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  • Connor Ewens

Fantasy Booking: Wrestlemania XXVII (& The Nexus)

Wrestlemania 27 is often forgotten about, but my god is it a fucking awful show. A ridiculous opening promo from The Rock which lasted forever, I think its still ongoing now. Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole might be the worst Wrestlemania match of all time, made even worse when Cole won and stayed on commentary for another half of the show being insufferable to listen to. The Corre were buried in less than 2 minutes, who the fuck cares although 4 men were part of the hottest wrestling angle the previous summer. Snooki, star from the Jersey Shore wrestled, for some reason, did that attract anyone to buy a ticket to Wrestlemania? Of course the cherry on this pile of shit was the boring and overbooked main event between The Miz and John Cena which ended in count out but was restarted after The Rock beat up a laptop. There is barely anything good enough to rewatch, Undertaker vs Triple H was great but man was it a slow burner. Here is a look at the full card:

Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio, Heavyweight Championship

Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio

Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston & Santino Marella vs The Corre

Randy Orton vs CM Punk

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler

The Undertaker vs Triple H, No Holds Barred

John Morrison, Snooki & Trish Stratus vs Dolph Ziggler & LayCool

The Miz (c) vs John Cena, WWE Championship

After 27 years, it is embarrassing that this is the quality they thought would be acceptable. So many shortcomings, so many missed opportunities and so many needless decisions. There are infinite ways this show could have been done better. Here is one of them. WWE, this is how its done.

As you may have noticed from the title, I cannot rebook this Wrestlemania without talking about the Nexus. A major booking blunder. The Nexus were one of the hottest angles WWE ran in years, then almost immediately cut the legs off by having the faction lose to John Cena and his team at Summerslam. Cena made this call, and even he has since agreed it was the wrong one to make. No one from the Nexus truly recovered, a possible future world champion in Barrett never made it to that level and the rest of the faction achieved little success and were borderline jobbers at times. For our new timeline today, we're changing history. So yesterday we covered Wrestlemania 26 and Edge walked out of the show as the Heavyweight champion, Cena as the WWE champion and Sheamus as the MITB holder. He is also the European champion, winning the US title and reintroducing the classic belt. I'd have Edge hold on to his Heavyweight title for a few months following Wrestlemania, defeating Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules in a rematch. On June 7th, like what actually happened, the Nexus invade and destroy Raw laying waste to anyone in their path. They tear up the ring, attack announcers, what doesn't happen is Daniel Bryan getting suspended for choking Justin Roberts with his tie. They declare war on WWE as the next generation of stars; Daniel Bryan, Darren Young, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Heath Slater and the leader, Wade Barrett. At the Fatal Four Way PPV, Edge defends his Heavyweight title against CM Punk, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio when the Nexus attacks. They lay waste to all 4 men before posing in the crowd. Sheamus runs in with his briefcase and quickly cashes in, he scores a quick 1-2-3 count and becomes the new Heavyweight champion. He runs away before the Nexus come for him too. Later in the show, John Cena defends in another 4-way match featuring Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Big Show. The Nexus try to invade once again, but the WWE locker room are out this time to fight and prevent it. Cena retains but the Nexus return at the end of the show to decimate him. The black and yellow faction also lay waste to General Manager Bret Hart, who is forced to vacate his role and he is replaced by the Anonymous GM. We'll talk about that more later on.

