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  • Connor Ewens

Fantasy Booking: Sami Zayn wins a world championship

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Sami Zayn is one of the hottest commodities in wrestling today. We haven't seen crowd reactions this intense and this supportive for a wrestler since the Daniel Bryan 'Yes Movement' back in 2014. Many desired for Sami Zayn to be somehow shoehorned into the world title picture after he finally turned on Roman Reigns and the Bloodline, but things haven't exactly went to plan.

After the Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn got a world championship match against Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber, in his near-home town of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sami would give his all but Roman would get the victory after shock appearances from the Uso's and a third and final spear from the Tribal Chief. Kevin Owens came out to return a favour, saving Sami from a beatdown, sowing the seeds for their friendship to be rekindled.

I am writing this over a week away from Wrestlemania 39 and it has just been confirmed that KO & Zayn will challenge the Uso's for their Undisputed Tag Team Championships. Jey Uso was initially torn between his blood and friend but he made his decision, sticking with his family over his friendship with Zayn. The storyline of Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens & the Bloodline has been amazing. A beautifully woven narrative which will come to a head at the grandest stage of them all. However, a lot of us would be lying if we didn't still want Zayn to somehow be a part of the world title picture. Maybe a triple threat main event? Maybe Reigns defends separates the Universal & WWE titles and defends twice at Wrestlemania? Maybe Zayn should have won a belt at Elimination Chamber? There are many ways to peel an orange so prepare thy mouths for some pulpy goodness, this is how I would fantasy book Sami Zayn winning a world Championship. Not only that, but sowing the seeds for the end of the Bloodline. Let's begin.

Let's start at the Royal Rumble 2023 because the rest of the story before this was pretty much perfect. The Bloodline beginning to doubt Sami Zayn's loyalty, Roman Reigns getting increasingly paranoid and importantly Jey Uso sticking up for Zayn in his trial on Raw. There is one tiny change that I would make before the Rumble. Roman Reigns wants Sami to prove himself to the Bloodline yes, but differently. In a private meeting between the two, Roman Reigns tells Zayn he is in the Royal Rumble, as are The Uso's & Solo Sikoa. He knows he can beat anyone on the roster, but on the road to being a 1,000 day champion he wants an easy night come Wrestlemania. He demands one of the Bloodline wins the Rumble, and even jokes at Zayn and himself having a Wrestlemania main event together, where Zayn can lay down for his tribal chief. He leaves as Zayn promises to succeed, but there's a look in Zayn's eye at the thought of competing at Wrestlemania for a world championship.

At the Royal Rumble, the men's match was fucking great so I won't change too much. Instead of Karrion Kross entering at No. 7 we have Solo Sikoa who begins to unleash his powerful offence on everyone involved, I'd love a GUNTHER vs Sikoa show-down. Next, no Santos Escobar at No. 10, we get Sami Zayn who tries to team with Solo but he's all like "fuck off ginge, I don't trust you." Solo is nearly eliminated by let's say The Miz, but Zayn Helluva Kicks Miz out and eliminates him, saving Solo. Later on instead of Elias at No.19 we get Jimmy Uso, 3 Bloodline members are in. They begin to dominate the flow of the match. Zayn is about to eliminate Seth Rollins but Solo comes in and tries to eliminate both Zayn and Rollins simultaneously, but fails to do both. This leads to an argument between Solo and Zayn, Jimmy tries to diffuse it and Rollins dishes out some superkicks then eliminates Solo from the match. At 26 instead of Omos, Jey Uso. The Bloodline again begin to dominate the flow of the match, Jey & Zayn do some tag offence together which Jimmy is visibly jealous about. Jimmy holds Drew McIntyre preparing for a triple team move however Jey & Sami are attacked by Sheamus. Jey & Sami double team him, providing McIntyre with a window to back drop Jimmy over the rope and Claymore Kick him down for the elimination. Jey & Sami are the only Bloodline members left.

The match continues and brings us to our final four, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, GUNTHER & Cody Rhodes. I LOVED the mini match between GUNTHER & Cody, so we're keeping that but I'll change enough for this to be unique. GUNTHER hits a big powerbomb to Zayn whilst Cody hits a Crossroads to Jey, they both roll out under the bottom rope. We get our lovely mini match where David beats Goliath, Cody manages to eliminate GUNTHER on his own. He forgets Zayn & Jey are still in this and he turns around into stereo superkicks sending him over the ropes but NOT to the floor. Jey & Sami unload punches, then go for another stereo superkick but Rhodes dodges and tries to get back in the ring. Sami & Jey prevent it with more punches, Jey holds Cody in place for a Helluva kick but Cody dodges and puts Jey in harms way, Sami Zayn eliminates Jey Uso to his own horror. Zayn is distracted by his own actions, temporarily stunned, allowing Cody to slip back in and score the elimination to win the Royal Rumble.

