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  • Connor Ewens

Fantasy Booking: Rey Mysterio's Retirement

Was anyone else surprised by the result of the Mysterio's match at Wrestlemania? With the Hall of Fame entry for Rey it felt like it was going to be his final match against his son on the grandest stage of them all. Instead, Rey managed to beat some respect into his son and got a victory in a pretty good match. I agreed with the booking, they hadn't really built up the feud for it to be a retirement match and it was nice to see Rey finally get one ocer on his dickhead son who has been ruining his life for months.

Rey Mysterio is arguably the most legendary luchador in wrestling history. El Santo is the legend within Mexico, but no one has had the amount of success and popularity that Rey Rey has had. 41 championships across 11 promotions including 3 World Championships, a Royal Rumble winner, a Grand Slam champion and now a Hall of Famer. With over 30 years of experience to his name and nearing 50 years old, Rey's career is in the final stages and he deserves a great send-off. If Rey can still go, I'd love to see him stick around, but I'm going to assume that his feud with Dominic may be his last major feud as a full time wrestler. With all that being said, this is how I would book the retirement of Rey Mysterio.

Chapter 1- Wrestlemania Fallout

So, Rey defeated Dominic at Wrestlemania, clean as a whistle thanks to the support of the LWO as well as Bad Bunny, evening the odds against the Judgment Day. On the most recent Raw, the Bloodline and Judgment Day seemed to have forged a very fragile alliance to eliminate each others enemies. I think they're going to go down the Judgment Day vs Bloodline route maybe, which sounds good on paper but they're two heel factions that both need to remain heel factions, so I don't want that to happen. What I'd do, is have Dominic and the Judgment Day be laser focused on two things, keeping Rhea as champion and ending the career of Rey Mysterio. Dom cuts promos saying "My father has embarrassed me and mistreated me for the last time. I failed at Wrestlemania, but I will not stop until there is only 1 Mysterio remaining in WWE." We set up a Big multi-man match at Backlash, the LWO (Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) vs Judgment Day (Finn Balor, Damien Priest, Dominic Mysterio & Rhea Ripley). An even contest, but the Judgment Day win the match with Rhea Ripley pinning Rey Mysterio, keeping the champion looking hella strong. Post-match, the Judgment Day beat down the LWO including Zelina Vega, however the host of Backlash Bad Bunny comes out with a chair in hand and runs the baddies away.

Heading towards our next major PPV, Night of Champions. Ugh, the Saudi Arabia shows. In the lead up Dominic continues to try to goad Rey into a rematch but Rey keeps saying no. Eventually Santos Escobar snaps at Dominic and says "fine, you want a match? I'll give you one." And they face off at Night of Champions. Dominic wins with the help of his faction. After the bell, the Judgment Day surround the ring whilst Dominic just obliterates Escobar with a chair, leaving him in a crumpled pile. The LWO try to come to his aid but the Judgment Day fight them off. Eventually security come down and separate the action, Santos is carted out by medical staff.

Chapter 2- The Rematch

After the events of Night of Champions, Rey Mysterio is disgusted and wants a piece of the Judgment Day, except Dom. He says he has proven his son is not ready for him "you couldn't pin me, only your mami could", he wants Finn or Damien. During a singles match against Priest, the Judgment Day ambush and assault Rey, bringing out a returning Bad Bunny to make the save. Bad Bunny, formerly friends of Damien Priest, hates Dom's actions and also hates what Damien Priest has become since joining the Judgment Day. Bad Bunny proposes a tag match between him and Rey against Priest and Dominic. Rey initially isn't sold on the idea, but after some more trash talk from Dominic he's ready to discipline his son one more time. Fast forward to Money in the Bank, its in bloody England poppit! Hellaw Gov'na! Tag Team match, the Judgment Day win. Priest tags Dominic in and then hits Rey with his finisher The Reckoning, Dominic pins his dad but he wasn't the one to put him down.

