an adjective to concisely describe her. Stupendous? Ah never mind (0.25).

A pair of DUDs incoming, trigger warning. The Booty Man vs DDP in an 'I Quit Wrestling' match. Booty Man is a serious contender for one of the worst gimmicks ever. This goes FIFTEEN MINUTES. DDP sucked at wrestling early on, he improved massively in a few years time. Mr Booty was never that remarkable of a wrestler. His best matches were in tag matches, where superior wrestlers could hide his ineptitude. I imagine self-immolation would be a more enjoyable than this. Slow, dull and clunky. Our second dosage of shit comes from the Giant vs Loch Ness. On the good side, it's only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. On the bad side, everything else. After that we get a street fight for the tag titles, Sting & Booker T defend against Road Warriors. This goes 30 minutes, which is ridiculous. This is solid but it never switches gears, it stays at one speed which doesn't make for thrilling action. But it was competent (2).

It's time to talk about the Doomsday Cage, spoiler alert it gets a DUD rating. Best friends in the whole world Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage take on the Alliance; Arn Anderson, Barbarian, Kevin Sullivan, Lex Luger, Meng, Ric Flair, Ultimate Solution & Z-Gangta. This is essentially a gauntlet match in a three-tiered cage. They fight Flair & Arn at the top. They fight with them for a while before moving down to tier 2 to face the rest of the Alliance. They all brawl down to the final part of the cage. They then LEAVE the cage, fighting down the aisle and now just in the ring doing moves, before going BACK into the cage they were "confined" in, some more moves and then Hogan & Savage win. Words can't describe how bad this was. Hogan & Savage were dominant for pretty much the whole thing. 6 of the 8 wrestler barely featured in the full match, Taskmaster & Luger were the most prominent. Repetitive offence and ridiculous levels of overbooking that would arouse Vince Russo. Why were they able to leave the cage? Why did they go back in the cage? Why did the bad guys patiently wait their turn instead of just swarming them 8-on-2? Why are they called Z-Gangsta & Ultimate Solution? Stay away from this show if you appreciate your own sanity.

MOTN- Steven Regal vs Belfast Brawler

#142: Fall Brawl, September 13th 1998. 21.6%

1998 is an often overlooked year in WCW's history. '96 or '97 are often hailed as their most successful years, that maybe true but this year was still a solid time for the company. They still had a lot of their great talent so we're treated to some great matches. The split and feud within the NWO, whilst messy and overbooked, provided a much needed freshness to the prominent faction. Some new established stars and hires like Goldberg and Bret Hart added some new flavour too. However, 1998 saw some early signs of the wheels flying off the Turner wagon. This show being one of them.

We start with the Dancing Fools, Disco Inferno & Alex Wright, vs British Bulldog & Jim Neidhart. Hard to enjoy this. Disco & Alex tried and the crowd reacted a little bit. Neidhart & Bulldog put in minimal effort and it was blatant to us all. Unfortunately this would be Bulldogs last match for WCW, he bumped on a trap door in the ring and was nearly paralysed. He would shortly then be fired. Great company (1). Next up is Chris Jericho finally getting a match against Goldberg, except it's a fake imposter Goldberg who is significantly smaller and weaker. Jericho squashes Jim in about a minute. This was an enjoyable segment, however absolutely disgraceful this was on PPV. They advertised Goldberg for the show, we got a knock-off Gillberg, and Goldberg NEVER APPEARED ON THE CARD. Pity points awarded to Jericho who's hella entertaining (0.5). Next, Norman Smiley vs Ernest 'The Cat' Miller, who I'm just going to refer to as the Cat now, I'm sick of typing. This is only 5 minutes but its fucking terrible. Cat can't wrestle for shit, Smiley was entertaining later in WCW but he wasn't exactly a thrilling performer. Awful match, awful selling, zero crowd reaction (0).

Next we have Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner, a feud that's been extended for months with zero payoff just yet. This goes a little with some decent action but it's ruined by the finish, of course. The match is called off as Buff takes a bump and is "injured". It's all very serious as medical staff come down and help Buff into an ambulance, until SWERVE he was faking! They attack Rick backstage and run off. Dreadful stuff, faking injuries to such an extent rarely pays off and it completely backfired here (0.75). Silver King challenges for Juventud Guerrera's cruiserweight title. This match is alright, it's riddled with mistakes but they tried and there was some crowd investment. Factoid for you, these two actually wrestled for the last time in 2019 when Silver King collapsed and died in the ring due to a heart attack. RIP Silver King, a decorated talent across the world (2). Next up Raven vs Perry Saturn under Raven's rules, which means it's a hardcore match. This is the best match of the night by a country mile. Either Saturn will be a slave or the Flock will disband in this one. These two just beat the crap out of each other but told a great story. For ages now the Flock have been dominating and keeping Raven on top and it finally came to a lovely conclusion here. Plenty of false finishes, plenty of carnage, plenty of interference BUT Saturn overcomes the odds in amazing fashion. The crowd loved this one, I did too (3.5).

