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  • Connor Ewens

Every ECW Major Show Reviewed 'N' Ranked, Part 3

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

This is a continuation of reviewing & ranking all the ECW Supercards & PPV's that I am able to. The last article had some good wrestling involved, including one of the best ECW matches ever. Strap in and strap on for another round of Supercards from Paulie's Playground of Painful Pals.

#34: Living Dangerously, March 1st 1998. 40.6%

The inaugural Living Dangerously & ECW's fourth overall PPV event needed to be a big boost for Paul Heyman. ECW is now an established national promotion with 2 good PPV events for their name, but November to Remember '97 was a big disappointment. Their first PPV of '98 needed to get the company back on track in terms of booking and match quality. There is a lot of really good talent on this show, but does that translate into really good matches? Let's see.

Our opener is the FBI (Little Guido & Tracey Smothers) vs Jerry Lynn & Chris Chetti. Lynn was slowly getting over because he's fucking brilliant, while Chetti is the hot young rookie. Basically, he's 1993 Tommy Dreamer except a bit better in-ring. As standard of a tag match as you can get. The FBI use underhanded tactics to gain advantage, Chetti gets a hot tag to Lynn who clears house. A failed attempt by manager Tommy Rich to hit Lynn with the Italian flag strikes Smothers instead. Lynn gets the pin to win. Well worked, nothing to brag about but a competent display of wrestling for sure. 2.5

Doug Furnas takes on Masato Tanaka next. We're supposed to get Tanaka vs Kanemura but according to Lance Wright (supposedly a McMahon associate) his contract has been bought out by Vinnie Mac to stay home. This is part of the WWF vs ECW storyline going on, I'm unsure of the real reason Kanemura is not involved. Zoinks this match isn't good. The moves that land do look crisp but there's a lot of miscommunication and botches that really ruined it and the fans killed them for it. Tanaka looked defeated, poor fella. Tanaka mercifully ends the match with a roaring elbow. 0.5

Next match pits Rob Van Dam against 2 Cold Scorpio. This match is 27 minutes long, which sounds like a great thing considering the talent involved. Turns out, I was mistaken. Similarly to when I reviewed the RVD vs Sabu match which went to a 30 minute time limit draw, it just dragged out for time wasting sake. The action was solid and well executed but ridiculously slow pace and stalling just kept killing all the momentum. Scorpio is also doing that weird thing when he signals for the 450 and never does it and its just annoying after a while. RVD gets the win with a victory roll. 2

A 3-way dance next, the team of New Jack & Spike Dudley faces the Dudley Boyz & HCSFs (Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney). Initially I thought to myself "Connor, why do you do this? Why do you continue to watch New Jack matches? You do realise you're losing your mental stability watching that crap over and over and over again? You're going to die!". Luckily, this was one of those rare occasions when New Jack is part of a good match. It's just brawling, of course, but it's very enjoyable. Jack & Spike hitting stereo balcony dives was cool and hooray NJ actually landed the spot without almost dying! The Dudleys take advantage of the Chair Swingin' Freaks, Jack & Spike fighting and they hit a 3D on Balls, eliminating his team. Not long after Spike & NJ whack them with guitars, Spike hits an acid drop to Buh Buh, Jack hits the 187 to get the victory. The most ECW match you'll ever watch. 3

Tommy Dreamer takes on Justin Credible. Adult star Jenna James Jameson tries to interview Credible but he blows her off. There's a joke there, somewhere, but I'm not gonna. This feud is built off of Credible being a massive prick to EVERYONE. Credible beat Dreamer at Cyberslam, Dreamer would earn a win back here. Your usual overbooked, brawling Tommy Dreamer match. Fun for the viewers but not exactly anything impressive. Jason & Nicole Bass keep interfering drawing out Beulah McGillicutty & Mikey Whipwreck to aid Dreamer. Tommy hits his DDT to win. This was fine. 2

Taz defends his TV Championship against Bam Bam Bigelow. Two big strong boys hitting big strong moves. This is an enjoyable fight between two lads known for high damage moves. Bigelow sells like a pro for Taz, taking nasty looking suplexes and giving his own share of slugging offence. It's a bit slow at points but it sells the damage both guys are doing to each other. In the ring, Bam Bam is going for the finish but Taz locks in the Tazmission. Struggling to escape, even tapping out but the referee didn't see, Bigelow does the best he can and drops backwards and they go through the ring! Holy shit indeed. Taz gets the worst of it, Bam drags him out and gets a pin to win. Good action, great spots, very nice. 3

Al Snow vs Kronus is cancelled because the ring has a fucking hole in it. Instead, we have a pre-recorded dueling canes match between Sabu & The Sandman. After the disaster that was their November to Remember '97 match, I assume this is pre-recorded so they could edit all of the badness out. They hyped this up as being too violent for PPV and weren't going to show it until Heyman forces Joey to play it while they fix the ring. Brawling starts but SWERVE! Sabu is actually RVD in dress-up, the real Sabu runs down and attacks. This match is much cleaner than their N2R mess but it doesn't live up to the violent hype it was given. Some good spots from Sabu as usual, his triple jump moonsault was perfection. The canes aren't used much, which is a bit of a problem for a canes match. Sandman has it won but RVD returns to help Sabu turn the tide, smash him up with chairs & tables before Sabu gets the win. Pretty good but the match was damaged by failing to come near the violent expectations Heyman promised. Also, why have a cane match and barely use them? At least it wasn't the drizzling shits. 2.25

We have a promo from Chris Candido on fellow tag champion but bitter rival Lance Storm ahead of their tag match, Candido will team with Douglas but Storm's partner is a mystery. Its revealed to be Sunny! Styles bigs up that Candido wouldn't hurt his wife. The match is underway, I think, Storm gets some offence in before tagging Sunny. But wait, SWERVE! Sunny attacks Storm, it was a scheme see? Nyah! Candido taunts him, but Storm's real partner comes out, Al Snow! Big pop. Some brawling and some moves but only a few minutes later Al Snow pins the ECW Champion Shane Douglas with a Snowplow. Ugh, mixed feelings. It was a hot segment and a fun closer that built a story for Snow vs Douglas. BUT, this was the main event and I would have preferred an actual contest instead of an angle. It's even more annoying knowing that Snow never beat Douglas and left for WWF in due time. 1

Overall, it was a bit meh. Two good but not great matches and the rest was mostly alright but it dampened by its slow pace and over-saturation of the usual EC-dub brawlin'. Not good, not bad. Just meh.

MOTN: Taz vs Bam Bam Bigelow

#33: Guilty as Charged, January 10th 1999. 40.7%

The inaugural Guilty as Charged is also the first PPV of '99 in a pivotal year for the company. This is the year of roster changes as over the course of '99-'00 many wrestlers would come and go from ECW. Between November to Remember '98 and this show, Blue Meanie, Bam Bam Bigelow & Mikey Whipwreck are all gone. Sandman is in WCW, Chastity & Nicole Bass were gone soon also. However, Heyman's Home of Hunky Hooligans kept attracting stellar talent to join the ranks.

A three-way dance is our opener, the FBI (Little Guido & Tracey Smothers) vs Chair Swingin' Freaks vs Danny Doring & Roadkill. There is some good action here to pump the crowd up. The first half of the match feels wonky and disjointed but the wrestlers settle into a good pace. The FBI eliminate Doring's team after hitting him with a double fishermen's suplex, then the Chair Freaks eliminate the FBI with synchronised finishers to win the match. At least the crowd liked what they saw, I felt indifferent to it. 1.5

After a Terry Funk promo our next match is Super Crazy vs Tajiri. ECW PPV debuts for both guys and BOY do they deliver. 10+ minutes of constant action that doesn't fail to tickle your taint. Fun match full of unique sequences and stiff as FUCK kicks from Tajiri. After a powerbomb exchange, Tajiri pins Mr Crazy with a dragon suplex. Marvelous match. 3.75

Kronus is waiting for his opponent. Former referee Jeff Jones appears and he's dressed like a judge. Erm, okay? He declares Kronus guilty and must face his executioner, the debuting Sid. Sid squashes him with a couple Chair shots and a powerbomb. Fair enough. 0.25

After the usual long-ass Dudley introduction, the Dudley Boyz face New Jack & Spike Dudley. 10 minutes of wild, senseless brawling that honestly just wasn't even that fun to watch. No pacing, dragged out action and everyone waiting for their cue to do their own spot. 3D on the ramp was cool though. 0.5

Next up a TV Championship match, RVD defends against Lance Storm. RVD was supposed to face Masato Tanaka but he couldn't make it to the show. Storm was supposed to face Jerry Lynn but he is injured, resulting in this match. A competitive back and forth contest between two great wrestlers, slick sequences & creative counters results in RVD retaining with a German suplex into a bridge pin. 3