Cody Rhodes was always the correct choice to win the Rumble. The story of him leaving, coming back, even getting injured then overcoming that obstacle painted a perfect narrative for him to be the one to win and main event Wrestlemania. However, here we have further drama escalating within the Bloodline and they were so close to success but just poor luck. No one did anything wrong. However, Roman Reigns doesn't believe in bad luck. He believes in bad performances.

After the culmination of the Royal Rumble, after Bray Wyatt vs LA Knight & Bianca Belair vs Alexa Bliss we get a promo segment with the Bloodline. Roman Reigns has summoned his clan and asks what went wrong. Solo stays quiet but Jey, Jimmy and Sami all admit mistakes were made and they all messed up. Reigns doesn't accept this. He blames Sami Zayn for arguing with Solo leading to his elimination. He calls Jey Uso a pathetic brother for abandoning his own blood to do tag moves with Sami, leading to Jimmy's elimination. He says Sami blatantly eliminated Jey on purpose so he can try have a shot to take Roman's world titles from him, demanding Zayn to admit it. Zayn denies it. Jey even says it was an accident. Roman refuses to believe it. He hasn't got the time to deal with this right now. He turns to Sami and says "you're out". Zayn pleads for him to reconsider but Roman shuts him up, and gives him one chance to leave the arena now or he will get Solo to dish out some punishment. A melancholy Sami Zayn walks out of shot.

Roman Reigns continues the manipulation of his faction, he uses the Royal Rumble to justify booting Sami out of the Bloodline because he knows that he was becoming difficult to manipulate and keep in line.

Skipping ahead to the main event, Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The match was great and I'd only make an ending adjustment to fit my narrative. We go from a ref bump, Owens dodges a spear and sends Reigns straight through the referee, he's downed for a significant amount of time. Reigns reverses a stunner and hits a spear. He fetches a table, looking to get payback for Owens putting him through a table on Smackdown and because he's Roman Reigns, he must outdo his opponent. Reigns goes for a powerbomb from the top rope through the table, but Owens fights out of it and they exchange punches, both of them fall and crash through the table. Both men are groggy struggling to get to their feet. Out comes Sami Zayn, still wearing his honorary Uce shirt and wielding a steel chair. By the time he enters the ring, both Reigns & Owens are slowly getting up. Reigns smiles and applauds Sami for his desire to always prove himself. He welcomes him back to the family and eggs him on to whack Owens. Zayn is poised, chair in hand and he looks at his former best friend, before turning and cracking Reigns with it. Owens takes advantage, hits a stunner whilst Zayn revives the referee. 1-2-kick out! The Bloodline come out now to Roman's aid. Solo immediately targets Zayn, as does Jimmy but Jey Uso stands back not getting involved. Kevin Owens looks at Reigns, still on the mat, then looks at Zayn in the midst of a brutal beatdown. Owens pretty much says "damn it" and rolls out and hits stunners to Solo & Jimmy. He looks towards Jey, who just turns around and leaves. KO gets back into the ring and SPEAR! 1-2-kick out! Reigns hits another spear, then hits another one, then a final spear and gets the pinfall victory. As Reigns celebrates his successful title defence, he says he ain't done yet. He continues to pummel away at Owens. He demands his family to bring Zayn in the ring, Paul Heyman has handcuffs. Solo & Jimmy handcuff Zayn to the ropes and force him to watch Reigns decimate Owens with punches, then chair shots, then chokes him out with the guillotine. Reigns gets in Sami's face, "You wanna play with me? You wanna take advantage of me and my family? This ain't no game son. This is my livelihood." He nods as Solo & Jimmy take turns leathering Sami with kicks and strikes until a bunch of security & referees come down and manage to usher the Bloodline out of the ring. The show goes off the air with the Bloodline posing dominantly on the ramp, whilst a barely conscious, handcuffed Sami Zayn looks at his unconscious, broken best friend.

After the show has ended, a little dark segment for the audience and also as a exclusive for YouTube and the website. The security free Sami Zayn but medical staff rush to Kevin Owens' aid. There's genuine concern whilst Sami can only sit and watch in horror and anguish. Owens is put on a stretcher and carted out. As Zayn is in the ring, still in shock with the entire nights happenings, the camera has followed Owens' who has been placed into an ambulance and rushed off.

