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  • Connor Ewens

Every WCW PPV Reviewed & Ranked: Part 2

Why hello there and welcome back to the WCW R'N'R. If you haven't seen the previous article, whatcha doing here!? Go read part 1, you can find it in the relevant category but I've also tagged it at the bottom of this article. Last week was a very depressing flashback into the very worst that WCW has to offer. This week, is more of the same. Another 20 shows and the last one we talk about doesn't even hit 30%. Well shit. At least there'll be something funny to talk about right? Maybe. Ugh, cracking open the Jim Bean already. Let's get through this.

#139: Road Wild, August 8th 1998. 22.2%

Road Fast. Road Hard. No One Knows Where This Road Goes. The tagline for the show may suggest anything could happen, but this road is very clear to me. A terrible WCW show, in front of an annoying Sturgis crowd with Jay Leno in the main event and an after-show performance by Travis Tritt. Honestly this sounds like my worst nightmare. I'm sure Sturgis has some lovely people but they're a frustrating crowd, I don't want to listen to the revving of the motorcycle engine during my wrestling thank you. Yes this is the show where Jay Leno had a match, WCW were obsessed with the celebrity match at this time. Get a celebrity who is somewhat athletically competent, at least Dennis Rodman was an actual athlete.

Kicking off with an opener everyone wants to see, Barbarian vs Meng. How exciting. A boring 5 minutes of brawling and bad wrestling. The Tongan deathgrip is a crap move too (0.25). Next up we have the Dancing Fools vs Public Enemy. The Enemy really made a bad decision leaving ECW for WCW huh. This match flops HARD. Firstly, zero crowd reactions so it was quieter than Ann Frank's house out there. Secondly, the match is terrible. It starts off with weak wrestling for a few minutes before they just start using trash cans, tables and ladders against each other. I'm sorry, but where is the DQ? Oh that's right, commentary tell us that "they" have changed the match into a no DQ match. Who the fuck is "they"? Is that some kind of non-binary authority? Turns out he was referring to the wrestlers in the ring, he just decided to announce it was a street fight before Disco Inferno made it so. Yikes. Thirdly, this goes over 15 minutes. 15 minutes of godawful wrestling, sloppy spot execution and repetitive weapon offence. A true embarrassment, this show was the first show to me when I knew for certain WCW had fell into hard times, AGAIN. The signs were there ever since the poorly executed Starrcade '97 but '98 stil had some good at moments. There is A LOT to hate about this show. Especially this (0). Raven, Perry Saturn & Chris Kanyon wrestle under Raven's rules in a triple threat. This was fine. Mainly just your standard brawl of a hardcore match. Two no DQ matches back-to-back? Awful finish as Horace Hogan botched a spot and exposed himself as incompetent at wrestling (2). Next we have Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio. When even this match is disappointing, you know we're in hard times. Just a weirdly assembled match. A slow match with very few flashy moves, Rey tried but Psychosis wasn't close to being on form. It wasn't bad, it was fine, but nothing near what they are capable of (2.5).

We have ourselves two DUD matches next. First, a 2 minute match between Chavo Guerrero & Stevie Ray for the TV title. Stevie is dogshit, whilst Chavo is friends with 'Pepe', who is a stick horse. Creative genius. We're supposed to see Steiner Brothers face off in singles action but it's cancelled because Scott is too injured to compete. He's wheeled out on a stretcher which was actually quite funny. It's rescheduled for Fall Brawl. We are then treated to Brian Adams vs Steve McMichael. Oh boy this is horrid, the worst match on the show by far. Both guys botch nearly all of their offence, whatever they manage to land looks weak. This was offensively bad, like watching two untrained teenagers try to scrap outside at school. WCW deserves a lot of criticism for its booking, but blame definitely lands on the wrestlers too, this is a prime example (0). On to bigger and better things, we have Juventud Guerrera vs Chris Jericho with Dean Malenko as special referee. At least these 3 care about what they do. A great match between two of the best cruiserweights on the planet, with some great storytelling including Malenko too. Is it enough to save the show? Nah. Good match though (3.5).

Next is the nWo Invitational battle royal. Scott Hall, Scott Norton, The Giant & Curt Hennig representing nWo Hollywood. Kevin Nash, Sting, Konnan & Lex Luger representing nWo Wolfpac. Then Goldberg, because we should probably give the fucking world champion something to do. Goldberg does next to nothing for most of this match, just letting the factions fight it out. A good tactic for a chicken shit heel, not for your undefeated, dominant face world champion. Eventually we're down to Giant & Goldberg which ends in a very nice spot, a huge jackhammer on the Giant. This wasn't much, but it was kept below 10 minutes and that finish was impressive (1). Our main event is ludicrous. Hulk Hogan teaming up with Eric Bischoff to fight Diamond Dallas Page & Jay Leno. Yes, THAT Jay Leno. The huge chinned talk show host. This is mainly just Hogan beating on DDP with Eric throwing in some cheap shots. We see some action from Leno later in the match. It's not good, obviously, but for a talk show host with zero training it ain't the worst. It should not have went 15 minutes though. Leno got a pinfall victory over Bischoff. Hilarious that he will technically hold a victory over Hulk Hogan (0.75). The biggest surprise is how a Jay Leno match isn't the worst thing about this show.

MOTN- Juventud Guerrera vs Chris Jericho

#138: The Great American Bash, June 13th 1999. 22.8%

The 13th annual G.A.B was the first WCW event advertised using their brand new logo that they used in their final years. I didn't like it. I thought the design looked ugly, it looked like a silver moustache except one half of the moustache has pincers trying to destroy the inferior half. Funnily enough, I think the best WCW logo design came from WWE during the Invasion angle. Irony. Deep into '99 WCW are just a weird amalgamation between WWE & ECW with very little of it actually working.

That claim is made evident by our first match, Brian Knobbs vs Hak in a Kendo Stick Hardcore match. Hak is The Sandman from ECW, why the name change? Sabu & Raven didn't? Mike Awesome didn't? Hak is the sound you make when you're bringing up phlegm. All of the weapons are used not just the kendo's because WCW are great at advertising. A sloppy brawl of an opener that the crowd enjoyed but I didn't very much (1.5). Another ECW talent next as Mikey Whipwreck, using the same name, takes on Van Hammer. This was an 8 minute squash and BOY was it boring. The crowd were so dead, as was I. I don't understand the decision here. Van Hammer was never great and he hasn't been relevant in years. They brought Mikey in recently for a few matches and they just bury him here? Dumb (1). Disco Inferno vs Buff Bagwell next, a match between two really unlikeable characters. This was a weird time when Bagwell was actually really over. This was competent, simple and consistent. Not bad (2). Curt Hennig & Bobby Duncam Jr come out to their new single "I hate rap". The song sucks but I do find the storyline midly entertaining. They're facing Rey Mysterio & Konnan. This match was also fine, exciting start but got stagnant as time went on. The rap vs country storyline dominated the match too much, but this was alright (2).

It's time for our first stinker, took longer than usual. We're supposed to have Ernest 'The Cat' Miller vs Scott Norton, but Horace Hogan comes out and challenges The Cat instead. They don't explain what happened to Norton, because that would require competence. This was nothing, 5 minutes of nothing between two wrestlers who sucked and the crowd didn't give two turds about (0). Next up, a match with the WCW Presidency on the line, Ric Flair defending his title against Roddy Piper. 10 years earlier, this match would have been excellent. Not in 1999 though. They run through their signature offence and it was mostly sloppy, made even worse with a dusty DQ finish. Sad nostalgia (0.75). Next we have a falls count anywhere match between Sting & Rick Steiner. This match has one of the worst finishes to a match I've ever seen. I'll run through it. First, the match was a boring slugfest way below the standard these two have previously set. They brawl to the back where Sting is ambushed by Tank Abbott. Then, Scott Steiner "UNLEASHES THE DOGS". Seriously, a pack of dogs "maul" Sting but the camera cuts away, because what we saw was cringe as fuck. Who booked this?! The dogs just nuzzle into Sting and it cuts away like a man slaughter was just committed. Then, the Steiners bring out a referee to confirm a pinfall occurred, that none of us were allowed to see. Bullshit (0).

Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn defend their Tag Titles against DDP & Chris Kanyon. The best match of the night here, a formulaic but well worked match with sound storytelling. WCW can't resist but overbook the finish which brings down the rating but a good effort by all involved (2.5). Our main event sees Kevin Nash defend the world title against Randy Savage. This is bad in the most generic WCW way. It's a main event match below 10 minutes, featuring two legends past their prime, phoning in their offence, surrounded by unnecessary amounts of interference ending with a DQ. (0.5). Sid Vicious returned though, which apparently is a big deal. The best thing to come from that is his hilarious "half a brain" promo. WCW bookers must have half a brain too for creating this show.