We have the "Stairway to Hell" match, Tommy Dreamer against Justin Credible. Climb a ladder to retrieve a Singapore cane, use it to win. Easy enough. Credible has his entourage of Jason, Nicole Bass & recent addition Jazz. Your usual Tommy Dreamer brawl match here. There are some good spots with the ladder including a cutter from the ladder which was cool. The match drags a bit though, mindless brawling feels the gaps between the spots. Finish comes when Dreamer reaches for the cane. He awkwardly fumbles with it struggling to retrieve it but before he can use it his former protégé Terry Funk biffs him with a trash can. Credible uses the cane before hitting his finisher 'That's Incredible!' to win. This went nearly 20 minutes and it was a drag at times. It lost interest inbetween the spots as we saw the same stuff we've seen in all previous Dreamer vs Credible matches. The performances were solid but not a super interesting or incredible match (do you get it?), an average bout. 2.5

After promos from Taz & Shane Douglas we have our main event, Taz with his first opportunity to win the ECW Championship from Shane Douglas. This has a big-match feel to it, but the constant delays due to Douglas' injury meant that Taz's momentum had dipped a little. Opens up well with a good wrestling exchange before it spills into the crowd. The crowd brawling goes on for a long time, sucked the life out of the match. By the time they got back in the crowd weren't reacting as hard anymore. After some table spots the lights go out and Sabu appears to go apeshit. He triple jumps both men through tables before taking his leave. The crowd are excited again. Douglas calls for backup but Francine fights off Tammy Sytch, Chris Candido comes out but betrays Shane! Taz hits a Tazplex and locks in the Tazmission and Shane passes out. Started well, and finished really strong but the crowd brawling damaged the flow of the match. It was good but just shy of being as good as it should have been. 2.75

Overall, a mixed bag of a show. There's a great match, a good match, a near good match and an average match. The rest not being really noteworthy. The main event was disappointing and although the finish was good it didn't make Taz feel like the killer we've known him to be. This show is guilty. Guilty of not being good enough.

MOTN: Super Crazy vs Tajiri

#32: November to Remember, November 16th 1996. 41.7%

With the creatively juicy year of '96 coming to a close we have ECW's granddaddy show as the penultimate supercard of the year. At the time, it was ECW's largest show ever as they sold out the ECW Arena, 1,500 bloodthirsty fans filled the Viking Hall. Plenty of big storylines going on here; Raven and the Sandman's feud is a beautifully personal soap drama, Shane Douglas' goal to destroy Pitbull 2's neck crosses paths with Tommy Dreamer's hate for Brian Lee, the Eliminators have made enemies with RVD, Sabu & the Gangstas intertwined around the Tag Titles, brothers collide when Buh Buh Ray Dudley looks to beat respect into the Bully D-Von. So much story, so much juice.

After a Taz promo we get to our first match, but not before a very special debut. There's an invasion as Da Blue Guy, Hollywood Nova & Big Stevie Cool enter through the crowd with bWo signs as the crowd goes crazy. They do a quick mock promo which is excellent, before we get our match. David Morton Tyler Jericho takes on Big Stevie Cool. DMTJ would later drop is crap long name for a more digestible name as Kid Kash. A good match here, Stevie basically uses Kevin Nash's moveset whilst David uses his flashy, aerial offence. Plenty of cock punching in this match. Stevie gets the win after a Steviebomb and then a Steviekick. 3

Axl Rotten takes on Hack Myers. Oh dear. To go from that opener to this felt like I transcended time itself. Bad brawling, just two lads throwing sloppy punches and the occasional move or chair shot. Rotten wins with a double-hook DDT to a chair. Let's forget this match happened and proceed to the next one. 0.25

Battle of the Bros next as Buh Buh Ray Dudley faces D-Von Dudley. D-Von dominates early and continues to be a dick, even making Buh Buh wear a crimson mask. They brawl throughout the crowd and Buh Buh gains the advantage following a chair shot. It's back and forth in the ring, eventually Buh Buh gets the pinfall victory after a clean pop-up cutter. Post match, heel announcer Joel Gertner announces D-Von wins on points because that was his thing at the time. Axl Rotten comes down to aid D-Von kick more ass but Spike & Big Dick Dudley come out to Buh Buh's aid. Nice little bit of brawling and fighting, I enjoyed this. 2

The winner of the next match will face the Gangstas for the Tag Championships, the Eliminators vs RVD & Sabu. We get a standard tag match briefly until its time for classic ECW brawling. Both teams just throw their entire arsenal at each other, as well as whatever weapons they pick up on the way. Little selling going on of course, and significant lack of tags and everyone's just pinning anyone. Vintage ECW. The time expires at 20 minutes. The crowd says "3-way dance!". Todd Gordon says "5 more minutes!" Fair enough. Few minutes of action, including a hilarious botch from Kronus who sells as good as out of date yoghurt. Time limit expires again. The crowd says "3-way dance!". Todd Gordon says "5 more minutes!" ECW prides itself on listening to the fans apparently. A possible great match becomes just a good match as no one watching wants the match to keep going, they want a 3-way dance later. They would get their wish, as the time limit expires a final time and Gordon books the 3-way. Should have just booked it after the first time limit expiration. STOP COMPLICATING THINGS PAUL. Good outside of that and the lack of selling, oh and Kronus being Kronus. 3

Chris Candido takes on Mikey Whipwreck, the fans chant Sunny & boring during the match and Chris tells them to shut the fuck up. I am now a Candido fan. Good wrestling by Chris but Mikey fucks up A LOT during this match. Unsure if Whipwreck is suffering from injuries, burnt out or just doesn't care but he is very sloppy, like a waterpark made entirely out of jam. Candido wins the match with a superbomb. A potentially good match saved from being a potentially bad match by Chris Candido being good at his job. 2.5

The Tag Championship contenders don't get much respite as the 3-way dance for the gold is next on the card. Thankfully for the 4 men who've wrestled for nearly 30 minutes already, this isn't too long. Weapons and high spots galore as the action is constant. Sabu & RVD are in control but Taz interferes targeting Sabu. Rob protects him but gets choked out for his trouble. The Eliminators hit Total Elimination on Sabu for an elimination, the Gangstas quickly follow up with a 187 to retain. Garbage wrestling at its finest, entertaining I'll admit and at least it's below the 10 minute mark. 2.25

Next up we have a big 2 Cold Scorpio segment so bear with me. 2CS is WWF bound and tonight is billed to be here to say farewell to the fans. Scorpio heels it up and says he's not leaving he'll work WWF & ECW because he's that good. However, he challenges anyone to come out for a match and the 'loser leaves town' for 15 days. Devon Storm answers the challenge and loses in under a minute. Scorpio is feeling himself and asks for another challenger, this time the loser leaves town for 30 days. Out comes JT Smith who loses in 30 seconds. Scorpio's braggadocious levels increase even further as he throws ANOTHER challenge this time for 60 days. The SHAH Hack Meyers answers, and again Scorpio wins. We're at critical braggadociousness now, Louis Spicolli comes to check on Meyers and answers Scorpio's challenge as the loser must leave for a year. Scorpio says he's going to take Spicolli to Survivor Series as his partner. Louis defeats Scorpio with a Death Valley Driver in 2 minutes, Scorpio won't leave until someone makes him so Taz comes down and forces him to go. I'll give this whole thing a star because it was entertaining but it was also just 4 squash matches in a row. 1

Another Taz promo and this time he demands Sabu come out by taking announcer Bob Artese hostage, choking out Tod Gordon then attacking Paul Heyman. Finally the genocidal, suicidal, homicidal star answers the call but as they go to attack the lights go off, when they come back up the ring is empty. The fans are pissed but this is a clever if not annoying way to keep the excitement for a Taz vs Sabu match at its peak.

Raven is gunning to win back his ECW Championship against Sandman in the next contest. Starts off as a wrestling match whilst Stevie Richards is ringside with a live microphone doing commentary, that was funny and surprisingly not annoying. Joey Styles didn't like it of course. After Raven's allies the bWo start getting more involved it predictably becomes a grueling fight. Sandman beats the blood out of Raven, literally, regaining control until the bWo intefere again. The fighting continues with weapon spots, interference and Sandman's son Tyler protecting Raven. Valet Lori Fullington tries to hit Sandman FOUR TIMES with a cane and misses every time. Embarrassing. Sandman wins with a DDT. It was decent at times but there was a lot of botched offence and it was a clusterfuck a lot of the time. I'd say I was disappointed but I don't expect much from Sandman matches. 1.75

Our main event, Tommy Dreamer teams with mentor Terry Funk to face Shane Douglas & Brian Lee. Funk is replacing am injured Pitbull 2 and gets a heroes welcome from the crowd. Loads of brawling and weirdly loads of guardrail offence. Gnarly spot as Dreamer is chokeslammed out the ring through a table. Funk stops the referee from stopping the match by throwing him into the crowd which got a laugh out of me. A brutal piledriver through a table spot on Funk. Dreamer fires back but eats a tombstone from the Underfaker (Brian Lee was indeed fake Undertaker). This is dragging now. We see a catfight, a camera to Lee's head then a DDT from Funk for a win for the good guys. The match was good, probably great but it was so slower than a sloth in porridge. Trim 10 minutes and we could have had a classic. 3

Overall, another meh show. Some good matches but nothing worth really seeking out. I do recommend the opening for the bWo debut, the crowd are HOT, the promo is fuego and the match is good.

