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Let's Review: Summerslam 2023

The biggest party of the summer is here, it's Summerfest time!!! May Jeremy Piven never be remembered for anything else. Usually for these reviews I watch the thing live with friends, usually have 1 too many drinks, then rewatch the next couple of days and make notes and then write up a review to post. Tonight, I'm watching the show on my own live because I have work to go immediately afterwards. Hooray. I've retired from drinking so I'll be sober, cleared headed but significantly tired while typing away so hopefully I don't fuck this up. I'll run through relevant stories and information as we go along. Let's lather on our factor 50 suncream and head the the beaches. Let's Review.

Saturday 5th August- WWE Summerslam

-I did have the pre-show on in the background in case anything happened, but it never does. It's so fucking cringe to watch now. I tuned in and they were doing Snaphat filters. Am I just becoming a grumpy old man or is that shit lame? Do you remember the old pre-shows? They'd have a match on there to lure the audience to tune in to the main show if they haven't already subscribed and you would usually have interviews and promo segments from wrestlers and it would provide some nice moments. I mean, sure its always been a bit of a waste of time but at least they had a little content on them. Now, it's just table chatter with two women who have about as much charisma as white wallpaper, Pete Rosenberg who is...just the worst, Booker T saying weird stuff and Wade Barrett being excessively British. This is a rant I'm aware. I'm bored. I want to watch wrestling but all I got was Pete Rosenberg. I'm turning it off until the main card starts.

-Opening promo package with Kid Rock and some cars because we're in Detroit. We get a brief Summerslam history lesson before some clips hyping some of the matches on the card. Michael Cole says we have 4 main events. That's not how main events work.

-Our commentary team is Michael Cole & Corey Graves

Ricochet vs Logan Paul

These two first crossed paths in the Royal Rumble with that cool double springboard crossbody spot. They then crossed paths in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Logan Paul attacked him backstage and Ricochet has been asking for this match.

Logan taunts him so Ricochet slaps him. Ricochet sends him outside and feints a dive and taunts Logan. They lock up, run the ropes and exchange leapfrogs. They reverse each other until Logan lands an elbow. Lock up, hip toss by Logan into a chinlock. Back on their feet, Logan avoids a kick but runs into a forearm. Logan chokes Ricochet on the ropes. Forearms to Ricochet's back, a brutal neckbreaker on the apron by Logan. He flirts with his fiancee in the front row then taunts announcer Samantha who is Ricochet's fiancee. Logan with a flurry of body shots. Running powerslam by Paul, taunting the injured Braun Strowman who was Ricochet's tag partner briefly. Remember that? More taunting by Logan. Big boot into a split leg drop, called the "Hogan Paul". I love AND hate that name. Ricochet reverses and throws stomps. Standing moonsault with theatrics. Huge back body drop by Logan, followed by a springboard clothesline. Spanish fly from the apron but both men land on their feet, kinda. Ricochet thinks about a suicide dive but Logan drags him out the ring. Logan hits a buckshot lariat from the ring to the outside. Diving crossbody into a standing moonsault by Paul. A lot of dead moments inbetween moves. Ricochet fights back, Logan runs at him but spears the ringpost hard. Top rope neckbreaker by Ricochet which looked cool. Kicks by Ricochet then a springboard elbow. Springboard lariat from Ricochet then a shooting star press. Ricochet just kicks Logan around. A Logan moonsault is caught by Ricochet, but Logan turns it into a tornado DDT. Awesome. Logan goes for a powerbomb but Ricochet reverses with a big knee strike. Ricochet goes up top but stalls due to injury, Logan gets the knees up on a shooting star into a pin for a nearfall. Great flip reversal by Ricochet but he eats a flapjack. Paul kips up, springboard frog splash for a nearfall. Logan goes for a punch but eats a superkick. Detonation kick by Ricochet. Big moonsault by Ricochet or a nearfall. Ricochet goes up top for a 630 but Paul dodges. Paul's friend (I don't know who he is) puts brass knuckles on his hand and delivers a power of the punch and wins the match.

This was a good match, weirdly paced I found. A lot of lull moments in between moves but the in-ring action was great as you'd expect. Logan Paul winning is fine, he hasn't won a match in a long time. A Paul win to open the show though may not be the best choice.

Logan Paul wins via pinfall (18:00)


-we see Sheamus arriving via monster truck. Is there an unannounced monster truck sumo match tonight!?!? We can only hope. Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf is the song for this evening.

