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  • Connor Ewens

Every WCW PPV Reviewed & Ranked Part 9: An Epilogue

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

156 pissing shows finally complete. Honestly, the sense of relief that washed over me once I finally finished part 8 of the series is unmatched. Following such a big daunting task, I thought I'd post a follow up with some statistics based off of my ratings, as well as a concise listing from best to worst of all the shows I included. I'll add some "best of..."s and some "worst of..."s, all of that good stuff. I dunno about you, but I am a whore for a good statistic.

Every WCW Show from Best to Worst

1) WCW x New Japan SuperShow 3

2) Beach Blast 1992

3) Slamboree 1994

4) Spring Stampede 1994

5) Great American Bash 1989

6) WrestleWar 1991

7) Chi-Town Rumble 1989

8) Great American Bash 1988

9) Starrcade '88: True Gritt

10) Starrcade 1996

11) Great American Bash 1996

12) Fall Brawl 1996

13) WCW x New Japan SuperShow 1

14) Clash of the Champions I

15) Fall Brawl 1997

16) Halloween Havoc 1996

17) SuperBrawl VII

18) Uncensored 1997

19) Spring Stampede 1999

20) Bash at the Beach 1997

21) Clash of the Champions VI: Ragin' Cajun

22) Clash of the Champions XXIII

23) SuperBrawl II

24) Starrcade '87: Chi-Town Heat

25) Clash of the Champions II: Miami Mayhem

26) Bash at the Beach 1994

27) Spring Stampede 1998

28) Halloween Havoc 1989

29) WrestleWar 1992

30) Halloween Havoc 1993

31) Uncensored 1998

32) Greed

33) Clash of the Champions XXII

34) Clash of the Champions XX: 20th Anniversary

35) Clash of the Champions VIII: Fall Brawl '89

36) Halloween Havoc 1990

37) Starrcade '83: A Flare for the Gold

38) Souled Out 1998

39) Great American Bash 1990

40) WrestleWar 1990

41) Hog Wild 1996

42) Spring Stampede 1997

43) Beach Blast 1993

44) SuperBrawl III

45) Clash of the Champions IX: New York Knockout

46) Clash of the Champions XXVIII

47) Slamboree 1998

48) Fall Brawl 1994

49) Clash of the Champions XXVII

50) Bash at the Beach 1996

51) Collision in Korea 1994

52) Clash of the Champions XXXV

53) WCW x New Japan SuperShow 2

54) Starrcade '92: Battlebowl - Lethal Lottery II

55) World War 3 1995

56) Halloween Havoc 1997

57) SuperBrawl I

58) Clash of the Champions XIX

59) Slamboree 2000

60) Slamboree 1997

61) Starrcade '95: World Cup of Wrestling

62) Capital Combat: Return of RoboCop

63) Clash of the Champions XVIII

64) Great American Bash 1992

65) Superstars on the Superstation

66) World War 3 1996

67) Starrcade '89: Future Shock

68) Souled Out 1999

69) Clash of the Champions XVII

70) Clash of the Champions XXVI

71) Clash of the Champions III: Fall Brawl

72) SuperBrawl IX

73) Sin

74) Clash of the Champions XI: Coastal Crush

75) SuperBrawl VIII

76) SuperBrawl: Revenge

77) Clash of the Champions XXXII

78) Road Wild 1997

79) Halloween Havoc 1992

80) Starrcade '85: The Gathering

81) WrestleWar 1989

82) World War 3 1997

83) Starrcade '93: 10th Anniversary

84) Great American Bash 1997

85) Starrcade '90: Collision Course

86) Halloween Havoc 1994

87) Great American Bash 1998

88) Great American Bash 26/07/1986

89) Clash of the Champions XXXIV

90) SuperBrawl IV

91) Clash of the Champions XXV

92) Clash of the Champions XXIV

93) Fall Brawl 1995

94) Clash of the Champions IV: Season's Beatings

95) Slamboree '93: A Legend's Reunion

96) Starrcade 1998

97) Great American Bash 1995

98) Starrcade 2000

99) Clash of the Champions XIV: Dixie Dynamite

100) Souled Out 1997

101) Slamboree 1999

102) Clash of the Champions XV: Knocksville USA

103) Bunkhouse Stampede Finals 1988

104) Starrcade '91: Battlebowl - Lethal Lottery

105) Fall Brawl 2000

