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  • Connor Ewens

Let's Review: Wrestlemania 39, Night 2

Night 1 of Wrestlemania genuinely pulled off one of the best WWE shows, maybe ever? I'm trying to think of other shows that captured my eyes and my heart as much as that and I'm struggling. It was really good, like Wrestlemania X-7 levels of good. Night 2 had some massive expectations to meet, looked at the card I'm already doubtful it can reach the same heights. However, the potential for a great show is still there and hopefully a beautiful fairytale ending to send the fans home happy. With the news breaking of Endeavor buy a majority stake in WWE and planning to merge it with UFC, this is the last Wrestlemania under McMahon ownership. There's a lot of negative feeling but you know change can be good or bad, we'll have to see how it plays out. What a Wrestlemania weekend it has been (I still have 3 other non-wwe shows to watch and review that happened prior to this), let's hope it ends on a bang. Let's return to Hollywoo, Let's Review.

April 2nd 2023- Wrestlemania 39 Night 2

-America The Beautiful performed by Jimmie Allen. I didn't like it personally. Sorry Jim.

-Another Kevin Hart cold open. This time it shows highlights from last night as well as hyping up the upcoming card.

-The Miz & Snoop Dogg welcome us to Night 2 of Wrestlemania. They summarise last night, hype up tonight and we begin.

-Our commentary team is the same as previous, Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

-Omos enters with MVP to little crowd reaction. Brock Lesnar enters to a HUGE ovation. 20 years ago Lesnar main evented Wrestlemania, when he nearly broke his bloody neck.

Brock Lesnar vs Omos

After Lesnar's controversial ending to his match with Bobby Lashley, MVP called Lesnar a coward because he couldn't break the hurt lock. He invites Lesnar to accept Omos' Mania challenge. MVP convinced Lesnar to accept, Omos looks unstoppable on the run up to this match. Apparently Bray Wyatt was a possible feud but Lesnar turned it down. I see why. Even if it could be good, the legitimate style of Lesnar would be a weird clash with the spooky bollocks of Wyatt.

Lesnar goes for Omos who just hip tosses him away. Lesnar goes for a German but Omos elbows him. Omos headbutts him, followed by 2 bodyslams. Omos clubs Lesnar across the back. Bearhug, Lesnar tries to escape but Omos just plants him down with another forearm club. Another bearhug. Brock escapes but Omos chokeslams him for a 2. Omos charges at Lesnar, he ducks and hits a German suplex to a loud cheer. 2 more Germans ignites the crowd. Lesnar lifts him for an F-5 but his hurt back works against him. Omos goes for a chokebomb, Lesnar escapes and lifts him again and hits an impressive F-5 to win.

This honestly exceeded expectations. This was pretty much all just a set-up for the impressive F-5 spot. We all knew it was coming, but it was still incredible to see. They kept it short, Lesnar got big crowd reactions. It got the crowd warmed up for the rest of the show. An inoffensive opener.

Brock Lesnar wins via pinfall (4:55)


-I'll say now that for the first portion of the show I experienced audio issues. Anytime the announcers talked the crowd noise was severely muted behind it to the point I thought they were dead throughout. I realised by the time the IC Championship match came around that it was just audio issues.

-A series of commercials including WWE 2K23.

-The 4 teams of women make their entrances for the next match. Liv Morgan & Raquel Gonzalez had matching gear. Sp did Natalya & Shotzi, who's was better because Natalya head a helmet with cat eyes. I liked that. But seriously WWE, no fucking tank for Shotzi? Maybe they were worried someone would commit sinful acts again like Rusev & Lana did. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville next, looking like the most thrown together team, because they are. Ronda & Shayna come out next, finally some crowd noise for an entrance but these are boos because they're dirty dirty heels.

Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville vs Liv Morgan & Raquel Gonzalez vs Natalya & Shotzi vs Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

3 of the teams won qualifiers. Ronda & Shayna didn't because Ronda is a big star and deserves a spot on the card either way. This angered the other 3 teams. It made sense for their characters, at least this match has some semblance of a storyline. The women's tag division is pitiful though, like seriously bad. Teams never stick together, it's just two wrestlers who become friends for a bit before turning on each other. Out of 14 different winning teams, only 4 of them had names for their team. Out of the 14 teams, only 2 of them are still currently teaming, one of those is Lita & Becky Lynch which I don't really count as a team. If you want Women's Tag Championships, fine, I'm more than happy with that. But give them some fucking substance. If you don't care, who should we?