MOTN: Big Stevie Cool vs DMTJ

#31: Enter the Sandman, May 13th 1995. 41.9%

Say your prayers little one, don't forget my son, to include everyone. I tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin, 'til the Sandman comes. Sleeping with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight, etc etc. In other words, this show is titled after the ECW Champion who would actually wrestle twice on this show. People hype up ECW in '96 but they forget that there is a lot of great wrestling in '95, one match in particular in this show is a banger.

Before we get to bangers we must watch our expected Hack Meyers opener, who faces Tony Stetson. We hear some SHAH's, we hear some SHIT's, we see Meyers win in about 4 minutes. Heats up the crowd, inoffensive. 1

Ruh-roh, I don't fancy the Oriental Connection's chances. They face Taz & 911. The OC is Hiroshi Itakura & Tsubo Genjin. I found next to no information about those two. They wrestled for a various Japanese promotions, Genjin was still active last year but Itakura not since a one-off match in 2010. Taz & 911 win convincingly. Not much of a match but Taz & 911 are a fun destructive force. 1

Those darn fake-geordie Rotten boys are at it again! Axl vs Ian in what is, if I am correct, a "Barbed wire baseball bat, Barbed wire chair" match. Catchy. The rules are complicated so I'll explain. One as a Barbed wire chair, the other has a Barbed wire bat, they beat 50 shades of red out of each other until someone wins. Actually maybe the rules aren't complicated. Another needlessly violent and gorey match between these two which was honestly hard to watch at times. I appreciate the effort lads but fucking hell, you realise you can get paid doing armbars and rest holds too right? I'll give this a star for every time I watched this match. 1

ECW had a weird trend at times to have weird starts and finishes to a show but an exciting mid-card and we got that here too. The personal Raven-Dreamer feud continues as Raven teams with lackey Stevie Richards to face Tommy Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck. Before the match, Shane Douglas debuts Bill Alfonso as a troubleshooting referee to bring order to ECW, he also has the power to close down ECW if he is refused to implement the rules. Alfonso was a good addition for heel heat at first, but he overstayed his welcome and his constant whistling during matches when he managed Taz, RVD & Sabu created "go away" heat rather than heel heat. His inclusion here though was great. Dreamer wanted to brawl and Fonzie refused it too HUGE boos from the crowd. He kept enforcing the rules which favoured the heels but not necessarily intentionally, he was just doing his job. After a solid back and forth tag bout, it looks like Dreamer is going to earn a win but Fonzie disqualifies him for using a closed fist punch. LOVED THAT. A fantastic and also unique screwy finish that made sense. The match was good but the booking made it even more enjoyable. 3.5

This next match is delicious. All I need to say is Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero. You already know how good it is, and this isn't even the best match they had in ECW. Their best we will talk about further down the line, they also had a 2 out of 3 falls match which was on ECW TV dated 26th August 1995. WATCH IT. It's amazing. Quick review of it, I'd give it 4.5 stars. Here though, not as good but still a stellar performance. Unfortunately only half of the action is available to watch on the tape but there's enough there for me to confidently rate it. It goes to a time limit draw, the fans show their appreciation for two of the greatest ever to wrassle. 4

The Sandman defends the ECW Championship against Cactus Jack, the winner faces Shane Douglas in another championship match. As you expect, hardcore violent brawling from these lunatics. They fight in the ring, outside of the ring, in the crowd, in your nans pantry, everywhere. Cactus busts out the Barbed wire and delivers multiple spikey elbow drops before nailing a double-arm DDT to win but no! Shane Douglas gets involved and puts Sandmans foot on the rope. Jack didn't like this, but his distraction let's Sandman crotch him with a cane and retain the belts. It was alright. Fun to watch, not a barn burner but solid. 2

Apparently Eddie Guerrero wrestled Marty Jannetty but its not on the tape which is a shame. Back to Sandman it is I guess. Sandman vs Shane Douglas. Being the fresher man, Douglas has control most of the time until Sandman finds some openings to deliver offence. Sandman manages to reverse Douglas' belly-to-belly into one of his own to get the pin win. Shaney D had a foot on the rope but Cactus knocked it off. Bill Alfonso is back and demands its restarted, letting Douglas roll up Sandman to win. Referee John Finnegan refuses this to go down so he and Alfonso get into an argument. Malenko, Raven, Dreamer and Stevie all run down leading to a big ol' brawl to close the show. Who's the ECW Champion? I don't fucking know. Wikipedia says Sandman. Some fun stuff but tedious chaos dragged it down. 1.5

Main event time, a double dog collar match between Public Enemy and the Pitbulls for the Tag Championships. ECW loved putting the Tag Titles in the main event in their early days. Shame they kind of forgot about it in their later years. If the Public Enemy win they get 5 minutes with Stevie Richards, not in a sexual way. Lots of lovely brawling as expected. A few very noice table spots, as expected. Rocco Rock picks up the win pinning Pitbull 2. Public Enemy get a few shots in on Stevie Richards but Raven comes to his aid, setting off another brawl! Raven's Nest beat Rocco & Grunge before Dreamer comes to help but he gets ganged up on too. Luna Vachon debuts! She helps Dreamer clear the ring except Beulah, who eats a piledriver from Dreamer because violence against women was cheered for in the 90s. Dreamer & Luna kiss, for some reason, to close the show. I enjoyed the match, nearly a fully good bout but I felt the collars limited the action more than added to it. It was a fun ending. 2.75

Overall if you ignore the opener and the Rotten match, this is a good show. There is too much Dreamer vs Raven throughout and maybe the ECW Title matches should have had more to it but it was all mostly fun. Malenko & Guerrero once again knock it out of the park. I recommend this.

MOTN: Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero

#30: Hardcore Heaven, May 16th 1999. 41.9%

What exactly is a Hardcore Heaven? A Holiday Hell is a simple enough concept, it's Christmas with all the relatives that you don't like. Does Saint Peter guard Hardcore Heaven with a Singapore cane? Is Jesus burdened to wear a crown of Barbed wire? Does God sit on his throne in the Eagle Nest of Heaven, alongside Joey Styles who calls all the action? Who knows. What I do know is that Hardcore Heaven '99 is a wrestling show, with some wrestling matches, featuring wrestlers.

Our opening match is a bloody ECW World Championship match between Taz & Chris Candido. It was a Taz squash. Quite disappointing since Candido is a talented performer & they had a nice little feud building between these two. Taz wins with the Tazmission in just over a minute. Guess that's the main event done with. 0.5

Cyrus (now known as Don Callis) invades the commentary booth and calls the action alongside Styles. After attacking Taz, the Dudley Boyz cut a promo calling out challengers for their tag gold. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley answer the call, who they have been feuding with recently. Not much of a match, 7 minutes of exciting fighting but nothing Lou Thesz would enjoy. Balls Mahoney drinks lighter fluid and spits fire in Joel Gertner's face! Hot shit right there. Dudley's pick up the victory with a 3D to retain. 1

Next up, Super Crazy vs Taka Michinoku. Taka got a pin over Crazy on TV so Crazy wants revenge. Taka's surname comes from the company his mentor owns, Michinoku Pro Wrestling, as a sign of respect. A good, solid match considering they only had 8-9 minutes to work with. A fast paced match with good psychology, Crazy gets the win after 2 powerbombs. This would have been the perfect opener. 3

Quick backstage segment, injured Joel Gertner hands the Dudley Boyz a hit-list and cash payment. First on the list is Nova, who gets his ass beat. This would continue throughout the show.

