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  • Connor Ewens

Let's Review: Triple PPV Feature! (AEW, WWE, Impact review)

I've been a busy guy dealing with some personal issues so I have fallen behind on some wrestling content. One of them I put off from last month and forgot to get back to it, and two are very recent. I couldn't be arsed to write up 3 full ass reviews for these 3 shows sooooo here we are. A triple main event of PPV reviews. I know, I'm an absolute mad man. We'll be kicking off with Impact Wrestling's Bound for Glory show, which I was gonna skip until I heard of the huge announcement to come from the event, making it one of the most important shows in the company's history. Then we'll check in with Tony Khan's cocaine fuelled company AEW for their last major show of the year Full Gear which I have zero hype for but I have heard some good reviews of the matches. Finally, we will cover the most recent show being WWE's Survivor Series which I don't recall much of any real importance happening at this show... Ha. Yeah, anyways, let's any% 3 major wrestling shows in one day because I'm a tired piece of shit. Let's review.

Impact Wrestling: Bound for Glory- October 21st 2023 @ Cicero Stadium, Cicero, Illinois.

-There was a lot of speculation of a CM Punk debut here since we are in Chicago. That would not be the case. Not on this night, not in this company.

-Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt are on commentary

Chris Sabin (c) vs KENTA for the X-Division Championship

Not a lot of story here, KENTA was announced for Bound for Glory and he was announced as Sabin's next challenger. This is their first one-on-one meeting. Sabin has held the title since September in his record 10th reign. This was a competitive 10 minute match, the crowd solidly behind both guys. KENTA nearly steals a win with dirty heel tactics but Sabin holds on and manages to retain with a Cradle Shock. Good match, fun way to open the show.

Sabin retains via pinfall (11:28)


Rhino vs PCO vs Moose vs Steve Maclin, Monsters Ball 4-way

This is a no DQ match with all 4 competitors locked away in a dark room for 24 hours without food or water. It's a silly gimmick but it's fun. This is all about the championship briefcase Moose won in a Feast or Fired match, spiralling into this 4-way feud.

Within the first couple minutes PCO is dropped through a ladder in a brutal spot. This is 10 minutes of physical weapon violence, a lot of fun. PCO is the absolute MVP of this match, for the most part being the one involved in the action including a gnarly powerbomb onto thumbtacks onto cinderblocks. ECW alumni Rhino pulls out a barbed wire table which Maclin is pushed through by Bully Ray who appears to help his new "ally" Rhino. PCO hits a big splash onto Moose and gets a pinfall win. Good for him, This was a lot of fun.

PCO wins via pinfall (11:10)


The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) (c) vs ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin) for the Tag Team Championships

Bold move for Impact to bring in Wentz even with his controversial release from WWE. ABC dropped the titles to Subculture, who dropped them to the Rascalz whilst Bey won a tag title opportunity in the Feast or Fired match. This was as a fast paced match with a lot of action packed in under 10 minutes. The action was well worked and impressive but it felt rushed and lacked storytelling for this to be rated much higher. Good action, but in todays wrestling we have thousands of good wrestlers. I need more than that some times. Bey sprays green mist and we see the 123 for new tag champions, ending the Rascalz reign after 55 days.

ABC win via pinfall (9:48)


Will Ospreay vs Mike Bailey

The hype is very high for this one, a lot of comparisons have been drawn. I know I mentioned earlier about needing more than just being a good wrestler, but some matches are all about just being the best and this is a battle of Impact's best high-flyer and the best wrestler in the world. Ospreay is having possibly the best year of his career currently, which is crazy considering how successful he has been in the past. He is a shoe in for a variety of awards come end of year. I don't have much to say about this. I just sat and enjoyed my time watching another absolute classic by Will Ospreay. Bailey deserves his credit though, I've watched a few of his matches and I've been impressed by his ability but none of the matches blew me away but this one absolutely did. This not only met expectations, but it arguably exceeded them. This was a very New Japan style match. After an excellent contest, Ospreay finally puts Bailey down with his hidden blade. An absolute epic, one of the best matches in Impact Wrestling for a long time. Meltzer gave this 5.25 stars which I think is a bit too much dick riding by big Dave but it was still an excllent match.

