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  • Connor Ewens

Let's Review: Wrestlemania 39, Night 1

The road to Wrestlemania reaches its final destination in Hollywood, California. This is the first Wrestlemania in California since Wrestlemania 31, the best Mania to take place in the golden state. This is also the first Wrestlemania under Triple H's creative control, the pressure must be on for him. I'm very excited for this show. I haven't stayed up watch Wrestlemania live since Wrestlemania 37. The Triple H Era has been mostly good, we will see how it reaches a crescendo this evening. The promotional movie parodies were funny for this show, especially the Bloodline doing Goodfellas as well as Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch doing the Joker & Batman. Two nights, 13 matches to get through, I'll run down any storyline elements as we go. Let's go to Hollywood, baybay! Let's review.

April 1st 2023- Wrestlemania 39, Night 1

-Becky G sings America The Beautiful in usual big American show style. It was fine.

-Our cold open is done by none other than Kevin Hart, narrating a video of highlights of all the competitors tonight as well as legendary Wrestlemania moments.

-The Miz & Snoop Dogg are in the ring as our hosts for Wrestlemania. They discuss their own credentials, Snoop obviously boasting more success but The Miz still puts over The Marine movies. If you haven't watched them, they kinda suck. They hype up the crowd mentioning the matches on the card before starting the show. I wonder if Snoop was a late addition because he wasn't advertised at all for Wrestlemania.

-Our commentary team for the evening is Michael Cole, calling his 22nd Wrestlemania, alongside Corey Graves

John Cena vs Austin Theory (c) for US Championship

John Cena has been less active in WWE in the last few years. 2017 was his last prominent year with him taking up a part-time schedule in 2019, in which he's normally had one feud a year. Theory has star potential that even Vince McMahon saw. At Survivor Series in November, Theory won the US Championship for a second time and has held it since. Theory has been teasing a match against Cena since last year. They had a confrontation in June for Cena's 20th anniversary, Theory mocked him and called him out of touch. Theory was upset after Elimination Chamber people were asking more about Cena rather than his victory. Upon Cena's return, Theory offers the match but Cena declines, putting Theory down as not ready. After an entertaining back and forth, Cena accepted the challenge and the match was made official.

After Austin Theory's entrance we get a video package for make-a-wish and the work WWE have been doing for children. On the ramp, a few of those kids who dreamed of being at Wrestlemania. Cena's music hits and they're all excited. Huge pop for Cena. He talks to the kids and the camera before going down for the match.

Cena knocks him down with a shoulder tackle, then a second one. Theory shoves Cena into the corner, who shoves him out of the ring. John is talking to the referee and Theory hits him with a forearm. Theory hits 2 suplexes. Cena hits his own suplex. Cena runs at him but eats and elbow and a neckbreaker. Theory lands a somersault into a dropkick for a nearfall. Theory goes to the well again but Cena counters into his crap looking STF. How have we all accepted how ridiculous this looks? Anyways, Austin bites the hand to break free. Theory hits a running clothesline, followed by a snapmare and a stomp. Cena blocks, and goes for an Attitude Adjustment but Theory escapes into a DDT. Theory locks in a sleeper but Cena escapes and its time for the 5 moves of doom! Shoulder tackle, shoulder tackle, spinning back drop, "You can't see me" into the five knuckle shuffle. He goes for the AA but Cena accidentally knocks the referee down with Theory. Cena gets the STF applied and Theory taps but no referee to call it. Theory hits a low blow and an A-Town Down to win.

Solid opener here. Cena wasn't at his best but he's part time now so it's understandable, also not wanting to get injured if he has movie commitments. Theory winning was predictable but they still worked a good match and this is a huge victory for Theory.

Austin Theory retains via pinfall (11:20)


-After some WWE shop commercials, we see a video package showing highlights from Smackdown's fatal four way match hyping this upcoming tag match.

-WWE Global Ambassador Titus O'Neill joins us on commentary for the next match.