MOTN- Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn vs DDP & Chris Kanyon

#137: Halloween Havoc, October 29th 1995. 23.1%

WCW's spookiest PPV returns with another stinker of a card. Shouldn't be too surprising considering how bad 1995 was for wrestling. This show is pretty infamous for a major reason. Four words. Monster Truck Sumo Match. This is possibly the weirdest feud ever. Hulk Hogan vs The Giant (who was advertised as Andre the Giant's son) started as a rinse/repeat of Hogan vs Andre. Bischoff thought it was lacking a little spice so he added this monster truck sumo match to add some excitement. I'll admit it definitely added intrigue. I'll talk more about this later on.

First we will talk about Diamond Dallas Page vs Johnny B. Badd for the TV Championship. This is a pretty decent match but it's length really hurt it. DDP was starting to show signs of real potential and Badd was already performing real good. If they removed 5 minutes worth of rest holds then this could have been much better (2.5). Our first DUD rating comes at the hands of the Zodiac & Randy Savage. A dick head fan runs in on the match which is honestly the most exciting thing about this. Don't do that though, he's a prick. After a bit of brawling Savage pins him after an elbow in about 90 seconds. What was the point? He'll face the winner of Meng & Luger later. Hmm I wonder who he'll face (0). Next, Kurasawa vs Road Warrior Hawk. Hawk wants revenge for being injured, but he fails. This match goes 3 minutes. Probably for the best, it dodges a terrible rating because of it. Not good though (1). Next we have two stars more synonymous with ECW than WCW, Sabu vs Mr JL. He is of course Jerry Lynn in a mask. This lacks any story or psychology, because it's a Sabu match, however it's the most fun thing so far. Just a spot fest really and I had a good time although it wasn't exactly a good match (2).

DUD rating number 2 next, between Meng & Lex Luger, as if they watched the Savage vs Zodiac match and said "oh you thought that sucked? Watch this!". This is significantly worse. First it goes nearly 15 minutes. Second, they have this weird, confusing story about Luger maybe being a part of the Dungeon of Doom but maybe not. Third, the action sucked and so did the finish. Meng, a member of the Dungeon, screwed by Kevin Sullivan, also a member of the Dungeon, which caused a DQ win for Luger. There's more to explain here but you don't want to hear it I promise, take my word that this was terrible. Following that though, we are treated to a very good match. A little reward from WCW for being good boys and enduring the pain so far. Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman vs Sting & Ric Flair. It seemed like the long-term friendship between Arn & Ric had imploded, Flair gaining the trust of his old rival Sting to help take them down. It was all a SWERVE, which is hilarious because that's twice Sting has been dicked over by the Horsemen. The match ended in a DQ but I can allow it because it led to a reformation with the Horsemen with Pillman and a unannounced 4th man who would be Benoit. A really underrated edition of the Horsemen. Although the storyline didn't really make much sense since Flair & Arn had been feuding for some time at that point, this was a very good match and miles better than most of WCW from this period (3.5).

Here we go, it's time for the Monster Truck Sumo match. On the roof of the building we have Hogan & The Giant dressed in jumpsuits, this is already hilarious. The trucks are welded together and you win by pushing the opponents truck out of the circle. But wait, there's more! The trucks are fueled by alcohol and there are two explosive charges around the ring. Meaning, and commentary really bigged this up, there is a threat of explosion that may kill either of the competitors. I'm not making this up. After 4 minutes of jostling we have an explosive that looked as impactful as the explosion from AEW's Revolution in 2021. You know the one. The Giant is mad so they both get out of the trucks and fight on the roof. They approach the edge and Hogan accidentally punches the Giant OFF THE BUILDING. And yes, commentary big up that the Giant may have legitimately died. We'll see how this impacts our main event. This isn't a match I can rate but this is equal parts the worst thing ever and the funniest thing ever.

Time for Savage vs Luger. This goes 5 minutes and its not very good. Luger's selling is the worst with his loud "OWWW" screams, like a child begging for attention. Luger didn't seem to care at all here, Savage did what he could (0.25). Main event time, Hogan comes out and feels remorseful about earlier. But here comes the Giant!! He isn't limping, bandaged, or anything. A complete no sell from falling from a FUCKING BUILDING. Common sense would tell you that this means no one could ever beat the Giant since he can survive falling from the roof of an arena. We get a terrible 15+ minute match full of rest holds, bad wrestling and the debut of the most feared wrestling entity of all time, THE YETI!!! It ends in a DQ, but the Giant would later win the title as Jimmy Hart would get the DQ ruling waived. The sight of Hogan sandwiched between the Giant & the Yeti, whilst a toilet-roll looking motherfucker violently shakes his body all over him, is priceless. The funniest thing WCW ever did. Contrastly, this is probably the worst ever WCW main event, although it certainly has competition. Avoid this match at all costs, however watch the final couple of minutes because the Yeti is too funny (0).

MOTN- Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman vs Ric Flair & Sting

#136: Battlebowl, November 20th 1993. 23.3%

Ahh yes, WCW's "innovative" Battlebowl concept. In theory, this is actually a great idea. A random lottery to create odd pairings to face off in tag action, the winning teams advance to the "Battlebowl", a battle royal with the winner receiving a Battlebowl ring. This is the blueprint for what would be AEW's Dynamite Diamond ring battle royal. The random draws mean we can see rivals forced to team, allies forced to fight and provides an opportunity to develop existing storylines and create new ones. It could easily have caught on and remained a yearly addition to the WCW PPV calendar. But of course, like WCW do best, they fuck it up and after 4 Battlebowls it was retired. This is the inaugural and only Battlebowl PPV, the third time the match type was used. We'll talk about the last Battlebowl later on.

Our first lethal lottery sees Cactus Jack team with his most bitter rival Vader to face Kane (not Glenn Jacobs, it's Stevie Ray) who's teaming with Charlie Norris. Kane & Norris both sucked so this match was doomed for failure, however the dynamic between Vader & Cactus kept some level of interest (1.25). The next random draw sees Paul Roma team with Erik Watts against Johnny B. Badd & Jerry Saggs, but for some reason Saggs' partner Brian Knobbs goes out instead. Roma is an arsehole who isn't very good. Watts is a rookie who isn't very good. Badd is a rookie with potential but not quite good just yet. The Nasty Boys were mid as a team but individually sucked ass. So, low expectations for this one. WCW should have booked at least one competent wrestler in this one. This was bad and went over 10 minutes (0.5). Our next mish-mash sees the Shockmaster team with Paul Orndorff, taking on Ricky Steamboat & his current rival Steven Regal. We're not going to talk about the Shockmaster quite yet, although I'm sure you're fully aware of his infamous debut. The fans chant 'Paula' at Orndorff, because haha, that's a woman's name. 3 matches so far, all 3 are teams of heels and faces. That's about as random as having the entire Judgement Day faction entering the Royal Rumble in consecutive entries. The action is alright but having Steamboat essentially eliminate himself due to his moral code makes him look weak and devalues the entire show. Why should we care if Ricky doesn't? (1.75).

Next we have a slight change in formula. Awesome Kong teams with the Equalizer to face King Kong & Dustin Rhodes. Tag partners coming face to face. Rhodes is the face in this match which doesn't help draw crowd reactions. This match is all kinds of bad. Weak in-ring action from the Kongs, the Equalizer botched like crazy, Dustin tried but he might as well have not (0). Sting teams with Jerry Saggs to face Ron Simmons and Keith Cole, a jobber. Sting and Simmons do well but they can only carry the other 2 so far (2). Next we have our best match of the evening, Steve Austin & Ric Flair vs Maxx Payne & 2 Cold Scorpio. Payne isn't too good but he's in there with some great talent. This was going well, some good action and the friction between Austin & Flair was entertaining. But it felt a bit off at times too, mainly when Payne was in. A solid effort though (2.75). Rick Rude teams with Shangai Pierce to face Marcus Bagwell and Tex Slazenger. Tex & Pierce are a team aka the Godwinns, not a very good one. Some good character work from Tex but outside of that this was dull and uninteresting (0.75). Road Warrior Hawk & Rip Slater defeated Davey Boy Smith & Kole (later known as Booker T) in about 7 minutes. This was dire. Rip was a shit jobber, Kole was green, Hawk was bad and Smith looked like a doylum for cheering on Hawk, because they're both faces. Care about winning the match you tool! (0).

