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  • Connor Ewens

Fantasy Booking: Wrestlemania 31

When asked what the best Wrestlemania is, the majority of people will either say X-7, or XIX. For me though, it might actually be this one. Here's the card:

Cesaro & Kidd (c) vs Los Matadores vs New Day vs The Uso's, Tag Championships (Pre-show)

Andre the Giant Battle Royal (Pre-show)

IC Championship Ladder match

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Triple H vs Sting

AJ Lee & Paige vs Bella Twins

Rusev (c) vs John Cena, US Championship

The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns (vs Seth Rollins), WWE Championship

Everything on this show lands. Both the pre-show matches were fun. The opening Ladder match was excellent with a great win for Daniel Bryan. Orton vs Rollins has that iconic RKO spot. Triple H vs Sting was nostalgic trip down memory lane even if the wrong person won. The women's tag match was good, Rusev vs Cena was great, Undertaker's return was decent. Then there was the main event, one that the fans didn't want yet it ended up being an awesome clash between two powerhouses and then we got the best cash in of all time, don't @ me. This is another show with very little I would fix, but that wouldn't be any fun. WWE, this is how it also could be done.

The two pre-show matches can remain as they are, both were decent enough and I can't really be bothered to play around with pre-show stuff. The only detail I'd amend is that The Miz & Damian Mizdow are not in the match. Why? Because they're going to be part of the opening match instead.

Wade Barrett goes into Wrestlemania as the Intercontinental champion but everyone keeps nicking his belt! Bloody tossers. Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper and R-Truth all take turns taking the title for themselves as well as The Miz who sends his stunt double Mizdow to do his dirty work. This sets up the 6-man Ladder match. The usual excitement of a ladder match ensues, similar to what we got in real life with a much different finish. After clearing out the competition together, The Miz & Damian Mizdow are the final 2. As Miz climbs the Ladder, Mizdow copies him as he would. They both reach up and pull down the IC title. Miz gestures for Mizdow to let go of it, but Mizdow refuses. After months of being belittled and feeling beneath The Miz even when he is the real fan favourite, Mizdow finally has had enough. He pushes The Miz down off the ladder, Mizdow holds on to the gold and is your new IC champion. After the announcer says the winner is Damian Mizdow, the new IC champion grabs the microphone and says "no, your new Intercontinental champion is...Damian Sandow!" Sandow can have a nice little run as the IC champion, feuding with The Miz and other heels for a few months before dropping the title to Kevin Owens later in the year.

After back to back clean victories over Evolution, The Shield seemed to be on top of the world as a faction until Triple H executed Plan B. Seth Rollins takes a chair to both his allies, turning heel to join the Authority. His angle with Orton should play out like it did with Orton gradually becoming less of the focus and tensions rising between he and Rollins. Eventually Orton turns face, leaving the Authority and feuding with Rollins. Following the break up of the Shield though, both Ambrose and Reigns are laser focused on getting their revenge. Rollins ducks singles encounters with both men, competing mostly in tag matches however Ambrose lays out an offer convincing enough to earn him a singles match with him. Inside Hell in a Cell, Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins with the stipulation being if Ambrose loses, he is fired from the company. The Authority try and get involved, Reigns helps fight off the interference but the numbers game is unbeatable. HHH slides a sledgehammer to Rollins, he knocks Ambrose out and pins him. Ambrose is fired from WWE. we don't see Ambrose on our screens at all, Reigns tries to avenge his brother but again he cannot get Rollins on his own. All that changes at Survivor Series when Team Cena defeats Team Authority, removing them from power thanks to Sting's debut in the company. Shortly afterwards, Dean Ambrose is rehired by John Cena who looks to get himself another match with Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns though, prevents Ambrose from challenging Rollins and says it is his responsibility to avenge the Shield. He doesn't want Ambrose to get himself fired again. This creates a rift between the two, neither turns on each other but the Shield break up has clearly impacted their friendship. With Ambrose seemingly ally-less, Rollins now has no qualms in facing Ambrose. After The Authority manage to claw their way back into a position of power, Triple H books a match at Wrestlemania. It'll be HHH and his protégé Rollins teaming up to face Ambrose on his own, unless he can find someone crazy enough to want to be his partner. There is only one crazy for the job and that is the unhinged Viper, Randy Orton. He doesn't like Ambrose but he doesn't care. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as they say. The 4 men have a very competitive tag match, HHH and Rollins emulate DX with Rollins acting like a next Gen version of Shawn Michaels. Ambrose emulates some of Edge's offence to simulate Rated RKO. Eventually after Ambrose drops Trips with a Dirty Deeds, Orton counters the Stomp into an RKO to win, because it is one of the best RKO spots I've ever seen. Ambrose & Orton celebrate, they shake hands then Orton goes for an RKO but its countered. Ambrose goes for a Dirty Deeds but it is also reversed. A stalemate. Both men have unfinished business to resolve.