Match time, Morgan & Sonya start. Morgan hits her with double knees, Sonya tries a move from the turnbuckle but gets the knees again. Natalya tags in, slams Liv then a basement dropkick. Morgan headscissors Natalya, Raquel tags in for a splash. Raquel kicks Natalya hard, so Natalya tags Chelsea Green in who refuses to get in. She tries a missile dropkick but Raquel no sells it. Raquel, Natalya & Morgan triple powerbomb Shayna. Green & Deville clear the ring and pose but Shotzi hits a crossbody. She sends them outside, attacking with a suicide dive. Green knocks Natalya to the outside. Raquel is in the ring waiting for Green, who escapes by diving off the top to the women outside. Mildly amusing. Raquel launches Liv onto the crowd of women. Raquel hits a fallaway slam to Shotzi, then a corkscrew elbow. Deville tags herself in and hits a running knee to Raquel, Green kicks her out. Double neckbreaker by Shotzi & Natalya to Green & Deville. Hart attack clotheslines gets a nearfall. Natalya slams Green on Deville. She puts them both in a sharpshooter at the same time. Morgan breaks it with diving knees to Natalya. Morgan hits a tiger suplex, a knee then double knees to Shotzi. Liv hits oblivion, but Baszler tags herself in. Baszler takes Morgan out. Rousey tags in and locks an armbar to Shotzi to win.

I keep going back and forth on this match. 3 teams tried really hard to put on a good show. Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville personally were my favourites here. The crowd were so dead for it though. They started to get into it a little but by the time that happened it suddenly ended. Ronda didn't get involved until the finish because she has an arm injury. I assume Baszler was supposed to carry the offence for her team, however later in the match Baszler is seen limping and her boot is off. She must have injured her foot she seemed to be fine during her entrance. I don't think they should have put Ronda in if she's hurt. Yeah she's a draw but her winning after her team did PRECISELY NOTHING really hurt the match. Sorry ladies, 75% of you really tried, 25% of you were injured.

Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler win via submission (8:23)


-highlight reel of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal on Smackdown, which Bobby Lashley won. Lashley comes on to the stage to wave, show his trophy and walk off again. HA! What? Poor Bobbles. You could have easily gave him SOMETHING. KSI bloody called out in a exclusive interview I thought we were getting that as a quick squash. He could have even just squashed The Miz. He just looked like a dork here.

-Another UpUpDownDown simulation segment. Apparently Drew McIntyre won 42% of the time. Who the fuck cares.

-video package for the IC Championship match, followed by product placement for Mike's harder lemonade. The match is sponsored by them. A lot of adverts already compared to a less commercial night 1.

-Titus O'Neill joins us on commentary again. Remember when he kissed his son on the lips? Yeah, that's not weird. I mean it's not weird. But it is, isn't it?

GUNTHER vs Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre for the IC Championship

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre are real life friends and had a great feud for Drew's World title in 2021. They became on-screen pals again after and have been tagging with each other recently. However, during a 5-way to determine a number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship, they got a double pin. Tensions have risen as both men want to take GUNTHER down. The big Austrian has the 5th longest Intercontinental title reign in WWE history. I think he may be the best wrestler on the planet, he could have a 5 star match with a can of silly string. GUNTHER leaves Imperium behind for his match, Sheamus leaves his brawling brutes behind too. Just 3 big, beefy lads ready for a scrap.

Drew immediately kicks Gunther out the ring, he and Sheamus stare down. They exchange punches. Drew hits chops and a clothesline, Sheamus with a backbreaker. Sheamus sets Drew up for 10 beats but Gunther is back to slap the skin off the banger boys. Gunther attempts a sleeper, Sheamus escapes but gets chopped down. Gunther sends Drew into the ringpost, he boots Sheamus then chops him down again. Gunther just dominates with chops and kicks. He hits a backbreaker and locks Sheamus in a Boston Crab. Drew slaps and boots Gunther, he let's go of Sheamus willingly to take on Drew. They duel chops and slaps, lighting each other up but also the crowd. Sheamus comes in with uppercuts to Gunther. All 3 lads just continue to strike the holy ghost out of each other, this is amazing! Gunther temporarily gains control, but Sheamus sends him over the apron, him and Drew take turns hitting forearms and chops until Gunther falls. Then, Sheamus sets Drew up for 10 beats. 10 quickly became 29 as the crowd counted along, the noise gets louder and louder. Drew falls as Sheamus gets an ovation from the crowd.