We don't see the Nexus in-ring every week yet but every once in a while we will be interrupted by feedback and a promo package by the Nexus. "Don't forget about us. We could strike at any moment." Following the events of Fatal Four Way, the new GM books a special match for the following Money in the Bank show. To prevent two world title matches being interfered with, we'll have one match with both titles on the line. He forces WWE champion John Cena to team with Heavyweight champion Sheamus to face the number 1 contenders. Former Heavyweight champion Edge and the winner of a number 1 contender match, which should be Jericho. Rated Y2J are forced to team once again even though they hate each other, a little extra flavour to the match. On top of that, the GM makes it a tag steel cage match AND will have members of the roster surrounding the ring preventing another invasion. I'm sure that will go down as planned. So at the MITB event, there is only going to be 1 ladder match because 3 MITB winners in one year is excessive. 8 men compete for the briefcase and the winner is...none of them. Towards the end of the match as Christian is moments away from booking himself a world title match whenever he wants, The Nexus strike. They wipe out all of the competitors and Barrett climbs up to collect the briefcase. He acknowledges himself as the winner, though WWE and commentary do not. "Hopefully this is the last of Nexus we see tonight" Oh Michael, you would be wrong. In the main event, the double title steel cage match. Whoever is pinned or submitted loses their titles, if both Edge and Jericho escape the cage first then they both win championships. This makes all 4 men act selfishly throughout the match, wanting to secure their own win rather than a team win. The Nexus come out wielding weapons and begin to make their way towards the cage. There is a big mass brawl, the chaos provides Cena Sheamus enough time to escape the cage and the Nexus. Sheamus is very pleased celebrating in the crowd but Cena is not.

Cena has had enough, as has the rest of the WWE roster and they lay out the ultimate challenge for Survivor Series. It'll be an 8v8 elimination tag. Team WWE is made up of Cena, Sheamus, R-Truth, Edge, Jericho, The Miz, Christian and William Regal. 5 of those men were actually Pros to the NXT rookies in season 1 of NXT. A natural story there of them feeling hard done by. The match begins similarly to what we got. Young and Tarver eliminated quickly and early by the veteran William Regal. After the Nexus regroup, Daniel Bryan squares off with William Regal. After a 5+ minute encounter, Bryan outwrestles Regal and catches him in a pinfall. The Miz is in there to lay the kicks in to his former rookie. Sheffield is in and he eliminates both Miz and R-Truth following big clotheslines. Skip is eliminated after taking finishers by both Edge and Jericho, the former getting the pinfall. The former friends now enemies bicker over who was responsible for that elimination, allowing Slater to roll up Edge for the pin. Jericho laughs, so Edge spears him and Jericho is pinned by Slater too. 5-3 in favour of the Nexus. Christian eliminates his former protégé Heath Slater but he is eliminated by Wade Barrett. 4-2. John Cena powers up and fights for his team. Cena eliminates Gabriel and then Otunga, we're all even again! Cena and Sheamus reluctantly stand side by side, ready to put an end to the Nexus once and far all, until Sheamus turns around and nails Cena with a Brogue Kick. He grabs a chair and nails Cena with it, getting himself disqualified. Cena eats a Wasteland by Barrett for the 1-2-3. The Nexus win.

The following night, Sheamus explains that he was approached by the Nexus before Summerslam. He hasn't been in the WWE all that long himself, they saw him as a member of the next generation of stars trying to make a name for himself amongst the giants of WWE. They respected what Sheamus had done, so they gave him an offer. Either join us, or suffer the consequences of being against us. Sheamus also vacates his European Championship and offers it to his Nexus members to fight over. Also on this show, Darren Young loses to Michael Tarver, a battle between two quickly eliminated members of Nexus. Young is forced out of the faction after his loss. Skip Sheffield is also pushed out too, seen as a weak link for getting injured (he got injured legit so they wrote him out). The Anonymous GM is impressed by Nexus' victory at Summerslam that he offers the rookies a permanent position on the main roster. At the next PPV Night of Champions; Daniel Bryan defeats Justin Gabriel to win the vacant European Championship, Sheamus retains his Heavyweight Championship against Edge, Wade Barrett defeats Randy Orton for the legitimate right to be called Mr Money in the Bank after Cody Rhodes turns heel on his mentor. John Cena defeats Chris Jericho in the WWE Championship main event, Jericho wagered he would leave WWE if he lost so he can leave WWE again for a little while. After the match, of course, the Nexus lay waste to John Cena. Wade Barrett walks down, briefcase in hand and successfully cashes in his title opportunity. Barrett walks out of Night of Champions the new WWE champion.