Battlebowl time, a 16 man battle royal with all the winners tonight. Only a handful of these can seriously be considered contenders. Your basic battle royal stuff. Punches, rest holds, pushing against the ropes and corners, holding on for your life, the usual stuff. Not many highlights for most of it. Austin & Flair fighting on the outside was exciting. Vader presses Sting out of the ring BUT onto the ramp like a moron so Sting isn't eliminated. Austin & Rhodes have a nice sequence. Our final round ends up being Vader, Sting, Flair & Austin. Vader batters Sting & Flair fighting Austin, it was quite fun. A nice confrontation between old rivals Flair & Harley Race. Eventually we're down to Vader & Sting and the big HOSS of a man overcomes his rival. A 25 minute battle royal that's pretty bad for 15 minutes, then slowly picks up a bit of steam. Still not great but watchable for an old battle royal (1.5). Vader wins a ring, good for him I guess. Without any real stakes why is this even a thing? At least MJF used the ring as part of his character and matches in AEW. These guys just win a ring and are happy about it.

MOTN- Steve Austin & Ric Flair vs Max Payne & 2 Cold Scorpio

#135: Clash of the Champions 16, September 5th 1991. 23.3%

The Clash is on TV right? So there's never more than about 90 minutes of screen time to show wrestling. Why the hell did WCW ever put any more than 5 matches on a COTC card? This show has 9 matches, so the average match time is below 10 minutes not taking into account entrances, adverts, interviews and promo segments. Doesn't give the wrestlers much wiggle room to put on great matches. The September edition of Clash of the Champions were nicknamed 'Fall Brawl' for a few years, this would be the last time because the next September Clash would be a 20th anniversary special, then the following year Fall Brawl would become it's own PPV.

Our first match is a 15 person 'Georgia Brawl' Battle Royal featuring some good wrestlers (Steve Austin, Dustin Rhodes, Bobby Eaton) and some bad wrestlers (El Gigante, Ranger Ross, Oz). A standard battle royal made worse by the lack of stars & midcard wrestlers. El Gigante wins, because he's gigantic (0.5). Next we have a semi-final match in the Light Heavyweight tournament between Brian Pillman and Badstreet. This doesn't go very long but it's very good, best thing on the show. Pillman was a star in the early 90s, with a better moveset than most of the roster. Badstreet held his own as an underestimated member of the freebirds (3). Next a match between Sting & Johnny B. Badd. This was over in about 5 minutes and wasn't much of a match, mainly story progression between Sting & Cactus Jack, who popped out of a gift box and attacked the Stinger (0.75). The other match in the Light Heavyweight tournament is Richard Morton vs Mike Graham. This was fine, no one cared about Graham whilst Morton wasn't a convincing heel but the action was solid (2). Next, Fabulous Freebirds vs The Patriots. 5 minutes of mediocre but not awful tag wrestling. (1).

We have a 'Danger Zone' segment hosted by Paul E. Dangerously aka Paul Heyman who interviews Cactus Jack. Jack cuts a promo when he now receives a gift box, Sting appears out of it and attacks, which is a bit dumb but it's an ok segment. Ron Simmons destroys the Diamond Studd in just over 2 minutes. A squash but a surprisingly enjoyable one (1). Next we have Van Hammer destroying Terrence Taylor in about a minute. Not an enjoyable squash, poor Terry Taylor didn't get good luck in the big leagues (0.25). Steve Austin defends the TV title against Tom Zenk. This was alright but could have been better with some more time, these two had better matches (1.75). Our main event is for the vacant tag titles, the Enforcers vs Bill Kazmaier & Rick Steiner. The Steiners had to vacate due to a Scott injury. This match is 3 minutes long, embarrassing for a title main event. I get they did this because Bill has limited, if not zero talent for wrestling, but then WHY WOULD YOU BOOK THE MATCH!?! At least the right team won, not team Bill (0.25). A crap show that was nearly a complete waste of time without Pillman's greatness.

MOTN- Brian Pillman vs Badstreet

#134: Bash at the Beach, July 16th 1995. 23.6%

1 year removed from Hogan's big debut match in WCW, we have a Bash at the Beach quite literally on the beach in California. Not too much had changed in WCW over the course of a year. Hogan and his best friends were dominating backstage politics, booking and match quality was generally worse, Hogan won the World title because of course he did. They had begun to lose some of their best talent which you can really feel on their '95 shows, especially this one. This show was advertised with the help of hit lifeguard show, Baywatch. The Hulkster, Vader, the Macho Man, the Nature Boy and Kevin Sullivan all appeared on an episode of Baywatch, which must have been a confusing ride for the horny dad's watching the show preparing to baste their meat to the gorgeous girls of the beach. I wonder if they bought the PPV or not.

Mercifully only a 7 match card which is all kinds of good. First, Meng vs Sting. Not a very interesting feud this, but they had to give Sting something since he was the US champion as well as the most over man in the company. This had some interesting moments, Meng & Sting both billed as resilient fighters which was an unusual dynamic. However, too many rest holds and lull moments for this to be rated too high. Sting did a great job and Meng was fine (2.25). Well shit things go down hill fast. None of the next 4 matches exceed a 1/5 rating, that's bad. Paul Orndorff challenges THE RENEGADE for the TV title. I don't know why they still tried with the Renegade, they should have repackaged him. This was a nothing match that lasted less than 10 minutes. Renegade didn't so anything interesting. Pity points go to Orndorff who tried to make this something worth watching, but he failed (0.25). Kamala vs Jim Duggan next, fuck me. I don't know which wrestler I hate more. A problematic Ugandan stereotype who was a shit wrestler, or a terrible wrestler with a dumbass gimmick who is blindly supported by "patriotic" 'Muricans. My head says racism is worse, but my heart says Jim Duggan fucking sucks. I'm sure he's a lovely guy. Anyways, this was a bad match that I would introduce into the judicial system as a way to deter criminal activity (0). Next we have DDP vs Dave Sullivan. Dave was sometimes referred to as Evad because he's dyslexic. They called him dyslexic, however they booked him like he was mentally challenged, in the essence of Eugene. This wasn't good but mercifully short. I can't tell if this was supposed to be a comedy match or if its just one of those "so bad it's hilarious" matches, but Evad was being a moron and it entertained me at times (0.5). A triangle match for the Tag titles between Nasty Boys, Harlem Heat & the Blue Bloods. This was painful, just an absolute mess of a match. No cohesion just 6 lads running in and fighting with each other, hoping that some of it looked good. Sorry lads, but none of it did and I hated it. The rules didn't matter, the story didn't matter, the match didn't matter. Stupid stupid stupid (0).

Back to competency now, Randy Savage vs Ric Flair in a lifeguard match (it's a Lumberjack match but themed). A match between 2 of the world's greatest performers can't be bad, but unfortunately it wasn't great either. The action was good and it told a solid story but I think the stipulation hindered rather than helped the match. The match didn't go too hard and weirdly didn't draw huge crowd reactions, but it was solid and somewhat enjoyable (2.75). Our big main event inside a Steel Cage, Hulk Hogan & Vader for the world title. This was solid, thanks to Vader. I got a lot of enjoyment seeing Vader stiffly beat the red and yellow out of Hogan. Vader should have won but of course he didn't. Babyface Hogan post-1990 was so annoying. He's supposed to be the good guy yet he eye-pokes, back rakes and chokes without referee punishment. "Doing all he can to win" is a fair argument, however then why should we boo the heels? They do all the exact same evil deeds yet they're wrong for doing so? Hogan turning heel in '96 not only saved WCW for a bit longer, it saved his career because he would have completely lost any fan interest if he remained a good guy. But yeah, a fine main event carried by Vader being a beast whilst Hogan dials it in AGAIN (2.5). 3 matches were fine but 4 matches licked crusty ass, so no - not very good - no.

MOTN- Randy Savage vs Ric Flair

#133: Mayhem, November 21st 1999. 24.2%

WCW only ran Mayhem twice, we will talk about their 2000s entry in this article too. It doesn't say good things for the PPV however I will give it props for replacing the World War 3 PPV. Those shows didn't always suck from top to bottom, but having a massive 60-man battle royal spread across 3 rings is just not fun to watch. The show is named after their video game released under the same name. It was fine, rated above average but couldn't compare to the WWF titles coming out around that time. This show is built around a tournament for the world title because of course the title is vacant, thanks JJ Dillon. This is also the first WCW PPV in Canada, which is mental to me how long it took them. They had Canadian stars already before Bret even entered the company. Ah well. Here we go.