Daddy Gunther is back, he German suplexes Sheamus, followed by a clothesline. He hits another stiff clothesline. Drew comes back with a top rope clothesline and a neckbreaker. He belly-to-belly suplexes Sheamus into Gunther. Drew hits a future shock DDT. He goes for a Claymore, Gunther ducks, dropkicking him into the corner. Gunther powerbombs Drew for a 2. Gunther on the top rope, Sheamus chops him and hits a super White Noise. Sheamus hits the Celtic Cross for a great nearfall. Sheamus has the texas Cloverleaf. Drew breaks it up but Sheamus sends him back out. Running knee lift to Gunther, then a brogue kick! 1-2-NO! Drew dragged him off! Sheamus is visibly pissed. Drew headbutts Sheamus, he hits a big dive to the outside onto him. Back in, Drew goes for a Claymore, but eats a brogue kick for a nearfall. Another exchange, Drew manages to hit the Claymore! Sheamus kicks out! The crowd goes WILD. Drew & Sheamus exchange slugging punches, then clotheslines until brogue kick! Gunther is back to splash on the pin attempt. He powerbombs Sheamus onto Drew, then powerbombs Drew to win.

This was everything I had hoped and more. After a weaker start to the show, things picked up in a real big way here. Absolutely PHENOMENAL match. Probably the best IC Wrestlemania match. Just an absolute fight with all 3 having big spots and convincing near falls. The fans absolutely exploded for this contest. This is why GUNTHER is possibly the best in the world today. Sheamus is in his later years of his career, yet is having the best run of his career too. Drew has been consistently great since his WWE return. In the words of Sheamus "Banger after banger after banger."

GUNTHER retains via pinfall (16:36)


-ad break

-video package for Bianca Belair vs Asuka. Asuka won the Elimination Chamber match to earn a world title match against Belair at Mania. Asuka has brought in vibes from her original gimmick before WWE, Kana. I much prefer this intense, terrifying side of Asuka. She's amazing. What started as a friendly feud became personal Asuka attacked and sprayed mist at Bianca.

Bianca Belair vs Asuka for Raw Women's Championship

Asuka has an entrance with other people who are dressed similar to here. Bianca's entrance was loads of children doing a dance. They were introduced as the Divas of Compton. How nice.

Belair starts on top, dropkicking Asuka into the corner. Asuka fires some fast strikes, a bulldog and a sliding knee. Near the turnbuckle, Belair does a flip and spinebusters Asuka. Belair does a handstand into a moonsault but Asuka catches her in an armbar. Asuka looks for her submission finish but Belair escapes. The battle on the floor, Asuka continuing to target the arm. Belair powerbombs Asuka on the floor with a THUD. Back in the ring, Belair charges but misses going into the ringpost. Asuka goes for an ankle lock, Belair turns it into a belly-to-belly suplex. Bianca goes for a top rope move, Asuka trips her into an ankle lock. Biancs escapes but eats a dropkick. Asuka kicks Bianca towards the apron. Bianca catches a leg but is dropkicked into the ringpost. Belair sends Asuka in to the ringpost too. Belair, on the top rope, shows off her strength suplexing Asuka from the apron to the ring. They exchange strikes then pinfall attempts. Asuka hits roundhouse kicks. Bianca hits a blockbuster neckbreaker, then a handstand moonsault. Asuka knees Belair simultaneous to a shoulder tackle for a double down. Belair kicks Asuka while she's down. Belair is up top, Asuka grabs her hair and pulls her down into a codebreaker. Asuka hits the corner. Belair nearly hits the referee accidentally, Asuka sprays the mist but Belair ducks. Belair goes for the KOD, Asuka transitions into an armbar. Belair powers out and lands a KOD to win.

This was a very good match. It was very  competitive, Asuka nearly had her but didn't manage. I actually thought Asuka was going to take it but I don't mind Belair retaining. There was a brief moment near the end where Bianca had a different aura to her, almost reminiscent to her NXT heel run. Long title runs seem like the new thing under the Triple H regime. I don't mind that, but I do hope we see Bianca lose the title before year end. She's been great but I want to see a fresh face on top. Hopefully Asuka will be in the picture once again. Both ladies performed excellently to follow a potential MOTN.

Bianca Belair retains via pinfall (15:58)


-Snickers advert

-George Kittle, NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers, is shown ringside, as is sports announcer Al Michaels.

