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  • Connor Ewens

Fantasy Booking: Wrestlemania 37

After a full year of wrestling in front of staff members and on a giant zoom call in the Thunderdome, Wrestlemania 36 finally delivered the goods with fan attendance, even if it was less than 20K per night. Still it was nice to hear chants and cheers with our wrestling, ones that were real I mean. Here is the Wrestlemania 37 card:

Night 1

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Drew McIntyre, WWE Championship

Women's Tag Team Turmoil

Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

New Day (c) vs AJ Styles & Omos, Raw Tag Championships

Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon, Steel Cage

Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs Miz & Morrison

Sasha Banks (c) vs Bianca Belair, SD Women's Championship

Night 2

The Fiend vs Randy Orton

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs Natalya & Tamina, Women's Tag Championships

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

Riddle (c) vs Sheamus, US Championship

Big E (c) vs Apollo Crews, Nigerian Drum Fight for IC Championship

Asuka (c) vs Rhea Ripley, Raw Women's Championship

Roman Reigns (c) vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan, Universal Championship

Both main events delivered spectacularly and we had some other good matches too. Some matches though, best we never talk about them ever again. cough Fiend vs Orton cough. I'm still giving WWE the benefit of the doubt considering the state of the world, but this is how its done.

Wrestlemania 37 kicks off very similar to how it really did with Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre, but Bobby is the defending Universal champion. After Lashley defeated Drew at Wrestlemania 36, he continues his run of form throughout 2020 racking up victories and forming the Hurt Business with MVP, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. Later in 2020, it is Lashley who defeats Otis for the Money in the Bank briefcase at Hell in a Cell and that same night he cashes in during Seth Rollins' title defence against Drew McIntyre. McIntyre inches away from his first world title but once again Bobby Lashley seems to be in his path. McIntyre spends 2020 gaining momentum too and is determined to fulfill his destiny of being world champion. At the 2021 Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre wins the Rumble match and sets his sights on finally getting even with the Almighty. They have their very good Wrestlemania match but it is Drew McIntyre who finally gets his big win and his first world title. Sure it is not in front of a fully packed stadium, but at least it is in front of at least some fans.

US champion is Matt Riddle is challenged by Chad Gable. Gable has started Alpha Academy and has Otis in his ranks, he tries to recruit Riddle too who has a background in MMA and thinks he would be a good fit. Riddle is up for anything, bro, and he hangs around with them for a while but Gable kicks Riddle out for his jovial attitude towards everything. Gable calls Riddle "wasted potential" and says he doesn't deserve to be holding any Championship let alone one that represents the USA. The two men have a battle of wrestling and grappling, Riddle gets the win to retain and cement himself as a worthy champion.

In late 2020 around September, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are still friends and tag partners but Bliss starts receiving unusual gifts from an unknown sender. First it is an arm, ripped from a plush doll, next its a leg, next it is another arm and another leg together. Finally, it is a severed dolls head with a note stapled to it. It reads "come home Abby." Bliss is disturbed by the gifts and she tells Adam Pearce and Nikki Cross that she hasn't been sleeping at all recently at the start of an episode of Raw. Pearce cancels their tag match and books Nikki in a singles match instead, allowing Bliss a day off work. Cross finds Bliss a private locker room to rest in until she has finished her match and they can leave together later. Bliss turns the lights off and puts her head down for a nap. Later in the show after Nikki's match, Cross returns to the locker room but finds it to be empty. We cut to a close up of Bliss asleep, she is woken up startled when the room is filled with lights. She sits up scared and the camera pans out to reveal the Firefly Funhouse. Over the next week weeks, Wyatt and Bliss spend tome together in the Funhouse. Bliss still appears to be very on edge but Wyatt is trying to convince her he means no harm and that she has been here before. Noticeably missing from the window too, is Abby the Witch. Wyatt believes Alexa to be the spirit of Abigail and wants her to remain in the Funhouse. Bliss always tries to find a way to leave but never can. During this, Nikki Cross is trying anyway she can to save Alexa. Cross almost finds a way to enter the Funhouse but she is stopped by Wyatt who warns her to give up and turn around now while she can. Cross refuses and even challenges Wyatt to a match at TLC. Wyatt accepts. Cross makes her entrance at TLC but Wyatt doesn't. Instead out comes Alexa Bliss but she looks different. Visually almost the same but there seems to be an off look in her eyes. Cross speaks to her, asks if she is okay and tries to help her. The bell rings, Alexa absolutely destroys Cross. She doesn't let up for a solid 5+ minutes. She hits Cross with 5 DDTs back to back, she doesn't even go for the pin. The referee eventually stops the match as Cross isn't conscious anymore. Bliss drags Cross out of the arena with her. Cross is missing for a while, Bliss seems to be an a hypnotic trance but she claims that she has finally found her home in the Funhouse. In the lead up to Wrestlemania, an episode of the Firefly Funhouse with Alexa Bliss is interrupted by insistent knocking on the door. The confused Bliss answers it and behind it is Nikki Cross. Not just any Nikki, the crazed psychopath we remember from her Sanity days. Nikki attacks Alexa and trashes the Funhouse before making her escape. Nikki says she lacks the capacity to care for anyone anymore except for herself. Wyatt has broken Alexa, and Alexa has broken Nikki. Cross feels like she is too far gone, a she craves is revenge and punishment. "Nikki wants to play with you Alexa!" This sets up a 'Playground' match for Wrestlemania, which is essentially just a Falls Count Anywhere hardcore match with a few childhood items in there. Nikki dives off a slide onto Alexa, Alexa breaks a wooden rocking horse across Nikki's back, Nikki tries to strangle Alexa with a skipping rope, all of that silly bollocks. The closing spot sees Bliss on a platform up high. Cross removes a cloth to reveal a huge ball pit covered with a stack of tables. Cross goes up after Bliss and lifts her up for a huge air raid crash down into the pit. Cross picks up the win and Bliss is taken away by medical staff. The spot can be used as a way for Bliss to "break free" from this hypnotic state and she can recieve treatment and return as a normal wrestler. Was all of that stupid? Yeah but it's a bit of fun init.