The first semi-final from the World title tournament is Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit. Good opener, Jarrett played his heel role well and Benoit is over for A) being Canadian and B) being brilliant at wrestling. The finish is ruined by excessive interference, damaging its overall rating but it was still a good match not even Vince Russo's stupidity could ruin (3.25). Disco Inferno defends the Cruiserweight title against Evan Karagias next. Baaaaad match. Heatless action, chants of 'boring', a big waste of 8 minutes (0.25). Brian Knobbs faces Norman Smiley for the Hardcore title. A basic WCW hardcore match, lots of brawling and weapons. Smiley continues to be one of the few redeeming qualities from WCWs dark times (1.5). 6-man tag between the Filthy Animals and the Revolution. A match featuring Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn surely should be good right? Well it also features Asya & Torrie Wilson who are greener than the spliffs that Rob Van Dam smokes. 3 of these lads were bound to leave the company but even when they didn't try too hard they were solid. Not bad but far from great (2.25). Buff Bagwell defeats Curt Hennig in a 'loser hangs up their boots' match, a retirement match basically. This was bad, a horrible way for Hennig to go out. Luckily, this wouldn't be his last match because wrestlers never retire and WCW don't care about stipulations (0.5). Our next semi-final match is Bret Hart vs Sting. A main event calibre match, slap bang in the middle of the card. Great job. This was decent but considering the star power involved, disappointing. Also Lex Luger interferes, because why not (2).

Let's talk about some SHIT shall we? A chain match between Vampiro & Berlyn. Terrible. Lots of interference makes this borderline unwatchable. The angle sucked, the wrestling sucked and they didn't even use the chain in the match until the finish. I seriously judge anyone who considered Vampiro to be anything close to competent (0). Next up Lex Luger vs Meng. Not as terrible, but still terrible. Luger didn't belong in a ring at this stage in his career, he was bad and his selling was even worse. Meng couldn't have cared less. Awful match (0). Scott Hall defends the TV title against Booker T. Another weak match. Hall phoned it in and the overbooking didn't help either (0.5). David Flair takes on Kimberly Page next. The match doesn't officially start, but I'm going to give it a dud rating anyways because of how terrible it was. She avoids being attacked by seemingly offering David oral sex but alas it was a ruse and she steals his cup and wacks him in the penis. We get some interference to help and hinder and the match is waived off and thank god it was. Anymore of that and I think I'd have a seizure (0/5). Goldberg defeats Sid Vicious in a 5 minute I Quit match. A few moves then Sid passed out in a Cobra clutch. Barely a match but still somehow better than half of the card (0.75).

Main event time and thank the lord it's actually a good match, because no one can make Bret Hart & Chris Benoit have a bad match. This easily was dripped with MOTY potential, the two did their very best to put on a great match. Unfortunately, a plethora of interference and bad booking ruined this match. They just can't fucking help themselves can they? I'm more annoyed about this one actually. Give these lads 20 minutes, no interference, no bollocks booking and they could have singlehandedly put eyes back on their product just by having an amazing match. But no. We can't have nice things. We will be force-fed our soup and like it. Well WCW, this time the soup was nice but you could really stop spitting in it (3.5).

MOTN- Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit

#132: Starrcade, December 28th 1997. 24.4%

Ahh here we are, the infamous Starrcade of '97. This was without a doubt the most important show in WCWs history. They caught lightning in a bottle with the nWo story, and more or less told a solid narrative for a year and a half. It wasn't perfect but it was predominantly great with this show being a grand crescendo. The nWo was a stable primarily of outsiders looking to dismantle and destroy WCW. Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash were the founders, they grew their numbers tremendously and held a vice grip over the company, especially when adding Eric Bischoff into the fold. Many turned there backs on the company, but one man became WCWs resident vigilante, Sting. After such a long time of nWo dominance, surely this was the moment Sting would confidently defeat the nWo right? Right? Well, kinda.

Before we get to all of that, we start with Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko for the Cruiserweight title. A match between these two will always be worth watching. This isn't quite as good as we'd expect, it was lacking something but still a solid opener (2.75). Next up, we have the nWo represented by Randy Savage, Scott Norton & Vincent against the Steiner Brothers & Ray Traylor. This was weird because the faces dominated fully, just beating on Vincent until his heel friends made the save. Didn't make much sense. Savage & Scott Steiner performed well but couldn't carry this match too far (1.75). Next, Goldberg vs Steve McMichael. This is early into Goldberg's undefeated streak. This is one of his first major feuds since they're both former football stars. This match was real bad. Goldberg was green and never a 'great' worker, but Mongo was just plain gash. The wrestling was all very sloppy, this hurt Goldberg more than it helped (0). Perry Saturn faces Chris Benoit in a Raven's Rules match. This was alright but waaaay too overbooked. The amount of interference, though it made sense because of Raven's Flock, really made a mess of the whole match (1.5).

Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger next. This was painful. 15+ minutes that almost cured my insomnia. A bore of a match, neither guy was particularly remarkable in the ring so they just had a beige coloured match (0.25). Curt Hennig vs DDP for the US title next. Bit more lively now because the fans LOVE Dallas Page. This was a solid match with a very rare clean finish win for the babyface. Always nice to see. Nothing too spectacular but it had good moments and it was nice to just have standard booking for a change (2.25). Bret Hart debuts for the company to referee the next match, Eric Bischoff vs Larry Zbyzsko. What a lame way for Bret to debut. After the biggest wrestling controversy maybe ever that was the Montreal Screwjob, he should have been inserted into a much bigger role than this. Of course this wasn't going to be good. It was entertaining in a weird way, it just shouldn't have went on for 10+ minutes. This should have been an ass kicking for Zbyzsko and Eric gets some comeuppance. But it went too long and it didn't even have a finish, Hart just raised Zbyzsko's hand. A bad match but Eric getting beaten was entertaining and the Hall vs Hart stuff was decent (0.5).

Let's talk about the main event, Sting vs Hulk Hogan for the world title. The vigilante finally has his big match against the defacto leader of the nWo. Stings first televised match in over a year. The crowd was FUEGO for this one. Aaaaaand it wasn't very good. But it didn't have to be, the investment was there and it just had to be passable. Your usual heel Hogan with Sting continuing to fight back. There's a lot of speculation about the finish. Hogan leg drops and pins Sting for a 3 count, which was apparently supposed to be a rigged fast count by the referee Nick Patrick. However, he counted a normal count. Either he forgot to do the count fast, or Hogan pulled some strings for some reason and forced it to be a normal count. Whatever the case, it absolutely ruined what was already an unremarkable match. It made Sting look weak, it made Bret Hart look stupid for coming out and claiming it was a fast count. Then Hart forced Hogan to continue, then Sting won via submission when Hart called for the bell! HOW! HOW! HOW CAN YOU FUCK THIS SO BADLY!? This should have been the easiest day at the office for WCW. You've built a story for over a year, and you provide a satisfying finish that literally everyone wants. Yet, they still failed. If any match perfectly sums up why WCW died, its this match. Whether its WCW being beyond incompetent, or allowing abuse of backstage politics, this was a huge misfire and snowballed a lot of booking issues going forward (0.75).

MOTN- Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko

#131: Bash at the Beach, July 9th 2000. 24.5%

Oh, do I have to? But seriously do I? I'm having such a good time. Talking about the trash from the 90s, it's so much more fun to criticise. Please? FINE. Back to 2000 we go. I haven't got many notes to make except this is another infamous PPV for one particular Hulk Hogan match. The one where Vince Russo fires him on live PPV. We'll get into all of the nitty gritty soon enough.

Shall we start on a good note? I think so. Juventud Guerrera vs Lieutenant Loco (Chavo Guerrero) for the Cruiserweight title. There's A LOT of ridiculous booking in this one however the 2 men rise above the dirt to try put on a good match (3). Shall we continue on a good note? Naaah, let's roll out the DUDs bay bay. Big Vito vs Norman Smiley for the Hardcore title. Smiley has hired Ralphus to help so I guess this is a handicap match? This was piss poor. A nothing match made worse by them selling for plastic dinnerware, that's honestly all I need to say (0). Next, a wedding gown match. Fucking great! Daffney vs Miss Hancock. Poor ladies. They're beautiful and talented in their own ways but this was a HORRID match. There was like 3 moves. The referee loses his pants. David Flair loses his pants. Crowbar comes out and takes off his pants. Hancock then takes off her own gown which leads to Daffneys victory. It's a hugely entertaining segment but for pretty much all of the wrong reasons (0). Kronik vs Perfect Event for the WCW tag titles. Both teams were young and green and got over 10 minutes so this was looooong and boring. Stale storytelling and stale offence (0.5). Chris Kanyon vs Booker T. This was solid, Kanyon was decent but Booker was really elevating his game this year. There's a Jeff Jarrett run in but for once this actually contributes to a story (2.5).