Good cruiserweight action continues as Little Guido takes on Tajiri. Tajiri still hasn't fully transitioned into his green mist spewing persona but he is beginning to show more personality. Beautifully stiff match, these boys kick and slapped the piss out of each other. Not only stiff action, but slick technical wrestling too. Tajiri scores the win with a brainbuster, very good stuff. 3.25

The next match is Lance Storm facing Tommy Dreamer. This is a Tommy Dreamer match, so brawling of course, but Storm is wonderful at woving a wrestling story throughout. Plenty of weapon spots, such as a back drop through a table, plenty of chair and & trash can shots, then a Spicolli driver through another table. Cyrus & Dawn Marie intervene to help Storm but Francine hits a broncobuster to Cyrus, Dreamer fulfills a promise and plants Dawn with a piledriver. Storm traps Dreamer in a trash can then nails him with a wheel kick to win. Fun match with good storytelling, Lance Storm really needed a win, he rarely came out as victor in this feud. 3

We get more from the Dudley's then a Taz promo setting up our new main event (Taz vs Dudley Boyz), then our next match and oh it's a goodie. Jerry Lynn vs RVD for the TV Championship. Do I need to say anymore? 25+ minutes wrestling excellence. Both guys end up bleeding early, which just adds to the absolute war that they have. We transition from wrestling holds, to big spot moves, to brutal weapon offence. Hell even Fonzie eats shit when he tries to interfere and Jerry lobs a fucking chair at his skull. Rob secured a victory with a Van Daminator & five star frog splash to win. Marvelous. 4

More Dudley stuff, kinda bored of seeing them now. The original match next was supposed to be Shane Douglas vs Justin Credible, however Heyman & Douglas fell out over a pay dispute So Shane wouldn't be seen in ECW anymore, eventually signing for WCW. Credible throws out an open challenge. It's answered by Sid. Hooray? Not hooray. The fans are hot for Sid which always confused me, Sid is like the antithesis of what ECW fans should hate. Anyways, 2 minutes go by then the referee DQ's both fellas and throws the match out. I'll just forget that happened. Sabu comes out and wipes everyone out before being dragged away, then Sid powerbombs his manager Jeff Jones because why not. 0

Main event time, a falls count anywhere match between Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Taz. D-Von broke his hand apparently so it's a singles match, because fuck coherency. A lot of brawling and a lot of awkward sequences. These 2 lacked chemistry, also no one believed Buh Buh as a legitimate threat to uncrown Taz as the world champion. Not the best way to end a show. Taz slips out of a Samoan drop to win with the Tazmission. 2

Overall, the middle of this show is great. 3 good matches and 1 great match that would usually launch a show like this into high rankings. However, the first & last 2 matches of the show were disappointing, dragging the show down. The over-use of the Dudley's throughout the show got me sick of seeing them, which shouldn't happen. The hit-list stuff should be saved for TV. Still, I recommend this show.

MOTN: Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn

#29: Heatwave, July 16th 1994. 42.5%

Heatwave has proven relatively reliable for good action hasn't it? Heatwave '94: the Battle for the Future is the inaugural Heatwave show, and is pretty much ECW's version of Summerslam or Bash at the Beach. This takes place before the Infamous ditching of the NWA title but ECW had begun to establish their intentions & personality as a company. Their intentions being "I'm going to make you bleed" and their personality being "lol, look at all that blood."

Our opening contest sees those bloody Rotten brothers the Bad Breed take on Rockin' Rebel & Hack Meyers. Fun drinking game here, drink for every clothesline you see. Are you unconscious yet? Great. Not a very good match I must say, 3 crap wrestlers and a soon-to-be murderer doesn't make for great viewing. A flying bulldog by Ian seals the deal. 1

Next match is for the TV Championship, Mikey Whipwreck defends against Chad Austin. Chad isn't a frat-house sibling of Stone Cold, although now I've mentioned that I'd love to see it. This is during Mikey's fluke reign where he doesn't do much wrestling but lucks his way to victories. This happens again here. Chad Austin dominates with most of the offence although we see some good moves from Whipwreck. Eventually Chad Austin gets the win with front suplex then a flying leg drop to win, but wait, no he doesn't. Austin admits to the referee he used brass knuckles (although I didn't even see that happen) so the referee awards the match to Mikey via DQ. Honestly, one of the worst booked finishes I've ever seen. Significant lack of braincells there. It was and decent match though, solid wrestling that could have been better without that dumb arse finish. 2.5

Tommy Dreamer vs Stevie Richards next. Dreamer is still wearing suspenders here unfortunately. Basic little back and forth between the two, Dreamer wins with a sleeper. Nothing much to say. 1.5

Tommy Dreamer calls out ECW Champion Shane Douglas, but Mr Hughes answers instead for our second Dreamer match of the evening. Down come the suspenders, shits getting real. Hughes beats his ass, pushes him into a chair shot by Douglas, bodyslam to win. Well that was quick. 0.5

The Pitbulls face the Tazmaniac & his mystery partner. Pitbulls swarm Taz early, 911 comes out to fight with Mr Hughes and other affiliates. Hughes pummels 911 with a chair. Out comes Sabu! Sabu helps Taz fight the Pitbulls, Taz suplexes Pitbull 1 and wins. The match was short but the full segment was indeed quite fun. I'll give it a star for every pitbull in the match. 2

Dueling canes match between The Sandman & Tommy Cairo. This is the culmination to a big personal feud these two have had including ambushes, affairs & ass-kickings. A walk and brawl here, and they pretty much just duel with canes, living up to the name of the match. Back and forth weapon strikes until each opponents valet gets involved, Peaches & Woman respectively. Sandman wins with a cane to the head. Weirdly enjoyable but also not good at the same time. 2

Things finally pick up in our last two matches. We have the ECW Championship on the line as Shane Douglas defends against Sabu. Douglas tries to avoid Sabu's high-risk offence early on and keep it as much of a wrestling match as possible. As the match progresses though Sabu gains opportunities to unleash springboard & aerial offence. Suicide dives, air Sabu, moonsaults, the lot. Sabu as Douglas on a table for an asai moonsault, but the champ moves and Sabu eats wood. Douglas rolls in and Sabu can't beat the count. Quite a smart way to book a count out finish at the time, Douglas simply allowing Sabu to defeat himself. Jolly good match. 3.5

Our main event is a Barbed wire match between Terry & Dory Funk against Public Enemy. Now, either you think this match is a trashy, messy clusterfuck of a contest OR it's a captivating, gruelling war between 4 men willing to kill each other. I'm part of the latter. Influence from Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling is all over this match. The ropes are Barbed wire so that's fucking brutal. Just 10+ minutes of carnage, Terry must Grunge open HARD with a wooden chair which looked especially painful. All four bleed like a pig in this one. We get a classic Terry Funk moment of him asking the crowd to throw chairs, burying Grunge until the announcer demands them to stop. Not quite as iconic as the Hardcore Heaven '94 spot, but still enjoyable. The finish comes when Public Enemy tie up Terry amongst the Barbed wire and pins him. The Funks get revenge with chair shots galore. 4

Overall, a relatively well built show as it gradually got more fun and hardcore as the night unfolded. However, everything before the final 2 matches isn't worth your time. If you like the Funks being hardcore lunatics, check out the main event.

MOTN: The Funks vs Public Enemy

#28: Anarchy Rulz, September 19th 1999. 42.5%

Remember how cool the 90's was? I mean I don't because I wasn't an embryo until mid-'97 but hey the 90's was cool right? Beanie babies, inflatable furniture, pogs and for some reason, turtlenecks. Oh 90's, you're so longitudinal my dude. Anyways, because it's the 90's we must replace S's with Z's, because rad, which leads us to the first ever Anarchy Rulz event ECW put out. The Z doesn't annoy me, but why did you get rid of the E? Surely it should be Anarchy Rulez right? What the fuck is a Rul? Dumb name, but the wrestling wasn't dumb, at least for the most part. This is the first PPV since ECW began airing on TNN, but also the first without the Dudley Boyz who departed for the WWF, which pretty much killed the investment in the tag division until the company closed their doors.

The show starts in spectacular fashion with a Lance Storm vs Jerry Lynn contest. The Impact Players (Storm & Justin Credible) are the new kids on the block and targeted Lynn for several weeks on TV. The match is very good, a wrestling masterclass. I would have liked the match to be bit more intense considering the status of their feud but that's nitpicking. Phenomenal action, constantly trying to best each other. Finish was a bit abrupt, Storm kneeing the injured ribs of Jerry and pinning him with an inside cradle. A smidge flat but it fit the narrative of Storm working the injured ribs. Bloody good match, but why is Jerry Lynn losing all of the time in these feuds? 4

A quick promo from the debuting Simon Diamond who talks some trash which brings out Jazz. Jazz wants to prove herself and gets a chance to, but not against Diamond. He gets some guy called Tom Marquez at ringside to fight for him. Jazz wins in under a minute. Got Jazz over, but not good at all. 0.5

A post match attack by Diamond, and for some reason he's joined by Tony Devito, brings out Chris Chetti & Nova for an impromptu match. This goes a couple minutes, and it's bad. Chetti is injured almost immediately and no one in the match is talented enough to save it from being messy bollocks. The referee mercifully calls for a double DQ. Poor Simon Diamond. 0

Doring & Roadkill come out for a brawl for try save the segment, makes sense and a good attempt to prevent the show from derailing.

