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  • Connor Ewens

Let's Review: TNA Hard to Kill 2024

A very fitting title for TNA's first PPV back under the revived name. TNA/Impact entire personality has been built on being hard to kill, no matter how many times management drop the ball like Goku dropping a Spirit Bomb. I'm very happy to see TNA again, even if the name was a poor joke, it has a catchy ring to it. Impact Wrestling sounds more like a softcore porn video but digress. This is probably the most hyped I've been to watch a TNA show in literal years, the entire world is watching as the 3rd major wrestling promotion in the US continues to defy the odds. Can they pull it off under the pressure? Let's find out. Let's review.

January 13th 2024- TNA Hard to Kill @ Palms Casino Resort, Paradise, Nevada

-There was a preshow but I didn't watch it, sorry.

-Cool opening promo package spoken by Eric Young talking about how TNA is hard to kill. Young opens the show with all the wrestlers on the stage and the fans pop.

Tasha Steelz vs Gisele Shaw vs Alisha Edwards vs Jody Threat vs Dani Luna vs Xia Brookside, Ultimate X

Whoever pulls down the X wins a future Knockouts title shot. I'm pulling for former NXT UK wrestlers Luna or Brookside as a fellow Brit myself. This is the best type of match to open, a multi-person contest with some big moves. The fans are not getting sick of chanting TNA and neither would I. Xia Brookside is making her TNA debut and she had a very impressive showing here. All the ladies got fair opportunity but I think Dani Luna and Jody Threat were the most impressive overall. Luna, Steelz & Shaw all climbed after the X but only Shaw was able to hold on long enough to pull it down. A very good way to open the show.

-recap of a segment on the pre-show, we saw the debut of AJ Francis aka Top Dolla. Michael Cole is somewhere shooting on Dolla. We'll see if TNA can get anything of worth out of him,

PCO vs Dirty Dango w/Alpha Bravo & Oleg Prudius

Dango says he hates TNA wrestling. The match doesn't go very long as Bravo attacks PCO after a minute causing a DQ. Rhino comes out to help PCO, then Santino Marella comes out and books a 6-man with Jake Something coming in as the third man. I'll not rate this, it is more of a set up for the 6-man.

PCO, Rhino & Jake Something vs Dirty Dango, Alpha Bravo & Oleg Prudius

This is a simple heel vs face 6-man but it was good fun. PCO and Something dominate early, Rhino takes a beating then we get the hot tag and comeback win for the good guys. The crowd loved it. Jake Something is an impressive worker who could make it as a major singles star if used correctly. PCO hits the PCO-sault to win for his team.

MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly) vs Decay (Rosemary & Havok), Knockouts' Tag Championships

This was an impromptu, unscheduled match with no hype or announcement. Decay returning was cool, they were a pretty over gimmick. Havok kicking out of a Snow Plow at 1 was crazy, I didn't like it. This is another pretty basic tag team match, with Decay winning with a double team sit-out powerbomb. I am unsure about this decision, I know TNA has returned and I like to see Decay but Masha & Killer are the far more skilled team and should have held those tag belts for even longer. Hopefully this isn't the end of MK Ultra and they will be back on top very soon.

-TNA partnering with some NFL guys. They also announce a partnership with the AAA, which is pretty cool. I feel like everyone is collaborating with AAA these days, the dirty whores.

Chris Sabin (c) vs El Hijo del Vikingo vs Kushida, X-Division Championship.

I can appreciate Lucha Libre, but my biggest gripe is that wrestlers like Vikingo feel like they're doing acrobatics for acrobatics sake. It's just wrestling so it's not that deep, but I also don't want to watch the circus. This should be great though. Sabin is arguably the greatest X-Division champion of all time, holding every design that has ever been made. This is a very fast-paced match with lost of offence. I liked how it felt more like a triple threat and not just a series of 1v1 with one guy resting. Vikingo actually did an okay job of selling in this one and didn't spend the entire match doing flips. Once he was offence though it was like he was never being hurt. Posing and smiling like he's on Britain's Got Talent. As annoying as it was, this was still fun, Chris Sabin were consistently awesome. Sabin beats Kushida with the Cradle Shock.

Josh Alexander vs Alex Hammerstone

I only watched one MLW show and Hammerstone wasn't on it. I've heard a lot of talk about this guy so I am intrigued to see how good he really is. Alexander is probably the best wrestler in TNA. Hammerstone is a free agent who offered an open challenge for a fight. This was a very physical contest. Quite even as well, though I think Hammerstone spent more time in control than Alexander. Alexander targeted the left ankle early and it became a recurring issue throughout the bout. Alexander spikes Hammerstone with the C4 and wins. I was surprised by the result, I assume Hammerstone has not signed a TNA contract as of yet. I hope he does, he was a great powerhouse here and I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Laredo Kid & Mike Bailey vs Grizzled Young Vets (James Drake & Zack Gibson) vs The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz), Tag Championships.