Jericho was never booked in early 2015 however he was working house shows so I think we can give him something to do here. Jericho makes his return to WWE in the lead up to Wrestlemania and his promo is interrupted by Bray Wyatt. He claims that Jericho has become a parody of himself, that he has always been full of ego and narcissism but it has only grown as he became a rock star and always leaving and returning. "You are a relic of the past Y2J. Your spirit is old and weak, but if you submit yourself to me, your name will be immortalised." There can be a segment where Bray Wyatt walks around a room, almost a museum with mannequins with scratched on faces. They're all dressed up like different versions of Chris Jericho. We have Lionheart, Y2J, the Codebreaker as well as current Jericho. "We must burn the past, so that from the ashes an even mightier incarnation can be born." All of the mannequins are set alight, symbolising what Wyatt aims to do to the career of Chris Jericho. After a competitive back and forth, Bray Wyatt puts Jericho down with Sister Abigail to win. Jericho is off TV for a while now, meaning when he returns later in the year to team with Ambrose & Reigns at Night of Champions it has some storyline logic to it.

After winning the women's championship at Wrestlemania 30, Paige continues to feud with former champion AJ Lee, the title going back and forth between then over the year. In late 2014, Paige loses her championship to Nikki Bella thanks to interference from Brie Bella. Nikki celebrates her win by verbally trashing the entire women's division. "This is not a division full of women. It is a division full of Divas, so I have brought a little something that embodies that." Nikki Bella throws the women's Championship in the trash and she introduces a custom made, Bella-themed Divas the shape of a butterfly. I hate this title design as much as you reader, but I cannot resist some lovely cheap heel heat. You should hate it, its a horrible design and perfect for the Nikki Bella character. AJ Lee faces Paige in one last singles match with the winner earning a title shot at Wrestlemania. The Bellas crash the match attacking both ladies, causing a No contest. In response, both AJ and Paige are declared as the contenders AND to eliminate the Brie Bella factor, she will also be added to the match to make it a four way. The action can be similar to what we got except its a 4-way instead of a tag match. Both AJ & Paige come close to winning numerous times but there is always a Bella there to break the pin. In the finish, I'd have Brie Bella get a shock win by rolling up her own sister for the 1-2-3. Brie can pass this off saying as long as one of them wins the match then that's a victory. Nikki is annoyed that Brie took the win for herself, pinning her own sister and that begins the sibling rivalry going through 2015. We're getting a year of the butterfly belt, I'm sorry but I couldn't resist. 1 year is better than fucking 5 so count yourself lucky.