106) Clash of the Champions XXX 107) SuperBrawl VI

108) Starrcade '86: Night of the Skywalkers

109) Uncensored 1999

110) Bash at the Beach 1998

111) Starrcade '84: Million Dollar Challenge

112) Clash of the Champions XXI

113) Clash of the Champions V: St Valentine's Massacre

114) Fall Brawl 1999

115) Halloween Havoc 1998

116) Clash of the Champions VII: Guts and Glory

117) Road Wild 1999

118) Clash of the Champions XXXIII

119) Great American Bash 1985

120) Great American Bash 05/07/1986

121) Halloween Havoc 1991

122) Clash of the Champions X: Texas Shootout

123) Fall Brawl 1993

124) Slamboree 1996

125) Clash of the Champions XXIX

126) Starrcade 1999

127) Clash of the Champions XII: Mountain Madness/Fall Brawl '90

128) World War 3 1998

129) SuperBrawl V

130) Mayhem 2000

131) Bash at the Beach 2000

132) Starrcade 1997

133) Mayhem 1999

134) Bash at the Beach 1995

135) Clash of the Champions XVI: Fall Brawl

136) Battlebowl 1993

137) Halloween Havoc 1995

138) Great American Bash 1999

139) Road Wild 1998

140) Halloween Havoc 1999

141) Clash of the Champions XIII: Thanksgiving Thunder

142) Fall Brawl 1998

143) Uncensored 1996

144) Spring Stampede 2000

145) Great American Bash 1991

146) New Blood Rising

147) Souled Out 2000

148) Slamboree 1995

149) Great American Bash 2000

150) SuperBrawl 2000

151) Clash of the Champions XXXI

152) Uncensored 1995

153) Bash at the Beach 1999

154) Starrcade '94: Triple Threat

155) Halloween Havoc 2000

156) Uncensored 2000

All together, I have watched 1,325 matches across 18 years. Out of those matches, I have only rated 6 of them as 5 star matches (0.45%). 42 matches received a rating from 4 to 4.75 (3.17%), 263 matches received a rating from 3 to 3.75 (19.85%), 358 matches received a rating from 2 to 2.75 (27.03%), 329 matches received a rating from 1 to 1.75 (24.83%), 187 matches received a rating from 0.25 to 0.75 (14.11%) and 140 matches I rated as a dud (10.56%). Three of the six 5 star matches are Ric Flair vs Steamboat. 13 matches rated 4+ stars feature Ric Flair (30.23%), the next highest is Rey Mysterio with 8 (18.6%). We have joint winners for "most worst matches" as both Hulk Hogan & Jim Duggan have 10 dud ratings each, suprisingly next highest is Sting. Let's talk about Vampiro, for some reason he has gathered quite the following and support which baffles me. He has a cool look, but he is so beyond weak in the ring and on the mic. In WCW, 9 of his 16 PPV matches I've rated below 1 star. I think that speaks volumes of his skill level.

Let's talk about main events. 57 main event matches (36.54%) featured Ric Flair, this includes his appearance at Starrcade under the Black Scorpion gimmick. In descending order we have Sting with 43 (27.56%), Hulk Hogan with 40 (25.64%), Lex Luger with 22 (14.10%), Vader with 21 (13.46%) & Randy Savage with 20 (12.82). 78.21% of main event matches in WCW featured these 6 men, equalling 122 matches. WCW ran Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair 7 times on major events between 1994 and 2000, not including any of the multi-man matches they were a part of. There is a three-way tie for second most overused matchups on major a show. Lex Luger vs Ric Flair, Sting vs Ric Flair & Harlem Heat vs the Nasty Boys all had 6 matches together on PPV or a Clash event. Most of the Nastys vs Harlem matches sucked. The two Flair feuds are quite forgivable considering they all spent a lot of time in the WCW together. But for Flair and Hogan to wrestle 7 times on PPV/Clash when they're both past their best is mental to me. Also, Goldberg and Hulk Hogan NEVER met on PPV. They competed in matches together 6 times, all 6 of them (including when Goldberg when the pissing world title) featured on Nitro.