Ospreay wins via pinfall (17:59)


Call Your Shot Gauntlet

This is basically a modified 20-person Royal Rumble for a title opportunity of your choosing. Here are the participants in order of entry; Jake Something, Eddie Edwards, Kenny King, Juventud Guerrera (you read that right! The legendary Juice returns to Impact), Johnny Swinger, Gisele Shaw, Jody Threat, KiLynn King, the debuting Sonny Kiss (I'm happy for them, Impact feels like a good fit), Bully Ray, returning Matt Cardona, Jordynne Grace, Eric Young, Joe Hendry, Brian Myers, Heath, Frankie Kazarian, Rich Swann, Jonathan Gresham and finally Dirty Dango. Honestly, this felt like 30 minutes of filler. The surprise returns ands debuts were fun, we saw some minor storyline developments but nothing too mad. The final entrant Dango is eliminated in seconds which is kinda disappointing. Our final four comes down to Cardona, Bully, KiLynn & Grace. Simultaneously we see Grace eliminate Cardona and Bully eliminate King, liking perfectly at the same time. Now we're down to two and it will be a regular singles match. Grace is in phenomenal shape and she puts away Bully Ray to win the opportunity. Good for her. The match was fine, nothing bad but nothing too exciting either. Grace calls her shot for the Knockouts Championship.

Jordynne Grace wins (28:57)


Trinity (c) vs Mickie James for the Knockouts World Championship

Our final two matches tonight follow a similar story. A former champion looking the reclaim the gold they had to vacate due to injury. James had to vacate the title and teased retirement but she has since been cleared to wrestle. She has been supportive of Trinity since she arrived here, but she wants to win back the title. This was a pretty average match, if a little disappointing. They weren't given much time to work a full classic, but they didn't work a very exciting match for the time they were given. James looks fantastic and she can still hold her own even as a 20 year veteran, but I don't think she should be in the world title picture anymore. James runs through her signature offence but it's not enough. Trinity retains using her Starstruck submission. It was fine.

Trinity retains via submission (11:58)


-Moose will challenge the world champion at Hard to Kill

Alex Shelley (c) vs Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship

As I previously mentioned, a similar story to the last except a little extra flavour is these two do not get on. Initially a loose alliance when they visited Japan, it has since fell apart after Shelley left Alexander to be beaten down on his own. Shelley hasn't turned full heel but it's not far away. This was a great world title main event. It started slow with Alexander dominating with his superior wrestling ability but Shelley more than held his own in there. The pace picked up towards the final third with some exciting back and forth counters, eventually Shelley retains with a third Shellshock.

Shelley retains via pinfall (22:32)


-We see a show of respect from both men, followed by a teaser trailer which says we need a change in wrestling. Impact wrestlers gather in the woods for a promo hyping the next chapter, the rebirth of TNA. Holy fucking shit. I never would have expected it, but its happening and I'm so fucking hyped. Impact have been on a mini resurgence in the last few years and I think a return to the TNA branding is only going to help elevate their stock. As long as they keep old WCW stars off the chequebook.

Overall- 64.3%

A very good show, probably Impact's best this year. Their last PPV under Impact as Hard to Kill in January will be the beginning of the TNA 2.0 era. I am very excited about TNA's future and I will be keeping my little peepers glued.

MOTN- Ospreay vs Bailey


AEW: Full Gear- November 18th 2023 @ Kia Forum, Inglewood, California

My interest in AEW has taken a dramatic dip over the last year which is a real shame. I still keep in tune and they have some incredible talent and some good stories going on, but I find the storytelling largely lacklustre in TK's little shop of powder. I feel ever since the end of the Hangman Page arc from alcoholic to world champion, AEW have really struggled to create a lot of investing stories. They had some success with feuds involving CM Punk, MJF, Darby Allin but it's been inconsistent. I've loved MJF and Adam Cole together, Toni Storm's new persona and any opportunity to see Will Ospreay but there hasn't been much else drawing my eye. I'm leaving my skeptical hat at the door though and looking forward to some good wrestling.