The New Day Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are the Raw Tag Champions and they propose a gauntlet match for all the Raw tag teams. Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) start against AJ Styles & Omos. Styles & Omos make quick work of them and also defeat Hurt Business members Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin afterwards. The New Day are next as the final scheduled opponent, they wrestle their best but Styles & Omos defeat them and believe they have became the new Raw Tag Champions. However, Adam Pearce reveals there is one more secret team to enter. It is the returning Viking Raiders! Erik & Ivar go on a spree for 5 minutes, knock Omos off the apron and finish off Styles with their Viking Experience to win the Championships. Styles argues and blames Omos for their failure, Omos lifts Styles up and drops him with that double handed choke bomb thing that all giants seem to use. Yeah I don't really care for Omos much as a wrestler and I didn't really care much for him and Styles as a tag team. I'd add him into the Hurt Business after this.

Next is a singles match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. This is billed simply as the current best women's wrestler being challenged by the next best thing. Ripley wants to prove herself whilst Charlotte looks to prove Rhea is far from ready. They go out there and have an awesome match as expected but Charlotte actually wins, slipping out of a Riptide into a Natural Selection for the pin. "Ugh but Charlotte always wins lol" I've had her lose at 3 Wrestlemania in a row, but also its all part of longer story.

Edge and Sami Zayn start feuding ahead of Wrestlemania with Edge criticising Zayn for being a chicken shit when he used to be a phenomenonal wrestler. Edge is trying to bring out the old Sami Zayn. Zayn thinks Edge is being rude which is very un-Canadian and he claims that Edge is a detriment to all Canadians. This leads to a segment where Zayn hosts a Citizenship Test for Edge who gets every single answer correct. Zayn is mad by this and attacks Edge. Zayn thinks Edge takes his Canadian heritage for granted, he introduces someone who is a perfect embodiment of what it means to be Canadian and he isn't even Canadian. It is Logan Paul. He gifts Logan an honorary Canadian citizenship and asks him to be in his corner as he fights Edge at Wrestlemania. Paul agrees but also bigs up Edge as a hero of his. At Wrestlemania, Edge tells Zayn to leave the weak bullshit behind and bring his best. They have a great 10-15 minutes match, Zayn tries to get Paul to cheat but Logan won't do it. Edge defeats Zayn clean, afterwards Logan KOs Zayn with a right punch. He raises Edge's hand, but Edge drops Logan with a spear anyways because haha, it couldn't happen to a better person.