After Money in the Bank, all Dominic talks about is having a pinfall victory over his dad. He tries to use it to get under Rey's skin, but Rey just keeps congratulating him for being able to do it, whilst reminding him it was Priest who had to do the job for him. Dominic says fine, let's do it again, Summerslam you and me but Rey says no. 3 weeks before Summerslam, Rey is having a match against Finn Balor and Dominic is not at ringside, which is unusual. During the match, Dominic appears on the screen on a livestream. "Hi dad, hope you're having a good time out there. Oh, you're wondering where I am? I decided to finally come home." He knocks on the door, his sister and Rey's daughter Aaliyah answers. She tries to close the door but he puts his foot in the way. "Where's mom?" He asks. "She's not home" she responds. "Isn't that a shame." Dominic breaks in and grabs her dragging her into the living room. He has a steel pipe in hand and has Aaliyah on the floor. He turns on the TV to watch Raw live and waves to the screen. He says "This is real simple dad. If you want your daughter to be able to walk again, you're going to give me what I want. I want a rematch at Summerslam, under whatever match and rules that I see fit. Do you agree?" Rey instantly agrees and pleads for Dom to stop. Dom thanks him but says "I'll leave you something to remember me by sis" and he wacks her with the pipe. "Don't worry dad, it'll only be a fracture". Rey instantly abandons the match and runs to the back. A small but important detail, all of the Judgment Day are shocked as they were unaware Dom was going to do this at all.

The following week, a contract signing but there's a segment beforehand. The Judgment Day pull Dominic aside saying look we support you and we would have even helped you but you cannot just do these things without telling us, we're your family now and what you do affects us too. Dom gets a smidge pissy, so Rhea just slaps him around the head and tells him "don't make Mami angry". I'm mildly sowing seeds of dissension here but I'm mainly reaffirming Dominic as the bratty child of the group, and establishing Rhea as the groups defacto leader.

At the contract signing, Dominic sits across from Rey. "There's something we haven't really talked enough about, dad. With Summerslam coming up, all I can think of is traumatic memories. 18 years ago. Do you remember? The infamous 'Custody of Dominic Ladder match'. I was 8 years old, and I was forced to be on live television at the centre of a blood feud between my father and my 'uncle Eddie'. Do you know how difficult that was for me? You ruined my childhood. I had to go stay in foster care (which actually kayfabe happened in the feud). You allowed for me to be in harms way, and I will never forgive you." Dominic declares their match at Summerslam will be a ladder match. What's up for grabs? The Mysterio name. Like Dom said, there's only room for 1 Mysterio left in WWE and he won't stop until that's the case. The person who manages to pull down the contract will remain a Mysterio. The loser will be forced to lose their surname. Of course, Rey tries to protest this but Dominic reminds him of his visit home and promises to return again to finish the job unless Rey obliges. Rey signs, and jumps at Dominic. We have a pull apart brawl.

One final thing before Summerslam. On the go home episode of Raw, we have a 'bedtime stories with Dominic' segment, similar to what Eddie did in the build for his match with Rey in 2005, really drawing the parallels between the feuds.

Summerslam time. Rey enters first, Dominic enters second to Eddie's music and in the classic low rider. They have a competitive ladder match, with callbacks to their match at Wrestlemania as well as callbacks to the Mysterio vs Guerrero match. Finn Balor & Damien Priest get involved but they're run off again by the LWO. It looks like Dominic is about to win, but Rey just manages to knock him off in time and he retrieves the contract. Dominic not only loses again, but he is no longer a Mysterio.

Chapter 3- The Next Evolution

So Dom has lost both attempts against his dad, similar to Eddie back in 2005 he just can't seem to get a victory. In order for Dom to not come out looking weak from this, we need to really make changes to his character ahead of their inevitable third match. So, the next night on Raw it's announced Rey Mysterio is in a fatal 4-way elimination match to determine a number 1 contender for the World championship. During the match, as Rey goes for a 619, he's pulled out of the ring by Dominic who wacks him with a chair. He continues to punish Rey, hitting him in the leg with the chair repeatedly, because in real life Rey has had 12 knee surgeries, which Dom targets. Dom drags him backstage out of the match. Once the match has finished, we cut backstage for the final segment of the show. Dominic continues to batter his father, taking him to the parking lot and Rey can barely walk at this point. Dom continues the punishment, breaking the knee with the chair and Rey is just defenseless on the ground in front of a garage door. Dom hits him a few more times and walks away. He gets into a car, turns the key and drives towards Rey. He smashes into the garage door, running over Rey's knee in the process. "Enjoy your 13th knee surgery dad." Rey is screaming in pain, officials and medical staff finally arrive. Judgment Day, again not aware of Dom's intentions, drag him away from the wreckage. Rey is written off TV for the rest of the year.

In Rey's absence, we will have the transformation of Doms character from a bratty spoiled child, into a vindictive, vengeful arsehole. He starts calling himself Dominic Guerrero, saying he wanted to be Eddie's son anyways (he said that IRL). He's less cowardly and much more aggressive in his matches. From August until the end of the year he can finish off his feud with the LWO with Santos Escobar returning, the Judgment Day coming out victorious. He can have feuds with other faces on the roster who are disgusted by him such as the New Day, Sami Zayn etc. The important things are that he gets increasingly more aggressive, he continues to brag about ending his father's career, and importantly he continues to act impulsively without informing his Judgment Day cohorts. Rhea Ripley goes to slap sense into him, but this time he grabs her hand and says "You're no longer the Mami. I am the Papi." He's beginning to be more unhinged and out of control that even the Judgment Day are disliking the way he is behaving.