We're keeping this concise because I don't include the ratings of the pre-show in the final score anyways, but here are my gradings for the pre-show matches:

  • Eddie Kingston retains the ROH World title against Jay Lethal (10:53) ***

  • Claudio Castagnoli defeats Buddy Murphy (10:28) ***1/4

  • MJF & Samoa Joe (agreeing to sub in for Adam Cole) retain the ROH tag titles against The Gunns (9:26) **1/2

-Commentary duties are shared between Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuiness and Tazz

Main Card

The Patriarchy (Christian Cage, Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne) vs Adam Copeland, Darby Allin & Sting w/Ric Flair

I do find it hilarious how TK went on a twitter rant slating Vince McMahon for his alleged criminal wrongdoings, then goes and hires Ric Flair who is equally as controversial in similar ways. Also the whole relying on older talent thing...yeah Tony you do that too. Either way I'm excited to see what Copeland will do in AEW and his feud with TNT champion Christian has been fun so far. Nick Wayne betrayed Darby Allin at Wrestledream to align with Christian, their feud has built over the next few weeks including an organic rivalry between best friends Christian and FKA Edge. Sting also announced he will retire at Revolution, his opponent still TBC but we assume it'll be Darby. Worth noting McGuiness compared Flair to herpes. Make of that what you will. I bet you a tenner Flair betrays Sting one last time before retirement. As expected Allin is in the match for 75% for his team, with 15% for Copeland and 10% for Sting. The referee just allows Flair to attack Christian without a DQ. "Referee's discretion" is bullshit. A series of finishers ending with a spear for the win. A good match, I felt the beatdown segment was a bit too long but this was still great. The Sting retirement tour continues.

Team Sting win via pinfall (15:10)


-Jay White demands Schiavone tell the world tonight's match is cancelled and he is champion by default due to MJF injury. Cole refuses this and says tonight if MJF cannot defend it then he will. I think this is a bit silly, no one believes actually injured Cole is going to wrestle and we all expect MJF to appear tonight, because if he doesn't then AEW fans are NOT going to be happy.

Orange Cassidy w/Hook (c) vs Jon Moxley w/Wheeler Yuta for the International Championship

This is a rematch from All Out, Moxley dropped the title to Fenix after an injury scare in an unscripted finish. Fenix dropped it back to Cassidy, who gets a second chance to succesfully defend against Moxley. This was a physical fight, similar to their previous match but no where near as good. Orange was on the back foot mostly before eventually firing up in the latter stages of the match. If Moxley bleeding was on your bingo cards then you can scratch it off because of course he bled. Cassidy eventually manages to put him away with like a million Orange punches and a Beach Break. A very good match, it'll be interesting to see what they do now but I think we'll get a third rubber match on TV where Moxley will recapture the title.

Orange retains via pinfall (12:04)


-A graphic appears, officially confirming White vs Cole for tonight's main event. Is this serious? This cannot be serious surely? We'll see how this goes I guess. We also get more hype for the upcoming Continental Classic which will culminate at Worlds End.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs Toni Storm w/Luther for the Women's Championship

The women's title has been bouncing around ever since Hayter got injured, jumping between Shida, Storm and Saraya. Shida is in her record 3rd reign as champion going 39 days. Storm is in her "TImeless" character which has been a very entertaining part of AEW, a breath of fresh air in the company's stale women's division (not the wrestlers fault, it's the booking). If Storm wins, she will tie Shida's record for 3 title reigns. These two are both great performers, but unfortunately this was extremely mid. Storm's character is a throwback which is very entertaining but means her matches are now extremely basic, which isn't an awful thing if the match stands out enough on it's own. I think this match did provide something a little different, but like I said, a basic match. Annoying that Storm blatantly used an illegal weapon in the hip attack and the referee just pretended to not see it. The mirror was clearly hanging out of Toni's arse! It'll be interesting to see how the Timeless reign goes.

Storm wins via pinfall (10:25)


Big Bill & Ricky Starks (c) vs Kings of the Black Throne (Malakai Black & Brody King) vs La Faccion Ingobernables (Rush & Dralistico) vs FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood), Ladder match for the Tag Team Championships

I couldn't find much in terms of a story here so I'm going to assume it's just 3 teams who all feel worthy of being the contender, so they're all in one big old ladder spectacle. Bill & Starks have been champions since the 7th of October, shockingly being the ones to dethrone FTR. Many think that we're bound to see FTR follow Punk out of AEW and maybe even back to WWE. It wouldn't surprise me, I think FTR would be a great fit in HHH's new era, plus I imagine their close bond to Punk rubs people up the wrong way backstage, even though it shouldn't. This is what you expect from an AEW ladder match, lot's of high-risk offence at a fast pace with some dangerous ladder spots. Multi-man ladder matches are really hard to fuck up, they're always a bunch of fun. The finish felt pretty sudden, but Starks & Bill retaining is for the best I would like them to have a decent run with the belts.