Braun Strowman & Ricochet vs Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) vs Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis) vs Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)

They announced two 'Wrestlemania Showcase' matches, a men's and a women's four-way tag match. There were no qualifiers for this match just 4 chosen teams. Street Profits have been an incredible part of the tag division, Montez Ford recently had a star making performance at the Elimination Chamber. He's just fucking brilliant. The Viking Raiders have had stop-start success in WWE since joining, former tag champions yes but they've been a bit underutilised. Alpha Academy started off bland but Otis & Chad are incredibly talented and charismatic, who turned the gimmick into gold. Braun Strowman started teaming with Ricochet at the end of last year, coincidentally around the time he took shots at "flippy floppy" wrestlers. They don't get flippier than Ricochet.

2 guys are legal, 6 on the apron. Gable & Ricochet start exchanging some wrestling holds until Otis tags in and clotheslines Ricochet down. Gable tags back in, Ricochet tags to Strowman, all 8 men enter and have a big ol' fight. Erik catches Braun with a knee, Ivar follows with a kick. The Raiders wipe Gable out, then a double springboard clothesline to Ricochet. Raiders his a double spinebuster to Ford. Braun is back to knock both Erik & Ivar down. Gable powers Braun up with an impressive rolling German suplex. The crowd cheers, Gable says thanks. He's so adorable. Gable tries a dive but misses, as does Dawkins and then Ivar, all failing to hit the mark. Braun goes for a monster of a Superfly Splash which everyone breaks up. Otis hits a world strongest slam to Braun. Ford kicks Otis, Ricochet tags in but also eats a kick, Gable takes Ford down. There's a stereo suplex spot on the outside but Ricochet dives on to all of them! Huge crowd reaction. All aboard thr Strowman express as he runs through his opponents on the outside. Dawkins pounces Braun on his run. Ricochet with a diving shooting star press to Ricochet and Erik on the outside, incredible. Ricochet kicks Dawkins, he sets up for a second shooting star but the knees are up. Ford hits his beautiful frog splash from the top to win for his team.

Bloody good fun. Yeah, there's no story but it's a showcase of them wanting to show off their incredible talent. Very entertaining, Ricochet pulling off incredible spots as usual but they all put in a good show. Hopefully this continues the rise of the Street Profits, especially for Montez Ford who is MOIST with potential. Sorry. Great stuff.

The Street Profits win via pinfall (8:28)


-Video package for Brock Lesnar vs Omos for night 2, the least exciting match over the weekend.

-Xavier Woods with some wrestlers including Tyler Breeze! He's on the set of UpUpDownDown to simulate Seth Rollins vs Logan Paul on WWE 2K23. We see some highlights, he said after simulating 100 times, Rollins won 58% of the time.

-Video package for Seth Rollins vs Logan Paul. The feud started at the Royal Rumble when Logan eliminated Rollins. Rollins bad mouthed Logan in interviews, saying he doesn't want him here. At Elimination Chamber, Paul attacked Rollins and cost him a chance to win the US Championship. Rollins wanted a fight on Raw, Logan don't fight for free. The challenge was then set for the grandest stage of them all.

Seth 'Freakin' Rollins vs Logan Paul

Happy birthday to Logan Paul, wrestling on his birthday. Logan ziplined down towards the ring a la Shawn Michaels. He has a live mic and is cocky to the crowd who boo him. He's unfairly good at this. There's a big massive Prime Bottle mascot accompanying him. My first guess is that Jake Paul is in there. Logans podcast friends and crew are in the front row too. Rollins gets a grandiose entrance. Am orchestral conductor conducts the crowd to sing his theme before it plays. Huge ovation for Seth, who is remarkably dressed as usual.

