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Let's Review: NXT The Great American Bash 2023

NXT has been on a roll recently with good storytelling, interesting characters and integration if main roster talents such as Baron Corbin, Mustafa Ali and of course, Dirty Dom-Dom Mysterio. Will the Unbesiegbar topple HIM for the championship? Can Perez get a measure of revenge against the English-New Zealander Blair Davenport? Can Mami's dirty boy hold on to that North American championship? Why don't we find out. Let's paint then world in that red, white and blue. Let's review.

July 30th 2023 - NXT Great American Bash 2023 @ H-E-B Center Cedar Park, Texas

Kick-off Show

Meta-Four (Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson) vs Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz)

The Meta-Four formed not long after Dar retain the Heritage Cup against Dragon Lee a couple months ago. Since then, Nathan Fraser defeated Dar for the trophy. Dar has been carrying around a counterfeit Heritage Cup trophy and claiming to still be champion. This is the first time I've seen any WWE PLE have a pre-show in quite some time. A fun, fast-paced match to start the show. Nathan Fraser has great potential and could be a big star. Dragon Lee & Dar had a disappointing match at the previous PLE but they had some good exchanges together here. I haven't seen much from Mensah or the 4 women before this show, but I enjoyed what I saw. Especially from Feroz & Jackson who were very entertaining. Dragon Lee picks up the win for his team with an Asai DDT onto Mensah.

Team Fraser win via pinfall (10:51)


Main Card

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) w/Joe Coffey (c) vs The Family (Tony D'Angelo & Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo) for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Classic mobster storyline. Gallus retained their titles at Stand & Deliver thanks to Joe Coffey's return. Following that the Family have been chasing the gold but D'Angelo was wrongfully arrested, leaving Stacks alone to deal with Gallus. It's unconfirmed yet, but the Don assumes that Gallus made the call and planted him in jail. Stacks defeated Joe Coffey, the stipulation being if he won the Don was released from jail. I love stupid wrestling. The Family challenged Gallus for the titles at this show.

A good tag match, solid work from all men involved. It seemed like Gallus had it won with a distraction from Joe leading to the Gallus Gate but D'Angelo broken up the pinfall. D'Angelo wipes out Joe with the crowbar, allowing them to hit the Bada Bing (the best finisher name) to win. Good stuff.

The Family win via pinfall to win the championships (8:43)


Romance Perez vs Blair Davenport, Weapons Wild match

For sometime, a masked wrestler had been attacking members of the women's division. It was revealed to be a returning Blair Davenport, who is one of my favourite women's wrestlers. Blair started targeting Perez week after week leading to a match. Davenport beat her on TV but the bitter rivalry continued with both ladies ambushing each other backstage and during matches. They even had a fight in what looked like a corner shop. A rematch was set here with the 'Weapons wild' stipulation. Essentially, a no DQ match. Perez is aiming to clear this image of her being a soft, childlike character.

Perez's family are in the front row which always adds to matches like this. A bitter fight between two enemies, plenty of use chairs, trash cans and leather strap. Perez puts Davenport through a table in front of her fam, then hits her with the Pop Rox on a pile of chairs. Nice finish, good match although it never got too crazy.

Roxanne Perez wins via pinfall (11:50)


Baron Corbin vs Gable Steveson

Gable was weighing up his career when Corbin interrupted him, telling him to leave NXT. Gable challenged him to a match here. Gable is an Olympic gold medalist who was signed a few years ago by WWE but we have yet to see him in action. This is his first match. Corbin retired Kurt Angle which is a nice touch for this. Corbin is a good first opponent for Gable, he is a reliable in-ring worker. Corbin has been good in NXT, he's having a mini career resurgence and hopefully he can build in this.

WWE haven't remembered their own history. Angle was brought in as a heel initially because Vince knew his character would be disliked more than liked for his credentials. Here, Gable is the face and Corbin is heel, which the fans instantly reject. Corbin gets loud cheers and chants whilst Gable is booed and fans chant "you're not Angle". The action is solid, some nice moves from Gable but eventually it ends in a double count out. They continue fighting, fighting off security and Gable even suplexing Corbin through the barricade. The fans still boo him. I don't actually mind the finish, but for it to happen in his first match? I dunno, it's real cheap. We'll see where the feud goes. Steveson is probably going to have to turn heel sooner than later to prevent a esque crowd reaction.