Starks & Big Bill retain (20:09)


Kris Statlander (c) vs Julia Hart vs Skye Blue for the TBS Championship

Statlander has defeated Hart in the past to retain the TBS title. I like Skye Blue but I feel she is in this match to be the one to eat the pinfall. Kris has held the title since late-May when she became the first and only woman to defeat Jade Cargill in her stint in AEW. This was a very good match, all 3 women have great chemistry with each other and they all put in an awesome effort here. These 3 have completely outclassed the women earlier on. Statlander looks poised to have it won but she's pushed out the way and Hart picks up a shock pinfall over Blue! Firstly, called it. Secondly, I am all for this, Hart has been great since joining the House of Black and she has quickly became one of the best wrestlers and characters in the women's division.

Hart wins via pinfall (11:22)


-Ospreay is revealed as the new major signing. This wasn't a surprise. A good get for AEW of course, I predict this time next year he will be the AEW world champion.

Adam Page vs Swerve Strickland w/Prince Nana, Texas Deathmatch

This feud has been boiling for a few months, Swerve got a huge win over Page at All Out but their feud has only gotten more intense. I hadn't seen anything from this match, all I heard was that this was a very violent and borderline disturbing deathmatch. Well, I was certainly informed correctly. Within minutes we see a staple gun brought into play, Page staples paper to Swerve's cheek, and then rips it off. Ow. Page then starts DRINKING SWERVE'S BLOOD FROM HIS FACE. That's honestly just fucking disgusting. It's one thing to take someone's blood and smear it across your body, but to drink someone's actual blood is just revolting. More staple gun use, Swerve even just staples himself for fun. We see barbed wire, a barbed wire-wrapped chair, cinderblocks. There's this ugly bit where a chair shot catches the barbed wire in Page's hair and you hear him properly scream out in pain. Then, broken glass is on Page's back and Swerve hits him with a 450 splash. Jesus fucking christ. Hangman hits Swerve with a trio of moves onto a barbed wire board. Swerve is done but Nana helps him back to his feet, Brian Cage comes out but Page deals with him, puts Nana through a table then Swerve brains Page with the cinderblock. Swerve then "hangs" the Hangman with a chain, mercifully the match comes to an end as Page cannot beat the count.

Fuck me this was gruesome. This was a near perfect match but I am detracting points for the blood drinking and I think the staple gun was excessively used. Still though, what a war.

Strickland wins (29:46)


Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs Golden Jets (Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega), title shot vs disbandment

The Bucks won a match at All Out to become next in line for a title match, but they had other things on their mind. Omega & Jericho have formed a team and they don't like it, I guess out of jealousy. Bucks want rid of the Omega x Jericho alliance for good, and are willing to lose their title shot over it. I never expected to see Omega & Jericho team up but here we are. I guess it's something for them to do. This pretty much feels like a rehash of the Bucks feud with Page & Omega except significantly less investment. Don Callis joins us for commentary. It was hard for these 4 to follow the Deathmatch, and they try their best but this wasn't as good as you would expect. I may be wrong, but I think at this point a lot of the fanbase are sick of Jericho and also the Bucks, leaving only Omega with large emotional investment from the crowd. Of course from these 4 veterans the action was well worked, I liked Matt using a one-winged angel and also a fake-out of Omega going for Jericho to hit the Bucks instead. Eventually Omega hits the OWA to win. A very good match, I just think they're really rushing the whole angle here. Not long ago these three were the trios champions and vibing. Oh well.

Golden Jets win (20:52)


-Young Bucks throw a proper temper tantrum before leaving without shaking Omega's hand.

MJF w/Adam Cole vs Jay White w/The Gunns for the AEW World Championship

White & MJF have been feuding pretty much since the Switchblade debuted for AEW. Earlier on the pre-show MJF was ambushed and injured and taken to hospital. He asked Cole to promise to not have the title taken away from him, leading to now this being Cole vs White. I mean, surely MJF wouldn't have to forfeit right? I mean, Adam Cole is still the tag champion. They have always had Interim champions in the past so this doesn't make sense to me. White is carrying the title because he stole it from MJF previously. There is also an ongoing sub-story of "The Devil", a masked man who has been in and around MJF and Jay White. Before Cole vs White offically rings officially, we hear an ambulance return and MJF is back, because of course. Security and referees try and stop him (but they won't stop also real life injured Adam Cole from competing?!) but he goes in and the bell rings.