Rollins goes on the offence with a shoulder tackle, he kicks Logan in the gut setting up a stomp but Logan evades. Logan neck snaps Rollins on the top rope, followed by his buckshot lariat, which is somehow the best buckshot lariat in wrestling today. Logan maintains control with punches and a knee lift. Rollins tries a corner attack but misses, Paul follows up with a crossbody block. Rollins strikes with 2 forearm strikes, Logan leg sweeps into a submission but Rollins escapes. Seth fires away some chops, Logan hits a gutwrench suplex for a nearfall. Logan leaps up and goes for the moonsault but misses. Rollins gains the advantage with punches and clotheslines sending Paul outside. Rollins his a trifecta of suicide dives. Rollins stomps Logan's hand on the steel steps. Rollins goes for the pedigree, Logan powers out. They go back and forth with pin attempts. Logan nails Rollins with a right handed punch. Cole on commentary bigs up the fact that Logan has a titanium screw in his hand. Logan charges at Rollins but is caught in a sit-out powerbomb. The Prime mascot is revealed to be KSI!! Holy Shit! I used to watch his YouTube videos when I was younger. I haven't really followed his boxing/YouTube career. I imagine about 25% of the audience hated this, 25% loved this and 50% didn't know what a KSI was. Logan sends Rollins into the ringpost. Rollins is on the announce table and Logan goes for a top rope frog splash. At the last second, Rollins pulls KSI in the way instead and Logan crashes through his Prime partner. Rollins hits a pedigree to Logan for a close nearfall. Rollins with a forearm to his back. He charges Logan but Logan turns it into a GTS. Frog Splash to Rollins for a nearfall. Paul goes for dive across the ring but flies into a killer superkick. Rollins hits the stomp and pins Paul.

Why the fuck is Logan Paul so good at wrestling? It's so unfair. Sure his matches are apparently all really choreographed but he is still talented. Some of your favourite wrestlers probably script their matches. It helps having Seth Rollins as a dance partner. A great match, honestly I've never been happier to see KSI ever his spot was hilarious. Logan impresses again but Rollins is the superior talent and rightfully walks away with a big W.

Seth Rollins wins via pinfall (16:16)


-Some promo packages for upcoming WWE Network content.

-Hype package for the 6-women tag match. Becky Lynch & the returning Lita dethroned Damage CTRL for the Women's Tag Championships. Damage CTRL continue to target Becky & Lita for attacks, leading to the ever beautiful Trish Stratus returning to even the odds.

Trish Stratus, Lita & Becky Lynch vs Damage CTRL (Bayley, IYO SKY & Dakota Kai)

The Bayley/Becky feud has been going since Summerslam '22 so hopefully this is the blowoff match. Trish officially retired after her loss to Charlotte Flair at Summerslam '19, but wrestlers never truly retire do they. Lita seemingly retired in 2006 but has made sporadic appearances since the 2018 Royal Rumble. Lita's last match before winning the tag straps was actually against Becky at Elimination Chamber last year. Damage CTRL have low key been one of the best things in the women's division, the whole division actually. They haven't hit their highest yet though, hopefully we're leading to a world title victory for Bayley, or even Iyo or Dakota.

All 6 women are repping some BOMB gear, great costume design. The faces get a noir style movie entrance which looked kinda cool. The heels take control by targeting Lynch, IYO hits a springboard dropkick. All 3 hit a triple neckbreaker slam to Lynch. Kai is legal and hits Becky with a running kick. Bayley mocks Lita's hand gestures as Kai nails Becky with another kick. Lynch crawls for a tag but Bayley trips Trish off the apron. Lynch fires back with a kick to kai and a strike to IYO. Lynch sends Kai out and finally gets a tag to Lita. A couple clotheslines then a headscissor takedown by Lita. She continues to target IYO sending her head first in the corner, a running knee then a neckbreaker type move. Sky distracts the ref and Kai runs in with a cheap shot. Damage CTRL triple team Lita with kicks. Bayley mocks Trish. Her and SKY go for a double move but Lita reverses into a double DDT. Lita finally tags Stratus who goes on a tear, unloading on Kai with punches and a Lou Thesz press. Bulldog/headscissor combo followed by a neckbreaker to Kai for a near fall. Kai nails Trish with an elbow, blocking a headscissor attempt. Lita and Lynch both hit dives to IYO & Bayley. Trish headscissors Kai into her teammates. Trish hits a spinebuster to Kai for a nearfall. Lita tags in and they do a poetry in motion. Lynch hits a top rope leg drop for a nearfall. Lynch goes for a Disarmer but Bayley prevents it with a knee strike. Bayley tags in to face-off with Becky. Becky slaps her. Bayley clotheslines her. Lynch hits a belly-to-belly, Bayley sends her to her corner. IYO strikes Becky, letting Bayley hit a Roseplant but Lita breaks the pin. The match breaks down as they all go on the attack, Trish hits a Stratusfaction and they all spill outside. Lynch takes bayley down and out to ringside. IYO SKY goes up and hits a big moonsault on all the women. Lynch and Bayley make it back in before 10. The match speeds up with quick tags and offence by all involved. Lita hits a twist of fate to Kai. Trish hits a Chick Kick to SKY. Lita moonsaults on to Kai & SKY simultaneously. Bayley tries a super bayley-to-belly suplex on Lynch but its reversed into a super Manhandle slam for a win for the good gals.