Back to some good action, we have a three-way dance between Little Guido, Tajiri & Super Crazy. We've had various singles matches between these 3 guys so let's put them all in one match and see how it goes. Spoiler alert, it went very well. Tajiri has morphed into his superior evolution, the one with the green mist. A great match that showcased each wrestlers strongest attributes. Guido's technical ability, Tajiri's bone-breaking strikes & Super Crazy's high-spots. Fast paced action until Crazy scores then first elimination with a moonsault on Guido. It slows down now but not in a bad way, selling the gruelling nature of the contest. Tajiri nails a combination of a buzzsaw kick, dropkick then a brainbuster to earn a W. Very enjoyable match. 3.5

We get a heel promo from Steve Corino and his friends, then we see Billy Corgan in the crowd! Smashing Pumpkins lead man and future owner of the NWA at an ECW show. Very nice.

Next up is Justin Credible against Sabu. Credible has a restraining order against Sabu and demands he is deemed the winner. But it's Anarchy Rulz, so no law and order is in place, here comes Sabu for a fight. Your standard Sabu match here, a horde of aerial offence, table spots and weapon strikes. You get your botches of course but it was still fun. Justin hits a 'That's Incredible' on a chair to win. 2.5

We have our second three-way dance of the evening, Taz defends the ECW Championship against Masato Tanaka & Mike Awesome. Another lovely good match this. 3 guys known for their ability to hit big moves and beat 7 shades of urine out of another. Taz is on his way to WWF and the crowd knows it as chants of "You sold out" rain down on him. Taz does his greatest hits pretty much with suplexes and clotheslines. However, Tanaka hoofs Taz with a roarin' elbow, Awesome follows up with a frog splash and a double pin eliminates Taz early. Taz goes and stands with other wrestlers to watch the match continue. As expected from Big Mike & Tanaka, another brilliant exchange, uncomfortably brutal at times. Lots of chair shots, lots of big power moves on to the cold hard floor. Both men kick out of each others big moves. Awesome prevails though, with a super awesome bomb through a table to win the title. 3.75

Next the tag Titles are defended as former rivals now weird friends Tommy Dreamer & Raven defends against Steve Corino & Rhino. This was a big boy disappointment. A few minutes go by then Dreamer & Raven win. Fuck sake. Apparently it was kept short because Dreamer had accumulated injuries, why put the belts on him? Also, Corino & Rhino are both fresh upcomers that would have really benefited from a win here. Dreamer is known for being willing to lose to anyone to put them over, so why didn't they do that here? Instead the older and, sorry lads, less talented duo of Dreamer & Raven steamroll the future. Bollocks to that. The action involved was fine, I guess. 0.75

Main event time, when you look back at the huge matches we've seen so far, why the fuck is RVD vs Balls Mahoney the closer? RVD for sure but Balls was never more than a midcarder at best. Its scheduled to be RVD vs Axl Rotten, which is WORSE by the way, but he's attacked by Impact Players & Johnny Smith. Honestly, Spike Dudley would have been a bigger & better draw for a main event match with RVD over Balls. To be fair to them though, this isn't bad. It's perfectly average. Well wrestled, nothing awful but also nothing too outstanding. We get good spots from RVD who successfully defends following a five star frog splash. As I say, perfectly average. 2.5

Overall, if Heyman removed 3 matches from this show and put the world title match on last, this would be an all-time classic. Everything outside of the Jazz squash & the 2 tag matches were solid or better. The injury was unfortunate but the wrestlers involved failed to save the segment but I guess I can't blame them too much for that. The Jazz squash should have been saved for a TV segment and that whole tag team match was an obese helping of disappointment.

MOTN: Lance Storm vs Jerry Lynn

#27: November to Remember, November 7th 1999. 43.1%

2 months after Anarchy Rulz we get ECW's supposed grandaddy, November to Remember. The biggest development in between is formerly Sign Guy Dudley morphing into Lou E. Dangerously, a mock character of Paul Heyman's original persona Paul E. Dangerously. As Lou, he brought back Mikey Whipwreck to ECW for the first time since December of '98 after a brief stint in WCW. This would also be Taz's final match as a part of the ECW roster, though he would have one more match in 2000 during the infamous ECW title match featuring a WWF star (Taz) and a WCW star (Awesome). At number 27, this is the second highest ranked ECW show from '99, let's see what goodness is in store.

After our introductions and a Taz promo, our opener is Simon Diamond vs Spike Dudley on an impromptu match. The impromptu match is an overused booking trope for ECW at this point, it makes them look unorganised and more of an indie promotion rather than a big 3 in the States. A quick 3 minute scrap ending with an acid drop and a victory for Spike. 0.5

Little Guido attacks Spike, bringing out Nova to make the save, for ANOTHER IMPROMPTU MATCH. Do you have anything planned on this card Paul? Another short match, this one was better than the last but still, stop it with the spontaneity. Little Guido wins with help from Sal and a Tomokaze. 1

Our next match, a planned one this time, pits Tajiri, Super Crazy & Jerry Lynn in a three-way dance. A fun exchange as you'd expect from the 3 fellas involved that doesn't overstay it's welcome. Like the Anarchy Rulz three-way, a nice blend of technical wrestling, hard-hitting strikes and high-risk offence. Tajiri eliminates Super Crazy with a brainbuster. We get some great counters and exchanges between Tajiri & Lynn before the latter nails a cradle piledriver to win. Very enjoyable. 3.25

Shit. I haven't talked about New Jack in a while and I was having a great time. NJ teams with Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney to face Da Baldies (Spanish Angel, Tony Devito, Skull Von Crush & PN News). Da Baldies sounds like a shit name you'd find on someone's WWE 2K universe mode. Your usual carnage, garbage brawl with a big New Jack spot. Angel clock Jack with a guitar shot to get the pin. 1

After some promos our next match up is Sabu vs Chris Candido. Sabu wants to fight RVD as their relationship continues to worsen but manager Bill Alfonso prevents it. Sabu wants to take out his rage on someone, so we get this match. That is literally the build for this one. This was a solid match up, but due to the lack of build or stakes the heat is low. It just felt like the guys were having a match for the sake of it. They both use a variety of offence which created for a nice contest. Sabu hits an Atomic Arabian Facebuster then taps Chris out with a camel clutch. 3

Masato Tanaka challenges Mike Awesome for the ECW Championship next, so you know this is going to be good. I believe this is their best encounter personally. This was a spectacle of hard hitting offence but with callbacks to their previous encounters. Table powerbombs, a roarin' elbow on a chair to Mike's fucking head, absolute scenes. Mike gets the win with a superbomb through a table, Tanaka needs to learn to dodge that one. Brilliant match from these fellas. 4.25

Why isn't the ECW Championship on last? Unless your other title matches are significantly going to be better, you're most prestigious championship should always close the show. It's all downhill from here as we get Taz vs Rob Van Dam for the TV Championship. This should have been great, and it wasn't bad but it was disappointing for sure. This was a clear passing of the torch moment but the match just kinda happened. Going through the motions without there being any real story here apart from RVD taking over as the face of ECW. The action was solid but it didn't light me on fire, RVD secured his win with his patented frog splash. 2.5

I can't believe this is the main event. I mean, I understand Raven, Dreamer & Sandman being their biggest draws but it should not have went on last. The 'old guard' of ECW take on Rhino, Justin Credible & Lance Storm. The Sandman recently returned from his stint in WCW to aid Raven & Dreamer. However, all 3 of the oldies don't really like each other, so it's quite an unstable alliance. 10 minutes of vintage ECW action that started as a tag match but quickly devolved into a brawl. Raven doesn't accept any tags, until he tags himself in and cleans house. He also then attacks Dreamer, and also canes Sandman so friendship over then? Justin hits his finisher on Sandman as Raven does nothing. Overbooked, rushed nonsense that was fun, but also not that good. This was a midcard match, or even a hot opener. What a crap way to end a PPV, who would've guessed Raven, Sandman & Dreamer would be part of an underwhelming main event. I did. 1.75

Overall, a show that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. The card was built relatively alright until after the ECW Title match. Then things got disappointing quickly. This was like eating a sandwich, that got better with every bite but in the final two bites someone slaps it to the ground and sets it on fire.

MOTN: Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome

#26: Guilty as Charged, January 9th 2000. 45%

That's 3 chronological PPV's in a row now, how convenient. It wasn't intentional, although it does make it easier to remember the storylines I'm talking about in each show. A new year, a new millennium, ideally you would think we might get a new ECW but it's more of the same. 50% good wrestling, 50% poor booking, usually how it goes down. But hey, at least the world championship is last on the card!