Next up we have a battle between brothers, a sibling rivalry that has spiralled out of control. After Cody defeats Damian Sandow at Wrestlemania 30 in honour of his family, he reunites with his brother Goldust to reform the Brotherhood. They work as a tag team for a couple of months but achieve little success. Frustrated, Cody is ready to split them up but Goldust says he knows why they're failing. They're far too different from each other, they need to be cohesive. Cody needs to be as bizarre as his brother. After a few weeks off screen, the Brotherhood return and Cody has now become Stardust. He commits to the character, but there are glimpses where you can notice that he really doesn't like what he has become. Stardust is much more aggressive and unpredictable than Cody ever was. He often needs his brother Goldust to step in and bring him back down. They capture the tag titles from the Uso's in mid-2014, Stardust is jubilant with their victory. Over the following weeks Stardust acknowledges that he is losing control over his own identity, but that doesn't matter. As long as he has his family and they are Champions, he doesn't care what happens to him. Goldust is starting to be worried and show signs of regret for awakening a darkness within his brother. The Brotherhood hold the titles for a fee month's before dropping the titles to Miz & Mizdow at Survivor Series. After failing to recapture the championships, Goldust consoles and irate Stardust who is having a meltdown over the loss. Goldust suggests maybe it's time Stardust goes back and Cody returns to his usual self. This makes Stardust snap, he low blow his brother. Then he just unloads unprotected punches on him over and over and over and over. Blood pours from Goldusts face, the paint has washed off and all that remains is the red-soaked face of Dustin Rhodes. Dustin is taken away in an ambulance. We don't see either man for a little while, but when Cody returns he has half of his face painted like Stardust but in blood red. He despises his brother now. His brother convinced him to explore his inner demons to find a new source of strength and it has destroyed him from the inside. Cody here adopts a gimmick here similar to Two-Face from Batman, where he has his good conscience but also his evil half influencing him. He wanra to forgive his brother, but he also wants to destroy him. When Goldust returns he has half his face painted too. He is here as Dustin Rhodes. He is full of guilt for what he has done, but he knows what he must do. With the tension at an all time high, a brother vs brother match is set up. If Dustin can win, he will appeal to his brothers remaining humanity, Cody will forgive him and he will seek professional help to remove the possession that Stardust has over him. If Cody wins, then he loses his humanity, he becomes fully absorbed by Stardust and neither he or Dustin are allowed to call themselves Rhodes ever again. Their match is a story driven one, very much like their AEW Double or Nothing match but with maybe 5 minutes shaved off. They kick out of each others finishers, but eventually it is Dustin who wins using Cody's own Crossroads. At the end of it all, the brothers embrace. Their father even comes down to join the family hug. Going forward, both Goldust and Stardust are retired. Cody and Dustin wrestle as the Rhodes brothers, a throwback old school wrasslin tag team to carry on the legacy of their father, who unfortunately passes away 2 months after Wrestlemania.

Survivor Series 2014 sees the WWE debut of Sting, helping overthrow the Authority from their position of power. He continues to torment the evil corporate members but later reveals he is collecting debt on behalf of WCW. "You destroyed my home, that wasn't the worst part. You took so much greatness from WCW and you wasted them. So many young stars never made it because they became cannon fodder for the preferred WWE originals. Well finally here comes the vigilante. I am the ghost of WCW and I have come to haunt the WWE." At Fastlane we have a confrontation between Sting and the Authority. Triple H laughs at the death of WCW but he acknowledges Stings reputation. He has a proposition for Sting. "If you are the ghost of WCW, then let me introduce you to the ghost of WWE." The lights go. BONG. The Undertaker makes his entrance, his first appearance since the end of the streak. He looks colder and meaner than ever. Almost more evil than before. He says the streak might be over, but the Undertaker lives on and now he has nothing holding him back from being the most destructive force in wrestling. He and Sting have back and forth promos, recounting their experiences through the Attitude Era eventually setting up the biggest dream match ever. The Undertaker vs Sting. They both get grand entrances as the sky begins to darken. This battle between two legends is almost a stalemate all the way through. Both men are equals, hitting their signature offence but unable to keep the other man down. The referee is taken out. After Undertaker lands another chokeslam, he lines up a tombstone piledriver when we hear the music of a faction we haven't heard of in a long time. Not the nWo music, but specifically the nWo Wolfpac music. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx, Hulk Hogan and Sting's WCW best friend who I cannot believe they didn't bring our since he works backstage for WWE; Lex Luger. The Wolfpac ride once more and they put the boots in on Undertaker. I know that Hogan was never a Wolfpac member, but he is too big of a name to not bring out. Then, we have the New Age Outlaws and Shawn Michaels come out for DX and we have an Attitude Era throwback. NWO vs DX, Syxx stands in between the two factions he was a part of unsure of which team to bat for. All the old men take each other out, Shawn Michaels takes out Sting with a superkick but then he also takes out Undertaker with a superkick because HBK hasn't forgotten he ended his career, plus they were enemies in the Attitude Era. Then, WOOOO. Ric Flair comes out, he hasn't forgotten either and he chops HBK until he is sent away too. Undertaker guzzles him, but Sting saves Flair by attacking Taker with his bat. The pair shake hands, then Flair low blows Sting because every WCW fan should know that Sting needs to stop trusting Ric Flair. He has betrayed him like a million times. We finally get back to just the two men, after some reversals and counters, Sting eventually hits the Scorpion Death Drop for the 1-2-3. Sting wins his first WWE match. Undertaker goes 21-2 at Wrestlemania. Is this overbooked far too much? Probably, but I don't care. This is a straight up nostalgia match plus I think having lots of bells and whistles helps prevent any signs of ring rust or aging from two men in the late stages of their career. It's a lot of ridiculous fun.

