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  • Connor Ewens

Every WWE New Generation Era PPV Reviewed & Ranked Part 4/4: The Stats!

My coverage of the New Generation is nearly in the rear view mirror but before we forget about wrestling's most tumultuous time, I got some lovely stats to run through. These are all of course based off of the ratings I have given throughout the series. First, I will quickly recap the definitive ranking of all of the PPV events from best to worst.

Every New Generation PPV Ranked Best to Worst

1) In Your House: Canadian Stampede

2) Survivor Series 1996

3) In Your House: Buried Alive

4) Survivor Series 1995

5) In Your House: Beware of Dog/Beware of Dog 2

6) In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies

7) In Your House: International Incident

8) Summerslam 1994

9) In Your House 2

10) Wrestlemania X

11) In Your House: Final Four

12) Summerslam 1993

13) In Your House: It's Time!

14) Royal Rumble 1995

15) One Night Only

16) In Your House: Revenge of the Taker

17) In Your House 6

18) King of the Ring 1996

19) Summerslam 1997

20) Royal Rumble 1994

21) Wrestlemania 13

22) Wrestlemania XII

23) Summerslam 1995

24) Summerslam 1996

25) King of the Ring 1994

26) King of the Ring 1997

27) In Your House

28) In Your House: A Cold Day in Hell

29) In Your House 3

30) Survivor Series 1993

31) In Your House: Mind Games

32) Royal Rumble 1996

33) Badd Blood: In Your House

34) Ground Zero: In Your House

35) Wrestlemania XI

36) Survivor Series 1994

37) Royal Rumble 1997

38) Survivor Series 1997

39) In Your House 5

40) In Your House 4

41) King of the Ring 1995

Across these 41 shows I have rated 260 matches. Only 5 of those I have given the highest holy rating possible of 5 stars, 1.93% of the lot. 14 matches received between 4 and 4.75 (5.38%), 56 between 3 and 3.75 (21.54%) and 69 between 2 and 2.75 (26.54%). The most matches come between 1 and 1.75, 75 matches equivalent to 28.85% of the total. 11.15% or 29 matches were rated between 0.25 and 0.75. 12 matches I gave a nil rating for being utter trash (4.61%). Unsurprisingly, all 5 star matches featured either Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels who were easily the two greatest wrestlers of the time period. Out of all matches rated **** or higher (19), 12 of them featured HBK and 7 featured Bret, full credit to Bret considering the shit creative he had to work with. If he was given the opportunities Diesel and HBK were his tally would be far higher. Also if he didn't take most of a year off. They were far ahead of the rest of the main eventers, Owen Hart and Steve Austin in third with 4 matches, followed by British Bulldog with 3. On the opposite end of the spectrum, out of the 41 matches rated lower than *, Mabel was involved in 8 of them. That should surprise no one. Also putting in an effort to be worst wrestler of the era were Henry O. Godwinn, Savio Vega & Crush all with 6 stinkers. 4 of Henry's bad matches came alongside brother Phineas and 3 of Crush's came as a part of his shitty DOA faction. Jerry Lawler tried hard to suck with 5 awful contests, impressive considering he only wrestled 8 matches on PPV. Undertaker & Goldust both had 4 terrible matches, but maybe king of the crap goes to the Ultimate Shitbag, the Warrior. He only wrestled 3 matches on PPV and all 3 of them were absolutely dreadful. I'm sure one of them will make my list of worst matches too. Hooray!

Let's talk main events and matches of the night. Like last time, I'm not including Royal Rumbles because I cannot be arsed to look through all of the participants. Vader racked up 3 main event appearances, Austin 4 and Yokozuna 5. British Bulldog appeared 7 times which is impressive for never winning the WWF title. Sycho Sid main evented 8 times and only 2 of those could be considered good to great. Yearlong champion Diesel had 9 main event matches sitting third highest. Second highest by a hair was Bret Hart with 12, though he definitely should have had more during his world title reigns. Both Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are tied at the top with 13 each. More main events doesn't always translate to better matches though, as Taker only had 4 match of the night honours. Diesel as a former world champion only had 5 which I think is very disappointing too. British Bulldog had 6, whilst Steve Austin and Owen Hart both tied for third with 7. Of course Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels are the top two and by a huge margin. Bret Hart had 15 MOTNs whilst Shawn racked up 17. Maybe it is HBK who deserves to be acknowledged as the face of the New Generation Era.