CW Anderson takes on Mikey Whipwreck in our first match. CW Anderson is a part of the kayfabe Anderson family, a group of people who are all fake-related to each other. Gene, Ole, Lars & Arn Anderson are all "brothers", Gene is the only actual Anderson. CW Anderson, and also Ric Flair, were storyline cousins. CW adopted the surname out of respect to Gene when he passed. A quick match here, Anderson picks up the win with a spinebuster. It was fine but very rushed. 1.5

Our next match is Danny Doring, Roadkill & Simon Diamond taking on Nova, Kid Kash & Jazz. Oh boy what a mess. Chaotic action with no pacing or order. The action was all well executed but yeah, sloppy Joe levels of messy. There's a moment where Chris Chetti, who is not in the match, just tags himself in! Ridiculous bullshit. Roadkill pins Chris Chetti, who once again not a part of the match, for the win. 1

After promos from Mike Awesome & Spike Dudley we get a dream partner match. Tajiri & Super Crazy must choose a partner to face each other. Steve Corino has picked the perfect partner for Tajiri, he chooses Super Crazy! Erm okay? Weird. Little Guido is offended he wasn't chosen and it leads to Heyman booking Tajiri & Super Crazy vs Little Guido & Jerry Lynn. He could have just booked the tag match in the first place but whatever. Good match, all 4 men put in a good showcase but BOY what shambolic booking. Guido turns on Lynn & Tajiri turns on Crazy. What's the fumbling POINT THEN?! God just book a four-way instead of this trashy TV segment. This had the potential to be a great match, but stupid nonsense plagued this bout. Tajiri wins with a brainbuster on Lynn. We get a post-match beatdown on Jerry (Corino's masterplan apparently) then an appearance from Dusty Rhodes, building towards Corino vs Rhodes. 2.75

Fucking excellent, a New Jack match is just what I needed. A 'King of the Streets' match between New Jack & Angel. So, this is a terrible match, but it almost turns right around to being entertaining. Almost. I mean, they found the hood of a car under the ring. Can't fault them for not being unique. After the usual weapon offence then a balcony dive, Angel picks up the win with the help of a shovel. 1

Fonzie shoots promos with both RVD & Sabu which I thought was funny, ahead of their TV Title match. This would be Sabu's last major ECW event, he did wrestled four more times for Heyman's hardcore hotel before leaving to primarily work in Japan. The friendship soured as RVD tried to injure Sabu, mock him and claim he is the reason Sabu ever made it this far. It's fitting that this would be Sabu's final big match, these two propelled each other to ECW's main event scene with their rivalry. This is easily the best match thus far, exciting spots and good storytelling as Fonzie keeps changing his mind who to support. Fonzie aids both guys but ultimately he's pushed to make a choice. RVD asks for a chair but Fonzie hesitates, so Rob nails him with a Van Daminator. Sabu gets back into it, but his attempt at a triple jump moonsault is blocked and RVD wins with the five star frog splash. We get a handshake, Sabu flips them off as he limps away. 3.5

Tag Titles on the line as Tommy Dreamer & Raven defends against Impact Players. This feud went on for fucking ever. Raven and Dreamer seem to be on the level now but Raven still hates Sandman. It starts as brawling, becomes a tag match, then ends in brawling again. Raven has also been using a Snot rag too as a way to subdue opponents, which is grosser than anything he's done before, yes even the crucifixion he did on TV. The finish comes when Credible goes to biff Francine with a cane but Raven sacrifices himself to save her. He eats a 'That's Incredible' and we have NEW tag champions. This was a perfectly average match that didn't overstay it's welcome and cleanly (kinda) put over younger the talent. 2.5

I said for Anarchy Rulz that I thought Spike Dudley would be a bigger main event pick than Balls Mahoney. Turns out I'm right. Yippee for me. Spike challenges Mike Awesome for the ECW Championship. Huzzah! A world title main event! An obvious David vs Goliath story here, since Spike had took on a giant killer gimmick. He grabs a weapon and sets up tables around the ring with the help of the timekeeper. Mike comes out, and begins to murder Spike. He puts him through tables galore and plays with him like a cat playing with a trapped rodent. Spike takes advantage of the complacency and manages to fire up with chair shot, acid drops & planchas. They fight each other on the top rope but Awesome catches Spike in a super Awesome bomb to retain. Loved this. Spike looked great without making Awesome look weak. Solid booking and silly fun action. 3.5

Overall, this was fine. The booking in the first 2 tag matches really jostled my jimmies but the booking outside of that wasn't too bad. 2 good matches, the rest isn't worth wasting your time over.

MOTN: RVD vs Sabu

#25: November to Remember, November 5th 2000. 45.6%

This show was barely advertised, barely promoted barely cared about. Funny since its initial creation was to be ECW's flagship show. Maybe Heyman smelt the blood in the water. The final N2R show in their history, unfortunately it's not a highlight of a show.

First match is an impromptu contest pitting Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger against the Bad Street Boys (Christian York & Joey Matthews). Swinger never achieved much success outside of winning the NWA Tag Championships in 2003, he is currently doing his best work in Impact Wrestling as an out-of-touch 80's wrestler. The BSB would also have little success outside of winning the NWA Tag Championships in 2001, however Joey Matthews would become Joey Mercury in WWE. A short but exciting, well worked opener, CW Anderson helps Simon & Swinger get the advantage and they nail York with the Problem Solver to win. 2

Kid Kash comes out and saves York & Matthews from a 3-on-2 beatdown, setting up another impromptu match as Kash faces CW Anderson. This was an exciting match between a clash of styles. Kash is a flippy flippy boy, CW is more of a classic old-school wrassler. The crowd pops hard for Kash's high octane offence. There's a few moves that don't land which looks a but awkward when they're still sold as if they were, but the match is still a good watch nonetheless. Kash scores a big win with a swinging DDT after a thoroughly enjoyable contest. 3

The show has actually begun now, apparently, with our first scheduled matchup. Hot Commodity (Chris Hamrik, Julio Dinero & EZ Money) takes on Spike Dudley, Danny Doring & Roadkill. Hamrik's claim to fame was appearance as fake Triple H on Raw August 2007, putting a crown on King Booker ahead of their match at Summerslam. Dinero was notably a part of the infamous Heroes of Wrestling show in '99, possibly the worst wrestling PPV in the history of wrestling. Scratch that, it is the worst, at least that I'm aware of. Go watch it, it's like Tommy Wiseau's the Room but wrestling. EZ didn't achieve much, after ECW closed he wrestled on a WCW PPV once, he fought EC3 for the TNA World Championship once but not on a TNA show. A decent little match to give the good guys a place on the card really, Spike wins the match with an acid drop to Hamrik. 2.5

Our next match has a 'loser leaves ECW' stipulation. Former allies Chris Chetti & Nova compete. Another okay match, vote guys put on a good show in an attempt to create a big blow-off match for the feud. The crowd just weren't super hot for it. Nova's new intense gimmick is a nice change for the guy, shame we wouldn't really see how it would go in the long run in ECW. Nova hits an air raid crash to win. Bye bye Chetti. 2.25

We get treated to a flaming tables match, Balls Mahoney teams with Chilly Willy (do you get it?) to face Da Baldies. Balls & Willy are collectively called 'Meat & Two Veg', do you get it? This is just a big ol' brawl between the two teams, through the crowd and back again, never seen that before. To be fair in recent times they've tried to limit how much they use crowd brawling in matches. Cock & Balls (do you get it?) Set up the table, set it alight and put Angel through it via powerbomb to win the match. This was decent fun if mired by lack of selling. 2

Rhino defends the TV Championship against New Jack next. Having back-to-back brawl heavy matches wasn't a good idea. This felt even less interesting than it would have already been. Your usual NJ match, culminating with Rhino cutting Jack in half with his gore spear. 1

Our next match sees the FBI (Little Guido & Tony Marmaluke) successfully defend their titles against Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck. The Sinister Minister is supposed to accompany his team Mikey & Tajiri but he was rushed to hospital after messing with a prop and it EXPLODED on his hand. Don't play with Heyman's extreme toys I guess. Mikey gets injured early, Tajiri looks like he may have to go it alone but we have Super Crazy returning! He replaces Mikey for the rest of the match and everyone is okay with that. Sorry Mike. A good match here, Super Crazy is Super over and goes super crazy on the FBI. He and Tajiri have solid tag chemistry. Crazy hits a super fucking mental moonsault from the balcony to FBI manager Big Sal in a spot that would have even made New Jack shed a tear. The cameraman missed it though, good job. With Sal & Crazy down, the FBI nail Tajiri with a double bulldog retain. I would have had a title change here but this was a good match either way. 3

Our main event is a Double Jeopardy match for the ECW Championship. Jerry Lynn defends against Justin Credible, Steve Corino & The Sandman. Ugh, more unnecessarily complex ECW booking here. So, two singles matches are going on simultaneously. All 4 men can fight each other but only Lynn can defeat Credible & vice versa, only Corino can defeat Sandman & vice versa. Just book a fucking fatal four way elimination match Paul. Jesus Christ. The other problem is that Credible is, ironically, not a Credible main event draw in the eyes of the fans. Neither was Corino although he was on a slow path towards the top of the card. The Sandman was never a good wrestler, even less so now plus since he departed sourly then came back, Heyman would never put the world title on him. After some good action, Corino & Credible dispatch Sandman & Lynn. WHAT? Not even going to have ONE of the wrestlers then fans like be in the final two? Fucking dumb that. The fans agree too. Corino now goes into babyface mode against Credible, okay, and eventually lands a superkick to win. Lynn hands the belt over looking mega pissed about it. I like Corino, but he didn't look like he overcame anything because he never beat the champion. This match is verging on good in-ring wise but the ridiculous, nonsensical booking ruins the main event, and honestly proves why ECW was always doomed to fail financial difficulties or not. Poor Jerry Lynn, you're brilliant. 2.5

Overall, it sucks this ended up so high, but that's because there's nothing in this card that's really bad. Sure, the booking is atrocious but from an in-ring viewpoint everything was relatively solid. But also, nothing ever really stood out. When on of the best matches of the show is an impromptu match, that doesn't reflect good on your product. That shows that you can mash two random guys together and put on a better outing than narratives you've been crafting for months. This doesn't deserve to be this high.