Michael Tarver is next to be attacked and removed from the Nexus seen as another weak link in their armour, but he is replaced by 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes. After his title win, Daniel Bryan reverts the European Championship back to the US title saying "They used to call me the American Dragon. With all due respect, I want to compete for this title, not the European one." This draws the ire of Sheamus and tensions between these two will slowly build over the next few months. In order to get himself a championship rematch at Hell in a Cell, John Cena has wagered his career against Wade Barrett's WWE championship. At the event, Sheamus retains his Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio. In the main event, Wade Barrett does manage to retain inside Hell in a Cell thanks to surprise attacks from Nexus' newest two members. Husky Harris and Michael McGuillicutty. Barrett is jubilant in his monumental victory, then we hear "bong". Lights go out, as they come up, the Undertaker stands in front of them all. He hits all 3 men with chokeslams, but nails Barrett with a tombstone. He stares at a dejected Cena on the outside as the show goes off the air.

On the Raw after Hell in a Cell, we get a very touching farewell speech from John Cena, he leaves his hat, armband and t-shirt in the centre of the ring before leaving through the crowd. Later that same night, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel defeat the Hart Dynasty for the Unified Tag Championships. Those lovely brass pennies. In the lead up towards Survivor Series 2010, which is 20 years of the Undertaker by the way and I cannot believe WWE brought him back for a shit programme with Kane which didn't even take place at this event! What are you doing?! Anyways, Undertaker is back and he cannot thing of a better way to celebrate 20 years other than purging the Nexus out of the WWE. He challenges Wade Barrett at Survivor Series and he promises he will rest in peace. It is around this time when the Nexus members start to realise this cause is becoming less about them as a group changing the landscape and more about Barrett reigning as world champion. So, at Survivor Series; Edge finally defeats Sheamus in a Last Chance match reclaiming his Heavyweight Championship, also 5 members of the Nexus lose a 5v5 elimination tag match. 2 major losses for the faction, but Barrett doesn't care. In the closing moments of the show, Undertaker has Barrett rattled and weary, he is going for a last ride but a masked man wearing a Nexus hoodie jumps the barricade and attacks the Undertaker, the referee is distracted by other Nexus members trying to access the ring. The mystery man then lifts Undertaker up on his shoulders, hitting an Attitude Adjustment. He reveals himself to be John Cena. Barrett pins Undertaker and retains his title.

Wade Barrett reveals that he allowed Cena only one condition where he can return to the WWE, and that is as a member of the Nexus. John Cena apologises to the fans. "This is not what I want to do, but WWE and wrestling is everything to me, I need to be here. So if this is the only way I can be here, then I will play my part until I can figure out another solution." Barrett shushes any rumours of unhappiness in the Nexus, they are stronger than ever now they have Cena in their ranks. The faction does begin to grow with unrest, mostly Sheamus and Daniel Bryan who not only disagree with the leadership, but their rivalry is now getting physical between one another. So at TLC; Cody Rhodes wins the IC Championship from Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeat Slater & Gabriel for the Unified Tag Championships, Edge defeats Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus & Rey Mysterio to retain the Heavyweight Championship. In the main, it is a No DQ match for the WWE title between Wade Barrett and Randy Orton. Before the match begins, the nexus members are lined up on the ramp as we hear "bong". Lights out, lights come back up and the Undertaker is stood at ringside. He nods to Orton as he stands guard. Barrett and Orton tear each other apart, anytime a Nexus member tries to help Barrett out Undertaker is there to eliminate the threat. He even holds his own in a significant numbers advantage, but not forever. Both Cody Rhodes and John Cena manage to get in the ring and help Barrett beat Orton down. Undertaker does manage to recover though, he has chokeslams lined up for everyone in his path, which might not be a great thing. He gets sprayed in the eyes with mace, pepper spray or whatever you want to call it. He's fighting blind when a member of the Nexus bumps into him and he instinctively hits him with a chokeslam. Except, that isn't a member of the Nexus. It was Randy Orton. Once again, Wade Barrett escapes with his world title and Orton is PISSED. He has RKOs for everyone in sight, including Undertaker who takes his aggression out on.