This was a good match, Damage CTRL showed dominance constantly using the numbers advantage. Lita & Trish can still go like they used to. All of the action was good and it was just a nice enjoyable watch. If this isn't the end, I wouldn't mind maybe a final Becky vs Bayley match but ideally I hope Damage CTRL move on to a new feud to gain some heat back.

Trish Stratus, Lita & Becky Lynch win via pinfall (14:38)


-Video package for Bianca Belair vs Asuka which will happen on Night 2.

-Video package for the Mysterio family feud. It was an excellent one. Dominik was first seen prominently on WWE during Rey's feud with Eddie Guerrero, the classic "Custody of Dominik" ladder match. A great match even with the mental stipulation. After sporadic appearances supporting his father against Samoa Joe or Brock Lesnar, Dominik got properly involved with a storyline involving Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy. From there, Dom & Rey have been fighting alongside each other and become the first ever father-son tag champions in WWE history. There were some growing tensions as Dominik felt Rey's guidance was overbearing. During their feud with the Judgement Day, Dominik finally turned on his father as well as Edge, joining the Judgement Day. Rey nearly quit WWE, refusing to deal with his son but he instead swaps brands to Smackdown. Dom & Rhea Ripley invaded the Mysterio's Christmas family gathering, Judgment Day attacked Rey before he could enter the Royal Rumble, Dom & Rey crashed Rey & Angie's (Rey's wife/Dom's mam) valentines day meal. After weeks of taunting, trash talking and disrespect, Rey finally stands up to Dom who disrespects his mam and sister so Rey SLAPS him. Rey finally accepts the Wrestlemania challenge Dom requested.

Rey Mysterio vs Dominik Mysterio

Bad Bunny is on Spanish commentary. I don't think I've ever seen a special guest commentator for a non-english team. Very cool. We get a video of Dominik in prison. He makes his entrance wearing a lucha mask, in handcuffs being police escorted from a squad car by police officers. It was a great entrance. Mama Angie & his sister Aaliyah are ringside. Rey Mysterio was driven out by Snoop Dogg to "Nuthin' but a G Thang". Awesome. They're in a low rider and they play Eddie Guerrero's theme "Lie, Cheat, Steal". AWESOME. Rey then makes his way to his own music, shaking hands with Bad Bunny as he approaches the ring.