The first main event for Wrestlemania is still a Women's match. At Wrestlemania 36, Sasha turns heel and aligns with SD Women's champion Bayley to rule over the women's division. Their partnership lasts the majority of the year but it falls apart as Bayley sees Sasha'a worth diminish and attacks her. This sets up their feud towards the end of 2020 which culminates in a TLC match at, well, TLC. After Sasha finally defeats Bayley for the title, the winner of the MITB Asuka cashes in and takes the title for herself. The following month however, Sasha Banks wins the Royal Rumble and immediately sets her sights on a rematch with the Empress. Asuka vs Sasha Banks for 20+ minutes sounds like an amazing main event match to me, plus they fought each other the previous Wrestlemania but neither woman defeated the other. After an epic match, Sasha Banks defeats Asuka to win the championship and closes out Night 1.

The opening match of Night 2 is called 'Meat-Mania'. Defending IC champion Big E challenges a roster full of big strong lads to a brawl of pure beef. Featuring are Cesaro, Sheamus, Otis, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. 10-15 minutes of big meaty men, slapping meat. I'd have Sheamus walk out of the match as winner, finally capturing the only championship that has eluded him throughout his WWE career.

After Randy Orton wraps up his feud with Edge by mid 2020, he forms a bond with fellow heel Kevin Owens. Both men tell each other that they have a track record of betrayal and not being a good friend but still they cannot deny they work well together. Throughout the early stages of their alliance, both men tease and also expect the other man to betray them but it doesn't happen just yet. Their team name is R-KO, because of course it is. Their loose alliance seems to be beneficial as they even have a short reign as SD Tag champs but they lose the titles before the end of the year. In the 2021 Royal Rumble, Orton eliminates Owens from the match. The signs all point to a fallout and then Owens getting a revenge betrayal but actually Owens forgives Randy almost immediately. "I should learn to be a better friend, but also it is everyman for themselves in that match so what you did was understandable." Orton is surprised by this and the team stick together for a few more weeks until Orton officially break them up by turning on Owens once more, attacking him after they lose a title match against the New Day. He justifies himself with 2 reasons. He simply was getting the foot ahead as he expected Owens would get a revenge betrayal on him. Also, if Owens never was going to get revenge then he exposed himself as being weaker than Orton thought he was and he doesn't associate with weakness. Those are delusional reasons, but you can be delusional as a heel. Owens turns face and now he really is after revenge at Wrestlemania. They have a good match with Owens wins countering an RKO into a stunner.

Shayna Baszler wins the Raw Women's Championship at Wrestlemania 36 and I'd give her a full year as champion, lining up and knocking down any challenger in sight. I would also still have her form an alliance with Nia Jax, Nia being Shayna's extra muscle especially in the final few months of her reign where she feels like she is in jeopardy. Nia Jax agrees to help Shayna as long as there is a promised Championship match down the line. Baser agrees but keeps putting the match off. Ahead of Wrestlemania, Bianca Belair wins at Elimination Chamber to book her a match with Shayna Baszler who she fought many times in NXT but was never able to defeat. Nia was in that match too and Baszler is mad that Nia failed to to win the match. Nia Jax is sick of being the lackey and eventually demands Shayna give her the title match or she'll guarantee she walks out of Wrestlemania empty handed. Baszler reluctantly agrees and has Nia added into her match with Bianca. The two "allies" work together to put Bianca out on the floor, but the EST of WWE cannot be kept down. Bianca hits a KOD to Baszler but she rolls out of the ring. Bianca then hits a stunning KOD to Nia Jax and pins her to win the championship. Bianca's KOD to Piper Niven last year was very impressive. Could she do it to Nia? Maybe, maybe not, I'm choosing maybe.

Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode) defend their SD Tag Championships against Rey & Dominik Mysterio. This happened at Wrestlemania Backlash in real life and it was good. There isn't much to add here, I just think the first ever Father & Son WWE tag champions would be a nice moment to have on a Wrestlemania stage rather than in front of nobody. The Mysterios get their win and have a lovely family moment.

The only match I haven't changed on here is surprisingly Miz & Morrison vs Damian Priest & Bad Bunny. I think this was the best use of all participants and Bad Bunny came off extremely well here. The best celebrity wrestling performance in WWE history until Logan Paul starts getting into the ring. Bad Bunny & Priest still get themselves the win.

So Roman Reigns defends his title WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins. Reigns returns and defeats Cesaro for the championship at Payback and we'll see him hold this for a loooooong time. Reigns faces Rollins at the Royal Rumble and retains although the referee missed a 3 count where Rollins had it won. Then at Fastlane, Reigns defended his championship against Bryan with Rollins as the special enforcer. Again, Reigns is beaten, this time he taps to the Yes Lock but the referee doesn't notice it and Rollins doesn't point it out. Bryan gets into it with Rollins over this, Rollins superkicks him and inadvertently helps Reigns retain. With both Rollins and Bryan upset with their matches, Adam Pearce books them into a triple threat match at Wrestlemania. I imagine this would be just as good as the triple threat we got in reality, and I would still have Reigns walk out as the WWE champion.