We enter 2011 and Sheamus becomes the first member to willingly leave the Nexus, calling it a regime disguised as a brotherhood. This can begin a slow face turn for the Celtic Warrior he immediately begins targeting Daniel Bryan in his quest to bring down the Nexus. Husky Harris also leaves the Nexus as he is forced out as a "weak link", so he can go back to NXT and become the amazing Bray Wyatt character. Nexus bring in Mason Ryan and also Ezekiel Jackson to their ranks, bringing the membership up to 10. Barrett wants Cena to win the Royal Rumble so he can win the Heavyweight championship. There seems to be a clear divide now between original Nexus members who question Barrett's leadership and the newer members who are happy with how things are being ran. At the Royal Rumble event; Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan for the US Championship, Wade Barrett retains his WWE championship against Rey Mysterio who simply challenges him to outwrestle him. Barrett wins CLEAN, no interference, no Nexus, he is convinced by Rey to go out there and win on his own and he manages to do so successfully. Cena fails to win the Rumble, we will talk about who actually wins later on.

After his clean victory, Wade Barrett begins to realise that he doesn't need the Nexus anymore, he is strong enough on his own to be a champion. He is still very much a heel, but going forward he doesn't have the Nexus accompany him to the ring for his matches and goes out and wins on his own. He still takes a shortcut here and there, but he handles business alone and hopefully that gains the respect of the audience. Ahead of Elimination Chamber, it is revealed that a member of the Nexus will compete in the chamber for a WWE title opportunity, it ends up being John Cena of course. Cena beats 5 other men to get a WWE title shot. Also on that show, I'd have Rey Mysterio defeat Cody Rhodes for the IC championship, the Nexus have now won and lost every single title except for one, the title Barrett has held since September. Following Elimination Chamber the tensions within the Nexus reach an all time high. Bryan is fed up with Barrett's leadership and unites with Otunga, Slater and Gabriel to try and over throw. McGuillicutty, Ryan and Jackson stay loyal to Barrett and defend his honour. Cody Rhodes slowly distances himself from them and quietly leaves the faction, not wanting to be embroiled in a civil war. John Cena takes no sides. In the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, Barrett belittles Cena and demands that he lays down at Wrestlemania and accepts his fate without a fight. Eventually Cena snaps and stands up to Barrett. He finally has his opportunity to take down Barrett as his ruthless leader. Barrett says "Well John, I guess I will be retiring you after all. Once I defeat you at Wrestlemania, you will be out of the Nexus and out of my company."

So that in a nutshell is a rebooking of the Nexus angle going towards Wrestlemania, I'll go into a little extra context for some relevant matches we will be talking about. Now, let's actually talk about Wrestlemania. You can still have your opening promo by the Rock but for crying out loud, can you script it at least a little? Dwayne waffled on about Yabba-Dabba bullshit for far too long and it became tedious. The opening match should be a thrilling ladder match for the IC title. Rey Mysterio as champion defending against Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston and Alex Riley. Sounds alright doesn't it? An excuse to get all 6 men on the card for an exciting spot fest. I'd let Rey walk out as the champion still, a hot babyface win to open up the show.

Next up is a match between former mentor and protégé, The Miz vs Daniel Bryan. After their altercation in the big Summerslam match, I wouldn't have these two cross paths in the ring at all. Daniel Bryan has a big year as a major part of the Nexus and as the US champion, all of which The Miz can take credit for as his mentor. When The Miz is asked about how he feels about the collapse of the Nexus he mentions that some of them will be fine and they have him to thank for it. With the Nexus at civil war, we have two clear sides. The OG's led by Daniel Bryan and the New Nexus led by the one and true leader, Wade Barrett. The Miz tells Bryan that he is so proud of what he has become but he wants his flowers. He wants a public thank you and gesture of appreciation by Bryan for the mentoring he received in NXT. The Miz instead gets put in a LeBell lock and begging for mercy. This sets up the Wrestlemania match, a traditional singles but if Bryan loses he has to publicly thank and praise The Miz for his contributions to wrestling. These have chemistry together, plus Bryan is one of the best wrestlers on the planet so yeah it'll be good. Because I'm a bastard, I'd give Miz a cheap victory via cheating so that Bryan has to write a big thank you speech. Bryan can take the loss, plus you can get some good segments between these two and continue the feud after Wrestlemania. Maybe Bryan does give Miz a gesture of appreciation and it is another minute trapped in the LeBell lock or something.