They lock-up, Dom takes Rey down into a waist lock but Rey runs and spills him out of the ring. He gets back in, hits a shoulder tackle, Rey hits him a hurricanrana out of the ring again. Rey headscissors Dom into the turnbuckle. Rey whips Dom's ass with his belt to cheers. Rhea probably does that to Dom too. Dom goes to his family at ringside to complain, but throws Aaliyah's drink in her face. Rey checks on her so Dom cheap shots him to take advantage. Dom throws him into the ringpost then back inside. Senton to Rey's back. Rey is thrown hard into the post. He fires back with a hip toss but Dom regains control with an arm drag. Dom hits a Michinoku driver. Dom drops Rey on the top rope throat first. Dom goes to the floor and shouts at his mam again, telling her to shut up. She slaps him. Rey kisses her and goes back on the attack. A seated senton, followed by a springboard cross body for a 2 count. Rey hits a code red for a 2. Damian Priest & Finn Balor appear to show Dominik support. Rey runs at Dom but he reverses, flipping him over landing head first on the turnbuckle. A very nice move there. Vertical suplex by Dom. Rey reverses a second one and has him in position. 619! Finn distracts the referee and Priest pulls Rey from the top. Dom has Rey on his shoulders but they tumble to the outside. Legado Del Fantasma come to even the odds, Santos hits a suicide dive on Priest. Dom hits Rey with a 619 followed by a frog splash for a close nearfall. Dom distracts the referee by taking off the turnbuckle. He grabs a chain to use but Bad Bunny takes it from him! Dropkick by Rey. 619! Rey hits the splash for the win.

I was shocked by this result but I don't mind it. A very good match, obvious chemistry since 1) they're related and 2) Rey was the one who trained him. The soap opera drama complimented the match well. Dom tried cheating a lot just like Eddie which more than fits his current persona. Dom is doing very well especially considering how new he really is to the business. I'm happy Rey shut Dom up. I doubt this is the end of this feud. Since Bad Bunny has gotten involved, and the next PLE is in Puerto Rico hosted by him, I imagine he and Dominik have some unfinished business.

Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall (14:30)


-Hype package for Backlash in Puerto Rico. We also see fan reactions from Germany & England.

-video package airs for Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair. Pretty simple story here. Rhea lost to Charlotte for the NXT Women's Championship 3 years ago. Since then, they've had 4 singles matches and she has only won once via DQ. Rhea is arguably the most over and dominant woman on the roster. She won the Royal Rumble for No.1 and she wants to prove her dominance by taking out the Queen herself.

-George Kittle, NFL San Fran 49ers star, is shown at ringside.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs Rhea Ripley for Smackdown Women's Championship

Ripley enters looking a a complete badass. Killer music, killer aesthetic, killer pyro. Charlotte has an expected grandiose entrance. I don't want TV, is that her usual theme? Or was it a special one-off remix? I liked it.

Flair gained control first with a clothesline to Ripley sending her over and out. Flair on the apron boots her in the face and hits a crossbody on Rhea back in the ring. Flair goes got a top rope move but Rhea catches her, driving her face first into the turnbuckle. Flair fights back, but is sent into the turnbuckle again. Ripley has a body scissors locked, Flair uses punches and a roll-up to break free. Ripley nails 3 forearms to the back. Flair with a back elbow, Ripley responds with a German suplex. Flair kicks her arm, drops Rhea back-first on her knee and follows with 2 clotheslines. Flair lights up Rhea with chops (WOO!), landing a knee drop after. Flair jumps off the top for a crossbody, Ripley reverses into a Riptide but Charlotte reverses AGAIN into a DDT and a nearfall. Excellent spot that. Flair goes a figure 8 but Rhea escapes, something that we'd see happen a lot through the course of the match. We get a double down after a double big boot. They exchange strikes, knee strike by Rhea and an overhead suplex by Charlotte. Flair goes up, Rhea follows her and hits a German suplex which flips Charlotte over. Very nice. Flair uses a chop block then natural selection for a nearfall. On the outside, Charlotte runs at Rhea but she dodges and Flair crashed into the stairs. Back inside, a big shame followed by a Riptide attempt. Charlotte escapes and hits a German suplex, then another, Ripley strikes with her elbow and hits her own German suplex. That looked nasty, she ate the mat on that one. Flair boots Rhea twice sending her out. Charlotte hits a picture perfect moonsault to Rhea. Back inside. Flair goes for a spear, dodged, headbutt by Rhea then Riptide for a great nearfall. Rhea goes for a submission but Charlotte fights off and fights back. She hits the spear for another great nearfall. More forearm strikes are exchanged. They trade a boot to the head each. Flair finally manages to lock in a figure four but Rhea gets to the ropes. The continue to fight for control, leading to them fighting for a move on the top rope. Rhea takes advantage and hits a super Riptide for the 3 count AAAND NEEWWWW.