Back to the REAL WCW we know and loath, we get a Curt Hennig vs Dean Malenko match. On paper, this should be excellent. It wasn't though. Malenko dominates for 5+ minutes then Rick Rude comes in for a DQ to save Hennig. Good friendship right there. The action was alright but a bitterly disappointing match and finish considering what could have been (1.75). Scott Hall vs Konnan goes LONG. The match is only just over 10 minutes but the entrances and pre-match promos just dragged this out. The match was sooo boring. Hall got such a shit hand from WCW. His buddies got world title runs and creative control but he seemed to laboured with a lot of shit. No wonder he's so demotivated (0.25). WarGames is our main event, and they fucked with the formula. It was a near perfect creation, and they just couldn't resist pulling their pants down and pissing everywhere. Instead of the classic 4 v 4 stable feud blow-off, we have a 3 vs 3 vs 3 situation. NWO Hollywood vs NWO Wolfpack vs Team WCW. Its no longer only submission or forfeit to win, you can now win via pinfall. AND, the worst decision, not only is it a battle of factions, but the person who gets the win is crowned the number 1 contender for Goldberg's WCW Title. Why?! That makes NO SENSE. 3 teams who are supposed to band together to fight the other teams they don't like, are now thinking about their own personal success instead. Thanks WCW, you fucked it. This match sucks so bad. It starts alright between DDP & Bret Hart but it quickly devolves into repetitive moves and stalling until everyone files in. Heels fight each other and faces fight each other so the fans don't know who to cheer for. No one uses the cage. Hogan comes out like a minute early and the referees just LET HIM IN. We get smoke, the Warrior appears. More smoke, he disappears. He then comes out again because why not. Hogan escapes so Warrior chases after him. Then DDP wins. Hooray? The action was pretty much all terrible, as was the booking. The warrior's premature arrival was pointless. The lack of union amongst the factions was stupid. At least DDP won, but this match doesn't deserve any pity points for that (0). I give Raven & Perry Saturn credit for putting on a great match worth watching, but everything else was pretty wank.

MOTN- Raven vs Perry Saturn

#141: Clash of the Champions 13, November 20th 1990. 21.8%

The last stop before the end of year extravaganza Starrcade, this should have been an exciting way to add one last glug of fuel onto the fires of ongoing feuds. Unfortunately the 13th edition of the Clash, named Thanksgiving Thunder, did not do that. It poured a warm can of Fosters over the fire and said "yeah that'll get it going" whilst everyone else just watched in embarrassment. My point being, this show ain't good.

The Freebirds faced the Southern Boys in our opener and it was fine. An inoffensive opener that was fun for what it was (2). Our next match is even better, Brian Pillman faced Buddy Landell in a short match but an entertaining one. Pillman was displaying creative offence we wouldn't see the likes of for a few years in mainstream promotions (2.75). Big Cat, FKA Mr Hughes, faces Brad Armstrong next. A short squash that didn't overstay its welcome (1). Z-Man vs Brian Lee next, Lee famously being the fake Undertaker later on. Another very short match, 3 minutes isn't a lot of time but Z-Man looked alright, Lee didn't quite as much (1). Michael Wallstreet takes on Star Blazer, who looks like a red knock off of the Blue Blazer. Again, 4 minutes of competent if not uninspired offence. Too short to give much more (1). Now we enter the awful portion of the show. With a world cup-esque tournament planned for Starrcade we have qualifiers to represent South Africa, or just Africa I think. Col. DeKlerk & Sgt. Kreuger, the South Africans, team up against Kalua & the Botswana Beast, the not-South Africans. This was real bad. Sloppy work that plodded along at a snails pace. At just under 5 minutes long, this felt like 50 minutes (0).

Next up, Luger destroys the Motor City Madman in just over 2 minutes. What is the point of all these short matches when they achieve and progress nothing? The action was good for what we got I guess (0.25). We have the Nasty Boys vs Renegade Warriors, a match that seemed to have some hopeful signs of a decent match before the Steiners came in and caused a DQ after 4 minutes, for fuck sake (0.5). The toxic treats continue with Sid Vicious vs the Nightstalker, who would later be known for being Adam Bomb and Wrath. This was all kinds of terrible, they had like similar time to the Luger match too and still managed to be worse. Sid is only a 3 year pro and his opponent only 1 year, so of course this wasn't going to light the crowd on fire. Poorly worked, a stupid prop axe that was blatantly fake was used unsuccessfully. Nil poi (0). Next, Steiner Brothers chew through Magnum Force in about 2 minutes before fighting with the Nastys. The Steiners offence was good but again these short matches are preventing anything from reaching good (0.5).