As Cody Rhodes distances himself from the Nexus, he enters a feud with Rey Mysterio which happened in real life after Rey broke Cody's nose. Cody starts wearing a nose protector around this time and starts putting paper bags on peoples heads. Rhodes looks for revenge and defends his title against Rey at Elimination Chamber however an appearance from former Nexus ally Sheamus costs Cody the match and his title. Sheamus explains his actions as collecting debts for his time in the Nexus and sets up a singles match between these two with Sheamus US title on the line. This is only a couple of months into Sheamus' run as a face so I think he needs the win, plus his reign as US champion has only just begun.

Next is a 6-man Atlanta street fight. It's civil war!!! David Otunga, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel represent the OG Nexus when they face Mason Ryan, Ezekiel Jackson and Michael McGuillicutty of the New Nexus. I know this match probably won't interest many people, so we'll keep it brief. This should be like the 6-man street fight at Wrestlemania 13, where the Nation of Domination and the LOD went ham on each other with weapons. Give these guys a load of toys and 5-10 minutes and it'll be a little bit of fun. I don't really mind who wins here, let's say the Original Nexus win. You can go various ways with this. You could continue the Nexus civil war on TV, or separate the faction into 2 smaller factions, one led by Bryan and the other led by Barrett. You could have them all go their separate ways and split into solos and tag teams. Hopefully with how I presented them, they will not be viewed as glorified jobbers.

In February, Triple H returns to WWE. He comes out and talks about his extensive time off and what he has been up to. He is excited to be back and talks about his aspirations when he is interrupted by CM Punk. What has Punk been up to? Well the Straight Edge Society falls in September of 2010 and then Punk does commentary whilst he is injured for the rest of the year. Instead of becoming the next leader of the Nexus, I'd have Punk slowly begin his ascent to the main event scene permanently by being outspoken. He is still a heel, but some of the things he says have truth to them. He interrupts Triple H because he doesn't care what he has to say, and neither do the fans. "For 15 years Paul, we have had to listen-aaa, to your slow-aaa delivery of words-aaa. We are sick and tired of hearing from you. We want something else. We want CM Punk." For the following weeks HHH tries to go out there and talk with the fans and every time Punk is out there to "defend" his fans from him. This leads to Triple H challenging him to a match at Wrestlemania. This should essentially be their Night of Champions match except without the weapons and ridiculous levels of interference. These two worked really well together, they had chemistry. I think you have to have CM Punk win here. Neither man has much heat or momentum going for them at this point so a loss or a win doesn't hurt or hinder too much. However, Punk is about to have his biggest year ever soon so we need to be building him up in preparation for the title reign that reignited a spark within wrestling.

It is the women's wrestling piss break match. I'm sorry women, it isn't fair but that is how WWE is at this time. The intergender 6-man tag was the pits so let's scrap that. Now, what do we like? Well Trish Stratus of course, she is great. What else? Erm, well I had Natalya leave Wrestlemania 26 as the women's champion so she has momentum. LayCool are good heat magnets I guess. Let's wombo combo all the pieces. So, Natalya should hold the women's title until Night of Champions where Michelle McCool beats her to unify the Women's and Divas titles. They do NOT keep the Divas title. How fucken dare they keep that Claire's Accessorize looking shit. McCool beats her via Layla shenanigans and they declare themselves co-champions once more. After a few months of cheating to retain, Natalya costs McCool her match with Gail Kim and causes her to lose the title. Natalya becomes the top target for LayCool who promise to never forget what Natalya did to them. Natalya challenges them to a special Wrestlemania match alongside a Canadian friend of hers. Trish returns, huge pop, big match set up. I was originally going for the singles match but I think a tag match is good just to make sure Trish ain't showing signs of ring rust. LayCool are competent heels, Natalya is great, Trish is a legend. This has all the makings of a fun women's match that might prevent a load of people queuing for the toilet.