Mike Roma announces that the previous match was our in-ring main event, but we do have one final match left to air tonight.

At Survivor Series 2020, the Undertaker comes out to celebrate 30 years of his career in front of his friends, rivals and the Thunderdome. "There comes a time where every cowboy has his last ride. At Wrestlemania 36, I think I had mine. Thank you for everything. I am officially retiring as a professional wrestler." As Undertaker bids farewell, the lights glitch and start going out. Then we hear we're really glad that you're our friend. Cos this is a friendship that should never ever end. Bray Wyatt comes out and talks about Undertaker's legendary career. "Yowie Wowie Mark, you have done it all! Maybe it is time for you to give this whole thing up. Except, you can't can you? What are you going to do without wrestling? Start your own YouTube channel? Start appearing on Daytime TV? Wrestling is your life and I know that you cannot simply walk away. Don't worry Marky Mark! I have your solution. HE, is your solution. We fought each other over 6 years ago at Wrestlemania and I changed you. Imagine what HE can do for you. You cannot resist this sport, but the Fiend, he can help you. All you have to let him in." Undertaker does not respond, he simply turns and leaves. I think it's worth doing a quick overview of what the Fiend character is all about at this stage. It should be similar to how I fantasy booked the Fiend myself (go check out that article). The Fiend doesn't go after Championships. He goes after ghosts from his past, Bray Wyatts past. He calls it "making amends" and thinks by attacking, defeating and changing all of his former allies and rivals that he is healing through hurting. He feels pretty satisfied with his work thus far but he has one final job to do. He must send off the Deadman into the sunset. The weeks leading to Wrestlemania, Wyatt talks in depth about the parallels between him and the Undertaker. He talks about no matter what he has done, he has always been viewed as inferior to Undertaker, just another copy. He can never step out of his shadow and at this point he doesn't want to. All he wants, all the Fiend wants, is the make amends with the Undertaker once and for all, so that both his and Undertaker's souls can rest in peace. Eventually, Undertaker returns and calls out Bray Wyatt and they agree to match of the ages. "You bring your world, and I'll bring mine." We get a Firefly Boneyard Match. Bear with me here, because I'm just going full creative writing with this one.

Our scene begins at a graveyard, dimly lit by floodlights, the very one that Undertaker fought and buried Aleister Black at the previous year, we even see a headstone reading "RIP Black". Undertaker arrives on his motorcycle, listening to his favourite rock band, Limp Bizkit. He walks around the grounds stoicly looking for a sign of Bray Wyatt anywhere. He sees no one, it's quiet and empty except for one out of place object. An old wooden rocking chair. Taker smiles to himself. He sits himself down in the chair, he lights a cigar and he waits. It's not long until all we can hear is the maniacal laughter of Bray Wyatt. "Let the show commence!" Undertaker is teleported away, the wooden chair is left rocking in the wind. Undertaker is teleported to a dark room but he sees a light in the distance. He is dressed in civilian clothes and the screen effect is black and white. As Taker walks closer and closer to the light, the noise of a crowd grows louder and so does the voice of someone taking to the crowd. Eventually he can hear what they are saying; "Everybody has got a price, for the Million Dollar Man, so without further ado, I will introduce to you now my mystery partner. Let to the ring by his manager, Brother Love, weighing in at 320 pounds, from Death Valley, I give you...the Undertaker!! Hahaha!" As the man finishes his sentence, Undertaker steps out in front of the crowd. He is no longer wearing his civilian clothes, he is dressed like he was when he made his WWE debut at Survivor Series in 1990. He makes his eerie walk to the ring, inside the ring is Bray Wyatt dressed up as Ted DiBiase awaiting his mystery partner. "Look at the size of that ham hoc!" Says Mercy the Buzzard on commentary. Undertaker makes his way to the ring accompanied by Bruce Pritchard as Brother Love. Wyatt speaks "Here is where it all the started, the legendary Western Mortician debuts at Survivor Series! Everybody does indeed have a price, even before you were famous this was all about money for you. I mean, why else would you continue to wrestle 10 years after you're prime? Still, you came into the WWE as the most dominant force ever seen! Well," The rooms spins and transforms, Undertaker is still in his original attire and Bray Wyatt now stands before him dressed as Hulk Hogan. "Watcha gonna doooo when Hulkamania refuses to job to you!!?" Undertaker attacks 'Hulk' Wyatt and chokes him out. He drops him with a tombstone piledriver but Wyatt kicks out at 1 and starts hulking up. He does the classic Hogan comeback and when he does the leg drop the screen goes black. Then we hear a single bong. Undertaker's eyes are open but he's shrouded in darkness. He can hear the muffled voice of Ted DiBiase again but this time its different. "Well this is it. Its Summerslam. I don't have any idea what Paul Bearer is going to bring to Summerslam tonight. But the Million Dollar Man, brings to you once again. The one, the only, from the darkside, the Undertaker! Hahaha!" Undertaker comes out once more, this time on his own. Its Summerslam 1994 and he is playing the role of the Fake Undertaker that DiBiase brought in. After his entrance, a man cosplaying as Paul Bearer comes down and introduces the real Undertaker, and it is Bray Wyatt entering the scene dressed as Undertaker. Wyatt and Undertaker stand face to face. A referee rings the bell and Wyatt just decimate Undertaker. He's talking whilst he's giving him a beating; "can you remember how boring this was? This match took forever! Don't worry, I do things better in my world." After a minute of assault, Wyatt has Undertaker up and hits a tombstone for the 1-2...Undertaker kicks out and sits up and we hear a crack of lightning. He stares in Wyatts eyes and says "you want to play mind games with me boy? I'll show you how its done."