There are 3 weeks between Royal Rumble & Elimination Chamber, here's what I would have happen in between then. Firstly, on the Raw after Wrestlemania it's revealed that Owens' suffered very serious injuries last night and will be expected to be off television for an extended amount of time. We get that Cody Rhodes promo challenging Roman Reigns, but he also wishes Owens' a speedy recovery and thinks that the Bloodline should face consequences. Moving on to Smackdown, we finally see and hear from Roman Reigns, flanked by Heyman, Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa but no Jey to be seen. Reigns thanks his Bloodline for their service but he calls out Jey Uso and demands he answers for turning his back on his family. Reigns mocks the superstars who are upset and he gloats about his assault on Kevin Owens. He calls Sami less than nothing. He says "I once heard management call a relatively talented wrestler a B+ player, you're not even B+. You're C tier at best". Adam Pearce comes out and is disgusted at how the Royal Rumble went down, they have pushed him to the limit and he will take action. Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso are suspended for a month, he demands they leave immediately. He would suspend Reigns too but he's their world champion and instead has a better idea. At the Elimination Chamber, Roman Reigns will defend his Championship against Sami Zayn.

Next week on Raw we have that beautiful promo between Heyman & Cody and keel that in its full because it was perfection. But, at the end after Cody leaves we see Sami Zayn storm through the crowd and confront Paul Heyman. Heyman backs into the corner, Zayn says "I have a message for your tribal chief" then runs at him Helluva kick! Paul falls to the floor and Sami walks back through the crowd soaking in the audience reception. Back to Smackdown, Heyman cuts a promo on Zayn on behalf of Reigns. He talks about Zayn desperately trying to recapture the star power that he possessed in NXT, but since his call-up has failed to live up to his own hype. Zayn comes out through the crowd and he pleads his case. He stares down the camera and speaks to The Uso's saying that Roman Reigns has been manipulating them and abusing them into doing his bidding, but it doesn't have to be this way. He promises that the Bloodline will die, but they don't have to be collateral damage. He will be near his hometown at Elimination Chamber, Montreal will witness the fall of the Roman Empire.

Go-home Raw before Elimination Chamber, that Cody Rhodes & Sami Zayn promo is literal perfection and I won't change a thing. Smackdown, the heroes welcome for Canadian Sami Zayn, coming out the his old theme. He soaks up the atmosphere, he cuts the passionate promo, all amazing stuff. One slight addition, Roman Reigns walks out on to the entrance ramp, carrying a trash can. He doesn't say a word. He pulls a t-shirt with "Sami Zayn: Honorary Uce" on it, he rips it in half and throws it in the trash. He holds up another t-shirt, a KO-mania shirt, which he also rips in half and throws into the bin. Heyman hands him lighter fluid, and he sets the bin alight. He stands there and holds the titles aloft, never taking his eyes away from Sami.

Premium Live Event time, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Let's fast forward straight to our main event. Sami Zayn gets his shot against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. At ringside have some of Canada's finest wrestlers WWE could have in attendance; Bret Hart, Trish Stratus, Rick Martel, Tyson Kidd, Jacques Rougeau to name just a few. Sami Zayn's family in the audience like in real life. Really give this a big fight feel. We have our match, Roman Reigns being a dominant champion but Sami Zayn filled with so much heart and feeding off the crowd survives everything Reigns throws at him. Reigns goes for a spear, Zayn dodges and Reigns nearly takes out the referee again like he did at the Royal Rumble but he stops on his tracks. He turns and Zayn runs at him with a Helluva kick but Reigns dodges and Zayn wipes out the referee. Roman floors Sami with a superman punch then gestures to Paul Heyman, he has those handcuffs again. He is about to cuff him to the ropes again, but out comes Jey Uso. Uso throws the handcuffs away and gets in Roman's face. Reigns doesnt flinch, he just berates Jey. "After all I've done for you, after everything we've been through together, you're going to choose this Judas over your family? We had a good thing until he was involved. You were right all along Uce. Sami shouldn't have been in the Bloodline, because he ain't even blood. Let's finish this. Let's take him out for good." Jey Uso, still being manipulated and still torn on what is right and wrong, he superkicks Sami. He instantly looks filled with regret. Reigns applauds him, he goes to the corner and runs at Zayn with a spear. 1-2-no! As the referees hand lowers for a third time, Jey Uso catches his hand from hitting the mat, the way that Sami Zayn did in the WarGames match. Reigns is irate, he gets in Jey's face and looks like Jey might finally stand up for himself then Zayn goes for a roll-up on Reigns, but Reigns kicks out. Heyman on the outside, is seen on the phone speaking with urgency, soon after we see Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso rush in from the crowd. "They're supposed to be suspended!" Michael Cole's soul patch says. Jimmy grabs Jey and drags him away from the situation, the referee is distracted by them as he is telling them to go to the back. Behind his back, Solo Sikoa plants Sami Zayn with a Samoan Spike and Reigns chokes him out for a referee stoppage. Roman Reigns retains but he wants to make a mockery out if Sami in front of his home crowd. He's handed a chair by Solo and goes for Sami but Jey stands in the way. Reigns tells him to move, but Jey tells him that it's over, he has won let's just go and celebrate. Roman agrees and drops the chair saying let's go celebrate. They all turn to leave but Reigns stops Jey "No, we are going to go celebrate. You can stay here, with your boy." The Bloodline leave Jey Uso & Sami Zayn in the ring. Reigns poses on the ramp as the show closes.