Scott Steiner vs Mike Awesome for the US title. On paper this should be, well, awesome. Unfortunately we don't get exactly what we want. Good work from these two big boys but interference from acting Commissioner The Cat who then calls for a DQ then STRIPS the title from Steiner just renders this entire thing pointless (2.75). The Demon vs Vampiro in a Graveyard match. I was actually hopeful that this could be entertaining in a "bad it's good" way. Almost like a terrible version of the Final Deletion. It certainly was terrible, but it also just lacked any fun at all. They didn't even set up lighting so it's just fighting in the dark which no one can really see. Eventually the Demon is buried and set on fire, which I think is the last we see of the character. The Demon burial is the only good thing to come from this match, everything else makes my brain hurt and my heart angry (0).

Shane Douglas defeated Buff Bagwell in just over 5 minutes. This was a thing that happened and there's not much else to say except Torrie Wilson deserves better (1).

Letsa go with Hulk Hogan vs Jeff Jarrett for the world title. Vince Russo comes out as Jarrett lies down and gestured Hogan to pin him, throws the title to him and walks away. You see Hogan mouth his dissatisfaction as he pins Jarrett with 1 foot to win (0). Later, Russo would come out to moan about backstage politics, trashing Hulk Hogan and declaring Jarrett is still the world champion and will defend it tonight against a deserving challenger, Booker T. This is another perfect example of why WCW died. Whether this is a work or a shoot it doesn't really matter. If it's a work, it's another example of bullshit decisions that helped WCW speed run towards disaster. If it's a shoot, then WCW just exposed how shitty their backstage environment is. There is plenty of rumour of what really happened here, depending on who you believe out of Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett & Russo. All 4 not exactly saintly truthtellers in wrestling. The only good to come from this is A) Hulk Hogan got a deserved spanking on live PPV and B) Booker T got a world title opportunity.

Goldberg vs Kevin Nash with Scott Hall's contract on the line. A 5 minute usual Goldberg match, not a very interesting watch but at least its short (0.5). Main event time, Booker T challenges for a world title against Jeff Jarrett. This is a great moment for Booker and a rare good decision by Vince Russo. A good match with a relatively clean result, no interference, Jarrett tries to cheat and it backfires and we get a lovely babyface ending to our PPV (3.25). This show has a good start and a good end. Everything in-between is absolute fallacious.

MOTN- Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett

#130: Mayhem, November 26th 2000. 23.8%

What else sucked WCW 2000 that we haven't talked about... Let's talk about some of their shittest gimmicks. WCW wasn't always hot on the pulse but during the Reign of Russo, damn he was blatantly out of touch. The Wall (which itself is a dumb wrestler name) was repackaged as Sergeant AWOL, do you get it? German wonderkid Alex Wright would be renamed Berlyn because foreign heels with war related connotations is definitely not overused by the year 2000. Mike Awesome was called "That 70s guy" for a bit because of a popular TV show that I doubt many wrestling fans thought was cool or at least good. Then we have General E. Rection, a play on words so dumb that I don't think Vince McMahon would even find funny. Maybe that's a bit of a stretch, Vince probably thinks genocides are a bit humorous but my point is VINCE RUSSO SUCKS. Our big selling point for this show? A straitjacket Steel Cage match. If that sounds like a shit idea, that's because it is. However, it's somehow nearly our match of the night and not terrible. So, well done, I think?

We start with cruiserweight action between son of the KFC Colonel Mike Sanders & Kwee Wee, the latter has a terrible name. The action was fine if not dull, but the focus was on the excessive interference (1.5). Next, 3 Count vs Yung Dragons vs Evan Karagias & Jamie Noble. This was a lot of fun. The pace remained quick and they all got a lot of good offence in. It did lack flow and was just a spotfest, but it was fun to watch (2.75). Ugh, time for Mancow vs Jimmy Hart 2: Suicidal Boogaloo. After the absolute disgrace of a match these had at Spring Stampede, they decided to make a sequel. Just lasts just over a minute and that's still too long. This could have went to something more meaningful, like drinking battery acid (0). Crowbar, Big Vito & Reno fight for the Hardcore title. 7 minutes of waving weapons around and it wasn't enjoyable (0.75). Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman face the odds against Kronik & Alex Wright. This was relatively competent but not exciting. Kronik walked out on Wright because he was being a dick (1.25). Shane Douglas fought with The Cat, a match that happened and that's all worth saying, but the Cat was funny at times I guess (1).

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Sergeant AWOL, a terrible match between a bad wrestler and a once good but now out of shape wrestler (0). General E. Rection vs Lance Storm is another terrible match, Storm tries but he can't prevent possibly his worst match ever (0.5). Jeff Jarrett takes on Buff Bagwell next. This was alright at times, and terrible at times. Bagwell particularly looked really sloppy. Jarrett was fine but uninspiring (1.5). The Perfect Event defend the tag gold against the Insiders, Kevin Nash & Diamond Dallas Page. As basic of a tag match as you can think of but it did what it needed to. The crowd reacted, a story was told, it was fine (2). Goldberg squashed Lex Luger in about 5 minutes, they're doing second streak for Goldberg, proving how strapped for good ideas they were (1). I wish I could tell you why there's a straitjacket involved in the Scott Steiner vs Booker T main event. I assume because Steiner is a "genetic freak". This was, again, fine. A watchable event with some decent moments but the use of the jacket was a bit dumb (2.5). Somehow WCW gambled and didn't completely flop, but mostly. That main event on paper is terrible but in execution it wasn't bad.

MOTN- 3 Count vs Jung Dragons vs Evan Karagias & Jamie Noble

#129: Superbrawl V, February 19th 1995. 25.7%

Back in wrestling's most defective year, we're treated to the 5th edition of Superbrawl. This is the first PPV since that disastrous Starrcade in '94, very little has changed in the WCW landscape so we'll just get straight into the shit.

Straight into controversy, Paul Roma vs Alex Wright. This isn't an exciting match, I wouldn't call it a good match either. Wright tries but Roma is being shit and a dick. He no-sells offence and did all he can to make the young lad look crap. He also goes into business for himself, kicking out of the planned finish when he was supposed to lose, ruining the match further. Shortly after this due to his lack of cooperation, Roma would be fired. Good riddance, you utter wankpot (1). Bunkhouse Buck and Jim Duggan wrestled for 12 minutes which felt like 12 hours. Bad, boring and nothing worth talking about (0). More shit? Hooray! The battle of Brothers between Kevin & Dave Sullivan. Kevin was always prominent on TV, mainly because he was a booker at one time and had backstage swing. That must be the reason because he sucked. This was a terrible brawl with no redeeming factors, except that it eventually ended (0). Harlem Heat vs Nasty Boys for the tag titles. I'm already sick of talking about these two fighting each other. This was another bland match, made worse by being 17 GODDAMN MINUTES LONG (1.5).

Blacktop Bully, fka as Smash/Repo Man, takes on Dustin Rhodes. Another boring match given an excessive amount of time. I wish I could say it's because they had a limited roster but that's not the case. Austin, Pillman, Regal, Arn, Flair to name a few. They had AMAZING talent yet this card is loaded with the most untalented wrestlers they have, coincidentally they're all Hogan's mates (1). Avalanche & Bubba Rogers take on Sting & Randy Savage. This exceeded expectations. It didn't go on for too long, the heels did their job soundly, Sting & Savage were exciting and generated loud crowd reactions. It was a solid tag match (2.5). Hulk Hogan vs Vader is our main event. This, again, exceed expectations. Not a fan of a DQ finish but it did make sense to carry the feud forward. Both guys beat each other and never let up. Definitely one of Hogan's better matches in WCW (3). A card full of nothing until the final 2 matches, at least it ended relatively well.

MOTN- Hulk Hogan vs Vader

#128: World War 3, November 22nd 1998. 26.3%

The fourth, final & worst WW3 is also the only one to not have the 60-man battle royal main event. For those blissfully unaware, a WW3 match is 60 participants spread across 3 rings. When there is 30 men left (except for 1997 where it's 20) they all join into 1 ring to fight it out until 1 person is left. They were rarely exciting. The biggest issue is that the screen would be split into 3 cameras making it hard to watch. There's also so much going on and also nothing going on for the longest time, that it's never worth watching until they get down to the final 20 or less. Although this is the worst WW3 show, this actually has the best WW3 match. We'll talk about that soon.

First we must sift through the opening crap. First all of, Glacier vs Wrath. Wrath is awesome. Glacier is a blatant rip off Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. A badly booked match as it's a squash match putting Wrath over strong, but it goes for 8 minutes AND kinda buries Glacier who they've spent MONTHS hyping and building? Dumb match and a bad start (0.75). It gets worse, way worse. Konnan vs Stevie Ray. This was visually painful to watch. It didn't even have a definitive finish, ending in a lousy DQ that managed to insult me even more. Disgustingly bad (0). Sonny Oono teams with 'The Cat' the face Kaz Hayashi & Perry Saturn. Oh dear. What the fuck is this? I'm awarding Saturn some pity points here for being somewhat competent. Hayashi was given almost nothing to do. The Cat is terrible. Oono is a non-wrestler who heels it up and he is the one to pin Saturn. Thanks WCW, I think I hate wrestling now (0.5).