Top 10 Worst matches of the New Generation Eras

10) Jerry Lawler vs Jake Roberts, Summerslam 1996- Far from the worst match in this list but definitely the most disgusting. Capitalising on Jake's real life alcoholism for a tasteless storyline left us all in awe for all the wrong reasons. It didn't help that the match was awful either.

9) Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy, Wrestlemania XI- Mercifully short but not even the Phenom could make the aging, out of shape Bundy entertaining. I hated Bundy getting up and no-selling the finish the most, I don't care if he is supposed to be a monster, it was unprofessional.

8) Truth Commission vs Disciples of the Apocalypse, Survivor Series 1997- Easily the most boring 10 minutes of wrestling you can find for £9.99 a month. About 5 moves are used in this match over and over and over and over and AH MAKE IT STOP.

7) Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales, Summerslam 1993- Congratulations to these guys for making an improvement on the previous year. It is still one of the worst wrestling matches in company history, but I must admit it is not as bad as their Wrestlemania encounter so good job!

6) Mabel vs Savio Vega, King of the Ring 1995- The crowning moment for Mabel as king was also the crown jewel of a show often hailed as WWE's biggest pile of shit they have ever produced. A royal piece of wrestling crap.

5) Savio Vega vs Crush vs Faarooq, Ground Zero: IYH- This is the most unorganised 3-way I've ever seen, and I have met some messy swingers. 34 years experience between these lads and they couldn't piece together a coherent match, that is pretty fucking embarrassing.

4) Mabel vs Yokozuna, In Your House 4- What is the only thing worse than a Mabel match? A Mabel match where his opponent equals him in size and shape. The battle of the water beds was one I pray drink to forget. The fact it is only 5 minutes long keeps this away from the top.

3) Team Bigelow vs The Four Doinks, Survivor Series 1993- Vince McMahon has proven over the years that he is in touch with comedy as much as R Kelly was in touch with women his own age. This is a good example of how NOT to be funny, instead how to almost kill your company.

2) Royal Family vs Clowns R Us, Survivor Series 1994- This is the same as the last entry, except even longer! Fuck you WWE, you crazy wankers. Not only is this about as funny as losing a relative, this also pokes fun at small people, its both bad and insulting.

1) Ultimate Warrior vs Goldust, IYH: Good Friends, Better Enemies- Matches like this make me question why I even watch wrestling. I hate it so much. A completely avoidable pile of shit, but they instead decided to throw the shit in our faces, smear it in like the worlds worst moisturiser and ask us to pay 20 buckaroos for it.

Top 10 Best Matches of the New Generation Era

10) Diesel vs Shawn Michaels, IYH: Good Friends, Better Enemies- Diesel's greatest match for the WWE and probably his best singles match ever, capped off by one of the most creative finishes to a match I have ever seen. Leg.

9) Bret Hart vs Steve Austin, Survivor Series 1996- Hart's first on-screen match since Wrestlemania and he showed zero signs of rust. Their second best match together is an amazing match building on their feud that would only get hotter and better.

8) Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon, Wrestlemania X- The most famous ladder match in company history set the standard for upcoming ladder matches. Whilst it may not be as flashy as modern standards, the pacing and the selling is next level,

7) 10-man tag, IYH: Canadian Stampede- The best multi-man tag match, maybe in wrestling history? It might be you know. Excellently paced, great action, superb storytelling and a magma hot crowd. All of the pieces fit.

6) Mankind vs Shawn Michaels, IYH: Mind Games- Only the screwy DQ finish prevents this from the 5 star rating, but this was still absolutely fantastic. The first sign of Mick Foley in WWE being more than just an extreme bumper, but a phenomenal wrestler.

5) Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon, Summerslam 1995- Trying to arrange these final 5 was nearly an impossible task but I gave it the college try. Whilst their first ladder match was more memorable, I believe their rematch here was just a step better in terms of in-ring action.

4) Bret Hart vs Owen Hart, Summerslam 1994- The best steel cage match WWE have ever done and definitely the best steel cage match I have ever seen. A stellar final chapter in the sibling rivalry that I wish extended into a trilogy with a title win for Owen.

3) Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker, IYH: Badd Blood- The blueprint for future Hell in a Cell matches and very few have came close to being as good as this one. 30 minutes of violence and exciting booking culminating with the best debut in the history of WWE debuts. ITS GOTTA BE KANE!!

2) Bret Hart vs Owen Hart, Wrestlemania X- If someone asked you "what exactly is professional wrestling all about?" and you had to show them one story and match, I think I would choose this one. You show the months long build and then this absolute masterclass. The highest quality of technical wrestling you can find right here, with god tier selling and storytelling from bell to bell.

1) Bret Hart vs Steve Austin, Wrestlemania 13- Maybe it is too predictable but that is for a reason. This is more than just one of the best matches of all time. This executed a rare and hard to pull off double turn that would lead to both men being the hottest wrestling entities in the world, doing the best work of their career. This is one of the most important building blocks of the upcoming Attitude Era.

15 other recommendations from the New Generation Era

1) Camp Cornette vs People's Posse, IYH: International Incident- A fun 6-man tag match with rare good performances from both Sycho Sid and Ahmed Johnson. Who'da thunk it?

2) Steve Austin vs Savio Vega, IYH: Beware of Dog 2- I hate most strap matches, but te stars and my chakras aligned to enjoy this one.

3) Heavenly Bodies vs The Steiners, Summerslam 1993- We don't get to talk about the Steiners all too often in WWE so I'm throwing this out because it is probably the best traditional tag match of the era.

4) Marc Mero vs Steve Austin, King of the Ring 1996- This really showcased the star potential of both men, unfortunately only one of them really got good opportunity to reach it. While you're here, check out the Austin 3:16 promo.

5) 1-2-3 Kid vs Hakushi, Summerslam 1995- This ticks all of the boxes when looking for hidden gems of wrestling matches. Both men were young and inexperienced, but boasted a thrilling move set that was unique for the time.

6) 1-2-3 Kid vs Owen Hart, King of the Ring 1994- On the path to his royal coronation, Owen Hart had a great match here with the Kid that only goes a few minutes long. Arguably the best match below 5 minutes long.

7) Bret Hart vs Hakushi, In Your House- The first ever match on an In Your House and it was a banger. Bret was at his usual best and made Hakushi look great in his PPV debut.

8) Vader vs Ken Shamrock, IYH: A Cold Day in Hell- Shamrock's televised debut match fore the WWF (excluding his exhibition on Raw) was gritty but a real war, plus it did an excellent job laying out the plans for his unhinged persona.

9) Mankind vs Undertaker, IYH: Buried Alive- Honestly, you can take your pick from most of their matches together we have covered but if I had to choose one, it would be their buried alive match. A pre-Attitude brawl of a match based around character development and story progression. It is great fun.

10) Team Underdogs vs Team Bodydonnas, Survivor Series 1995- None of the workers in this match are considered GOAT tier, but everyone here worked hard to prove their worth and ended up having the best match of the night. Go Barry Horowitz!

11) Bull Nakano vs Alundra Blayze, Summerslam 1994- Women's wrestling was nosediving with little to no interest from fans and the bookers to see them. It sucked, but I will try to offer women's recommendations as much as I can. This was very god for the time it was given, I was always a huge fan of Nakano's work.

12) Jeff Jarrett vs Shawn Michaels, In Your House 2- I tried to keep the list to matches below ****, but I think a lot of people forget about Jarrett's run in the WWF pre-Attitude and this is a gem of a match he had the night before he walked out.

13) Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Mankind, Summerslam 1997- They had much crazier epics in the Attitude Era, but here is an earlier match they had that was extremely entertaining

14) Bret Hart vs Steve Austin, IYH: Revenge of the Taker- Their first two matches were far superior, but this third singles match is still excellent, even with the dusty finish.

15) Taka Michinoku vs The Great Sasuka- IYH: Canadian Stampede- Another **** match, this is a perfect demonstration on how you can go into a match with zero heat and fan interest and walk out with the crowd on their feet.

2 generations of WWE down, still many years left to go. Thanks for reading. I will begin working on my coverage of the Attitude Era very soon, should be posted later on in the year, a lot more to cover in that one. Keep an ear out for upcoming reviews or other content I have coming out.


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