-promo package for Rhodes vs Lesnar. Still a weird feud, they never explained why Lesnar even turned heel. Does he just not like Cody? Does he just want to fight people? Does he want to assert cowboy dominance? I guess we'll never know unless it's revealed tonight, which I doubt. I'm also surprised there is no stipulation for this one. They're just calling it the rubber match, which yes it is but that is not a stipulation guys. I'll admit the promo package gave this an epic feel.

Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar

Cody beat Lesnar at Backlash, Lesnar beat Cody at Night of Champions. Cole says this is Lesnar's 10th main event. NO. Its the second match in, not a main event. Lesnar looks like he means business tonight, he's in MMA mode. As expected, a huge ovation for the American Nightmare. That "WOOAAAHHH!" gets louder every time. No pyro for Brock but plenty for Cody. Maybe that's the meaning for the feud?

Cody attacks Brock before the bell, Lesnar hits a German suplex. Cody fires back with strikes and a disaster kick, then another. Then a third is blocked. Lesnar tackles Cody in the corner. Cody dodges a tackle as Lesanr goes outside. Suicide dive by Cody. Lesnar drives Cody into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Lesnar just YEETS Cody over his shoulder like he's heaving potatoes. Belly to belly by Lesnar. Cody shows fight but Lesnar hoofs him with a kick. Suplex by Brock. German suplex. German suplex. Cody rolls outside. Knee by Brock. German suplex. Cody is thrown outside. Lesnar taunts as Cody crawls back in. Lesnar pushes him back outside. I'm bored so far. Lesnar tells him it's only going to get worse if he continues. Belly to belly suplex. He throws Cody back outside. Cody goes back inside. Lesnar did not like this. He stiff clotheslines him back outside and screams save yourself. Whilst I like the storytelling, it's getting a little tedious. F5 to Cody on the floor. Cody beats the count again. This is reminiscent of the Lesnar vs Reigns match at Wrestlemania 34. German suplex. F5 through the announce table. I'll admit, Cody is looking like a beast. He beats the count again to a loud cheer. Cody fires chops but Lesnar hits a belly to belly. Cody pulls off the padding to a turnbuckle mid German suplex, exactly like Backlash. Outside, Cody hits Lesnar with the steps. Erm, is this a no DQ match? Cody cutter. Another Cody cutter for a nearfall. Crossroads reversed into a kimura which broke Cody's arm in the past. Cody gets to the ropes. Cody reverses F5 and pushes Brock into exposed turnbuckle. Kimura by Cody! Brock is sweating litres. He slams Cody to break the submission. Cody reverses an F5 into a crossroads. He keeps it hooked for a second, and again for a third to win.

Huh. I have mixed feelings. The storytelling was phenomenonal, Cody came out of this looking like a killer being able to take so much and not only survive but win. It was a slow start, and I think they really pushed me to the edge with the counting. I'm not sure about the use of a weapon here, that should have been a DQ. This had a big fight feel I just don't think it delivered quite as I would have liked.

Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall (17:29)


-After the match, Brock gets in Cody's face before shaking his hand and then even raising his hand to the crowd!! I have never seen Brock Lesnar do anything like this. That's a huge endorsement for Cody, he really is ready for the big time.

-promo package for Payback and also Wrestlemania 40. We also get a promo package for Becky Lynch, which I find quite cheeky considering they dumped her and Trish off the card. Promoting her as a big deal but I guess she's not big enough to be on your Summerslam card huh.

Slim Jim 25-man Battle Royal

Like, you're telling me we need this battle royal instead of Lynch vs Stratus? At least we get LA Knight, who BETTER WIN THIS ONE TRIPS. Here are all the entrants: participants: LA Knight, Sheamus, Tommaso Ciampa, Shinsuke Nakamura, Otis, Chad Gable, Karrion Kross, Grayson Waller, Santos Escobar, Matt Riddle, AJ Styles, The Miz, Erik, Ivar, JD McDonagh, Rick Boogs, Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, Ridge Holland, Butch, Bronson Reed, Apollo Crews, Austin Theory, Cameron Grimes & Omos.