As you could probably guess, Ric Flair achieved the most Match of the Night's picking up 33. Joint second was Rey Mysterio & Sting both with an impressive 17. After that we have Ricky Steamboat with 16, Vader with 13 and Eddie Guerrero with 12. Billy Kidman, Chris Benoit, Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman all got 11. Dean Malenko, Scott Steiner, DDP & Juventud Guerrera all got 10. Hulk Hogan managed 2 MOTNs, one in a match against Flair and the other against Vader. Funnily enough, Dewey Riley aka David Arquette has a MOTN under his belt, alongside DDP & Jeff Jarrett for the surprisingly enjoyable Ready to Rumble match.

25 Worst WCW matches ever

whittling 140 dud matches down to 25 was ridiculously hard. Like, so many matches are so bad that they deserved to be on this list, yet some managed to escape the fate. There is more than 25 included here, I've grouped some matches together that I think are similar enough to be joint entries. So really this is like the top 36 worst matches ever. They' could all be considered the worst of all time, but I'm going to attempt to go in ascending order;

25) Vampiro vs Oklahoma, Starrcade '99. Only because it's so short, but I wanted to include this for not only being utter shit, but because Oklahoma is one of the most vile, disgusting gimmicks ever made. Whoever created it (I assume it's you Vince Russo) deserves to never work in the business again.

24) Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious, Starrcade '99. Same show, different level of bullshit. The golden rule with wrestling referee's is "only call what you can see". You don't take the word of the competitor that something happened, because they could be lying to you. Even before the rage inducing finish, this was ugly to watch.

23) Chamber of Horrors, Halloween Havoc 1991. This ranks low because it's entertaining as hell. 'The Room' if it was a wrestling match is a good way to describe this. It's WCW at their most outrageous creatively, but it deserves a spot on this list.

22) Road Warriors vs Wild Samoans, Starrcade '89. Some of these entries are representatives of a much larger problem, to create a picture as to why they failed so badly. Here, we have a classic case nonsensical booking. In the final match of a tournament, the Warriors NEEDED a clean win to win the Iron Team tournament. If the Samoans got themselves DQ'd or counted out, they would have won. They didn't do either, they wrestled a match and lost clean in minutes like fucking morons. Oh, and the wrestling was atrocious too.

21) Shane Douglas vs The Wall, Great American Bash 2000. This entry is all about inconsistency of rules. Advertised as a 'best of 5' tables match, then a 'first to 5' tables match, then a 'best of 3' tables match (even though Douglas had already been put through 2 tables), then Douglas put Wall through 2 tables and won. No one had a swashbuckling clue what was going on, from the wrestlers to the referee to the commentators to the booking team. You're all dumb.

20) Big Al vs Tank Abbott, SuperBrawl 2000. A 'leather jacket on a pole' match. This entry is about these often ridiculous 'on a pole' stipulations. Chair on a pole, pinata on a pole, viagra on a pole, as well as Judy Bagwell on a forklift, possibly the most infamous of them all. This was one of the worst worked matches of them all, fighting over a jacket. This also ended with Tank Abbott work/shoot threatening Big Al with a knife to his throat because he was told he needed a gimmick to threaten Al with. Tank being an idiot and also lacking wrestling knowledge, chose a knife. Not surprisingly, this was removed from the WWE Network.

19) Jimmy Hart vs Mancow, both of them. At Spring Stampede & Mayhem in the year 2000, valet Jimmy Hart fought and lost to controversial radio presenter Mancow Muller. Both matches clock in below 5 minutes, but they're both agonisingly bad. No matter your opinion of Mancow, we can all agree he should have never stepped into a wrestling ring.

18) Norman the Lunatic vs Kevin Sullivan, Clash of the Champions X. I guess this entry could be tagged 'giving way to much exposure to wrestlers who sucked and didn't draw'. I just don't understand the logic behind it. Sullivan was a booker so I understand why he put himself out there, but surely someone else was on the team to say "Kev, just stop wrestling mate."

17) The Jim Duggan Quadrilogy of shit. With 10 dud matches featuring Jim Duggan I was spoiled for choice, but I won't place him too high on the list because I acknowledge that he is a legend well past his best being gifted opportunities by his best friends in power. I still hate watching him though. I picked out his matches against Kamala (Bash at the Beach '95) & Sgt. Pittman (Great American Bash '95) being his worst, just abhorrent wrestling, but his two matches against Steve Austin (COTC 29 & Fall Brawl '94) hurt me the most. A match with Steamboat is cancelled and replaced with a squash win for Duggan, then a shitty rematch ended in a DQ that damaged Austin's character beyond repair, at least until he joined a different company.