Both men teleport away and now we are in an NXT arena, MVP stands in the ring. "Making his way to the ring, accompanied by his pro *redacted*, Husky Harris!" Bray Wyatt enters in his old Husky Harris persona. He laughs to himself "good one deadman! Touché!" He's accompanied by a man wearing a paper bag over his head, which is representing Cody Rhodes who was Harris' NXT Pro and also did the paper bag gimmick. Undertaker's voice echoes over the scene "you can mock my early years as much as you want, but at least I wasn't given a babysitter to help me grow". Wyatt responds, still fighting MVP "You had it easier deadman, you didn't have the same hoops to jump through like I did. You could have gotten away with murder, literally! Here, I'll show you." Wyatt drops MVP with a huge clothesline and teleports. The scene changes again. We get an intro for a TV programme named 'Collar & Elbow', in the style of Law & Order. Various wrestlers doing police things are in the intro. Afterwards we enter a courtroom with judge Wyatt residing, four police officers on guard (Tyler Breeze & Fandango as well as Bradshaw & Faarooq aka the APA). The defendant is Mark Calaway who is being represented by Vince McMahon who is wearing a neck brace similar to when he was taken to court in the 90s. The plaintiff is the United States represented by 3 American heroes; Kurt Angle, Mark Henry and the Patriot (Hulk Hogan in a mask). Judge Wyatt says "the jury has reached a verdict here today and hereby finds Mr Mark Calaway guilty on 2 counts of murder, 7 counts of attempted murder, several counts of grievous bodily harm, several counts of kidnapping, several counts of aggravated assault and 1 count of setting fire to a Teddy Bear. Mr Calaway, you are wrestle for an eternity!" The words eternity repeat over and over, ringing in the brain of Undertaker. A dream bubble appears above his head where we see the closing moments of Wrestlemania 50, Bron Breakker is holding the WWE championship and then we hear Undertaker's music plays. Druids wheel down a casket to the ring, they open it and a Dusty old skeleton falls out onto the mat. We hear a sitcom laugh track as the bubble pops. Undertaker rises to his feet "ENOUGH!" More lightning and the scene goes dark.

Both men are out and they reawaken in the graveyard. "The time for tricks and jokes are over son, it's ass whipping time." Now we get a brawl around the graveyard, Undertaker kicking some serious ass around. Wyatt is clearly rocked. He teleports away and appears on the roof of the shack to try and get some breathing room, but Undertaker teleports behind him and continues the beating. Eventually Wyatt rakes at the eyes and gets some space. "You're putting up a hell of a fight ol' yella, but how will you fare when you face your own demons?" Wyatt kneels and opens his arms, behind him rising from the ground are various forms of the Undertaker. We have the Ministry of Darkness version, Big Evil, American Badass, the Last Outlaw (with the shaved his head) and the classic modern Phenom. Undertaker fights all 5 of his identities at once, he holds his own for a while but the numbers advantage is slowly gaining on him. Wyatt shouts "no one can save you now deadman!" That's when a fiery blaze erupts from the ground and when the flames die down, Kane stands in the graveyard, the Brothers of Destruction ride one last time. Together, they clear out all of the evil Undertaker's and vanquish them. They double chokeslam Wyatt into an empty grave and do that arm raise pose they do together. Just as it seems like Undertaker is victorious, all of the lighting goes out. Red smoke fills the area and a gloved hand appears from the grave. The Fiend has arrived.

