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  • Connor Ewens

Let's Review: NXT Vengeance Day 2024

Well WWE has been in a great deal of news recently. Whether it is the controversial allegations of backstage activities or outcry over certain boooking decisions, the year has gotten off to a shaky start for the big Dub. Going down to their developmental brand, NXT had a very good 2023 and they look to continue their momentum into this year. With many considering the Royal Rumble a bit of a disappointment, will NXT follow suit or will they buck the trend and outshine the main roster? Let's find out. Let's review.

4th February 2024, NXT Vengeance Day @ F&M Bank Arena, Clarksville, Tennessee

-Always love a Bring Me The Horizon song as the theme

-Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett on commentary, one night only for Mr Barrett, Booker T is off for a few weeks to undergo a medical procedure. All the best Book.

Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker vs Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams, Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals

Corbin & Breakker are former rivals who formed a loose alliance to compete in the tournament, they seem to be getting on alright. Hayes & Williams have been allies for a while but recently it seems like their bond has hit a snag ever since Hayes' feud with Lexis King. Team Baron Breakbin defeated Gallus in the first round then Axiom & Nathan Frazer to get to the finals. Hayes & Trick defeated Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, then the Latino World Order. Trick, of course, is pulling double duty as he challenges for the NXT title in the main event. As always, the winner of the DRC gets a shot at the tag championships. Barrett tries to emulate Booker's adlibs for Trick Williams which is equal parts funny and embarrassing. Corbin looks like little red riding hood riding his bike with his little cape on.

Bron catching Hayes' moonsault with a cutter was a cool spot. After an early flurry by Hayes & Trick, Hayes is worked over by Bron and Baron for some time. There was a spot where Bron hit the ropes awkwardly and the ropes pinged him in the face, making him bleed a little. A few attempted tags fall short but eventually Trick tags in and runs wild. He kips up and tweaks his knee, they show a replay so I imagine this is going to be the story for Trick heading into the main event later. Bron throws Hayes on Trick and suplexes them both at the same time, a cool spot. Then we see Baron Corbin do a tope! I don't think I've ever seen him dive like that, even with the assist from Bron. Trick kicks out of a deep six, he is now bleeding from the mouth. A real war this. A double suplex spot is reversed, Baron prevents Nothing but Net, but Hayes reverses out of the End of Days, Trick hits a neckbreaker on Baron but it is botched and looks awkward. The closing spot was weird, Bron ran for a spear, Hayes ran in front to protect Trick even though he wasn't the legal man. No one touched Trick yet he went flying backwards and wasn't able to break the pinfall.

I was genuinely shocked because Breakker has been on the main roster recently, I assumed he would have lost here and it would be his last NXT match. The match was really good even with the awkard finish. I understand why people love Trick, he is very charismatic and likable but he has a lot of in ring improvement to go. This was a very good way to start. Both Trick and Hayes looked very disappointed.

Breakker & Corbin win via pinfall (14:27)


Dijak vs Joe Gacy, No Disqualification match

I don't even know why these two are feuding. Commentary say this has been building for a while. Gacy was thrown off a trailer last week by Dijak, but he comes out with zero injuries or selling because why the fuck not. Already a mild tables chant as soon as the bell rings. Shut the fuck up Tennessee. Gacy hits a cannonball to a seated Dijak and I think he kicks a fan in the face by accident. Hopefully she was one of the wankers chanting for tables all the time. Gacy sets up a table and sets up toys and hot wheels on top of it. Silly. Gacy is trapped in a bin, Dijak kicks him but he keeps sitting up which also looks silly. He stays inside and battering rams a running Dijak which is double silly but I do like it. Dijak goes for a springboard and Gacy pushes him back, Dijak goes flying through the table on the outside. I didn't see that coming, the toys didn't add to it. Literally seconds later Dijak is up and on the offense again, poor selling from such a big spot. A top rope German suplex spot misses the trash can, I assume that wasn't the plan. Gacy tapes Dijak eyes over, Gacy canes him with kendo sticks. Somehow Dijak is able to hit the Feast Your Eyes which is impressive, but the taped eyes prevents him from being able to make the cover. He turns around and sees Gacy propped upside down in the corner. Ooooo, spoooooky. A DDT on a chair followed by a splash for a very good near fall. Dijak uses a nightstick and a second FYE to win.

They worked hard, it was mostly enjoyable. Some of it worked like the blindfold stuff and the stupid but entertaining trash can stuff. Some of it didn't like the table spot and the other trash can stuff. It was very hit and miss, plus the inconsistent selling really effected this for me but I still enjoyed it more than I didn't.

Dijak wins via pinfall (11:56)


-Chase U's Jacy Jayne & Thea Hail are selling Chase U calendars to prevent the University going into debt and it is going very well. I am enjoying the Chase U story very much.