-The Miz & Snoop are back. They announce the attendance for night 2 and total for 2 days. Miz has something on his chest. He and Snoop are friends, but Snoop put him in a match with Pat McAfee when he wasn't ready and it ruined his suit. Snoop says "my bad". The Miz sounds off on Doggy Dogg, saying this is his show and that wasn't a good apology. Snoop says its OUR show, and he wasn't apologising. He points to stage... "Here comes the moneeeeyyyy" Shane McMahon! *face palm*

-Shane makes his way down to the ring. I'm surprised he got such a positive reaction considering how detrimental his last few years were. Snoop gets a referee to the behest of The Miz. Another impromptu match for Miz. Poor fella.

Shane McMahon vs The Miz

Sentient ham Shane O'Mac throws his crappy, scrappy-doo punches at Miz. He Irish whips Miz and attempts a leapfrog. In a rare moment of poetry, the moment Michael Cole says "Shane's still got it!", he buckles after the leapfrog and collapses to the mat. Medical staff check on him. It turns out, he tore his fucking quad. Like father like son. Injuries are not funny, I hope he is okay. However, there is something hilarious about Shane being able to jump from the moon and land on the ground unharmed, yet a simple leapfrog turned his legs into Kevin Nash. Snoop calls an audible and punches the Miz. He does it again, before hitting what Cole calls a Doggy Elbow (Peoples Elbow) and pins Miz. Alright then.

Props to Snoop Dogg for trying to save the segment but it wasn't great, to no one's fault. There was some stalling later on in the show and maybe this caused it. I'm going to be generous and not rate the match since it all went tits up.

Snoop Dogg wins via pinfall (2:12)


-A brilliant video package for Edge vs Balor. Edge created the Judgment Day last year, leading a fiction consisting of Balor, Priest & Rhea Ripley. They turned on Edge after a few months and kicked him out, leading to a long lasting feud between Edge and the group. Edge says he wants to end things once and for all inside Hell in a Cell. He dares Finn bring the demon with him. Boy I love me some Demon Finn Balor.

-The best moment of the night, they have finally got rid of that ugly, red eyesore of a cell and brought back the classic silver structure. Triple H, I love you.

-A film trailer for The Pope's Exorcist, weird. Then, this match is sponsored by the movie. Also weird. THEN, fucking Russell Crowe does a mini promo leading up for Edge's entrance. That's very weird. Kinda cool though.

-Edge wins the award for best entrance by a country mile. Firstly, it starts with South of Heaven by Slayer. Fucking ACE. He emerges from the floor in a ring of fire, with an eerie mask with small cracked mirrors all over. He's wearing a Cape thing with scary ass wings attached like a demon spawn. It was EXCELLENT. The song stops and Metallingus plays as Edge makes his way to the Cell. I loved all of that. We get the Demon making a coolish entrance, but the purple smoke flares were a bit naff.

Edge vs Finn Balor Hell in a Cell

They both go for weapons, which are all coloured either red or purple for some reason. I kinda liked it. Never seen a purple kendo stick before, or a red steel chair. Balor sends Edge into the cell, he grates him against the wall. Edge fights back with weapons and throws Balor into the cell. He uses kendo sticks through the cell wall to trap Balor in the corner of the structure. He peppers Balor with strikes before landing a big dropkick from the apron. Edge sets up a table against the cell wall. Edge frees Balor who fights back with punches, sends Edge into the steps. In the ring, Edge hits a flatliner into an impaler DDT, shout out to former Brood friend Gangrel. Edge looks for a spear maybe but eats a slingblade instead. Balor dropkicks Edge out and into the cell. Balor his his shotgun dropkick to Edge through the table set up against the wall. Balor lobs chairs at Edge's head, one of them looked legitimately painful. Edge catches the last one and throws it back followed by a boot. Edge hits a killswitch, shout out to his best friend Christian. Edge runs for a spear again but eats a kick and a cradle. Edge hits a neckbreaker but Balor kicks out at 1! In respond, Edge grabs a ladder from under the ring and fucking THROWS IT AT BALOR'S FACE. It legitimately bust's Finn's face open, you can see him leaking on the canvas before WWE quickly cut away and focus on Edge. Medical staff attend to Finn while Edge paces around angrily, grabbing weapons and throwing them in the ring to kill time. Balor is stapled and cleaned up a few minutes later and we get back to it. Edge goes for a powerbomb, Finn reverses and hits a double foot stomp into the elbow drop slam combo. He goes for the Coup de Grace, Edge dodges, double clothesline for thr double down. Balor hits the slingblade, dropkick then the Coup de Grace for a nearfall. Balor climbs the ladder, Edge follows with a kendo stick. Edge hits an Edge Edgecution from the ladder in a nice spot. Edge sets up a table. Balor beats him with weapon strikes and puts him on the table. Balor climbs the bloody cell to a platform on the wall for a super Coup de Grace! Edge rolls off and Balor crashes and burns. Spear!! 1-2-NO! Good nearfall. Edge pulverises Finn with a red chair. He sets up Balor for the conchairto, he hits it and wins.