That, was fucking incredible. Honestly one of the best women's matches of all time. These two certainly tried their best to tear the house down. Sure it started off a little slow but it was perfectly built as they threw bigger and better offence as time goes on. I don't have a single complaint with this. Hell, even in defeat Charlotte smiling on the outside because even she knows how fucking good that match was. The right winner for sure, but because it's Charlotte it never felt like a guarantee. Big fat chefs kiss for this.

Rhea Ripley wins via pinfall (23:34)


-Video promo hyping the Intercontinental title match on Night 2

-Austin Theory is interviewed by Byron Saxton. He says he made John Cena believe in him and asks if we believe in him, before laughing and leaving.

-The Miz & Snoop Dogg are back. They announce the attendance. Snoop says it would be better if The Miz had a match. The Miz claimed he put out an open challenge but no one answered. Surprise return by Pat McAfee! Michael Cole looks up like a dog waiting for his owner to come back. Pat says no one saw this open challenge advertised but he is here now and will answer it. The Miz said he's the host and cannot make matches. Pat says his tiny balls are showing, here comes a 'tiny balls' chant. Snoop says that he can make matches, he gets a referee out and rings the bell.

The Miz vs Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee is a former NFL player who WWE signed as a part time commentator before having a more prominent role from 2019-2022. He's had a few matches, most notably against Adam Cole in NXT, before joining Smackdown commentary. He left his permanent position to be a part of ESPN College GameDay, saying he'll be back once that's over.

Pat throws punches and backs him into a corner. On the turnbuckle, Pat goes for a superplex but Miz defends. Pat superkicks Miz out of the ring. Miz walks over to NFL star George Kittle and shoves him. Kittle hops the barrier and nails him with a clothesline. Pat hits a somersault to Miz. Pat hits a running punt kick to win. McAfee & Kittle celebrate together.

This was a fine filler segment, mainly to give the crowd time to decompress from the previous amazing match ahead of the main event. Pat looked good. Poor Miz, worth so much more than being jobbed to NFL stars. Oh well.

Pat McAfee wins via pinfall (3:35)


-Promo package for Wrestlemania 40, in Philadelphia.

-The announcers discuss the card for night 2 of Wrestlemania.

-We have an amazing video package for our main event. Honestly, words cannot sum up the feud good enough. I suggest go watch the recap that WWE has on their YouTube channel for a Bloodline history lesson. In short, Owens & Zayn have had an on and off friendship/feud for years, since before WWE in ROH. As Zayn desired relevancy as part of the Bloodline, he got himself involved and won everyone over, Jey taking the longest to finally accept him. After a brutal attack on Owens, Zayn turned on Reigns attacking him. It was teased whether Jey was with Zayn or his family but he ultimately chose blood. Owens & Zayn eventually patch things up and call themselves brothers and challenge the Uso's for the belts.

The Uso's (c) vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn for Undisputed Tag Team Championships

A musical performance by Lil Uzi Vert leading into the Uso's entrance. Pretty cool entrance for the champs. Owens & Zayn without a doubt get the largest pop of the entire night. The crowd were LOUD. This is the first time ever tag championships have been defended in a Wrestlemania main event. Only the second ever tag main event. The first was at the inaugural Wrestlemania, Hogan & Mr T vs Piper & Orndorff. I'm proud of all men earning this main event spot, they really deserve it.