The Family (Tony D'Angelo, Channing Lorenzo & Adrianna Rizzo vs Out The Mud (Lucien Price, Bronco Nima & Jaida Parker w/Scrypts)

This is a silly but very fun feud. The Family are essentially a mobster family whilst the OTM are a gangster family. The clash of who owns the streets after OTM invaded the Don's restaurant and attacked. The Family sneak up from behind and attack before the bell. This is a brawl from the beginning, Jaidi using her god given cake as an effective weapon. The women are pretty green but they do well. In fairness, all of OTM are pretty green but it seems NXT and Shawn Michaels are very high on them. I might be mistaken but I am pretty sure Channing actually touched the hand of D'Angelo when reaching for the tag. This was fine, pretty standard mixed 6-person tag match. The heels take control and dominate, the women fight amongst themselves, the faces eventually fight back and win. The OTM didn't give me anything to be too excited about, Jaida was the most entertaining out of the 3. I also don't like how Jaida was able to slap D'Angelo and Rizzo could wipe out the other guys. I'm all for intergender wrestling, but the rules of the match is men vs men and women vs women. The commentary said it themselves. Either both are able to attack each other, no genders can attack each other or the rules are that men cannot attack women. It is that simple.

The Family win via pinfall (10:11)


-There was a Kiana James & Izzy Dane segment but I went for a piss and missed it.

Lyra Valkyria (c) vs Roxanne Perez, NXT Women's Championship

In early January, a 20-woman battle royal narrowed down 4 women to compete in a fatal 4-way to determine a number 1 contender. Perez defeated Fallon Henley, Kiana James & Kelani Jordan to earn her shot at Valkyria. Valkyria has been champion for 100 days in her first reign. There is a feeling out process early on, both women are equally matched, Perez gains the advantage with a very impressive headscissors but Lyra counters a dive with a mean forearm. A nice springboard moonsault by Perez. Lyra hits a leg trapped suplex. Perez reverses a second one but Lyra hits a leg trapped German suplex. Roxanne hits a top rope hurricanrana then her Pop Rox! Music plays though, out comes Lola Vice who is cashing in her Breakout tournament contract! Tatum Paxley who is aligned with Lyra tries to stop it but fails. It is now a Triple Threat!

Lyra Valkyria (c) vs Roxanne Perez vs Lola Vice, NXT Women's Championship

Vice nearly wins the match numerous times with submissions on Roxy but Perez fights it and eventually Lyra breaks it up with a splash. It is all to play for now. Vice lights up both women with a barrage of kicks. She uses her cake for some hip attacks, but Perez is back in it with a double DDT combo followed by a pair of suicide dives. Lyra rolls through a dive to hit Nightwish, Lola pushes her and steals the pin for the 1-2-No! Lyra breaks it. A huge spinning backfist from Vice for a near fall. Perez hits another Pop Rox! This time Lyra's ally (kinda) Tatum Paxley takes out Perez, allowing Lyra to hit Nightwish to retain.

This was very good, the cash in was a total surprise. I don't think Lola should have won so I'm glad she didn't but I think they did it in a great way that she got to shine and look like a legit threat. Perez was unlucky not to win, I imagine she might enter a feud with Lola Vice who essentially cost her a victory here. Lyra retained despite the odds thanks to Tatum who she hasn't been very friendly too but maybe now she will accept the alliance. This was booked very well, wrestled very well and was exciting from start to finish. My favourite match of the evening so far.

Lyra Valkyria retains via pinfall (13:30)


-Some guy asks Thea to be his valentine, Thea says yes almost reluctantly to avoid the awkward situation. Plus there was a very ominous teaser with little to decipher other than I imagine we're getting a debut soon.

Oba Femi (c) vs Dragon Lee, North American Championship

Oba Femi has came into NXT as an immediate dominant force. He won the NXT Breakout tournament, and cashed in his contract a week later to defeat Dragon Lee for the title. Lee got a rematch here, Femi turned heel and discontinued the open challenge format that Dragon had started. Femi is only 26 days into his reign so far, I expect it to continue for a very long time. The Nigerian has emerged as an absolute monster, a position that NXT needed filled for quite some time. Dragon comes out fast with a dropkick and a huge dive but Femi quickly takes control. Dragon uses his speed to counter Femi as much as he can, keeping him grounded with counters, kicks and stomps. Femi slowly dismantles Dragon Lee. Lee reverses into an octopus stretch, transitioned into a double armbar. Femi reaches the ropes by biting them which is cool, Lee pulls the hair to break him away. A flurry of kicks, a tornado DDT and a running knee gets a nearfall. 3 corner dropkicks isn't enough either. Sit-out powerbomb also isn't enough. Dragon Lee is at a loss. Femi rolls out, he catches a headscissors, Dragon goes for a second one but Femi just slaps the latino out of him. Dragon Lee is chokeslammed into a chair. Back inside, Lee reverses Femi into a great headscissor near fall. Femi with a brutal clothesline, a huge throw and an even bigger powerbomb to secure a huge win.