On the final PPV of the year in December, for arguments sake let's call it Armageddon, Dominic has earned himself a title shot against the United States champion, who I'm going to say is Johnny Gargano. Gargano beats Theory for the gold at Summerslam and holds it till Armageddon. Dominic defeats Gargano and is the new United States champion. After this victory, Dominic tries to start making plans and decisions for the Judgment Day as a sort of leader. The other 3 dislike this and tell Dom no one is above anyone here especially not the youngest and newest member of the group. Dominic holds up his US title above Priest and Balor and says he won this without them, he has outgrown the Judgment Day and he quits. By this point, this is kinda true. Dominic isn't relying on his bigger allies to assist him anymore, instead he's being a much more aggressive performer and using his own ways to steal a victory. By the end of 2023, Dominic is riding solo.

Chapter 4- The Final Showdown

Dominic reigns as the US Champion heading into the Royal Rumble, he has a couple of successful defenses leading up to the PPV but he does not defend the title on the show, he's a part of the Rumble match. "Introducing entrant number 1..." Rey Mysterio's music plays. The crowd erupts. Out he comes, except its not Rey at all. Dominic comes out as entrant 1 in the Rumble mocking his dad and trolling the crowd. Dom is going to be our iron man for the match, he lasts all the way until the final entrant. At entrant number 30, we hear Rey Mysterio's music BUT not the booyaka one he's been using for so long. His old one he used from 2002 until 2006. You know, the superior one. "WHO'S THAT JUMPING OUT THE SKY, R-E-Y MYSTERIO, HERE WE GO!" Absolute banger. Rey is actually back this time and he immediately fights his son, eliminating him from the match. Rey doesn't win the Rumble, but he has a small ounce of revenge here.

Rey Mysterio has returned and speaks earnestly about this long-lasting rivalry with his son. He feels he has failed as a father, however he knows that he did everything the best he could and he is proud of the success his son has found, even if that jeopardised their family. However, he cannot forgive him for his actions anymore. He wants payback and challenges him for a match for the US Championship. Dominic refuses, he says doesn't need to defeat him anymore, but Rey says he does. "Unless you can beat me, you'll only be remembered as being my son". With that in mind, Dominic accepts, but under certain conditions. He proposes 'The Trials of Rey Mysterio'. If Mysterio can over come these challenges, he gets his match. If he loses any of his matches, he must retire. He tells him to show up at Elimination Chamber for his first challenge.

The intention of these trials is not only to have Rey overcome obstacles to get his match, as well as paint Dom as a dickhead. What they're actually for is really a tribute to the career of Rey Mysterio, a historic career retold through these challenges. At Elimination Chamber, Rey comes out and awaits his challenge. Dominic comes out and talks about Eddie being his most famous rival. Of course with Eddie not being around, he had to find someone else who Rey managed to piss off. He didn't bring a wrestler, he brought an animal. Out comes Batista. Now, I know Batista has pretty much retired at this point, his match with Triple H was his last match but wrestlers never retire and I'm sure enough money would bring him on board. Plus, he'd be wrestling his good friend Rey in what is essentially his retirement tour. Rey offers Batista a handshake, he shakes it but hits him with a short-arm clothesline. We keep this short to hide Batista's ring rust, he dominates Mysterio with big powerful offence whilst Dom is on the outside cheering him on. Rey manages to find an opening and fights back against Batista. There's a ref bump, so Dominic comes in with a chair and swings for Rey. Rey ducks, Dominic clocks Batista instead. Rey sends Dom to the outside, 619 to Batista and gets the 1-2-3. Rey has won his first trial. After the match, Dominic trash talks Batista, so Batista hits him with a Batista bomb, hopefully to a nice crowd reaction.