Here's the lay of the land now. Jey Uso is torn between his family and his friend, making the choice to assist both of them in the world title match. Jimmy has loyalty to his family as does Solo Sikoa but Solo has a real blatant hatred for Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn may have got a victory if it wasn't for Bloodline interference but we may never know. We do not see Kevin Owens return, not yet anyways. On a side note, I'd really like Reigns to walk past Bret Hart and say that his family is better than the Hart's, just for extra heel points.

6 weeks of TV inbetween Sami Zayn's loss & Wrestlemania, and here is how the road continues. Raw after the Chamber, we get a Cody Rhodes promo but instead of it being interrupted by Heyman, it's Sami Zayn. Sami apologises but says he hasn't finished his story yet, he originally only wanted to get revenge but now that he's been so close to glory, he wants to reach the top of the mountain once again. Rhodes understands, but reminds Sami that it is his destiny to dethrone the champion at Wrestlemania, as long as Sami doesn't jeopardise that then there won't be any problems. Sami can't promise that. Smackdown, Roman Reigns demands Jimmy Uso speak to Jey and get him back in line. He cannot have the family falling apart, they need each other and Sami Zayn isn't worth falling out over. Over the course of the night Jimmy looks for Jey & tries to get in contact with him. Jimmy comes out to the ring and asks for his brother, he says he understands Jey must be experiencing a lot of emotions right now but he always has his family to lean on. He tells him to come home. Sami Zayn answers, we get a similar promo that he and Jimmy exchanged but Sami really pushes the issue that the Uso's don't need to be under Reigns' thumb. Jimmy doesn't attack Zayn, instead Solo Sikoa comes out and beats on Zayn. Solo holds him up for Jimmy, who goes for a superkick but for a slight moment hesitates, Zayn low blows Solo and escapes out of the crowd.

Raw, Adam Pearce demands the tag Titles are defended TONIGHT. Reigns tells Jimmy that if he can't get Jey Uso to come out, then he has a plan to force him out. In the main event, no sign of Jey Uso, so Solo Sikoa subs in for him. Solo & Jimmy successfully defend against the Street Profits. Sami Zayn speaks to Adam Pearce Backstage and pleads for him to be given another championship match anytime, anywhere, any stipulation. Pearce is unsure but Zayn pleads to listen to the WWE fans unlike those before him. Pearce says he will get back to him next week. Smackdown, the Bloodline is out and Roman has a very special surprise for the audience, as he introduces, Rikishi. He comes out to a big pop, Reigns is smiling and Jimmy is too but he's shocked, he didn't know that Reigns had this planned. After a few pleasantries Reigns asks if he knows where Jey Uso is and if he is okay. Rikishi opens up, he says his sons are adults and can make their own decisions. However, he has watched Reigns for years now control them to benefit himself and he is disgusted at this. Rikishi refuses to give any information about Jey, if you can't find him it's because he wants you to leave him alone. Reigns, doesn't take this lightly, and he goes to whisper at Jimmy. Jimmy looks at him with disbelief and fear as Reigns tells him "I'm sorry but I must do this, for our family." Jimmy turns around and Reigns turns into a superkick from Rikishi! Solo attacks Rikishi as Reigns verbally abuses him. Jimmy can't take it and goes to intervene but roman grabs him and turns him away from the beating, comforting him. This brings out Jey Uso he shoves Solo off his father and gets hot at Roman. Reigns says "trust me Uce, I didn't want this, but it was the only way to get you to come back. The Bloodline needs you. You're family needs you." Jey is still furious, he shouts at Jimmy "You let this happen!?" Roman then says "I promise your dad will never come in harms way ever again, as long as you return to your place within the Bloodline." Jey Uso, obviously still furious, picks up his dad and checks on him before sending him to the back, Jey Uso reluctantly stands alongside his family but staring daggers through the back of Roman's head.