This was Femi's 11th televised match, 23rd in total. Not just in WWE, but ever. That level of inexperience to compete like this is insane ability. Sure he has a lot of polishing needed, but he has made waves so early into his wrestling career. Dragon Lee was awesome in this match too, huge props to him for bumping and selling so well. Femi could be champion for the full year. The match was a good one, it was slow to start but it told a solid story and all of the action was enjoyable.

Oba Femi retains via pinfall (10:56)


-Lexis King checks out Chase U calendars. That valentines guy is back, turns out he is called Riley Osbourne and Lexis King disses him and they get into a scrap. Lexis King feuding with Chase U? Yes please. Also, NXT General Manager Ava Raine is interviewed. Damn she hasn't picked up any of her dad's natural charisma has she? She is still very young and new to the business, I am hoping that she can pick it up soon. But here, she had zero personality or energy and it was clear she was following a script. Double also, there is a graphic for the Wrestlemania XL kick-off panel for fans and the media. The Rock and Roman Reigns will be there, the Tennessee crowd booed quite loudly because #wewantcody.

-Backstage Perez attacks Lola Vice for her interference, they are separated by officials. I like this edge to Roxanne's character, she should be pissed!

Ilja Dragunov (c) vs Trick Williams, NXT Championship

Trick Williams won the men's Iron Survivor at NXT Deadline in December. The match was supposed to take place on the NXT New Years Evil special episode, but Ilja wasn't medically cleared so it was rescheduled for this PLE. Dragunov has been NXT champion for 127 days in his first reign. I foresee a Carmelo Hayes betrayal on the cards here tonight. Vic makes a Clarence Mason reference which I never would expected in our holy year of 2024. Dragunov has the clear advantage here not wrestling twice. It has been a minute and both men are bleeding, Trick with a busted lip and Ilja with a busted nose. The dragon takes firm control, he naturally slides into the heel role since Trick is more over, great crowd work by the Russian. Ilja wears Trick down with a body lock and a series of Germans, Trick breaks contact with a leg trip. Dragunov remains in control with a German on the outside. A death valley driver to Trick on the apron. Trick breaks the count but rolls into a dropkick for a near fall. Trick takes a clothesline. I've noticed Trick has a habit of turning away from a strike when taking one, it makes the move look really weak and choreographed. Trick is getting little offence but Trick is resilient. He now fires back, but a head kick is caught and turned into a powerbomb. A big kick and a double knee buster. Duelling strikes. The fans power Trick with chants. A series of counters and reversals in an impressive sequence. Trick throws an uppercut that sends Ilja flying over the top rope. Williams reverses a second DVD, he hits an awkward looking uranage to the floor, it looked like a terrible bump for Ilja. Hayes gets Dragunovs face, Ilja sends him into Trick's knee that he tweaked earlier. A nice slice of storytelling and continuity there. Trick hits the neckbreaker and uses Dragunovs H-Bomb against him for a near fall. Trick runs but his knee fails him, running straight into a power bomb and an H-bomb. Ilja hits a top rope H-bomb for the 1-2-NO! A huge kick out there. That was great. Trick is laughing and Hayes is in shock. The crowd erupts. Spinning boot for the 1-2-No! Another awesome nearfall. Hayes argues with the referee, accidentally bumps him into Melo so a referee isn't there to count a pinfall after a Trick Knee. A second referee is out for a 1-2-NO! Another near fall. The fans mock the referee. Dragunov lands another H-bomb. He goes for a 2nd top rope H-bomb but the knees are up! Trick pulls himself up, as does Ilja. Both men run for finisher but Ilja lands the Torpedo Moscow to retain. Some fans are pretty upset.

Anyone with a brain should have knew Ilja was retaining, but boy they really made it feel like Trick winning was possible. The match was mostly just good, the last 10 minutes were very good and the final 5 minutes were amazing. Although Trick needs some work done, he was very impressive and he worked real hard. I liked the storytelling elements between Hayes and Melo. Dragunov was amazing as usual.

Dragunov retains via pinfall (


-Post match Melo says they are together still and Trick was so close, then he attacks the knee! I knew it! I mean, it wasn't too far from reality. Melo grabs a chair and pillmanises Trick over and over and over. Well, that is how you create your biggest heel in NXT right there. He hits him with one more before trash talking him and taunting the crowd. "Fuck you Melo". This is akin to Ciampa's betrayal, be it not as dramatic or well built but it was still awesome. The fans really booed him hard. Trick vs Melo for Stand & Deliver then. Melo blames Trick and the crowd as the show goes off the air.

Overall- 64.2%

As expected, this was a very enjoyable show with nothing bad but also nothing award-winning. Props have to go to Trick for work 2 matches in one night. The heel turn at the end was awesome even if it was clearly going to happen. I am a big fan of Hayes as a heel and I think he is going to flourish.

Thank you for reading, be sure to check my other content if you liked what you saw. Have a nice day.


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