The Fiend fights off both men and subdues Kane with the mandible claw. Kane passes out and Fiend throws him into a grave which sets alight. This is a symbolic end to Kane as an active wrestler. The Fiend and Undertaker go at it and the Fiend is a power that Undertaker has never had to come up against in his career. The Fiend takes every shot with ease and hits back twice as hard. The Fiend taunts a weakened Undertaker. The Deadman says "its time you recieved a taste of your own medicine." He summons a barrage of lightning that lights up the shack on site. The walls fall away and dozens of men wearing a variety of sheep masks, also several long haired men wearing jeans and stained white vests. An ode to the Wyatt Family and the late Brodie Lee. The Fiend is swarmed by the masses but he is so powerful and wipes out all of his attackers. Undertaker says "I understand you Bray, maybe more than anyone else. I understand what your character stands for, because the Undertaker does the same. Every bad thing that has ever happened to you, every wrong turn your life or your career has taken has led you to this moment. The parallels between the Undertaker and the Fiend, between Mark Calaway and Windham Rotunda, are very apparent. Don't be confused Windham, you are not my inferior and you are not living in my shadow. You are my equal." The Fiend seems to falter a little bit, but quickly snaps back and screams. "I DEFEATED YOU AT WRESTLEMANIA. I ENDED YOUR STREAK. WE ARE NOT EQUALS. YOU ARE A GHOST I MUST EXORCISE". As Undertaker and Fiend brawl one last time, the setting of it glitches back and forth between the Graveyard and Wrestlemania 30, where Wyatt ended the legendary streak. Like at Wrestlemania, The Fiend hits a barrage of Sister Abigails for the 1-2...Undertaker kicks out. The Fiend is in shock and we're permanently back in the graveyard. Undertaker slowly gets to his feet, The Fiend traps him in the mandible claw. Taker fires back with a one handed choke. They struggle for control but they both wander over towards a grave site. Undertaker knows what he must do, he throws himself and Wyatt into the grave. Fire and smoke burst out of the grave and we get a mini fire display from the graveyard. We fade to black.

We return for one final time to the Firefly Funhouse but it looks very different. It is worn down and empty. No puppets, no haunted paintings, no references or anything. Like an empty apartment. All that remains the old TV showing the end of a black and white movie, reading "fin" and also the sign on the door that says "Abandon all hope ye who exit here". Mark Calaway and Windham Rotunda stand face to face. Windham extends a handshake, Calaway turns it into a hug. "Thank you, for setting me free." Says Windham. Calaway says "I should thank you for doing the same." They both walk out of the Firefly Funhouse door, the lights go out. This is the retirement of the Undertaker for good. This is the end of The Fiend saga too. Unfortunately, this is the last Wrestlemania match for Bray Wyatt, who gets released but returns then sadly passes away after fighting illness throughout 2023. I think this is a perfect way to wrap up both mens careers, with a stupidly wacky trip down memory lane.

So, that's it. Let me know what you think of my Firefly Boneyard match, because I don't think it's for everyone. Here is the full card I booked:

Night 1

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Drew McIntyre, Universal Championship

Matt Riddle (c) vs Chad Gable, US Championship

Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross, Playground match

New Day (c) vs Hurt Business vs Styles & Omos vs Lucha House Party vs Viking Raiders, Raw Tag Championships

Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley

Edge vs Sami Zayn

Asuka (c) vs Sasha Banks, SD Women's Championship

Night 2

Big E (c) vs vs Cesaro vs Sheamus vs Braun Strowman vs Otis vs Samoa Joe, Meat-Mania for IC Championship

Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens

Shayna Baszler (c) vs Nia Jax vs Bianca Belair, Raw Women's Championship

Dirty Dawgs (c) vs Los Mysterios, SD Tag Championships

Miz & Morrison vs Damian Priest & Bad Bunny

Roman Reigns (c) vs Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan, WWE Championship

The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt, Firefly Boneyard match

Thank you for reading, check in tomorrow for my coverage of Wrestlemania 38, a bit of a mid show this one. Still plenty to like, but a lot of poor booking decisions I think, including the world title unification. See you then!


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