Match ends in a draw via double CO (6:31)


-Lyra Vallyria is interviewed about her match with Rhea Ripley, Jacy Jayne attacks her. Rhea walks past saying "that's what I was waiting for"

Dominik Mysterio (c) vs Wes Lee vs Mustafa Ali for the NXT North American Championship

Wes Lee has been an excellent champion. He defended against Tyler Bate with Ali as the special referee. Ali wasn't a fair referee and Lee retained. Lee , Bate objected to this. Ali beat Bate and in turn challenged for a title match at the Bash, which was accepted. In between then and now, Dom & mami Rhea appeared in NXT to challenge some stars of NXT. Thanks to Judgment Day interference, Dirty Dom defeated Lee to win the title, setting up a triple threat match here.

Ali ate shit with a 450 on the apron to no avail. Rhea warns Lee not to dive on to Dom. He dives over her onto him. So Rhea puts him through the announce table with a riptide for a great nearfall. Then Dom uses to the title for another great nearfall. Ali hits a 450, Dom drags him off and hits a frog splash of his own to retain. Very fun match. Lee & Ali we're primarily on offence but Dom did his but with great character work. Rhea sold the nearfalls excellently. Best match of the night so far.

Dominik Mysterio wins via pinfall to retain the championship (12:06)


-Trick Williams is interviewed about his long-term relationship with Carmelo Hayes

Tiffany Stratton (c) vs Thea Hail, submission match for the NXT Women's Championship

These two women are future stars in the company. Tiffany is a classic bitchy heel, Thea is a young, crazy energetic underdog. She has such Jack Russell energy. Thea Hail won a battle royal to be number 1 contender. She lost her match, but during she made Stratton tap but the referee didn't see. Chase U asked for a rematch and Tiffany agreed. I like how Stratton isn't a basic cowardly heel. If Thea wins she'll be the youngest NXT Women's Champion ever. I love both these ladies so I'm looking forward to this.

The match was good, I think it was hindered by the stipulation. It was evenly contested and we worked, but the closing Boston Crab spot did last for ages. Hail refuses to quit and Andre Chase would throw in the towel. A nice finish that made sense. The best outcome.

Tiffany Stratton retains via referee stoppage to retain the championship (11:46)


-Dom & Rhea see Dragon Lee, Rhea calls him a wannabe Rey Mysterio. Dom says he is the one who made the Mysterio name relevant.

-promo for future NXT matches and also a Schism Interrogation segment.

Carmelo Hayes (c) w/Trick Williams vs Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship

Dragunov is NXT's best right now. He beat Bron Breakker to earn this title match. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Bron turn up some time during this match. Hayes' reign has been decent so far, but I wouldn't be against him losing it to Dragunov here at all.

Awesome match. Match of the night by far. They beat the hell out of each other. So many great moves, great reversals and great nearfalls. Dragunov throw his entire arsenal at Hayes but he refused to die. Hayes reversed a coast to coast into a codebreaker like manoeuvre and it LOOKED AMAZING. Dragunov reverses a Nothing but Net into a powerbomb which looked AMAZING. Both men show insane resiliency. HIM will not stay down, but the Mad Dragon refuses to be slain. Williams is hyping up Hayes outside when Dragunov charges. Hayes dodges, Dragunov runs right into the title in Williams' hands. Hayes hits nothing but net to retain. Absolutely awesome match.

Carmelo Hayes wins via pinfall to retain the championship (24:07)


Overall- 63.3%

Consistently good show except for one match. Steveson vs Corbin was a disappointment but hopefully it leads to better things. Other than that, everything was good with am absolutely epic main event. I think the Meta-Four match deserved to be on the main card but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Enjoyable. Not a full show I'd go back and watch but I'd definitely check out that main event again.

MOTN- Carmelo Hayes vs Ilja Dragunov

What did you think of the show? Thanks for reading, I'll have another post up soon talking about 10 obscure facts to tell your friends and I will also have a review for Summerslam dropping next week. Until next time, see ya!

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