It's a battle royal, so I'll just run through the best bits and the eliminations. The match begins while Omos walks down. Omos eliminates Apollo. Omos eliminates McDonagh. Omos eliminates Boogs. Brawling brutes all hit Omos with beats of the Bodhran. Otis eliminated by Imperium. Gable suplexes Vinci out. Ciampa eliminates Erik & Ivar. Ciampa eliminates Nakamura. Branson eliminates Ciampa. Theory eliminates Holland. Theory eliminates Grimes. Escobar eliminates Theory. Kross eliminates Escobar. Gable eliminates Kaiser. Broserweights reunite against Omos. Omos eliminates them both. BORING. Finally everyone takes turns fighting Omos. Why not do this earlier? Everyone eliminates Omos. Waller & Miz do a cool double finisher to Gable. They should team up. Knight eliminates Miz. Sheamus eliminates Waller. Styles eliminates Kross. Gable eliminated by Bronson. Knight eliminates Bronson. AJ Styles, Sheamus & LA Knight remain. Kross holds AJ and Sheamus kicks him off to eliminate him. Sheamus with a knee to Knight. Knight dodges the Celtic Cross. Knight with a big belly to belly from the top rope into an Elimination. LA Knight wins.

Well, at least the right person won. Hopefully LA Knight continues his momentum he's the best WWE have right now. Just a battle royal. Nothing spectacular.

LA Knight wins by last eliminating Sheamus (12:46)


-A cool Slim Jim promotion featuring LA Knight, Bianca Belair and video from Randy Savage, the King of Slim Jim.

-promo package for Baszler vs Rousey. Hopefully this is short and sweet. I never knew how much range Shayna could have, but she could be an awesome face.

Ronda Rousey vs Shayna Baszler, MMA Rules

These two are long time best friends. They were the tag champions until Shayna turned on her and cost them the match. Shayna feels belittled and held back by her narcissistic friend and is finally doing something for herself. Ronda feels betrayed. No pinfalls, rope breaks or count out. You win by KO or submission. Ronda offers to touch gloves but Shayna refuses. They make a point to say Ronda has never done that for her MMA matches.

The grapple, Ronda takes her down and throws punches. The crowd is very quiet for this. They wrestle for control before getting up. Leg kicks by Shayna. Jeez this isn't going down well. Baszler kicks Ronda in the head which takes her out the ring but she gets back in. Kneebar by Shayna. Boring chants have begun. They exchange punches. An awkward grapple in the ropes. A knee by Ronda to the face. Fake shoot fights rarely work. Ronda tries to taunt the crowd but they're not reacting at all. Shayna has Ronda up around her arm and they both spill out the ring. This is what we're getting instead of Lynch vs Stratus? Referee calls a trainer over to check Shayna while Ronda paces. The boos are getting very loud. Ronda throws the trainer away. They throw punches at each other and it looked silly. Kirafuda clutch by Shayna, Ronda rolls into an armbar. Shayna reverses into an ankle lock. Ronda reverses into a rear naked choke. Another kirafuda by Shayna. I can't make out what's being chanted but I doubt it's supportive. Ronda passes out and Shayna wins by TKO.

Fuck. Poor Shayna. She deserved better than this. This was a horrible match, it was fake shoot MMA which rarely go well. Nothing good in this one. The crowd were painfully quiet too which isnt really the ladies fault. The fact that we didn't get Lynch vs Stratus and we got this shit instead makes it so much worse. Bad call.

Shayna Baszler wins via TKO (7:26)


-I went to the toilet so I may have missed something, I assume just a promo package for the next match

GUNTHER (c) vs Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship

Drew McIntyre returned at Money in the Bank after a hiatus following Wrestlemania. He attacked GUNTHER, making his intentions clear. I've definitively decided that the Detroit crowd sucks. They're quiet for both these guys entrances. I'm most excited for this one.

Drew tries to awaken the sleepy crowd for a weak pop. FUCK YOU DETROIT. I know the MMA match sucked but jeez. Drew knocks down GUNTHER. Lock up, Drew back suplexes Gunther. Fight on the outside. Back drop on the steps. Ouch. Stomps by Gunther. More attempts to awaken the crowd. Both men fire off stiff strikes. Gunther drops Drew with a chop. Then again. They look so painful. I kinda want to experience a Gunther chop. Big clothesline by Gunther. And another. And another but Drew takes it and fires back. Huge clotheslines traded back and forth. Big chop and a German by Gunther. Drew rolls through and hits a clothesline. The crowd are showing small signs of life again. Chop exchange. Belly to belly by Drew, then again. Drew with a neckbreaker. Kip-up by daddy Drew. He's aiming for the Claymore. He didn't count down so I know he was going to miss. Drew reverses a powerbomb into one of his own! Impressive. Future shock DDT for a nearfall. He's measuring a Claymore again, e counts down but Gunther rolls out. Huge tope by Drew and lands on his feet. A clean dive. Drew counts down, Claymore intercepted by a dropkick. Big powerbomb for a nearfall. Gunther up top, big splash for a nearfall. More painful strikes by Gunther. Drew catches a chop, never seen that before. Chop-off engages. Drew gains the upper hand, hits a Claymore out of nowhere! Great nearfall here. The crowd are chanting this is awesome. Thanks Detroit, keep it up. Drew puts Gunther up top, Gunther reverses him and they have another chop-off. Gunther pushes Drew onto the top rope. A big splash, then a powerbomb and a pinfall to win. That felt sudden.