Unfortunately, the booking of this match ruins our main event. MJF does a solid job selling his injured leg but it means this match is mostly a slow dissection by White as MJF shows his resilience. Unfortunately an announce table spot is cancelled due to the table breaking prematurely but it doesn't stop MJF from hitting a big diving elbow drop. Which brings me to another point, why even do the injury angle anyways? It didn't build to anything or achieve anything, but the severity of it is so inconsistent in this match. MJF goes from barely being able to walk to doing crazy high-risk. After back and forth attempts at cheating in various ways, eventually MJF retains with the use of the ring thanks to Cole. Rumour has it that Jay White was really unhappy about the main event booking and I don't blame him. AEW shot themselves in the foot by interjecting a terribly booked story in what was a very good match. The action was great, but the story told was so detrimental that I cannot rate this as high as I would like. it deserves like a 4 based on its action, but such poor booking. White looks like a chump, MJF feels like Super Cena, referees and management look fucking stupid and heartless. Also, far too long.

MJF retains via pinfall (29:44)


Overall- 68.1%

Still a very good show with plenty of good matches, but the two major title matches were big disappointments, especially the long-winded, poorly booked main event. Hopefully White can recover from this and won't slip into obscurity like a lot of the other roster members AEW have. I wrote a lot more about AEW than I wanted to but hey ho, on to the last show we're talking about.


WWE: Survivor Series WarGames- November 25th 2023 @ Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois

Finally we're here for Survivor Series, a night full of anticipation with the announced return of Randy Orton, which was rumoured that is to prevent the crowd from being disappointed that he shows up instead of CM Punk. We will see how effective that decision was. This is my third show I'm watching in a row so let's just get into it.

Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Shotzi vs Damage CTRL (Bayley, Asuka, Iyo Sky & Kairi Sane), WarGames

What an absolutely stacked line-up in this match. Damage CTRL have made a lot of enemies, so they are banding together to take on a mutual foe. Simple but effective booking. Kairi recently returned at Crown Jewel to join Damage CTRL and shortly after Asuka joined the ranks too, betraying her alliance with Charlotte and Bianca. Lynch and Flair haven't been on good terms both in kayfabe and in reality supposedly, we will see how their relationship effects the match. All of Damage CTRL are wearing their own unique Asuka masks which is a cool visual.

A fantastic opener. I'll get my negatives out the way first. Why do Flair and Belair not bring weapons into the match? They just come across as foolish. Also, this isn't exactly a new thing, btu Bianca is real stale now in her current character. She either needs to change it up a bit or turn heel at this point. The final negative isn't the workers fault, it's the stupid fucking crowd chanting for tables whilst they're all trapped kicking ass in the structure. Shut the fuck up. You're going to see a table spot tonight, just be patient and stop ruining things. The rest of the match was awesome though. The trash can dive by Iyo is a spot we have seen before but not on the main roster, it was still awesome. Spots with the chain were cool and didn't feel contrived. The huge 15ft moonsault by Charlotte was insane. Charlotte and Becky hug it out. Bayley being the MVP by saving the match at every chance she gets. Eventually Lynch plants Bayley with a manhandle slam through a table and gets a victory for her team. Brilliant stuff.

Team Lynch win WarGames (33:36)


-Alpha Academy and Pretty Deadly argue over crisps, eventually we see the most anticipated return of the century. It's R-Truth!! He unites them both over Akira Tozawa's Ruffle Shuffle. R-Truth is still the funniest worker WWE have. Great to see him back.

-Backstage promo between Zayn and Jey, Orton hasn't arrived yet. We hear small CM Punk chants.

Gunther (c) vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

This is a naturally developed feud based around the coveted IC title. Gunther is the longest reigning IC champion of all time and says he has made it more relevant than ever, but The Miz says he was the one who saved the title from obscurity a few years back. Miz turns face as Gunther disrespects Miz who is a Sports Entertainer, not a Pro Wrestler. Gunther plays a big ol' bully and the Miz is actually quite a sympathetic babyface. I know no one believes Miz has a chance, but Corey Graves revealing the insane betting odds in favour of Gunther really gave away the result of this match. This was a very good match, it's matches like these that show how underrated Miz is as a performer. Sure he ain't a technical master but he is more than capable as a worker. Miz puts up a great fight, using any tactic he has in his book but as we all expected, Gunther wins with a Boston crab. I love how Gunther has various ways of winning a match.