This was a brutal, entertaining match. Props to the docs for fixing Finn up mid-match. The botch ladder shot did kill thr match for a bit but I'd much prefer that rather than Finn wrestled hurt and risk his own health. This was still enjoyable. The grittiness fitted the intensity of the feud, that super Coup de Grace spot was unique too. The right man won, hopefully another feud finally put to rest. Hopefully Judgment Day will enter the tag title scene soon, Edge hopefully has a few more bangers in him before retirement for real this time.

Edge wins via pinfall (18:08)


-We see those Wrestlemania Hollywood parody videos

-Biance Belair is interviewed before it's overrun by loads of screaming children chanting EST. It's wholesome

-A hype promo for Backlash in Puerto Rico hosted by Bad Bunny

-Highlights from the Hall of Fame ceremony. The HOF class of 2023 are in the stage. Stacey Keibler, most famous for her time as the Duchess of Dudleyville as well as having those LEGS. She still looks great. The family of the late Andy Kaufman, a performance artist who had a a brilliant feud with Jerry Lawler in the early 80's that brought mainstream attention. The Great Muta, a legendary Japanese star with famous performances for New Japan, All-Japan, NOAH and of course WCW. He spat Green mist but before the camera was on him. Warrior award recipient Tim White, accepted by his brothers on his behalf, was a renowned referee but also Andre the Giant's designated referee, agent and eventually assistant. Finally, Rey Mysterio, the most famous luchador of the modern day. They all get an ovation from the crowd.

-Commercial for Wrestlemania 40 in Philadelphia.

-Highlights of Seth Rollins' entrance last night. Why? Because they're filling time boys. This makes me even more sad Bobby Lashley didn't have a match when they're actively killing time.

-Turbotax commercial, sponsors of our main event

-An excellent video package for Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes. Reigns has been world champion for over 900 days. He has defeated nearly everyone he can defeat. Cody Rhodes journeyed back to WWE after his run on the indies and creating AEW. He had an amazing feud with Rollins before getting injured, returning to win the Royal Rumble. It finally feels like its Cody's time to be the guy and finally win the big one in WWE.

-Cody gets a nice long entrance. The crowd are HOT for him, singing his theme loudly. His wife Brandi, his daughter, his mother and his sister are all at ringside. As is Brodie Jr, the son of the late Brodie Lee. That's heartwarming. This convinces me even more Rhodes is surely the winner tonight. We see 6 pianos on stage playing a nice piece, before Reigns' music plays. Roman becomes the first ever to defend a world title at 3 consecutive Wrestlemania's. Reigns has his usual long, God-like entrance. Samantha Irvin may have delivered the most dramatic, passionate ring introductions I've ever seen in wrestling. It was borderline goofy but I loved it.

Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes for Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Roman Reigns grabs a mic and demands Wrestlemania acknowledges him. They staredown. It starts slow as they lock-up. Cody keeps getting advantage as Reigns goes to the ropes to break, Cody sends him to the outside. Heyman gives him a pep talk before he gets back in. Reigns throws some strikes and a clothesline, Cody dropkicks him into the ropes, he goes for a disaster kick but Reigns smoothly catches him for a powerbomb. Reigns punches and chokes Cody, followed by a couple suplexes. He looks over and waves at Cody's family. The action spills out towards the ramp, Reigns body slams him and taunts. He goes for a second but Cody reverses for his own body slam. They continue to fight around the ring. Cody sends Reigns back inside, the ref checks on Reigns so Solo Sikoa chair shots Cody in the ribs. Reigns hits a drive-by. Cody tries a comeback but he is tripped by Solo, Reigns clotheslines Cody and looks to dominate. Reigns whips Cody into the turnbuckle hard. Outside, Reigns wants to powerbomb him through the announce table but Cody back drops him through one instead. Back inside, Cody hits an uppercut, a powerslam then a Cody cutter for a nearfall. Cody goes on the attack, Reigns rolls out so Cody hits a suicide dive. Cody sends Reigns in, Solo attacks Cody with the weight belt but the referee heard it clearly. He sends Solo to to the back. Cody picks up the weight belt, but thr referee stops it. Cody hits a superkick then a crossroads for a great nearfall.