On Raw, Adam Pearce confirms that on Smackdown Sami Zayn gets an opportunity for a world championship rematch at Roman Reigns, he will run the gauntlet against The Uso's & Solo Sikoa. Heyman is given instructions by Roman to make sure Sami Zayn doesn't make it to Smackdown. Sami Zayn wins a match against Baron Corbin but Solo Sikoa ambushes him and unleashes a devastating beatdown, but Cody Rhodes comes to his aid which brings out The Uso's attacking Cody Rhodes. Everyone is sent outside of the ring except for Sami Zayn & Jey Uso who stand across from each other. Almost like Romeo & Juliet, two friends destined for each other but its not allowed to be. Smackdown, it's gauntlet time. Sami Zayn enters the ring and cuts a passionate promo about his journey to this point from his time before WWE, in NXT, before the Bloodline and after. He says winning the world championship was never his destiny, but his built his own path so far and he will continue to do so. The Bloodline all stand on the rampway. Jimmy Uso is first. Zayn offers a handshake before hand but Jimmy leaves him hanging. After a solid 15 minutes of back and forth, Zayn captures him in a Koji Clutch and Jimmy taps out. Reigns is disappointed. Jimmy then gives Sami a handshake out of respect. Reigns is visibly angry. Jey Uso's turn. He doesn't move for a little, before slowly walking towards the ring. Jey & Sami look at each other and they embrace with a hug. Jey Uso leaves the ring and gets counted out. Roman is FURIOUS. He confronts Jey, again admonishing him. He pushes him around before Jey has finally hit his breaking point. He nails Reigns with a superkick, I imagine to an enormous pop. Jimmy Uso, acknowledges the seriousness of the situation and tells Jey to get out of here and he will diffuse the situation. Reigns tells Solo to finish Sami off, he pushes Jimmy away and he marches towards the back. We get a 10-15 minute match between Sami & Solo, eventually ending with a Helluva kick and a Zayn victory. Zayn had earned a rematch, advertised for next week.

On Raw, Jimmy Uso reaches out to his brother, saying Reigns isn't here tonight he's preparing for his title defence. He sympathises with Jey but says he feels Jey has made a big mistake, no matter what you stick with your family. Jey says his eyes have been opened thanks to his friend Sami Zayn. Roman literally beat us into submission, he forced us to be his henchmen to the point we didn't even realise there was any other way of life. He feels free, and pleads for his brother to join him. Jimmy says he loves him and will always love him, but sometimes you have to do whats best for the family, even if not everyone is on board. Roman Reigns music hits. Jimmy lied to his brother. Jey turns to the ramp, turns back to Jimmy and superkick! Jimmy is heartbroken, Roman slowly walks in and delivers a beatdown on Jey. Solo & Jimmy guard the ring as Sami runs out. Cody Rhodes then comes out and they clear the path. In the ring stands Roman, Sami & Cody with Jey prone on the mat. Roman rolls out saying "we'll settle this on my time". We get our Reigns vs Zayn rematch, a passionate fight by Zayn against God mode Roman Reigns. Reigns struggles to put Sami away, he gestures at Heyman for those cuffs again but the referee prevents it. From the crowd, Jey Uso runs and strikes Reigns with a chair. Zayn catches Reigns with a German suplex for a 1-2-3! We all think Sami has won, but unfortunately for him his shoulders were down on the mat and the referee counted him for the 3 count. (Similarly to Cena vs CM Punk when it was a draw, but here Reigns actually wins so he can still go on as not being pinned for so long.) Reigns, narrowly escapes losing his title.