In the lead up towards Elimination Chamber, there is a battle of words between former rivals John Cena and Randy Orton. Orton calls out Cena for his lack of integrity whilst Cena really pushes the narrative that this was the only way to continue to work here. The back and forth bickering gets heated, but it all comes to hush when we hear "bong". The Undertaker makes his entrance. He stares down both men before grabbing the microphone. "It is once again, that time of year, when the Deadman rises to claim a soul and drag it down to hell. Both of you have crossed reaper and I will never forget. All that is to decide now, is who pays first. You will find out in due time." At Elimination Chamber we're down to 3 men; Cena, Orton and I dunno, Big Show for argument sake. Cena and Orton are both fatigued but are ready to fight some more. The lights go out, smoke fills the arena and as the lights return, the Undertaker stands there. He mouths 'Judgement Day has come'. He stares down both men, he gets in Cena's face first but he says "Not yet." He turns towards Orton and straight into a RKO. Orton is proud of himself until Taker sits up and begins stalking Orton. He eventually nails Orton with a chokeslam and a last ride, Cena pins and eliminates him. Orton is quite obviously annoyed about the whole thing, so he challenges the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. "Undertaker's Streak is a legend now, 18-0 at Wrestlemania. The thing is, you may be a legend, but I'm a legend killer." 7 years later than it happened in reality, I think Orton is a much better wrestler at this stage plus Undertaker is in his peak of wrestling the best match of the year once a year. Orton takes him to the limit, but Undertaker remains undefeated at Wrestlemania. One last tombstone gets him his 19-0 status.

So, Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler. If you think that I would just remove this match without a thought then you are dead wrong, because there is a way to do this right. One good timeline, and here it is. Michael Cole is the anonymous GM. It makes sense right? A dork who is too scared to be the real GM so he pretends he has a boss when actually he is just sending messages to himself to read aloud at wrestling shows. To me, that is the only way to anonymous GM angle works without being annoying. At first Cole runs things normally but gradually begins to favour the heels more and more, enjoying the chaos a little too much. Whilst this is going on, Michael Cole transitions into being the heel commentator. We cannot and I mean CANNOT keep Cole on commentary though if he is to be the insufferable heel. It is far too much exposure. Instead, I'd keep the anonymity up for most of 2010 but eventually there is the reveal. So, Jerry Lawler receives praise and an award for his lengthy service towards the WWE whether that be as a performer or a commentator. Cole is very jealous of this and begins to make his life significantly harder as the GM. By the end of the year though, Jerry Lawler figures out and has proof of Michael Cole being a lame douche of a GM, running Raw from his little smartphone. Afraid of the public eye, Cole resigns from his commentary post and we temporarily have the reunion of JR and Lawler on commentary. Cole resumes as the GM, making dickhead decisions and putting Lawler into matches against tough opponents. General heel moves from MC. Lawler talks about never competing at Wrestlemania and he wants to challenge Cole at the show of shows. After a series of training montages with Cole and Jack Swagger, Cole accepts the match under one condition. If Lawler loses, he is fired as a WWE commentator. "You can have your Hall of Fame ring and you're ceremony speech, but after that, you're gone for good." Lawler accepts, you can keep Steve Austin as the special referee because it is more fan intrigue. As the match starts, Swagger immediately drags Cole away and steps up to fight Lawler. Austin drops him with a stunner. Lawler then beats the crap out of the goofy Michael Cole for 5 minutes. He holds him in a headlock whilst Jim Ross whips him and then hits his famous fist drop from the second rope to win his first Wrestlemania match. It is a nice moment for the king, a nice way to break up longer matches and it is always nice to see Steve Austin. No more stupid laptop please.