According to cagematch, only 2 matches exceed 5 minutes. Pillman vs Landell, and our main event match between Ric Flair & Butch Reed. Reed didn't have any business being in the main event. His work in the territories was good but a long time ago, his WWF work wasn't great and he was clearly the weakest member of his team Doom. However, we have peak Ric Flair here who could wrestle a jar of pickled onions and it still would be a good match. Technically it's a match of two heels, however the booking pushes Reed as the face, but the fans push the Horsemen as faces. A solid match as Flair brings Reed through the motions (3). I should also mention before the main event occurred we have a segment between the champion Sting and the mysterious Black Scorpion, WHO COULD IT BE?!?! An angle that did have some potential but quickly became dumb and goofy shit. Here, he does magic tricks like turning someone into a tiger. That's beyond stupid, it's just embarrassing, which sums up this show really.

MOTN- Ric Flair vs Butch Reed

#140: Halloween Havoc, October 24th 1999. 22%

Our final show for this week's article takes us back to spooky season for another Halloween themed shitshow. This is the first PPV in a new era for WCW, the Vince Russo era. Yes the man with the most annoying New York accent took over the reigns of creative after a disagreement with Vinnie Mac over at the big Dub. WWF were handing WCW's ass to them so they brought in Russo. It's hilarious that Russo blames leaving on being "overworked" because WWF introduced a second show in Smackdown. He then works for WCW as head booker FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF TV SHOWS. Well we have already talked about significantly worse shows under Russo's vision, but his first was a bag a crap too.

Disco Inferno defends the Cruiserweight title against Lash Leroux. Some decent moments in this but overall it was sloppy and disjointed. Leroux is green and Inferno was never anything special (1.25). We get a 5 minute street fight between Harlem Heat, the First Family and Billy Kidman & Konnan. A competition of 'who can use the most weapons' pretty much. Nothing interesting, nothing worth watching. It was at least kept short (1). The next match sounds good on paper, Perry Saturn vs Eddie Guerrero. However, it lacked any heat because both guys had been feuding with other people. A flat crowd led to the in-ring work becoming formulaic and bland. The match was executed well, just was missing something for it to be good, still the best match of the night (2.5). Next, Brad Armstrong vs Berlyn. Although I never thought much of Alex Wright, at least his character was somewhat unique and to an extent "fun". Being repackaged as Berlyn was crap, a generic foreign heel as if were still in the 1980s. They have Berlyn dominate, only for him to lose in 5 minutes. Great way to build up new stars Russo, you big moron (0.5).

Another match good on paper, Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit for the TV Championship. Unfortunately, Big Rick is extremely unmotivated in the final years of WCW. Benoit tries to do something good here but Rick's offence looks crap and his selling was non-existent (1.5). Lex Luger defeated Bret Hart in about 7 minutes. Poor Bret. I wonder how long into his WCW run he began to regret leaving the Fed? I know he hated McMahon's guts but at least he was treated like a serious star. This was the first time EVER we saw Bret Hart tap, and they didn't even address it like it was a big deal. I didn't like this match at all (0.75). Ugh, this next one hurts. Hulk Hogan vs Sting for the World championship. Sting is the heel, because Russo. Hogan comes out and lies down for Sting, because Russo. Sting pins him in 3 seconds and everyone is confused, because Russo. This was all kinds of stupid. A publicity stunt purely to get WCW talked about, it worked for all the wrong reasons. Even more ironic, no PPV after this show did as many buys, proving that it was a colossal failure, because Russo (0). Next we have Sid Vicious vs Goldberg which was honestly amazing in comparison to my expectations. They just beat the shit out of each other. The booking was strange of course, Goldberg is supposed to be the face but Sid was the one that looked more of a sympathetic beast here. However, this was an enjoyable little hossfest. It wasn't good but it wasn't bad either (2).

Next we have a strap match between DDP & Ric Flair. Ugh, strap matches. But wait! The rules have changed so now you can win via pinfall or submission. Okay, maybe this might be enjoyable! Unfortunately, not the case. Just 10+ minutes of brawling and Flair locking lips with Kimberly. Very disappointing, even more so because the finish was botched. Not sure what happened but DDP hit through Cutter, Robinson didn't count the 3 but rang the bell anyway? Wtf is that? Bad match, bad finish & a dead crowd (1). Earlier after the Hogan debacle, Sting throws out an open challenge for his world title. Goldberg has answered it. For some reason commentary keep playing up the idea that the title is NOT on the line, even though that's what Sting offered. The crowd is hot for this aaaaaand Goldberg wins in 3 minutes. HAHA. What a main event (0.5). There's apparently loads of confusion about Goldberg winning which led to a tournament heading towards the next show, which makes zero sense when it was pretty clear what Sting's challenge was. Ah well, why am I trying to make sense of nonsense.

MOTN- Perry Saturn vs Eddie Guerrero

That is all for this week's R'N'R entry. |We have many more weeks and many more shows to go so tune in next time to talk about more of WCW's failings. Thank you for reading. Until next time, see ya!


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