Gunther retains via pinfall (12:20)


-We see a Judgment Day chat with all the boys, they're heels but my god are they wholesome

Santos Escobar vs Dragon Lee

Escobar recently turned heel by attacking Rey Mysterio and also Carlito, which has caught the eye of NXT's Dragon Lee who has jumped to the main roster to fight for Rey. Santos says Dominik was right that Rey is selfish and conceited. As much as I've loved the LWO, Santos is far superior as a heel so I'm good with the break-up. This was a good match, a nice little showcase for Dragon Lee but Santos Escobar gets the well deserved and needed win with the Phantom Driver. This didn't have enough time or build for this to be any more, but this was still enjoyable.

Santos Escobar wins via pinfall (8:20)


Rhea Ripley (c) vs Zoey Starks for the WWE Women's World Championship

Starks won a contender match to earn a title shot. That's the story.Rhea has held the title since April, she is a great character and a great part of the Judgement Day but unfortunately her matches haven't been so hot but it's not her fault. She's being booked very strong, but she isn't having the absolute bangers she is capable of. She hasn't been given a challenger who could seriously take the title away from her. Starks is good, a lot of potential, but again, no chance she is winning here. Another good match that lacked any real story or time for it to be better than this. Rhea retains with her Riptide to win.

Ripley retains (9:15)


Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, Jey Uso & Randy Orton vs The Judgement Day (Damian Priest, Finn Balor, JD McDonagh, Dominik Mysterio) & Drew McIntyre, WarGames

All the faces have their own issues with the Judgement Day over the past few months so they're teaming up. Surprisingly, Drew McIntyre allied with them after his loss to Seth Rollins. Rhodes announce on Raw the return of Orton but he is still not at the arena. Will he show up? Will a straight-edge messiah take his place? So many questions. We see an intense stare-down between Priest and McIntyre. Team Good Guys start with a man down but that won't be an issue until late in the match. This was just a perfect WarGames match from top to bottom. Perfectly structured, perfectly booked, all of the mini stories complimented the larger picture. While the first WarGames was full of weaponry and spots, this match was all about the storied rivalry between both teams. If only WWE were good with blood in their product because that would have absolutely elevated this match. We do see weapons such as kendo sticks, a table and a bullrope in honour of Dusty. After Dom enters, the Judgement Day are dominant and all seems lost. We see Rhea come out with the MITB case for what would have been an awesome cash in, but we finally hear that Rev Theory anthem, signalling the arrival of the Viper to spoil the plans. Orton receives an amazing ovation and he runs wild on the Judgement Day. We see 5 stereo apron DDTs, then 4 finishers back to back finishers. JD tries to run away, but he is thrown off the top of the cage into a HUGE RKO. Awesome, props to JD for that bump. Rhodes pins Priest with Cross Rhodes to win. Absolutely amazing. It gets my 5 stars.

Team Orton wins WarGames (34:22)


-LOOK IN MY EYES!!! WHAT DO YOU SEE!!! A CULT OF PERSONALITY!!! It actually fucking happened. CM Punk is back in the WWE. It felt like an impossibility, but never say never in wrestling. What a moment. This is as historic as his first return for similar but different reasons. Props to commentary for just letting the moment breathe. People are speculating loads of stuff about people not being happy like Rollins, Ripley & McIntyre, the latter who "stormed out". McIntyre was already storming out before Punk arrived, and unless I see a concrete evidence of him doing it backstage I will never bleieve a thing the dirtsheets say. Also, these peeps are all considered big stars within the company, I'm sure Punk arriving was a rather big secret to most but not all. Rhea and Rollins are professional company players. They're selling the moment. Whatever you make of it, it was another historic night in Chicago. Welcome home, CM Punk.

Overall- 75%

Easily a contender for PPV of the year, the trio of matches in the middle were good but of course it was the two awesome wargames matches that really delivered. A really fun show, plenty of action and of course historic returns. Welcome back R-Truth!

MOTN- Men's WarGames

There we go. 3 shows reviewed back to back to back. Boom. I cannot promise I'll remain on top of shows going forward, mans is a busy guy but I'm hoping to begin writing up some other RnR content soon. Later taters.


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