Our penultimate match is for the Heavyweight championship. After coming fingertips away from winning the MITB briefcase, Christian finally guarantees himself a world championship match after winning the 2011 Royal Rumble, last eliminating Alberto Del Rio. Current Heavyweight champion Edge successfully defends the gold at the Elimination Chamber. The following Smackdown, Edge reveals that his time is running out for him. Unfortunately all of the injuries he has racked up have taken their toll. Wrestlemania 27 will be his last, he will reluctantly retire and he wants to retire as champion. However, he can only think of one man he would be willing to lose it to. He asks Christian to face him at Wrestlemania, Christian accepts but warns Edge that this match means more to him than Edge. Edge has proven himself as a world champion, but Christian has not won that accolade yet. Give these men 15-20 minutes to tell their story, incorporating elements of their past in The Brood and their feuds with the Hardy's and the Dudley's. You would assume that the best thing to do here is have Christian go over clean and be established as a new main eventer but actually I would have him lose here. Edge gets to "retire" as a world champion, Christian can still win the Heavyweight championship the next month in that ladder match but there is a story element that gradually turns him heel. He was not able to defeat Edge for the title and he feels inferior. That can come into play with his feud with Orton which was GREAT, though I would definitely give Christian more time as a world champion in 2011. Edge wins his final match, he embraces Christian in the ring and says goodbye to the crowd. He vacates the title the next night and retires for 9 years.

Our main event for Wrestlemania 27 is defending WWE champion Wade Barrett taking on his fellow Nexus stablemate, John Cena. Like I said in the build, Barrett is still a heel but finally taking matches on his own and trying to win through his skill alone and not with cheating and interference. Cena refuses to lay down for Barrett and instead looks for vengeance. The match plays out as a usual Cena vs heel match, Barrett controlling and Cena fighting from underneath. As the match progresses though, Cena becomes more and more aggressive and Barrett becomes more and more valiant. Cena hits his signature offence, even an AA but Barrett kicks out. Barrett uses sheer willpower to stay in the fight and manages to fight a comeback. They exchange big finishers but neither man can get the win. Then, all of the New Nexus members come out. They get on the apron and Wade Barrett orders them to stand down and go to the back. He doesn't want or need their help, he wants to do it alone. They don't listen, they stay stood on the apron. Barrett gets in Mason Ryan's face and demands they turn around and leave. Ryan grabs at Barrett's armband with the Nexus logo on it and pulls it off his arm. They step off the apron but stay at ringside, Barrett then turns around right into a final AA by Cena for the 1-2-3. Cena wins the WWE championship. After the match, Cena nods towards the New Nexus, they come in the ring and mercilessly beat up Wade Barrett. They hold him up as Cena whacks Barrett with the WWE title in the head. They absolutely mug Barrett, who tries to save himself but the numbers are too much for him. Cena puts on the Nexus armband and takes his place as the new leader. John Cena has turned heel. As Cena poses with the title, that is when we hear "IF YOU SMELL...." Wrestlemania host The Rock comes out. He stands face to face with John Cena. Mason Ryan steps towards Rock but Cena puts his arm in the way. Cena tells them all to leave. Cena and Rock are left alone in the ring. Cena lifts the title above his head and does his "you can't see me" taunt, but Rock drops him with a rock bottom to close the show.

Yes I have attempted a double turn, Barrett becoming a more favourable character and Cena finally turning heel like everyone wants him too. I think this was a good way to keep Wade Barrett as a top tier talent as well as finally make John Cena a bad guy. If we were to keep Daniel Bryan as a leader of the OG Nexus, they would just be known as the Nexus. This new Cena-led faction I would simply be named the Cenation, since that is already an advertised part of Cena's character. The goons are there as Cena's lackey's, his entourage as he reigns as the WWE champion. That means that come Money in the Bank 2011, we have heel champion Cena vs face 'voice of the voiceless' CM Punk. Actual chills. This way you can still set up Rock vs Cena a year from now, with clear face vs heel dynamics too. Here is a brief recap of the full card I booked:

IC Championship Ladder match

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

Sheamus (c) vs Cody Rhodes, US Championship

Original Nexus vs New Nexus, Atlanta Street Fight

Triple H vs CM Punk

Trish Stratus & Natalya vs LayCool

The Undertaker vs Randy Orton

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler

Edge (c) vs Christian, Heavyweight Championship

Wade Barrett (c) vs John Cena, WWE Championship

What are your thoughts? How did I book the Nexus? Was the double turn too much of a risk? Let me know your thoughts and tune in tomorrow when we talk about Wrestlemania 28. Once in a lifetime, definitely only once and never again. Definitely not next year. Maybe. See you then!


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