Billy Kidman & Juventud Guerrera try their best to save the PPV and they do a great job. These two had an enjoyable match for the cruiserweight title, plenty of spots and plenty of fun (3.5). We're supposed to get Scott Steiner vs Rick but AGAIN it doesn't happen. This time Rick is ambushed during his entrance by the NWO, bringing out Goldberg to make the save. Not rating this, but WCW's incredibly over world champion is only featuring on this show to run interference. Ridiculous. Next, Chris Jericho defends the TV title against Bobby Duncum Jr. Jericho did his best, great in ring and character work but Duncum was about as interesting as waiting in traffic. I do enjoy a bit of Ralphus in my wrestling (2).

It's time for WW3! All your favourites are here. Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Kevin Nash, The Giant, Disco Inferno, El Dandy, Chip Minton, Lodi, Horace Hogan, The Renegade. Okay maybe it's not as stacked of a line-up as they might say. A bland battle royal for 90% of it. Some highlights include; Scott Hall hiding from Kevin Nash throughout, Bam Bam Bigelow running out for some reason and Goldberg running out to fight Bigelow. We got down to a final 5 of Benoit, Malenko, Nash, Hall & Luger. Benoit & Malenko were eliminated quickly because they're not wrinkly main eventers. Nash went on to win, which is highly convenient when he took over as head booker around this time. He claims it wasn't until after this but that just reeks of bullshit (1.25). Our main event for the US title is Bret Hart vs Diamond Dallas Page. This was a good match until the bollocks finish involving crooked referees. Another day at the WCW office (2.5).

MOTN- Billy Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera

#127: Clash of the Champions 12, September 5th 1990. 26.5%

COTC Mountain Madness/Fall Brawl '90 completes the first dozen of these TV specials. This would be my dad's sweet 16th birthday. I wonder what he would have been up to. Probably chugging spirits in a local park because that's how teenage life is in the North of England. The big feud going into this show is Sting being targeted by the Black Scorpion. WHO IS THE BLACK SCORPION?!?!? Will we ever find out? Maybe tonight would be the night.

Before we get to that we have other matches in the agenda. The Fabulous Freebirds face the Wild-Eyed Southern Boys. Originally a 6-man but plans changed due to injuries. You could tell the plan change affected the match but this was fine (2). Captain Mike Rotunda vs Buddy Landel next. Why is he a captain? Who knows and who cares. This wasn't particularly interesting (0.75). Next we have the Master Blasters vs Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong. What a shit tag team name. They're also called Iron & Steel, the latter is Kevin Nash. Iron would be replaced after a week. Probably because this was a big stinker of a match. Steel would have better success and matches in his future but BOY did he have a rough start (0). The Nasty Boys wrestle Terry Taylor & Jackie Fulton. A pretty standard affair, it was fine but not as good as the opener (1.75). Wild Bill Irvin vs Tommy Rich lasts a few minutes and was just pure filler (0.75).

We have a match for the LPWA women's title next between Bambi and Susan Sexton. Western women's wrestling wasn't very good until really the turn of the new millennium. They tried, but it wasn't too great and very few people cared (1). Maximum Overdrive face the Steiner Brothers next. Team MO, similar to Master Blasters, also have really "cool" names. Hunter and Silencer. This was for the US tag titles, secondary tag gold which didn't last for much longer. Always fun to see the Steiners, they're the reason this didn't suck eggs (2). Stan Hansen murders Z-Man in a couple minutes, short but entertaining (1). US title match between Lex Luger & Ric Flair. Finally, a good match on the card. Pretty great as expected, Flair does a great job and Luger does his role competently. This course have been rated higher but unfortunately it ended in a DQ because were sitting up Luger vs Hansen, for some reason (3.25). Our main event is Sting vs the Black Scorpion. WHO IS THE BLACK SCORPION?!?!? Well in this case, Al Perez who was considered to be the final reveal but those plans changed. This is such an uninteresting match, Perez looked like an amateur. Sting could only save it so much. After the match, Sting rips off the mask to reveal...a second mask. Then the REAL black Scorpion appears on the ramp and staresdown Sting. The OG Spider-man meme. We end the show with the ultimate question..WHO IS THE REAL BLACK SCORPION!?!? Entertaining in a terrible way (0.75). The final half an hour of this show isn't worth suffering the previous hour.

MOTN- Lex Luger vs Ric Flair

#126: Starrcade, December 19th 1999. 26.7%

There are 3 absolutes in the universe that we exist in. Death, taxes & Bret Hart hates Goldberg. Do you know what else Bret hated? The Montreal Screwjob. Let's talk about them both. Whilst Starrcade hailed from Washington DC, WCW did their usual best at trying to either replicate WWE, poke fun at WWE or perhaps both. Surely with 12 matches and their roster there is at least 1 good match here.

Disco Inferno & Lash Leroux team up against the Mamalukes. Disco owed the mob money and it was somehow entertaining. This was better than expected, a solid tag formula but it didn't pull much crowd noise (2.5). Evan Karagias defends the Cruiserweight title against Madusa. This was terrible, for two peeps who were dating IRL they had zero in-ring chemistry. Maybe a lack of chemistry is why Karagias ditched her for a younger Nitro girl. Cold (0.5). Norman Smiley defends the Hardcore title against Meng. You know the drill. Wack & walk around, interference wrapped up in about 4 minutes (0.75). The Revolution takes on Jim Duggan and 3 hand-chosen "mystery partners". He chose the Varsity club. This was pretty darn shit. Revolution has talent like Malenko, Saturn & Douglas but they're clearly unmotivated. Duggan was most prominent in this match and I've never rated him. Nothing appealing to mention (0). Steve Williams vs Vampiro, if the Vamp wins he gets 5 mins with Oklahoma. All of Vampiro's offence sucked but the stuff that Williams got in was decent. It ended in a DQ because of course. Unfortunately that means we have a second Vampiro match (1.25). Oklahoma gets some licks in but Vampiro dispatches him in a couple minutes. Just, ugly (0).

Creative Control & Curt Hennig face Harlem Heat & Midnight. Not a good match, Booker T was the only one over but his angle with Stevie Ray couldn't save this very much (1). Bunkhouse Brawl between Dustin Rhodes and Jeff Jarrett next. This was fine, a standard brawl dragged down by interference and a sleeper spot that nearly put me down too (2). David Flair vs Diamond Dallas Page in a *checks notes* Crowbar (weapon not wrestler) on a pole match. DDP does his best but he can't save this. Flair just brought out his own crowbar, what's the point in the one on the pole then? Stupid booking and a stupid match, at least it was quick (0.75). Lex Luger faces Sting, if the Stinger wins then Miss Elizabeth gets out of her contract with Lex. I bet she wishes she could get out of her WCW contract. Liz turning heel was blatantly obvious. Not too good, short at least. Sting won by DQ soooo does that mean she is free from her contract? Who knows, who cares (1). Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious in a powerbomb match, first to hit the move wins. Fuck man this was ugly. Their offence was slow and lifeless. Sid hits a terrible powerbomb but the ref is down. The finish is Nash being too injured to perform the move, so he just tells the revived referee he did and he just BELIEVES HIM. Worst match of the show (0). Another gimmick match because we haven't had enough of them, a ladder match for the US title between Jarrett & Chris Benoit. Waaay too much Double J for one night already. To be fair though, this was a really good match. It remained exciting throughout and throw out some creative spots, the stuff with the leg trapped in the ladder especially looked cool and dangerous. A hidden gem of a match (3.5).

Well let's talk about the controversy shall we? Goldberg challenges Bret Hart for the WCW title, no DQ because why not just have 1 scheduled singles match with no stipulation or gimmick attached. Just over 2 years ago we had the infamous Montreal Screwjob. You should know what happened there. Here, WCW decided to recreate that moment but with a role reversal as Bret was the one who won here with a "Screwjob" finish. Outside of the weak finish, this was actually a good match. Goldberg was a dominant force and Bret covered his weaknesses well with his usual excellence. It's dragged down by the finish and also, well, Goldberg booting Bret's career into the shadow realm. A botched kick connects solid with Bret, giving him a killer of a concussion. He would only have 9 more matches (4 of those were house shows) before being forced to retire until his match against Vinny Mac 10 years later (2.75). Outside of 3 matches, everything else is a huge waste of time.