Man, this was very good but also I was hoping for more. I also feel like this crowd is sucking the life out of the show. Even when they're chanting it feels quiet. This is the best match so far for sure, it needed 10 more minutes to reach its peak.

Gunther wins via pinfall to retain the championship (13:43)


-promo package for Rollins vs Balor

Seth Rollins (c) vs Finn Balor for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is a rematch from Money in the Bank, Damien Priest won the briefcase and teased cashing in which Balor blames for his loss. There is also ties to Summerslam 7 years ago when Balor beat Rollins to be the first Universal champion but got injured and never really felt as big since. Only Balor is out here, no other Judgment Day to be seen. Rollins gets a nice pop for his entrance. Rollins is wearing the ring vest he wore 7 years ago during that match, which is a nice touch. A good bit of singing by the crowd.

Balor attacks Rollins before the bell, they brawl as the bell rings. Running forearms by Rollins. Plenty of back and forth reversals. Stomp by Balor. Crowd back to being quiet. Balor takes control with a hammerlock. Rollins fights out but Balor back down into an armbar. Balor targeting the arm, hammerlock throw into the corner. Rollins fights out of the hammerlock with strikes. Plenty of chops, Russian leg sweep by Balor into another armbar. Rollins gets to the ropes. More back and forth strikes. Rollins grabs him by the beard, hair pull ref come on! Seth knocks Balor down with kicks. Pedigree reversed, slingblade reversed, falcon arrow by Seth. Finn is outside. Seth hits a suicide dive, then a second, then a third. Balor continues to target Seth's arm on the ropes and the ringpost. Seth drops Finn on the apron. Finn hits Seth with a powerbomb on the barricade, the move Rollins hit that injured Balor. Slingblade by Balor. Superkick by Rollins. Armbar by Finn. Rollins powers into 2 bucklebombs, frog splash for a nearfall. Rolling forearm by Seth, uppercut. Balor reverses the stomp into a shotgun dropkick. He climbs up, Rollins hits a superplex. Balor reverses Falcon Arrow. Both men fire off overhead kicks. A strike exchange. Balor hits another shotgun dropkick. Find goes for the coup de grace, Rollins dodges. Pedigree to Balor for a nearfall. Out comes Damien Priest. Balor dodges a stomp. They exchange pin attempts. Priest punches Rollins! Pedigree by Balor for a great nearfall. Priest calls out the rest of the Judgment Day. A miscommunication between Balor & Priest leads to a stomp for the 1-2-KICK OUT! Very rare we see a stomp kick out. Rollins dives on to Priest and a kick and a stomp to Dom. Balor hits the slingblade, dropkick and coup de grace! 1-2-NO!! HOLY SHIT what a kick out!. The crowd is alive now. They try to use the briefcase to cheat as Priest distracts the referee, but Rollins sees it and stomps Balor on the case to win. Rollins & Priest exchange glares.

Excellent match. Michael Cole keeps taking shit, Corey is talking sense. Priest tries to help Balor but Finn is too paranoid and emotional to see it and it cost them. The issues between the Judgement Day continue. The action was awesome, they told a good story, even if commentary.said "7 years ago" way too much. The shoulder never really added into the finish, but I guess it makes sense for the story. Best match of the night so far.

Seth Rollins wins via pinfall to retain the championship (18:27)


-Mike's Harder lemonade ad featuring Alpha Academy & The Miz. It was entertaining.

-promo package for the women's title match. This could steal the show.

Asuka (c) vs Charlotte Flair vs Bianca Belair for the Women's Championship

Belair & Charlotte interfered in each others title matches so Asuka is going to fight them both at the same time. Asuka entering in between Charlotte & Bianca is weird. Either have your champion enter first or last. They cut away to a C4 energy during her entrance! Bullshit. Bianca is drinking a C4, dressed in C4 colours on her way to the ring. Bianca donning blonde hair today. If Asuka loses this I'll be upset.