Speedball Mountain is on hold due to Trent Seven's travel issues so he is replaced by Laredo Kid. I'm excited to see the GYV make their TNA debut, they're an amazing tag team. They come out proudly sporting Liverpool FC. This is exactly what you expect from this type of match. Plenty of tags, plenty of tag offence and plenty of run ins from the illegal men. ABC have been one of the best tag teams in the world and they continue to live up to that praise. The Vets made the most out of their debut and showed they are a team to keep an eye on throughout 2024. I would kill for a FTR vs GYV match. The Rascals have been a pain in the side of ABC recently, so it makes sense for the champs to beat their challengers here to end that feud. I don't mind that. We saw trash talk between Austin & Gibson, hopefully we will see that feud next.

-Ash by Elegance is seen at ringside, FKA Dana Brooke in WWE. I am actually hopeful for her, she showed a lot of in-ring improvement in her final years in WWE so I believe she can make herself a star in TNA.

Trinity (c) vs Jordynne Grace, Knockouts' Championship

Grace won the Call Your Shot gauntlet to earn this match, I rated Grace is one of the top 10 women of last year. After a feeling out process, the Juggernaut takes firm control over the champion. Trinity tries to fight back once in a while but she is unable to. Every time she shows signs of life, Grace has a big move to get a near count. A muscle buster from Grace, channelling her inner Samoa Joe. Trinity hit something similar to a heat-seeking missile. After an awesome powerbomb, Trinity transitions into her Starstruck submission. Grace powers up like a beast and retaliates with the Juggernaut driver to win. This may not only be the best match of the night, but probably Trinity's best match in her entire career. Props to both women, it was a slow start but it became an awesome match. There is heavy rumour about Trinity returning in WWE and losing here is only going to fuel those fires. I think that she will return. She proved her worth outside of the company, plus her husband works there. Grace is the best women's wrestler on the roster so I'm happy for her to be champion for a long time.

Alex Shelley (c) vs Moose, TNA Championship

Shelley is the third longest world champion of all time. It has been a great run, but a title change here feels almost unquestionable. Moose won the Feast or Fired match and earned this opportunity. Moose is part of a new stable called The System, which was established on the pre-show also consisting of Eddie & Alicia Edwards, Brian Myers and former NFL star DeAngelo Williams who has appeared sporadically for TNA/Impact for a few years. They went for a 20 minute epic here, Moose being the dominant man but Shelley is the opportunistic champion. Both men did a great job selling injured body parts as well as their exhaustion. Shelley began targeting the arm after Moose collided into a ring post, looking for a possible submission win. In Moose's darkest hour, the System come out for support so out come Shelley's allies Kushida and Sabin to fight them towards the back. Shelley drives Moose's arm into the ramp. As Moose fights back, he keeps the left arm by his side inactive, great selling. Moose fought out of a Shell Shock attempt and hit a huge spear for a clean win! Another great match, they worked a good story and Moose winning was the right call. A great end to the night.

-But that is not the end is it. Music plays and out comes Nic Nemeth behind Moose!! We have a staredown and a superkick. Nemeth looks hyped as he walks out through the crowd. He rips his shirt, and reveals he is All-TNA. What a way to close the show. I'm so happy Nemeth chose TNA. AEW is too stacked already, but he feels like a perfect fit for TNA. Plus we will see him in New Japan too.

Gisele Shaw defeats Tasha Steelz, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, Jody Threat & Alicia Edwards, Ultimate X. ***1/2

PCO defeats Dirty Dango by DQ. No Rating.

PCO. Rhino & Jake Something defeat Dirty Dango, Alpha Bravo & Oleg Prudius. **1/2

Decay defeat MK Ultra, Knockouts Tag Championships. **1/2

Chris Sabin (c) defeats El Hijo Del Vikingo & Kushida, X-Division Championship. ***1/2

Josh Alexander defeats Alex Hammerstone. ****

ABC (c) defeats Bailey & Kid, Rascalz & Grizzled Young Vets, Tag Championships. ***3/4

Jordynne Grace defeats Trinity (c), Knockouts' Championship. ****1/4

Moose defeats Alex Shelley (c), TNA Championship. ****

Overall- 70%

What a great show. TNA needed to make a statement returning under their old alias and they certainly did. This was an exciting variety show with great wrestling and plenty of surprises. My only 2 small gripes is that the show felt a bit rushed, every time a match ended the commentators were rushing into the next segment but I understand time restraints. Also, there was a lack of ongoing stories here but again I can forgive that since we are beginning a new era and surely we have set up plenty of stories going forward for TNA. A great show, their best in a while.

MOTN- Trinity vs Jordynne Grace

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