MOTN- Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit

#125: Clash of the Champions 29, November 16th 1994. 26.7%

We return to the era of Hulkamania 2: Electric Brotherloo. Why do I rank this above Starrcade '99? Well it's an hour shorter, which made this a slightly more digestible shit sandwich. It has 1 standout match like Starrcade so they're pretty even on quality, but being able to get through this in under an hour is always a win.

Pretty Wonderful defend the tag gold against Stars & Stripes, one of many of Bagwell's awful gimmicks. If Patriot loses he must unmask. This was fine, a standard tag formula but a messy finish tarnishes it (2). A rematch for the TV title as Johnny B. Badd defends against Honky Tonk Man. Their PPV match sucked, so why not show it for free for everyone to enjoy! This also sucked, HTM was so past his prime I'm surprised he wasn't growing mould (0.5). It's the mid-90s, you know what that means? Harlem Heat vs Nasty Boys Chapter 723!! Like most matches, this wasn't good but Booker T showed off his talent amongst the crap (1.25). Vader takes on Dustin Rhodes. This could have been even better if these guys clashed a little later in a different company. Vader looked like an absolute tank but Rhodes maintained impressive babyface fire. A lot of good stuff here but a lot of weird spots, like Rhodes kicking out of 2 Vaderbombs? Why?! They weren't even grooming him for a main event push. The potential for greatness was there though (3.25).

Steve Austin gets a rematch for the US title against Jim Duggan aaaaaand it ends in DQ after a minute. Fucking dogshit, if Austin was injured just don't have the match (0). Our main event is the Faces of Fear (Kevin Sullivan, Avalanche & Butcher) vs Hulk Hogan, Sting & Evad Sullivan. Mr T is special referee, looking like he's just rolled out of bed. He looks like Grandpa Joe from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. This was exactly what you think it would be. Lots of brawling, then faces in peril, long rest holds, hot comeback, Hogan wins. The heels do a big beat down after to regain heat but who cares anymore (1). We're still months away from the debut of Nitro but you can already tell they're caring less and less about these events here.

MOTN- Vader vs Dustin Rhodes

#124: Slamboree, May 19th 1996. 26.8%

It's Battlebowl time! Hooray! This time they advertised it as a "Lord of the Ring" tournament. Hmm... doesn't that sound like a familiar tournament format... As well as the Battlebowl ring being up for grabs, so is a world title match. We'll talk more about that later. Bloody 14 matches on this card, a lot them not very good.

Our first "random pairing" is Animal & Booker T vs Hawk & Lex Luger. Tag partners facing off, very interesting. Except, it wasn't. The wrestling was okay but the LOD partners never collide, then they just team up to fight their own partners ending in a double count out. That's fucking stupid (0.25). Our next pairing is both members of Public Enemy vs Chris Benoit & the Taskmaster. A full team overcome the odds and are paired together. This could have been a fun carnage brawl but it's only given 4 minutes to go. Benoit & Sullivan are feuding so it had an interesting dynamic but not enough time to be good (1.25). Random pairing #3 sees Sgt Pittman & Scott Steiner vs The Booty Man & Rick Steiner. Another pair of tag partners going head to head, how uh, interesting. This was pretty decent, thanks to the Steiner's being fucking amazing. They also came head to head which was a lot of fun (2.25). The Blue Bloods vs Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet. Another "random pairing" of a full team, oh WCW you could at least try to make it look random. Duggan & Wallstreet kept fighting each other yet still beat a cohesive team. This was dire (0.25).

Our first match that feels like a random draw, Dick Slater & Robert Eaton vs Alex Wright & Disco Inferno. This was pre-dancers partnership. This went just over 2 minutes and non of it was good at all (0). Diamond Dallas Page teams with Barbarian against Meng & Hugh Morrus. Again, tag partners facing each other, unheard of that. Nothing much here but Meng & Barbarian leathered each other which was decent (1.25). Bubba Rogers & Stevie Ray vs Fire & Ice. Our third team who "RANDOMLY" drew together. This suuuuucked. Another short match with little heat and nothing appealing (0). Here we go, Arn Anderson & Eddie Guerrero vs Ric Flair & Randy Savage. 4 legends in one match. The action was very exciting, but it only lasted 4 minutes. Also Arn & Ric teamed up against Savage which just rendered this whole concept redundant, but I guess WCW did that themselves already. The action was fun though (2.5). Brief respite from the tournament, Dean Malenko defends the Cruiserweight title against Brad Armstrong. This was decent, pretty basic but at least they got more than 5 minutes to work a match (2.5).

Round 2 of Battlebowl, because why not have more bad tag matches then we need. Also Fire & Ice just get a bye without explanation, why do they deserve it? Slater & Eaton vs Wallstreet & Duggan. A terrible mess, Duggan & Wallstreet fight each other but this time they lose. Good riddance (0). We're supposed to get Public Enemy vs Flair & Savage however Flair & Savage are held seperare by security. The PE win via forfeit I guess (NR). DDP & Barbarian vs Booty Man & Rick Steiner. A boring 5 minutes, couple of suplexes but barely anything else (0.5). Another respite before the Battlebowl Finale, Konnan defends the US title against Jushin Thunder Liger. Best match on the card so far, Konnan had lost a step at this point but JTL was a phenomenal talent who more than impressed those watching. They had to really work for crowd noise but they got their dues (3).

Battlebowl time. An 8-man battle royal, the winner gets a ring AND a World title opportunity. Here are the possible next contenders for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Ice Train, Scott Norton, Dick Slater, Robert Eaton, Johnny Grunge, Rocco Rock, The Barbarian & Diamond Dallas Page. Jeeez, that's disgusting. They could have avoided this too! No Flair, no Anderson, no Savage, no Guerrero, no Booker, no Luger, no Benoit. These were all participants in the tournament WCW! You fucking morons! This was fine, I really enjoyed the DDP vs Barbarian stuff but everything else I could give or take. DDP celebrates and he will get his title shot next month, except NOPE. He never did, he would have to wait another 3 years before getting that shot. I mean, I agree he wasn't ready for it just yet but damn don't book a tournament and not follow through with it, because WHAT'S THE POINT!? (2). Our main event sees the Giant defend against Sting. This was good, Sting works well with bigger opponents. Some nice storytelling between Luger & Sting, some great work from Sting himself and the Giant held his own (3). Too many matches, too many short matches, too many bad matches, poor booking all over the card.

MOTN- Sting vs The Giant

#123: Fall Brawl: War Games, September 19th 1993. 26.9%

War Games may be the greatest creation in WCW history. It debuted at The Great American Bash, it became a staple of their Wrestlewar show before it moved over to being a fixture on the Fall Brawl card. This is the first Fall Brawl on PPV, previously being a Clash of the Champions special. This would also be the first and only PPV appearance of the greatest WCW debut of all time, the Shockmaster.

We start off strong with a match between Ricky Steamboat and Steven Regal for the TV Championship. A good technical display, solid storytelling and smart wrestling psychology. A great way to start (3). Downhill from here though, next we have Big Sky vs Charlie Norris. Sky is actor Tyler Mane, who would later star in X-Men as Sabretooth as well as the Rob Zombie Halloween movies as Michael Myers. Talking about horror, this was a horrible match that had no right existing never mind being on PPV (0.25). Paul Orndorff teamed with the Equaliser to face Buff Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio. Another match that shouldn't have been here, it went too long and it was mostly boring. At least Scorpio was a good performer here (1.5). Following that, ANOTHER match that shouldn't have been on here, Shanghai Pierce vs Ice Train. This was a 3 minute match with nothing worthwhile, even the interference looked shit (0). Arn Anderson & Paul Roma defend their tag gold against the Nasty Boys. This went nearly 25 minutes, which is waaaay too much exposure for 75% of the competitors. This could have had a better rating if it cut 10-15 minutes, but it was a real drag and only Arn really appeared to be switched on (1).

Cactus Jack vs Yoshi Kwan. Who? You're telling me you don't know who Kwan is? God you're so uncultured. Seriously though who is this guy? He's a British person turned American citizen, playing a Hong-Kong character. Kwan's offence sucked but at least Cactus won and kept it under 5 minutes (0.75). Ric Flair defended the International World Heavyweight Championship against Ric Rude. This was good at times, bad at times and fine at times. It went about 30 minutes which is always too long for a Rick Rude match, his style was boring. Overall it was fine but a huge disappointment (2.25). Wargames time. Sting, Dustin Rhodes, Davey Boy Smith & the Shockmaster faced Vader, Sid Vicious & Harlem Heat. Gone is the tacky, glittery stormtrooper helmet, Shockmaster dons a yellow hard hat like he's a bricklayer. This barely passed the 15 minute mark but probably a good thing. Very little highlights in this. Rhodes put in a good babyface performance, Sting & Davey did alright, nothing much else. Shockmaster came in and almost immediately got the win for his team which was baffling. Not awful but damn boring (2). Probably deserves a lower rating to be honest, most of the matches were C tier TV level and still managed to underperform.