They all reverse each others strikes. Shoulder tackle by Bianca, then by Charlotte. Asuka is sent outside. Bianca & Charlotte flip around each other quite nicely. Charlotte is pulled out by Asuka. Bianca with a crossbody to them both outside. Asuka dropkick Bianca. Asuka kicks Bianca around, standing on her head and pulling her arm. Strikes exchanged but Charlotte is back in. Asuka German suplexes Charlotte. Asuka fires kicks at both women. Another German to Charlotte. Dead crowd again. Nice wrestling between Bianca & Asuka. Charlotte with a big dive to them both. She fires chops to them both. Gutwrench to them both. Brief stalling as the referee refastened Charlotte's top. Big boots all round by Charlotte. Charlotte goes for figure four on Bianca, Asuka hits double knees to her. The three exchange strikes. Clothesline by Bianca to Charlotte. Bianca hits a neckbreaker & DDT combo to them. Bianca punches Charlotte in the corner. Sidewalk slam to Asuka, spinebuster to Charlotte. Charlotte spears Bianca. Asuka lock on Charlotte! Bianca breaks it with springboard moonsault. Bianca & Asuka sent outside. Charlotte hits a stellar moonsault but it doesn't land, also Bianca just stood waiting for it like a loon. Asuka takes her in-ring with a top rope DDT. Asuka fights out of the KOD. Asuka lock but Charlotte boots Asuka away. Charlotte flips out of a KOD but suffers a facebuster. Armbar by Asuka on Charlotte. Charlotte powers up to break it. Gutwrench powerbomb by Belair, Asuka lock! Charlotte pins Bianca on Asuka which breaks the submission. Big boot to Asuka. Bianca face first into the corner. Flair with a big moonsault on both women. Double figure four, which made zero anatomical sense. Belair is dropped outside and is hurt. If it's a work she's selling it really well, they talked about her knee throughout so it could well be. Superplex by Asuka. Bianca is taken out to the back. Yeah it's a work. Asuka & Charlotte go back and forth. Figure four by Charlotte, Bianca drags herself back to the ring. Figure eight down. 450 by Bianca for a great nearfall. Oh no I feel like I know how this ends and it's not my ideal finish. Bianca calls Charlotte a bitch as they exchange strikes. KOD reversed and Asuka is taken out. Figure eight by Charlotte on Bianca. Blue mist on Charlotte! Asuka misses a kick and Bianca catches her in a pin for a 1-2-3?! Wow, that's not what I expected at all...Iyo's music plays. Here we go!!! She and Bayley wipe Charlotte and Asuka and Iyo cashes in! She hits the moonsault to win!!!

I'm so happy Iyo is champion, she fully deserves it. The match before it was really good. I understand why Bianca winning happened and I'm okay with it. She'll also be the longest and shortest reigning women's champion ever I think. Another match hurt by the weak crowd but this was still real good.

Bianca Belair wins via pinfall to become champion (20:45), before Iyo Sky cashes in Money in the Bank to become champion (0:10)


-Dakota Kai comes out to celebrate. 1 year ago, Damage CTRL was formed. Now, Iyo is the champ. Awesome stuff.

-Liv Morgan promo, who I believe is now out injured again. They promote the post-show press conference

-promo package for the Tribal Combat match

Roman Reigns (c) vs Jey Uso for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship & recognition as Tribal Chief, Tribal Combat

I believe this will be a no DQ match. There is SO MUCH to this soap opera story. Here is a Wikipedia post of the storyline:

At Night of Champions during The Bloodline's match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship, The Usos interfered and unintentionally hit Sikoa. After Reigns shoved both Usos around, Jimmy attacked Reigns out of pent up anger after weeks of disrespect from Reigns, thus leaving The Bloodline, which in turn cost Reigns and Sikoa the championship. Jey would also leave The Bloodline on the June 16 episode of SmackDown, where he attacked Reigns and Sikoa, choosing to stand by his brother Jimmy's side. This led to a "Bloodline Civil War" tag team match at Money in the Bank, where The Usos defeated Reigns and Sikoa with Jey pinning Reigns, which was the first time Reigns was pinned since TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs in December 2019. On the following SmackDown, a trial for Reigns was held. Reigns feigned not wanting to be the Tribal Chief any longer and hit Jey with a low blow. Jimmy then attacked Reigns until Sikoa tossed him away and then both Sikoa and Reigns brutally attacked him, resulting in Jimmy being taken to a hospital. Later that night, Jey viciously attacked Reigns and Sikoa with a steel chair before challenging Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The following week, Jey talked about his family's relationship with one another before being interrupted by Sikoa and Reigns' special counsel Paul Heyman, who said that Reigns would meet Jey the following week to discuss the "rules of engagement". There, it was agreed that Reigns would defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Jey in an anything goes match called Tribal Combat, where in addition to the championship, the winner would be recognized as the Tribal Chief of the Anoa'i family. This goes back to the early days of Reigns' Universal Championship reign, where he defeated Jey in a Hell in a Cell "I Quit" match in October 2020 and forced Jey to acknowledge him as the "Head of the Table".