The next night on Raw, Dominic calls out his father for the second trial. He talks about his father's success in WWE & WCW, but before that his first major break in the US was with a little company called ECW. "Do you remember who your first opponent in ECW was?" Out comes Rey's second test, Psicosis. These two have a lot of history together, putting on classics together in the 90s. A nice showcase for Psicosis but again Rey Mysterio wins, to the dismay of Dominic. Over the next few weeks Dominic continues to bring out ghosts of Mysterio's past and Rey overcomes them. Juventud Guerrera & Ultimo Dragon in a throwback WCW 3-way dance. Members of the active roster like MVP and Seth Rollins in thrilling singles matches. Rey overcomes them all. Dominic is livid but he has one final challenge he is sure will put Rey down for good. "Let's not forget, this is a family matter". Out comes Chavo Guerrero, and the match is No Holds Barred. I do realise that there are 4 guys I've booked who are working for other companies BUT they're not exclusive contracts, give the right agreement and payday, these one-off appearances are all possible. Rey tries to talk to Chavo, he just slaps Rey and calls him a failure to his son. Rey unloads on him, he's absolutely dominating the match to Dominic's dismay. Dom gets involved, there's no disqualifications so why not. With Chavo & Dom firmly in control, Santos Escobar comes out and takes out Dominic, providing Rey with a window to hit Chavo with a frog splash to win. He has his match with Dominic.

The following week, Dominic congratulates Rey, but the trial isn't over. He is the final challenge, a 2-out-of-3 falls, No DQ match and he wants everything on the line. As well as the US Championship, Rey wants Dom to come home and be part of the family again. Dom agrees, if he loses he will leave behind this path he has chosen and he will come back and reluctantly be the darling and conforming son that the family all want him to be. However, he says if Dominic wins not only will Rey retire from wrestling, not only will he reclaim his Mysterio surname, he wants to unmask his father in front of everyone. Rey says fine, but if you want to unmask me, then I want to shave your head. A classic Lucha de Apuestas match, where two luchadors bet they will win the match. The mask or the hair are the most common bets placed in this stipulations. The match is billed as 'Rey Mysterio vs Dominic III: Father vs Son. Màscara vs Cabellera. Career vs Title.' This does tiptoe on the line of being too overbooked, too many stakes but for a feud as long-lasting and intense as this, for Rey Mysterio's possible last match ever, it deserves as much stakes as possible. The US Championship doesn't really need to be on the line but it might as well be, I think it's important for Dom to win a championship during the time Rey is out injured.

It's time, Wrestlemania 40 in Philadelphia, the same area where Rey Mysterio had his first major US match against Psicosis for ECW. The final showdown. These two have an epic of a match, 20-25 minutes I would give them. Callback spots not only to their previous matches but to some of Rey's previous matches too. Dominic tries to gouge his dad's eye out on the steps like Seth Rollins did. Rey dives through Dom on a table like he did to Sabu back in 2006. Dominic removes the mask of Rey Mysterio mid-match, only for Rey to be wearing another one underneath like his match against Chris Jericho. Dominic hits Rey with the amazing springboard DDT that Rey hit Eddie with back in 1997 at Halloween Havoc. They give everything they have. Rey wins the first fall with the 619 and a splash combo. Dominic wins the second fall with the 619 and splash combo. The finish comes as Rey runs the ropes, Dominic throws a chair at his head and knocks him down, because that spot always looks brutal. Dominic sets the chair, and puts Rey's head through it. Dom goes on the apron and hits a Springboard leg drop, which was once a Rey Mysterio finisher called 'Droppin' Da Dime'. He lands on Rey's neck, covering him for the 1-2-3. Dominic wins, he wastes no time and immediately rips the mask of Mysterio off, he taunts the crowd before dropping the mask, stamping on it, and walking to the back. Nuclear heat.

Rey Mysterio finally gets up, he looks around as the crowd shower him with praise and chants of "Thank you". He picks up his mask, he looks at it, before setting it back down inside the ring alongside his boots and gloves, walking to the back. On the next night at Raw, Dominic Mysterio comes out with his own darker version of Rey Mysterio's mask, as well as a new name. He now goes by the name Príncipe Mysterio.

There we have it, that is how I would book the retirement of Rey Mysterio. I have continued an intense feud that was a nostalgic and fitting tribute to the career of one of the greatest Luchadors of all time. I evolved the character of Dominic Mysterio into less of a whiny child and more a vindictive twat who resorts to any means to get what he wants. This a journey to the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, Príncipe Mysterio will be the one to carry on the name because Dominic Mysterio is a lame name. He can continue onwards as a vicious heel, he can eventually see the light and be a face again but I'd actually like to see him be a long-lasting heel. Rey was a good guy pretty much his entire career, it would be refreshing to see a heel masked Mysterio going forward. Rey's career is elevated, Dom is elevated, hell even the US Championship is elevated. I think this is solid. We'll see if WWE can do it better.

Thanks for reading, let me know of your thoughts and if there are any topics you want me to book or re-book. Until next time, see ya!


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