MOTN- Ricky Steamboat vs Steven Regal

#122: Clash of the Champions 10, February 6th 1990. 27.1%

With Wrestlewar '90 in the horizon, this show would be a major pit-stop on the road to the show with a few moving parts. Sting was a part of the Four Horsemen bur a segment on this show would see him be forced out of the group. He would appear in this shows main event anyways but consequently blew out his knee climbing the cage. This Clash was dubbed 'Texas Shootout'. Pew pew, yeehaw.

'Dr Death' Steve Williams faces the Samoan Savage. This was alright, dull at moments but there were some nice moves on show by the Doc who would soon be heading to Japan (2). We get that segment where Sting is booted from the Horsemen, replaced by Ole Anderson. This is because Sting wants a world title match, and Flair sees that as an insult. A nice way to tell a story, also well needed because Sting didn't really fit the bill of a Horseman. The MOD Squad vs Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk next. Pillman & Z-Man were impressive young talents but they struggled to get much out of a team primarily known as jobbers (1.5). Mil Mascaras takes on Cactus Jack Manson next in a very weird clash of styles. It only goes 5 minutes and is perhaps more famous for Foley's retelling years later. He says Mil gave him little opportunity to get offence in, calling him selfish, redundant & lousy. He must have really pissed off Mick here. Not great (1.25). Norman the Lunatic vs Kevin Sullivan, falls count anywhere. A horrible brawl that ended with an off-screen pin, in the ladies toilets. Ha ha. Terrible (0).

The Road Warriors faced the Skyscrapers 2.0. Spivey & Callous did some dominant things however the Warriors barely sold for them and it ended in DQ. This was meh (1). The Steiners defend their titles against Doom who defend their masks. Best match on the show and it was only just fine, perfectly average. The unmasking would do Doom a lot of favours, especially soon-to-be World Champion Ron Simmons (2.5). The main event saw the Great Muta, Buzz Sawyer & the Dragonmaster take on 3 of the 4 Horsemen, Ric Flair & the Andersons in a Steel Cage. This was a mess of a main event, just brawling with the focus being on Sting wanting revenge against his former friends. The match isn't great, plus its extra weird because all competitors are naughty heel boys (1.25).

MOTN- The Steiners vs Doom

#121: Halloween Havoc, October 27th 1991. 28.2%

Oooh boy I've been excited to talk about this one. Halloween Havoc can be relied on for some of WCW's worst and wackiest ideas. We've seen a monster truck sumo match. We've Russo-style worked shoots. But this show, might have the wackiest idea WCW have ever had which is a huge claim. Let's get straight into it.

Chamber of Horrors. What a way to kick-off your PPV. Sting, El Gigante & the Steiner Brothers vs Abdullah the Butcher, Diamond Studd, Cactus Jack & Vader. I'll set the scene. The 8 men will fight inside a cage structure covering a ring. Inside the ring at the center will be a much smaller cage with a chair inside. In order to win, you need to place a member of the opposing team in the chair and pull a lever, electrocuting your opponent in the process. Absolutely madness. The aim of the match is attempted murder. Why is wrestling so fucking weird?! So, this match is terrible, obviously it is. It was hard to follow, poorly executed and 90% of the offence was just choking and punching. Whilst I'm giving it a bad rating, I fully recommend watching out of pure amusement (0). The Creatures take on PN News & Big Josh next. Shouldn't have been on PPV. Creatures were were masked nobodies so they're crushed in about 5 minutes. This was meh (1). Bobby Eaton vs Terrance Taylor next. Two underrated talents putting on a solid match together. They get 15+ minutes, the lads go out and put on a great effort and an enjoyable match. How WCW couldn't see that less is more I'll never know (3.25).

Jimmy Garvin faces Johnny B. Badd next. This was alright, the veteran put over the upcoming talent (2). Steve Austin defends the TV title against Dustin Rhodes, 6 years prior to the Attitude Era. This was a very good match, it went a time limit draw at 15 minutes so it was a slow start but it was well built and well worked. Austin played a very good heel in his WCW days (3.5). Following the match of the night, we have back to back DUD ratings. Huzzah. First, we see Oz vs Bill Kazmaier. It's a match featuring Oz so yeah this is ugly. Then we have Van Hammer defeating Doug Somers in a minute, what's the point in this being here? Next we have a match for the inaugural Light Heavyweight Championship between Ricky Morton & Brian Pillman. This is waaay before the success of the Cruiserweight division. Flyin' Brian winning was the right call, however heel Morton was uninteresting to watch. This lacked the energy and excitement this division should be built around (1.5). The Halloween Phantom vs Z-Man next. It lasted just over a minute and it was okay, I guess? Tony Schiavone ruined the storyline by drawing comparisons to Rick Rude, who was disguised as the Phantom. He was so shit in WCW sometimes (0.5).

The Enforcers defend tag gold against the Patriots. 10 minutes of the superior tag team just whipping ass. It was alright at times (1.25). Our main event sees Lex Luger defend the world title against Ron Simmons in 2 out of 3 falls. This was a long 20+ minute match but it had some good moments. Simmons put in a great showing, winning the first fall in 5 minutes. Whenever Lex took charge it fell apart a bit, his offence was unenthusiastic and dull at times. I also didn't like a DQ finish to fall 2. But this match was mostly fine and enjoyable at times (2.5).

MOTN- Steve Austin vs Dustin Rhodes

#120: The Great American Bash, July 5th 1986. 28.5%

Similarly to the honourably mentioned GAB in 1987, the event for 1986 was actually a tour of shows across the States. In '86, there was 13 shows spread across Southern & Eastern parts of America in July and August. I have watched 2 shows from that tour that will be included in this ranking, this one being the weakest card. This was the fourth event in the tour, held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Denny Brown defends the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship against Steve Regal. It went to a 15 minute time limit draw. The action was well worked but it was fucking boring (0.75). Black Bart faces Robert Gibson. Wow, exciting start to the card here. Gibson is good to be fair but he's far better in tag action. Some good moments but Black Bart ain't fun to watch (1.5). The Andersons vs Sam Houston & Nelson Royal. Again, another match where 50% of the participants are enjoyable to watch and the other 50% are far from it (1.5). Manny Fernandez vs Baron Von Raschke in a Bunkhouse Match. This wasn't good at all, mercifully under 10 minutes. Slow and sluggish. I much prefer Stevie Von Raschke than the Baron (0.5). Jimmy Garvin takes on Wahoo McDaniel in an Indian Strap Match. I've made it clear on my opinions of strap matches, however this wasn't too bad. Garvin's antics were entertaining and the crowd ate it all up (2.5). Tully Blanchard faces Ron Garvin in a taped fists match. This is contested in rounds of 3 minutes. This was quite unique, I have a disdain for boxing matches in wrestling but this was entertaining. Another match that played with the crowd and generated loud responses (2.5/5).

Ivan & Nikita Koloff face the Road Warriors in a double Russian Chain match. This was just a messy brawl for 5 minutes. I didn't enjoy it (1). Shashka Whatley vs Jimmy Valiant. I don't know who Whatley is, but Valiant is terrible at this stage of his career. He may have been terrible always. This did suck but I'll give it a slither of pity as it generated some of the loudest reactions of the night, I like a good head shaving (0.25). Dusty Rhodes teams with Magnum TA & Baby Doll to face the Midnight Express & Jim Cornette in a Steel Cage match. This can only be so good with 2 non-wrestlsrs involved. Plenty o' blood and plenty o' brawling (1). The main event sees Ric Flair defend the NWA world title against Ricky Morton in a second consecutive steel cage match. Having this follow a Steel Cage makes this feel significantly less important. The match had some good moments, they're both good workers and they had a classic 80s world title match. It's prevented from getting a better rating because a lot of the spots already happened in the match previous (2.75). 7 out of 10 of these matches were gimmicks or stipulations, and all 7 of them occurred simultaneously. Ridiculous overbooking which just makes the card feel less special and more bloated.

MOTN- Ric Flair vs Ricky Morton

Well there's another entry completed, 20 more shows with A LOT of bad wrestling involved. But, we did see some hidden gems like Austin vs Rhodes, Benoit vs Jarrett and Hart vs Benoit to name but a few. I'll be back next week to continue every WCW PPV ranked, hopefully discover some more hidden gems. Until next time, see ya!


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