Roman Reigns is on Raw and we get that promo battle between him and Cody, which was phenomenal. Afterwards, Sami comes out and says he feels a bit cheated so asks Roman again for one final shot. Reigns is confident that he could beat Zayn & Rhodes in 1 night, but Zayn deserves nothing and he declines. Rhodes says he is willing to share the main event spotlight with Sami Zayn, he deserves it and says that he feels that he could beat both of them in one night too. Eventually, Reigns cracks and shouts for Adam Pearce to officially add Sami Zayn. Pearce responds saying that he wants the main event to be Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns. However, Roman Reigns said he is confident he can defeat both men in 1 night, let's put that to the test. Pearce officially rules that the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship are no longer unified, and Reigns will defend the Universal Championship against Sami Zayn, then the WWE Championship against Cody Rhodes. This finally separates the two major belts which can be assigned to each brand. Reigns is not a happy goose. On Smackdown, little side story going on. Jey Uso loves his brother, but says he is blinded by family values to see what everyone else sees. He asks Jimmy one last time to join him by his side. Jimmy doesn't come out. Jey says "I guess we'll settle this how we used to settle disagreements when we were kids. Let's fight it out." The challenge is set for Wrestlemania, brother vs brother.

The go-home episodes of Raw I'd have primarily hype packages for Zayn, Cody & Reigns ahead of their matches. Then, Jimmy Uso reluctantly accepting the challenge, promising to beat the sense into his brother once again. On Smackdown, Cody Rhodes makes a one-off appearance in a match against Solo Sikoa, it goes off the rails as Jimmy Uso interferes as does Roman Reigns, then Sami Zayn & Jey Uso appear and its a big ol' fight but Roman Reigns & Cody Rhodes never lock up. They have a stand-off but before either makes a move the referees have swarmed to separate to faces from the heels.

We're finally here. Wrestlemania 39, Night 2. The show opens similarly to Wrestlemania 35 as Paul Heyman marches down to the ring, Universal Championship in hand. "I have a message on behalf of the Tribal Chief for Sami Zayn. He does not have the patience to wait all night to beat you again, so how about you come out right here, right now and let's get this over with." Sami Zayn comes out ready to fight but Roman attacks him during his entrance! Roman isn't even dressed to wrestle he is still in his casual clothes, that's how overconfident he is being. He just leathers Sami Zayn on the outside with punches and throws, dominating offence. He even spears him through the barricade. He trash talks Zayn & the crowd, he rolls Zayn into the ring and slowly walks around the ring holding up his Universal Championship. He gets in the ring and stands in the corner ready for a spear, the referee checks on Zayn who fumbles up to his feet. The referee rings the bell. Just as Reigns is about to charge we hear "duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duh." Kevin Owens' music. The crowd erupts, Reigns is startled and stares up at the ramp. Owens appears on the ramp, wearing his patented KO-mania t-shirt but he turns around and on the back it reads 'Wrestle-Zaynia'. Caught up in the surprise, Reigns is caught off guard and Sami Zayn rolls him up for a 1-2-3! Sami Zayn dethrones Reigns for the Universal Championship. Reigns is in shock, in denial. He argues with Heyman on the outside, Reigns leaves exiting by the side of the stage, he doesn't walk past Owens. KO just smiles and waves at him from a distance. Owens gets in the ring, looks at Sami Zayn and they have a lovely, big, Canadian hug whilst pyro goes off in celebration. Later in the show, Jey Uso would defeat his brother Jimmy Uso in a match I'd LOVE to see, afterwards both brothers embracing in love for each other and reconciling, they realise that it doesn't matter what happens their brotherly bond will never be broken. Then in the main event, Cody Rhodes would finally achieve his destiny and defeat Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship. After not being pinned ever since 2019, Reigns has been pinned twice in 1 night.

That's my booking. It was difficult to keep a narrative between Zayn & Reigns as well as Rhodes & Reigns without prioritising one over the other. I don't think giving Zayn a fluke win is a bad thing, the story was more about getting revenge rather than being better than Reigns. That can be a story point going forward be future challengers and he can prove them wrong by successfully defending his championship. The two major titles get separated which is a necessity if the brand split is sticking around. Reigns can lose twice in one night, his first loss he was so dominant and a distraction cost him so he doesn't look weak. I also don't think it detracts too much from Cody's victory. Cody's story is about his own personal journey from undesirable to undeniable to uncrowned. They can still have an epic main event encounter. I liked Sami & Jey's friendship too much to kill it off, I also love a good brother vs brother match and those two would kill it against each other. This is also sets up the end of the Bloodline really. Sami is out, Jey is out, Jimmy should stick with his brother and eventually leave also leaving only Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa. Roman can go have some well-deserved time off, Solo could have a programme with either Sami, Kevin Owens or maybe even find and ally and go after the Uso's. Heyman can stick around as Solo's mouthpiece to big him up as a Samoan destroyer.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and let me know of future fantasy booking ideas. Until next time, see ya!


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