16) Rick Steiner vs Sting, Great American Bash '99. This one is dedicated to WCW having an uncanny ability to have the worst finishes to matches of all time. A lot of good matches ruined by the most baffling decisions, it's impressive in a sense. I genuinely think the entire booking team needed drug tested for their work. This match wasn't any good to begin with, but the laughable finish of "releasing the dogs" made two of their biggest stars look like absolute losers.

15) The Stevie Ray Trilogy of shit. I rated Ray higher than Duggan because he was far younger and really should learned some level of competence being paired with an awesome talent like Booker T. However, without Booker around, Stevie was exposed as being utter dung. His two PPV matches against Konnan (WW3 '98 & Slamboree '99) stick in mind as being particularly bad. Konnan was another guy who more often than not sucked for WCW. His worst match though would have to be his match against Vincent at Uncensored '99. Possibly the worst street fight I have ever seen, they somehow did nothing for 6 minutes and anything they attempted was botched. This is placed lower because there is a lot of superior talent above who we expect FAR better from.

14) Daffney vs Miss Hancock, Bash at the Beach 2000. A wedding gown match, which is basically your evening gown match where stripping leads to victory. This is another one of those 'so bad it's funny' matches. Any attempt at wrestling is awful, but most of the match turns into men and women getting their clothes removed, including the referee. This is the kind of stuff Vince McMahon finds funny and wants to do, but luckily his booking team advise against it and prevent it from happening, mostly.

13) The worked-shoot matches. The most prominent ones being Sting vs Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc '99 and Hulk Hogan vs Jarrett at Bash at the Beach 2000. One of them was planned, the other was half planned. At HH '99 Russo did it to stir up the audience to create interest and it failed. At BatB '00, Russo did it to expose Hogan and tell him off live on screen. Both instances were extra knife wounds in the bleeding body of WCW. Awful business exposing segments that had zero upside and mass levels of downside.

12) Mr T vs Kevin Sullivan, Starrcade '94. The worst match on the worst Starrcade. It's only 3 minutes long which prevents it from the top 10 but it's foul. A past his prime booker vs a past his prime, no longer relevant non-wrestler was doomed to fail yet it somehow was worse than we all expected.

11) The 'Mongo' Quadrilogy of shit. Another guy who wasn't too high up the card but DAMN he put on some bad matches. Seriously, Mongo is probably one of the worst non-wrestlers turned wrestler in history, especially considering how long he was in the business and who he was surrounded by. His match against Brian Adams at Road Wild '98, worst on the card. His match against Davey Boy Smith at SuperBrawl 8, worst on the card. His match against Joe Gomez at Bash at the Beach '96, worst on the card. His match against Reggie White though, two NFL stars put on one of the worst matches I have ever witnessed. The benefit of the doubt is given though, considering he was not a wrestler first. You still suck though.

10) Jim Steele vs The Equaliser, SuperBrawl 4. The worst worked match on this list for sure. Everything is botched, no one cares and it goes on for 6 minutes which felt like 6 hours. Hard to watch, but they're both undercard talent so they escape with a 10th place position.

9) Dustin Rhodes vs Blacktop Bully, Uncensored '95. The King of the Road match, a match inside a cage on an 18 wheeler filled with hay. The winner is who gets to the other side of the cage and rings the bell. This represents all of the awful one off gimmick matches WCW tried. I give points for creativity and trying new things, but I immediately deduct those points for WCW being an idiot and trying ideas that are blatantly doomed to fail. Both men ended up blading during the match, causing both men to be fired.

8) The Demon vs Vampiro, Bash at the Beach 2000. The first and only Graveyard match, a fight that took place at a graveyard in the dark so you couldn't see shit. An early attempt at the cinematic match and it was an absolute catastrophe. At least this was the last we saw of The Demon.

7) The Junkyard Hardcore Invitational, Bash at the Beach '99. One of the worst things I've watched, an absolute mess that was barely visible. They didn't announce who was taking part, we just found out as it went on. Just a bunch of guys fighting in a junkyard, and yeah it sucked.

6) Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman vs DDP & Kevin Malone, Bash at the Beach '98. An abysmal main event, representing WCW's overreliance on celebrities to sell their tickets. It worked here, this match brought in mass media attention, but then the entire world was watching as the company had one of the worst matches in their entire history. It brought eyes in for one night only, they watched and decided that this was pretty bad and never tuned in again. 20+ minutes for this too was a foolish idea.