MOTN: Full Blooded Italians vs Unholy Alliance

#24: Heat Wave, July 16th 2000. 46.3%

The trend of Heatwave being the most reliable for solid ECW PPV's continues here with their '00s entry. This was final Heatwave named event right until 2022, when NXT revived the name for one of their special events. This event is more famous for behind-the-scenes drama rather than the in ring action. Before the main event of the show, 6 wrestlers for LA promotion Xtreme Pro Wrestling sat in front row seats wearing shirts for their promotion. According to attendees the wrestlers were also chanting "fuck ECW", heckling the performers as well as chanting for XPW. Dreamer & ECW security noticed this, and the wrestlers were promptly ejected. Once ejected, the wrestlers of XPW were gone but the drama continued. A rumour reached ECW backstage staff that some XPW personnel had touched Francine in someway. Francine has denied that ever happened or mentioning that happening to anyone, with others supporting her side of the story. The rumour was enough for the ECW lads to absolutely bludgeon the XPW ring crew who were nearby, according to Balls Mahoney they were left lying in their own blood. Moral of the story; don't fuck with an ECW show, they will murder you.

Moving past the drama let's start our show.

After usual show opening promos and Joel Gertner antics, Big Sal starts being a dick to security so Balls Mahoney comes to put a stop to it. Impromptu match! This was a fucking terrible way to begin the show. Sal no sells a chair shot and a few blows, then hits Balls with a chokeslam, elbow drop and a shoddy belly-to-belly to win. Were they planning a push for Big Sal? If so why? None of this made sense. Rubbish start. 0

We get back on track with a 6 man tag match. Kid Kash, Danny Doring & Roadkill face Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger & CW Anderson. Roadkill is MEGA over as a big amish lad who can do cruiserweight moves. This was great fun, superb utilisation of standard tag formula cut with cool spots that add extra heat to the contest. Roadkill especially is on form, but all 6 guys have a good showing here. The opener sucked life out of the show but this match blows it all back in. Kash secured victory with the Money Maker, very fun indeed. 3

The good form continues as we see Steve Corino face Jerry Lynn. This is like PEAK Jerry Lynn. He was fantastic during his RVD feud but by this point his character and style has a more aggressive edge to it. He gives me Kenny Omega vibes. Corino has also transitioned into a fantastic heel too. It's unfortunate that the whole Network vs ECW storyline was mediocre at the best of times. I just want to see a face Lynn vs heel Corino in a personal feud, that would have raised the stakes so much more and added the needed drama. ECW loved invasion angles a bit too much. Still, this was great I only wish we had more. Lynn picks up a big W with a cradle piledriver. 3.5

We get some promos then New Jack limps out, for some reason. This brings out Da Baldies to beat his ass. Those guys are faces in my eyes. Nova & Chris Chetti make the save setting up, all together now, IMPROMPTU MATCH!!!

A 5 minute match between Da Baldies & the team of Nova & Chetti. I've said it before and I'll say it again, impromptu matches on your PPV makes you look sloppy rather than spontaneous. Nova & Chetti pick up the win with a tidal wave. This was fine but forgettable. 1.5

Originally a 3-way dance next but Mikey is dared to enter and he accepts. Our 4-way contest has Mikey Whipwreck facing Tajiri, Little Guido & Psicosis. This was a lot of fun but I was really hoping for more from the guys involved. That's what happens when you give these guys 10 minutes. They could have had a 20 minute classic if we binned the 2 impromptu matches, but fuck me I guess. Guido pins Mikey after just shy of 2 minutes. Why add him to the match for that? Tajiri eliminates Psicosis next at about the half way mark. Would have preferred to see more Tajiri vs Psicosis but beggars can't be choosers. Tajiri spits the green mist and drops Guido with a brainbuster to win. This was good fun, fast-paced action that was entertaining from front to back. I just wish we had more of it. 3.25

Rhino defends the TV Championship against The Sandman next. Surprisingly, this wasn't terrible. I mean Rhino carried the contest but Sandman did his fair share. They kept it under 10 minutes which was a good call. The guardrail offence looked crap. Corino & Jack Victory come to aid Rhino when Sandman has momentum, bringing out Spike. Rhino piledrives him through a table in a delightful spot. Rhino hits a piledriver to Sandman on the guardrail to win. A decent outing by these two. 2.5

Next up, Scotty Anton faces RVD. You may recognise Anton as one half of the American Males from WCW. What a funny tag team, with a hilarious entrance theme. In case you're unsure, here are the full lyrics to 'American Males':

"American Males, American Males, American Males, American Males, American Males, American Males, AMERICAN MALES...

When ya see them comin

Better run for cover

Girls you dont need a weekend lover... UNNNN

American Males

If they want to talk

ya better not listen

you might wind up in critical condition... HAHA

American Males

American Males

American Males

American Males

American Males

American Males

American Males


American Males

American Males

American Males

American Males

American Males

American Males


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Brilliant. I digress. Anton abandoned his friend to join the Network, and wants to prove he's more than just RVD's friend. He doesn't, as RVD drags him through a long, often stagnant 20 minute match. The action is solid, the booking is solid, plus RVD debuts the Van Terminator (a coast to coast with the trash can) which looked SICK, which secured Rob the win. A shame Shane O'Mac stole it. However, fucking slow as sleepy nans this was. Anton's offence wasn't particularly interesting. Funny earlier RVD said in a promo he'd carry Anton to a 5 star match. Unfortunately, he couldn't drag him to a 3 star one. 2.75

Our ECW Championship main event is a Stairway to Hell match, Justin Credible defends against Tommy Dreamer. The 'hell' that the stairs lead to is some Barbed wire hanging above. Other than that, you win via pin or submission as usual. This intense blood feud starts with... chain wrestling? Okay then. It quickly becomes brutal brawling as expected. They brawl in the crowd, brawl all around, brawling here and brawling there. Dreamer retrieves the Barbed wire. What could possibly happen now? Things are getting extreme! Credible gets crotched in the wire, then after a a quick back and forth Credible hits That's Incredible on the Barbed wire to win. Huh. That's it? A bit disappointing considering the hype. This was fine. Like nearly every Tommy Dreamer match, this was entertaining for what it was but nothing super exciting. I think I've given Dreamer to most 2 ratings. He's good at what he does but it's very rare he cross over the line of putting on good to great matches. Another issue of ECW, over-reliance on the same matches and/or booking to pop the crowd but overtime becomes predictable and less interesting. This was fine. 2

Overall, a mixed bag. Bad opener and an average but disappointing ending. There are 3 good matches here that could have easily became great matches if they were given more time to play around with. Far from a bad show but also far from a great show.

MOTN: Jerry Lynn vs Steve Corino

#23: Big Apple Blizzard Blast, February 3rd 1996. 46.4%

Hello 1996 ECW, it's lovely to see you again. We've been on a bit of a streak of late-ECW shows during a time when ECW was either floundering, or 50/50 split on producing good shizzle as well as dreadful drizzle. Let's go back to the comfort of '96 where ECW was on a creative hot streak which ultimately led to their increase of popularity. We're in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, let's see what lies ahead.