I really want Jey to win, but I don't think it's happening. But I'm still hopeful. LET'S GO UCE. Jey comes out in all white, wearing a white lei. The fans are solidly behind him. Roman Reigns is out with Paul Heyman, no sign of Solo Sikoa who was taken out last night by Jey. I feel like we may still see him.

Lock-up and they shove each other. Feeling out process. Roman takes a headlock, runs the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. Jey takes a headlock, runs the ropes and Roman knocks him down. Roman mocks the crowd. Roman fires off strikes and is in firm control. Jey flips out of a back suplex and fires strikes. Superkick and a thrust by Jey. Suicide dive to Roman's back. Roman thrown into the stairs. The fans ask for tables and Jey answers for seriously the loudest crowd reaction during a match of the entire night. A table is set up but Reigns retakes control. Enziguiri by Jey but he's whipped hard into the corner. Roman works the crowd like a pro. Drive-by by Reigns. Jey mounts a comeback with some strikes. He goes for a suicide dive but runs into a kendo stick shot. Roman wails on him with the kendo. Jey fires uppercuts. Reigns fires corner-trapped clotheslines. Superman punch by Reigns is blocked by a kendo stick. Kendo shots by Jey, it shatters. Suicide tope by Jey. Big splash by Jey but Reigns hit a a mid-air superman punch. Reigns goes for the spear, Jey reverses into a pin. Superkick by Jey. Uso splash for a nearfall. Jey grabs a chair. Two chair shots then he goes and grabs a ton more chairs to throw in the ring. Reigns prevents a superplex, Reigns with a powerbomb on the chairs. Reigns sets up a second table this time in the ring. Against the corner. Jey reverses a spear with a big kick. Jey lifts Reigns from the ring and samoan drops him though the ringside table. Jey has a strap and begins to whip Roman. Reigns walks through the crowd and Jey follows. Jey has Roman up for a Samoan drop and here is Solo Sikoa to aid Roman. Uranage to Jey through a table. Solo draws Jey back to the ring and Reigns demands mode punishment. Solo picks up Jey for a spike/spear combo but Jey pulls Solo in the way! Spear by Jey for a great nearfall. Jey uses the chair on his family, punishing Roman. Jey goes for another but Solo surprises him with a superkick. Roman asks for a hand up and Solo just stares him down for the spear he recieved. They argue, allowing Jey to spear Roman through the barricade. Solo clears the announce table and goes to uranage Jey through it but fails. Jey splashes Solo through it. Back in the ring, Jey spears Roman, Uso splash for a 1-2-NO! Jey is dragged off the pin by...Jimmy Uso! No! Not like this Jimmy! Chants of "fuck you Jimmy" fill the arena. Superkick by Jimmy to Jey. Spear through the table. 1-2-3. Reigns retains.

This was a slow match but it was some more poetic storytelling. Jey was Roman's equal here and he needed Solo AND Jimmy to keep the title. The Jimmy betrayal was shocking and at first it's hard to make sense of but I'm sure there's a reasonable justification. Jimmy not wanting to be left behind? Jealously? Anyways this was a great match, great action and great drama.

Roman Reigns retains via pinfall (36:04)


Overall- 60.6%

It was a slow start but we got a good show in the end. It wasn't until the last 4 matches where things started to pick up. I really disliked the MMA Rules match, I think if they just did a submission match where they could wrestle normally them it would have been better. The rest of the card all had something worthwhile to it. Rollins & Balor stole the show tonight. The Detroit crowd absolutely sucked. I was checking in case there was audio issues but during certain times they were real loud eg Cody's entrance, Rollin's entrance & when Jey pulled out a table. They were so quiet and non-interactive and it detracted from the show. I don't need it to be fully booming with chants constantly all the time, but they could at least react with some applause and excitement for good moves and shit right? One of the worst PPV crowds in a long time. Never go back there not with a big 4 at least.

MOTN- Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

What did you think of the show? Let me know in the messages at the bottom. Thank you for reading, I'm going to go to sleep now. Until next time, see ya.

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