5) Doomsday Cage, Uncensored '96. At least the Chamber of Horrors was fun bad, this was bad bad. Inconsistent, nonsensical match rules and ludicrous booking, paired with a 25 minute match that buried 8 men who failed to defeat 2 men. I guess they got help from the Booty Man, but do you really class that as help?

4) Sting vs Vampiro, Great American Bash 2000. The infamous Human Torch match. Probably the dumbest match type WCW came up with. The brawling was bad, the first spot was obvious and no sold by Sting, the second spot was clearly a stunt man who didn't look like Sting. The ridiculous light show and sound effects when Sting is "set on fire". I hate this match as much as I hate racists.

3) Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior, Halloween Havoc '98. Are you surprised? Largely considered as the worst WCW match of all time and deservingly so. Meltzer gave it -5 stars. Awful wrestling with like 5 moves, the stalling, the botched fireball. Everyone involved and around this match has buried it as an affront to god. Warrior, Bischoff, Okerlund to name a few. Of course, Hogan blames the botched fireball spot, not the fact that him and Warrior were incapable of wrestling anymore and were outright terrible. No Terry, blame the flash paper, not yourself.

2) The Giant vs Hulk Hogan, all 3 of them. At least Hogan vs Warrior was a 1 and done main event match. WCW ran Hogan vs The Giant numerous times on PPV, but 3 of them were complete duds. Hog Wild in '96 when Hogan took the title from the Giant was awful. The match at Souled Out '97 was equally awful. However, their first match at Halloween Havoc '95 was the drizzling shits, ending with the hilariously trash debut of the Yeti, a real-life toilet paper monster.

1) Major Gunns vs Miss Hancock, New Blood Rising. A 'Mud Rip Off Clothes' match, which I think deserves credit for the worst title for a match, it sounds like broken English. This was the cherry on top of the cake for a putrid show here. Not only was this an awful display of wrestling with cheap objectification for views, but the finish was one of the most disgusting booking decisions Vince Russo did...for a second fucking time! This match was essential softcore porn with a horrid angle, as it led to Miss Hancock "suffering a miscarriage". He got tonnes of negativity in the WWF for doing this to Terri Runnels, yet he did it again in WCW. Proof as to how much of a brain dead, ignorant, talentless, fucktard Vince Russo was. Fuck you.

25 Best WCW Matches Ever

This was easier to assemble and wittle down, but I have still cheated and I've bunked two matches in 1 entry because I couldn't leave out a personal favourite match of mine.

25) Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine, Starrcade '83. One of the most violent dog collar matches in wrestling history. No one managed to put on a dog collar match as good as this until AEW revived the stipulation, almost 40 years later.

24) Midnight Express vs The Fantastics, Great American Bash '88. One of my favourite tag matches, between one deservingly critically acclaimed team and one criminally underrated team.

23) Ric Flair vs Harley Race, Starrcade '83. A legendary passing of the torch that set Ric Flair up to be the face of the NWA, Jim Crockett and then WCW for over a decade.

22) Luger & Sting vs The Steiners, SuperBrawl I. You don't always need 20 minutes to create greatness. Sometimes you just need a high octane 10 minutes featuring 4 of your best, most over stars. That is exactly what this is.

21) Dean Malenko vs Ultimo Dragon, Starrcade '96. An amazing way to kick off your flagship event. A near 20 minute display of technical excellence with essentially 10 championships on the line.

20) Southern Boys vs Midnight Express, Great American Bash '90. The best standard tag match WCW ever produced, that's all that needs to be said.

19) Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio, Spring Stampede '97. Two staples of WCW's exhilarating cruiserweight division, putting on an epic blend of technical & lucha libre styles.

18) Lex Luger vs Ric Flair, Wrestlewar '90. A match that wasn't even supposed to happen, but Sting's unfortunate injury led Luger to his best singles match ever. Not even the dodgy finish can take much away from how good this match was to watch.

17) Vader vs Sting, Starrcade '92. The King of Cable finals meant absolutely nothing, but this match was an absolute war. A perfectly structured big man vs smaller man match, a great payoff to a year long feud with Sting finally getting his big win.

16) Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio Great American Bash & Halloween Havoc '96. A doubler here, because these two matches are equally good in their own way. One sees the underdog Mysterio challenging the ice-man for his cruiserweight title. The other sees Malenko on a quest to win back his championship from the best luchador of all time. Both matches are classics.

15) Ric Flair vs Terry Funk, Great American Bash '89. A fantastic wrestling contest with some wild energy from the desperately violent Funker.

14) Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat IV, their weakest PPV outing is the 14th best match in PPV history which I think speaks volumes to how talented these two legends are.

13) Tully Blanchard vs Magnum TA, Starrcade '85. One of the most violent I Quit matches I've seen, both men perfectly sold their hatred for one another, Tully especially with his attempted murder using a wooden chair spike to gouge out the eyes.

12) Rey Mysterio vs Pyschosis, These two had probably the best match in ECW history together, so WCW trying to remake the magic was completely justified. On a night mostly remembered for the history Hogan heel turn, never forget this absolute gem of an opener.

11) Brian Pillman vs Jushin Thunder Liger, SuperBrawl II. Talk about a gem of an opener. The best opener in WCW history, a phenomenal Light Heavyweight title match that would lay down the early foundations for the success of the cruiserweight division in WCW.

10) Ric Flair vs Terry Funk, Clash of the Champions IX. Not as violent as Tully vs Magnum, but this was still physically demanding with a wonderfully woven narrative throughout. Of course neither man was really going to retire, but no one really wanted that anyways.

9) Ric Flair vs Sting, Clash of the Champions I. A five star match with a bullshit ending. The finish may leave a bad taste, but the 45 minute match before the judges decision was a masterpiece.

8) Nasty Boys vs Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne, Slamboree '94. One of the best matches shorter than 10 minutes I've ever seen. Hardcore wrestling at it's very best and it came before the rise of ECW.

7) WarGames, Wrestlewar '91. An absolutely stacked ensemble in the main event cage match. Terrific action, great storytelling and it made Brian Pillman into an absolute star.

6) The Steiners vs Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki, WCW x New Japan SuperShow 1. One of the best tag matches I've ever watched. A combination of Japanese Puroresu, western wrestling drama that never gets dull for a second.

5) WarGames, Wrestlewar '92. The best WarGames match of all time in my opinion. Equally as stacked as the prior year but a notch higher in quality.

4) Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat III, Wrestlewar '89. Being the worst in a trilogy but still being a 5 star quality match is high praise and it's deserved. This match incorporates the storytelling of the previous two matches to perfectly cap off a legendary feud.

3) Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat I, Chi-Town Rumble. A battle between two of the GOATs in a game of one-upmanship. Both men competing to be the best at what they do, you gotta love it.

2) Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, Halloween Havoc '97. A legendary match that feels out of place for it's time. You could air drop this bout into any wrestling company today and it would feel just as epic. This match made the careers for both these men, a perfect match that changed the landscape of professional wrestling.

1) Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat II, Clash of the Champions VI. Wrestling perfection. The wrestling, the psychology, the physicality, the storytelling, the intensity, the fan investment, JR's commentary. Nearly an hour this one, but it goes by so quickly. Amazing.

20 other recommendations

Here are another batch of matches that I think you should check out. These are not the next 20 best matches after the last list, but these are all good matches. I wanted to suggest a few matches with some different wrestlers, some different styles that I think deserve some appreciation. WCW was a whole lotta bad, but they had moments of greatness thanks to some of the tremendous talent on their roster. 3 of these matches feature Chris Benoit, I know he's uncomfortable to talk about but he was a phenomenal wrestler. The matches I've chosen are mainly to celebrate his opponents, not the man committed a heinous crime. In no particular order;

1) Sting vs Cactus Jack, Beach Blast 1992. One of the early signs of Foley's potential to be a main event player in the US. WCW failed to capitalise on him, but WWE did not.

2) Sting vs The Great Muta, GAB 1989. A strange finish but this is one of Muta's best outings in WCW. He was one of the first imports from Japan to really make it big with the WCW audience.

3) Blitzkrieg vs Juventud Guerrera, Spring Stampede 1999. I respect Blitzkrieg's decision to retire early and get into the medical field. Very admirable. Selfishly, I wish we could have seen more from him. He was an incredible talent.

4) Ricky Steamboat vs Steve Austin, Bash at the Beach 1994. Another unbelievable loss for WCW was Austin. It was not like he was failing at all, he had good title reigns and many great matches and promos, including his feud with Steamboat.