Jimmy starts, but Jey wants in first to fight Sami. Jey knocks Sami down, who fires back with a Lou Thesz press and a flurry of punches. Jimmy tags and sends Sami outside. Jimmy clotheslines Sami and throws him into the ring post. Jey tags in to hit a suicide dive. Jey suplexes Sami. The champs continue to grind Sami down until he breaks though and sends both Uso's back to the ringside area. Owens tags in and hits a diving senton to both. He frog splashes Jimmy from the apron. In the ring, Owens frog splashes Jey for a 2 count. Jey hits a neckbreaker. Owens as now double teamed, he tries a Swanton bomb but Jey gets his knees up. Jimmy hits an Uso splash for a 2. Owens dodges a hip attack, nails Jimmy with 2 superkicks and a cannonball into the corner. Owens goes up, Jey tries to stop him but Zayn brainbuster's him on the apron. Owens hits the Swanton to Jimmy for a 2. Zayn tags in, mocks the Bloodline holding up one finger to the sky, before nailing an Uso splash. Michael Cole bloody references El Generico here. Thank you Michael, for not being terrible anymore. Jimmy gets a moment to superkick Owens then eats a blue thunder bomb from Zayn, but Jey blind tagged in and superkicks Zayn. He does it again. He throws his shirt at Sami, before stereo superkicks from Uso's, Owens makes the save. Jey superkicks Owens out again, another stereo superkicks to Zayn for a great nearfall. They go for 1D, Owens trips up Jimmy and Zayn hits a sunset flip. Owens looks to put Jimmy through the Spanish announce table but Jey saves. Jey superkicks Owens, double spinebuster through the announce table! Zayn is legal, and all alone.

Jimmy tags in, the Uso's hit 1D for a GREAT nearfall. Cole screams no one has kicked out of the 1D. Jey leathers Sami with fists whilst talking smack. Jey Helluva kicks Sami. He continues to disrespect Zayn, saying he never should have left the Bloodline. Zayn hits an exploder suplex outta nowhere. Owens is back up and Zayn manages to tag. Owens goes nuts with offensive strikes. Pop-up powerbomb to Jimmy, then to Jey, Zayn Helluva kicks Jimmy then KO stunners Jey! 1-2-NO! Insane kick out, the crowd explode. Each pair of brothers help each other up as the crowd noise only grows. They brawl with each other. Jimmy knocks Sami down, Owens superkicks Jimmy, superkicks Jey, the fire back with superkicks of their own, then stereo superkicks. This is nuts! The double superkick Zayn off the apron. Double Uso Splash! 1-2-NO! Another insane kickout. Another double superkick to Owens. Uso's have something planned, but Sami wipes out Jimmy. Owens hits a cradle suplex from the top on Jey. Sami demands the tag. The crowd are losing it, as was I. Zayn Helluva kicks Jey and catches him in his arms. He props him up and hits him with a second one. Jimmy comes for the save but eats a stunner! One final Helluva kick to Jey and 1-2-3. We have NEWWWW Tag Champions!!

This is probably the best tag match in WWE history. From an in-ring perspective maybe tag matches like DIY vs The Revival or Undisputed Era vs Moustache Mountain are better. But not only was this phenomenal in-ring, the sheer amount of storytelling and fan investment just skyrockets this above nearly every tag match I've seen recently. This could possibly claim a spot in my top 10 favourite matches ever, definitely a MOTY candidate. These 4 are overflowing with chemistry. Beautifully paced, beautifully crafted, beautifully told. Some of the most believable near-finishes in recent memory. These 4 earned their main event, then proceeded to prove why they're here. Owens & Zayn celebrates, pyro goes off and Sami's theme plays. The crowd are happy, commentary are happy. Fuck it, even I'm bloody happy. What a way to end the show.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn win via pinfall (24:17)


Overall- 81.4%

If this was the full show, no second night, this could easily be the best Wrestlemania ever. There's not a single part I disliked. Sure Cena vs Theory underperformed, but not as much as people are saying in my opinion. An absolute joy from start to finish. The crowd were electric all the way through. Night 2 has some real high expectations to hit to even compete with night 1, we'll see how that goes.

MOTN: The Uso's vs Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

What did you think? How high do you rate it? Let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading. Until next time, see ya!


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