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  • Connor Ewens

Fantasy Booking: Wrestlemania VI

We begin a new decade for the WWF, still very much deep in the Golden era however the decline of business is in the near future. Wrestlemania VI is the first to be held outside of the USA. The most significant thing about this show is of course the 'Ultimate Challenge' main event where Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior clashed with all the gold on the line. It was a real clash of the titans epic and it absolutely met the high expectations they had. Here is a quick reminder of the full card we got:

Rick Martel vs Koko B. Ware

Colossal Connection (c) vs Demolition, Tag Championships

Earthquake vs Hercules

Brutus Beefcake vs Mr Perfect

Roddy Piper vs Bad News Brown

Hart Foundation vs Bolsheviks

The Barbarian vs Tito Santana

Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire vs Randy Savage & Queen Sherri

Orient Express vs The Rockers

Jim Duggan vs Dino Bravo

Ted DiBiase (c) vs Jake Roberts, Million Dollar Championship

Big Boss Man vs Akeem

Rick Rude vs Jimmy Snuka

Hulk Hogan (WWF) vs Ultimate Warrior (IC), WWF & IC Championships

Once again we have a card way longer than it needs to be. Lot's of filler matches no one cares about. A lot of questionable booking choices. Why did we need to saddle Dusty with Sapphire who was a black hole of entertainment? Why did Roddy Piper paint himself half black for his match? Why did we only get 19 seconds worth of Hart Foundation? This is a one match show. WWE, here is how I would have done it.

We begin with a rendition of O Canada instead of America the Beautiful which is a nice change of pace.

The first match to air is a Tag Team Eliminator match between two former tag team champions; Demolition & Hart Foundation. It is technically face vs face but Demolition are a touch more aggressive than expected. A miscommunication sees Ax wipe out Smash, Bret Hart rolls up Ax to win the match. As the Harts celebrate, Demolition attack them and turn heel in the process. In reality, they won the tag titles and turned heel anyways but didn't have a memorable reign. They eventually dropped them to the Harts anyways, so I would prefer a long harts run and they can feud with Demolition throughout the Summer.

Match number 2 is former friends turned foes, Tito Santana vs Rick Martel. Following the previous Mania, Martel becomes 'The Model' and does some great character work. I would have Martel avoid facing Santana all throughout 1989. They occasionally cross paths in tag matches but Martel avoids as much contact as possible. They fight in the Royal Rumble in which Martel uses his atomiser in the eyes of Santana and eliminates him. President Tunney finally books Martel and Santana in a match at Wrestlemania, knowing Martel won't want to chicken out in his home country. These two should be great opponents, they had great chemistry together as a team. Martel cheats to win in his home nation, which will probably get him more cheers than boos but that doesn't matter.

The WWF women's championship was deactivated in February in real life. I would cancel that plan. Instead, Sensational Sherri spends weeks and weeks criticising Rockin' Robin as being a poor representation for real women, setting up a rare PPV women's match. It shouldn't go very long, but both of these women were solid for wrestling at the time. Sherri gets the victory to become WWF Women's champion, now more than ever feeling like the Queen of the WWF.

Rick Rude takes on Roddy Piper in a feud that has been building since Summer of 1989. At the MSG show in December, I would have Rick Rude win the steel cage match by escaping the cage. Piper then wants a rematch but Rude keeps refusing. To get his match, he runs in on Rude's title match with the Ultimate Warrior, costing him the IC championship yet again. Rude says one more match at Wrestlemania, any match Piper wants. Piper is happy because he chooses, a dog collar match. Have you watched Valentine vs Piper at Starrcade in 1983? It was fucking brutal. I doubt Vince's WWF would allow me to have such a barbaric match, but fuck you this is my fantasy booking. Piper and Rude go to war in the dog collar match, Piper eventually making Rude submit by choking him from behind with the chain.

We get that tag match between the Orient Express and the Rockers because it was good, all I would change is having an actual clean finish. The Rockers go over so they can build momentum in the tag division. As a little side note, I would have them win the tag championships for real later in 1990 and it be properly recognised.

Ted DiBiase defends his Million Dollar championship against Terry Taylor. I would build this following last years Wrestlemania. Taylor gets a mini push with some notable midcard wins, challenging for the IC championship and generally being around good company. DiBiase says he misses the Red Rooster and tries to hire Taylor to be his mascot. Taylor refuses and sets up this match with the title on the line, but if Taylor loses he must work for DiBiase as the Red Rooster. This is going to be my first dusty finish in 6 Wrestlemania bookings. Taylor wins by DQ after Virgil gets involved to save his boss from defeat. Taylor doesn't have to be the Rooster but also isn't the champion. I'm going to keep Taylor around in future, I know he leaves for WCW in June and then returns to WWE in 1992. However, since I destroyed the rooster gimmick I think he would stick around, especially with the way I've booked him.

Next on the card is Dusty Rhodes vs Randy Savage. No Sapphire. Why did they make this more complicated than it had to be? The feud is so easy to build! Randy is the obnoxious Macho King, feels he is bigger and better than everyone else, looks down on commoners. Dusty is the "common man", the every day blue collar guy that everyone can relate to. It writes itself! We don't need the extra attachments. Dusty is past his prime but he is still so charismatic and loved by the fans, Savage is of course still one of the best active wrestlers. Savage should stay on the offensive as much as possible but Dusty has his baby face fired up moments. Dusty picks up the victory after rolling out of the way from Savage's diving elbow drop and he rolls him up. I would love to book more of Dusty in WWE but he would be back in WCW this time next year.

The Hart Foundation challenge the Colossal Connection for their tag titles. Haku will be in the ring mostly for the heels, Andre can come in now and then for a couple of moves but he is far too limited to compete much. Keep this below 10 minutes, a Hart attack to Haku secures the Harts their second tag championships.

The semi-main is a number 1 contender match between Jake Roberts and Mr Perfect, the winner getting an IC title opportunity in the near future. I would have Mr Perfect go over here by cheating. More on this future title shot after the main event.

Nothing needs to be changed in the double title main event at all. It went down in the best way possible. Both champions looked equally powerful. Warrior went over clean to establish himself as the new top face. The match was great and botch free. It was the brightest timeline. A couple days after this win, Ultimate Warrior would relinquish the IC title to focus on being a world champion. As the recent number 1 contender winner, management decide that match was for the IC championship instead, so Mr Perfect is handed over the title. Roberts disagrees with the decision due to the cheating and they feud throughout the year. I would want Roberts to win a singles title at some point. He deserved it.

There we have it, another Wrestlemania rebooked. Here is a recap of the final card:

Hart Foundation vs Demolition, Tag Eliminator

Tito Santana vs Rick Martel

Rockin' Robin (c) vs Sensational Sherri, Women's Championship

Roddy Piper vs Rick Rude, Dog Collar match

Orient Express vs The Rockers

Ted DiBiase (c) vs Terry Taylor, Million Dollar Championship

Dusty Rhodes vs Randy Savage

Colossal Connection (c) vs Hart Foundation, Tag Championships

Jake Roberts vs Mr Perfect, IC Championship number 1 contender

Hulk Hogan (WWF) vs Ultimate Warrior (IC), WWF & IC Championships

Bueno? No? Lemme know what you think and tune in tomorrow for another rebooking. Tomorrow, things get tough. These Wrestlemania's so far have been easier to rebook because there is less storyline changes needed. A lot of poor decisions were made in the lead up the Wrestlemania VII, I am prepared to make A LOT of changes. Spoiler alert, no exploiting the Iraq war. Thanks again, see you tomorrow!


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