Reigns hits a jawbreaker, a headbutt and a big forearm. He then plants him with a uranage for a 2. Reigns goes for a superman punch but Cody hits a pedigree! Great nearfall. Cody goes for a disaster kick but Reigns hits the superman punch for another great nearfall. Cody jumps a spear into a sunset flip, then into a figure four, a move famous by Ric Flair but also used a lot by his dad Dusty Rhodes. Reigns reverses the pressure, Cody gets to the ropes. The exchange strikes and moves, Reigns dodges a top rope move and nails a spear! 1-2-NO! Great nearfall the crowd are really heated up now. Reigns continues his assault with big strikes then a guillotine choke. Cody tries to fight it off and eventually does. He goes after Reigns but accidentally strikes the referee. Here come the Uso's to a chorus of boos. They hit 1D to Cody. Here's Sami & KO!! They clear the Uso's before standing across from Reigns. Stunner!! Helluva kick!! They fight with the Uso's until all 4 men go through the crowd. Cody finally makes the cover. 1-2-NOOO! The drama is REAL. They exchange big strikes, Reigns goes for superman punch but Cody dodges followed by bionic elbow Dusty style. Cody hits crossroads and holds on! He hits it again! He holds on for one more, Heyman distracts the referee, Solo is back with a Samoan Spike! Spear by Reigns for a 1-2-3... Roman celebrates with Solo & Heyman as Cody looks absolutely devastated in the ring to close the show.

I'll get to the finish in a moment. The match was excellent. A true big fight feel, an epic encounter between arguably the two biggest stars in WWE today. It was built perfectly with Rhodes taking everything and giving it back, Roman cheating but Solo gets removed and KO & Sami removing the Uso's which all made storyline sense. It was a beautifully crafted narrative, right up until the end.

I dunno, I understand where this is going. Reigns gets to 1,000 days as Champion, also with WWE being sold to Endeavor they'll probably want to hold off so the title change happens at a big, profitable moment. Even outside of that, I'm sure that Cody's continuous chase after the title going forward is going to be fantastic too eventually culminating with his victory. But, all that said, it should have happened here. It just felt right. They had already run the risk of Reigns holding the belt for way too long, however he was having amazing matches and then the Sami Zayn storyline kept it all fresh. When we didn't get that, knowing that Rhodes would probably dethrone Reigns at Mania kept us content with the length of Reigns reign. Now that the change didn't materialise, the majority of us are officially tired and over this long ass title reign. This was a flat way to finish what's been a really good weekend of wrestling. Great match, Cody will definitely get his moment unless WWE has gone mental which is possible, but it should have happened here.

Roman Reigns retains via pinfall (34:29)


Overall- 70%

Worse than night 1 for sure but still overall pretty good. It started off weak, Lesnar vs Omos was fun but the women's tag match was disappointing, but we got a classic match thanks to our European lads. The rest of the matches following were good or great, not including Snoop Dogg defeating The Miz. A great main event but a flat ending to the show.

Outside of the action and booking, I have one other major complaint. The sheer amount of sponsorships and advertising on this night was frustrating and ridiculous. Night 1 was fine, I rarely noticed them. But night 2 had 3 matches sponsored by companies and a movie which is fine but the amount of pop-up ads, especially in the main event, was infuriating. If more advertisements is the inevitable future, I can live with that but if you're going to sponsor matches at least don't make it the fucking main event. The Pope's Exorcist sponsor was cool and fitted the vibe. Don't have your main event sponsored by fucking Turbotax, a notably controversial company who literally had to pay out over $100 million last year alone. Pisses me off.

MOTN: GUNTHER vs Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

Phew, nearly done watching action from Wrestlemania weekend. I have a review for ROH Supercard of Honor coming soon as well as a couple of GCW reviews. Thanks for reading, I hope you a had a lovely Wrestlemania weekend, what did you like/dislike the most? Lemme know and until next time, see ya!


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