5) Raven vs DDP, Spring Stampede 1998. WCW often failed to capture the magic ECW created with hardcore matches, but this was a rare exception.

6) Vader vs Cactus Jack, Halloween Havoc 1993. These two had a great feud and this was their best match together on PPV.

7) Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho, Uncensored 1998. Jericho's best match against his best WCW rival. I wanted to include a Jericho match because he didn't feature in the top 25 matches, though he was reliably one of the best workers WCW had.

8) Skipper & Romeo vs Animals, Greed. On the last ever WCW show, this was the very last great match in WCW history.

9) Lucha Tag, Souled Out 1998. WCW did this a lot, when they hosted a multi-man match full of AAA luchadores. This is probably the best one.

10) Women's tag, WW3 1995. WCW often brought incredible female talents from Japan because they didn't want to invest in women from the US, outside of Madusa who was already established. Bull Nakano, Akira Hokuto, Cutie Suzuki & Mayumi Ozaki absolutely steal the show here, showcasing wrestling the mainstream US women's division wouldn't emulate for another 20 years.

11) Pillman & Liger vs Benoit & Wellington, Clash 19. Whilst the NWA World Tag Title Tournament would be disappointing overall, at least we have this absolute hidden gem of a match as a reward for our invested time.

12) Rhodes & Steamboat vs Enforcers, Clash 17. With Barry Windham unable to compete, Ricky Steamboat was the mystery partner and the pop is HUGE for him here. The pop deserves the recommendation alone, but they also go and wrestle a hell of a match.

13) Vader vs Ric Flair, Starrcade 1993. Flair's first great feud since returning to WCW, these two had a series of awesome matches that recemented Flair as the man in Ted Turner Land.

14) The Horsemen vs Doom, Starrcade 1990. Simmons is acknowledged as the first black world champion in wrestling history, a ground-breaking achievement. Unfortunately, not many of his matches were good. As a part of Doom, this was his best. Although it's short and has a screwy ending, it's an explosive tag team war.

15) Booker T vs Chris Benoit, Great American Bash 1998. These two had a best of 7 series for WWE and it was largely fine to good. They also had a best of 7 in WCW, and it was good to great. The last match in the series here and probably the best one.

16) Brian Pillman vs Johnny B. Badd, Fall Brawl 1995. Before both these men jumped ship to the WWF, they made waves not only for their wrestling ability, but their character work. Pillman was cutting promos unheard or seen before, whilst Badd made a shit gimmick somehow very interesting. A shame both men were unable to fulfil their potential.

17) Eddie Guerrero vs Syxx, Souled Out 1997. A largely bad show with a good concept, saved by this awesome ladder match. An nWo booked show was good on paper but poor in execution, however this match stands out as almost ahead of out's time.

18) DDP vs Goldberg, Halloween Havoc 1998. Goldberg was known for his explosive squash matches and often struggled to wrestling good matches that exceeded 5 minutes. Not here, where DDP worked with him to probably Goldberg's best singles match.

19) Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett, Bash at the Beach 2000. Far from the best match of either man's career, but an important one. During a time period full of bad booking, egomania, politicking and usual WCW bollocks, a rare good judgment call was made by Russo to give Booker his first world championship.

20) Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit, Mayhem 1999. To sum up Bret Hart's WCW run in a word, sad. So many dream matches and feuds just fell apart due to mostly awful booking. This is Hart's best match in WCW, partially ruined by overbooking nonsense but not even Russo's worst can prevent these two technical wizards from putting on a good show.

There we have it. The series comes to a close. I must say thank you for reading all of these. This series took an incredibly long time to arrange and write I'm just happy to have completed it. I've changed the formatting a couple of times, there is a chance I'll do it again for the next one. I'm trying to make these less wordy and more concise because I'm aware 1 hour long reads can be a bit daunting, so I really do appreciate anyone who has taken their time to read my material. Hopefully I will find ways to make it even more streamlined going forward.

So what is next? Well I've ran through ECW & WCW history, it only makes sense that I check out to one company that actually survived the Monday Night Wars. WWE have well over 400 shows to review though, so doing them all in one series is excessive. The smartest thing to do is to work from era to era. Keep an eye out, because the next series will be a review & rank of every WWE Golden Age PPV. You won't have to wait too long for it hopefully. Until next time, see ya!


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