The only match I've kept unchanged here is Rusev vs John Cena for the US Championship. Rusev had an amazing US title reign and as much as I'd love to book him to win, I loved Cena's US open challenge. Its the best work of his career. Rusev can get his killer tank entrance so he can still bonk his ravishing wife in it. They had a very good match, Cena wins, Rusev can move on to other things. I'll book that in the future.

Main event time. After Daniel Bryan has to vacate the WWE championship due to injury, John Cena wins the vacant belt before dropping it to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Lesnar holds the title all the way through to Wrestlemania. After a rift forms between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, Reigns decides to stop being so focused on avenging the Shield and more focused on himself. He tells us that he is destined to be the new face of the company and he will do this by winning the Royal Rumble. Still not over as a face, the fans will probably not react well to this. So, in the Rumble match itself we have all of your usual suspects in the final bunch as we count down to entrant number 30...its Daniel Bryan! He makes his unannounced return to the WWE and the fans EXPLODE with excitement. Now, everyone wants Bryan to win the Rumble once more and reclaim the championship he never lost. As eliminations go by we are down to 3; Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Kane. Bryan & Reigns team up to eliminate Kane. The monster is furious and he is trying to get back in the ring, it requires all of the officials to keep him at bay. Whilst this is happening, Daniel Bryan dodges a spear and hits a running knee, knocking Reigns over the top rope. He wins a second Royal Rumble! Except, there is no official that witnessed the elimination. Reigns takes advantage, he quickly slides back into the ring, drops Bryan with a meaty spear and throws Bryan out in the direction where the officials have congregated. Roman Reigns wins the Rumble in very controversial fashion. If you are reading this and your blood is boiling with rage, good. 2015 will be the slow build towards an eventual Roman Reigns heel turn. Roman Reigns has a world title match at Wrestlemania however Daniel Bryan is pissed. He appeals to Roman saying surely this is not how you want to earn your main event spot? "You are better than this. Your family is above this." Reigns considers this and decides to choose the noble thing and face Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. If Bryan wins he is added to the main event. Bryan does indeed win and the main event is a triple threat once again. The fans are getting flashbacks to the previous Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan in a main event triple threat for the world title, could Daniel Bryan repeat history? Lesnar, Reigns and Bryan go to war in a brutal main event. Lesnar dominates for the longest time but both Reigns and Bryan are incredibly resilient. Reigns and Bryan do a Shield bomb to Lesnar through the announce table, and that is when Seth Rollins' music hits. He comes and cashes in his briefcase, turning it into a fatal four way. Rollins stomps Lesnar on the outside. He stomps Reigns. Bryan counters a Stomp and locks in the Yes Lock, but Rollins escapes. He dodges a spear which sends Roman right through Bryan, Rollins hits a final Stomp to Reigns and pins him to win the WWE championship. The heist of the century closes Wrestlemania, like it should.

There is my rendition of Wrestlemania 31. Here's the card:

Cesaro & Kidd (c) vs Los Matadores vs New Day vs The Uso's, Tag Championships (Pre-show)

Andre the Giant Battle Royal (Pre-show)

IC Championship Ladder match

Randy Orton & Dean Ambrose vs Triple H & Seth Rollins

Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho

Nikki Bella (c) vs Brie Bella vs AJ Lee vs Paige, Women's Championship

Dustin Rhodes vs Cody Rhodes

The Undertaker vs Sting

Rusev (c) vs John Cena, US Championship

Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan (vs Seth Rollins), WWE Championship

What do you think? Trying to change good shows is hard but I think I made a good card, including the biggest dream match to never happen between Undertaker and Sting. This is feasibly the only time we could get this mega match up. Let me know what your thoughts are and come back tomorrow for Wrestlemania 32. Yikes, this is a stinky Wrestlemania, possibly top 10 worst in my opinion. Its easy to criticise early Wrestlemania shows, but I'm 2016 they really should know how to do good wrestling by now. See you then!


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