We open with Taz against the Shark Attack Kid. S.A.K is more well known as dirt bike kid, although if you still don't recognise him that's understandable, he was primarily a jobber but he worked the indies too. If you do recognise his name, it might be because of the incident in Michinoku Pro Wrestling in Japan. DBK goes into business for himself against, checks notes, THE GREAT SASUKE, by changing the match plans and no selling offence. Sasuke, renowned for being tougher than a steak made out of gravel, leather him with legit strikes before defeating him with a legit guillotine choke hold. You done fucked up DBK. That was a year after this. Shark Attack Kid gets some offence on Taz, but as expected, Taz hits suplexes before winning with the Tazmission. Have a star. 1

Taz calls out 911 who apparently left early, but in reality he had a disagreement with Heyman and left ECW altogether. Taz attacks Gordon which brings out Bam Bam Bigelow to save, which was nice.

The Headhunters face Axl Rotten & El Puerto Riqueño next. This was better than it had any right to be. I saw this and I was prepared for another 1 star rating maximum. I was very wrong. Known as the Squat Team in WWF, the Headhunters A & B dominate Rotten & EPR in a glorified squash match but the action was fun. Rotten with the brawling and Riqueño gets in a few impressive moves. The Headhunters stay on top though, ending the match with a big beefy beef boy moonsault to win. Surprisingly decent, well done lads. 2.5

Next Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck defends the tag gold against Perry Saturn & Kronus, the Eliminators. The main story told through this is Cactus has affiliated with Raven, so has Mikey by proxy. Cactus becomes more of a heel whereas Mikey wrestles as normal. During this match, Jack persistently berates Mikey and demands he wrestle like him, hardcore biffing and boffing. Cactus smashes a glass bottle like the maniac he is and threatens to use it. Mikey doesn't agree with this and dropkicks him to prevent it happening. Eliminators gain advantage after knocking Mikey into Cactus the hitting Total Elimination. Bueno tag match, good especially from Mikey who fought impressively and sold impressively. The narrative played out well as did the action. I very much enjoyed. 3

Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas face Raven & Stevie Richards. I was expecting possibly more of a tag contest and I was silly for doing so. There's some wrestling but mainly it's brawling. We see an NES used as a weapon, that was fun. Eventually both Sandman & Cactus Jack would intefere, the former caning everyone including the referee. Meanie accidentally hits a moonsault on Richards, Beulah tapes a frying pan to Dreamer's foot and he nails an enziguiri! Douglas & Dreamer win. An enjoyable brawl with a creative finish I have never seen before. It went a bit long so it dragged and lost momentum often but still a solid outing from all involved. 2.75

The WWA Welterweight Championship is on the line as Rey Misterio Jr. defends against Juventud Guerrera. These two have been feuding over the belt in Mexico so Heyman has brought it here. This might be one of the best matches to be under 10 minutes long. These 2 crammed in plenty of offence but it never felt rushed or overbooked. A nice mix of lucha libre & hardcore wrestling, Rey wrapping the chair around Juve's back and run him into the ringpost was particularly brutal. Rey reverses a super Splash Mountain bomb attempt into a hurricanrana to retain. Fantastic match, still not their best though, oh no. We still have that to look forward to further down the line. 4

We get a Taz promo leading to a confrontation with Rey Misterio. We get a promo from Woman before her departure to WCW, 2 Cold Scorpio putting her in a limo which was funny. We get a promo with Sandman & Raven's Nest before Stevie announces he's suing Missy Hyatt for sexual harassment (A joke on Hyatt's real life lawsuit against WCW). After am exchange between her and Raven, she offers to manage Sandman. A long interlude between matches but it was entertaining.

We get another segment as JT Smith tries to pay Buh Buh Ray Dudley not to have a match for $100. Buh Buh takes it but gets low blowed and JT take his money back. A quick exchange then Dudley wins with the Bubba Bomb. Buh Buh takes his $100 back and they a have a dance. Fun segment, not really much of a match. NR

Mr Hughes faces Sabu next. Oh man this ain't great. Hughes moves like he's swimming through yoghurt. Sabu tried to keep the match exciting but Hughes' slow, uninteresting ass sucked all the life out. He no sells most of the offence, when Sabu hits a springboard wheel kick to win Hughes just gets up and walks out. That's just a bad attitude. He would only appear three more times for ECW . I don't think anyone was complaining, he's so bad. 1

Our main event is The Gangstas vs The Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio. I don't really know why, there's pretty much no build, it's just 4 guys relatively over with the ECW faithful. This was a standard ECW way to end a show. Massive brawling including a variety of wacky and wild weapons. The finish comes when Scorpio sprays Mustafa with hairspray (yes really) and rolls him up. An average match but a disappointing show finish. 2

Overall, the show took a nosedive following the Misterio vs Guerrera match. Everything up until that point I had enjoyed. A bit of a meh show, but that lucha libre match was fantastic.

MOTN: Rey Misterio Jr vs Juventud Guerrera

#22: Hardcore Heaven, May 14th 2000. 46.7%

The 6th and final installment of Hardcore Heaven is the first PPV event since the infamous Mike Awesome to WCW debacle. He dropped it to Taz who dropped it to Tommy Dreamer who dropped it to Justin Credible, who defends it in our main event tonight. I never really thought Justin was a 'credible' main eventer. Do you get it? Do you get it? Ahh you don't get it. This would also play host to Rob Van Dam's first match in almost 4 months, after vacating the TV Championship due to injury. He faces Jerry Lynn, so you know we've got at least a good match on our hands.

Like all good things, let's start with the balls. Balls Mahoney takes on Masato Tanaka in our opener. These two aren't involved in any real feud, it's just a match. They used to be tag champions together at one point. An enjoyable, hard-hitting contest between two of ECW's resident brawlers. They both kicked out of each others finishers multiple times which I'm unsure on, but they both looked good and it got the crowd all hot for the rest of the show. Good stuff. 3

After a Lance Storm promo we have a 3-way dance between Simon Diamond, Little Guido & Mikey Whipwreck. Mikey is going through his emo phase under the control of the Sinister Minister, he even dyed his hair red. Again, not much in the way of an intertwining story, just a match. The match is going well until Diamond & Mikey leg drop a chair on Guido. The wrestling gods disapproved, and the lights went off. That sucks, but the 3 guys were pro's and didn't let that affect the match too much. A nice contest, Mikey throws a fireball but gets caught and defeated by Guido. Nice to see him get a victory for once. 2.5

A promo segment then our next match as Kid Kash faces CW Anderson. Kash has been allied with Jazz who has picked a fight with the New Dangerous Alliance recently, setting up this match. A short match but a nice blend of styles as CW puts his strength against Kash's speed. Kash looks heroic taking on the whole alliance, he gets the win with a frankensteiner. 2.5

We have a tag team 3-way dance next, Chris Chetti & Nova take on Da Baldies as well as Danny Doring & Roadkill. The bald ones were feuding with New Jack as well as Doring & Roadkill recently, being involved in a couple street fights. Nova & Chetti had been feuding with the new dangerous alliance in recent weeks. This was kinda messy, an uncoordinated match of spots and weapons. The action was enjoyable for the most part. Da Baldies eliminate Doring & Roadkill first with the use of a table, but Nova & Chetti get the victory with their tidal wave finisher. 1.5

Da Baldies are all over Nova & Chetti, chants for New Jack fill the arena, comes the dangerous gangsta with a can full of weapons. Ooooohhhhhh, IMPROMPTU MATCH!!!! New Jack vs Angel, I think, or just New Jack vs Da Baldies. Weapon strikes, balcony dive, more weapon strikes. Were you expecting anything else? Jack hits his 187 chair dive for a victory. Not the worst New Jack match, but still a New Jack match. 0.25

Before the next match between Tajiri & Steve Corino, Corino gives Tajiri a chance to straighten up and rejoin the Network faction, or he'll kick his ass. Tajiri, takes all of the that on board and makes an executive decision to kick him in the head, ding ding. Cyrus had been manipulating Tajiri in the network, Tajiri had finally had enough. This match is good showcase of all of ECW's styles in one match. They trade stiff strikes, the trade big moves, they brawl and use weapons and Corino bleeds everywhere, there's submission offence, a really pick 'n' mix of wrestling maneuvers. Tajiri picks up the win with a flying stomp through a table to Corino. 3.25

The network come down for a beatdown, Dusty Rhodes and the Sandman both come out to fight them. Sandman stands across from Rhino and his TV Championship, ready for the bell to ring. The TV Championship is the one belt Sandman hasn't won. The network have been at war with Sandman, he's not exactly a corporate flag bearer. This is kept short but it's action packed. Rhino crashes through a table, Sandman piledrives him through a table, lots of tables which the hardcore faithful are more than happy with. Rhino neutralises Sandman and goes after his wife Lori, he hits her with a piledriver through a table! Sandman tries to stop more harm coming to her, but Rhino gores them both through a table. Rhino is a killer. 2

Jerry Lynn faces Rob Van Dam next, time for our odds on favourite for match of the night. RVD has been feuding with the network, wanting a shot at the TV title he had to vacate. Network are trying to acquire the services of RVD's friend Scotty Anton but he rejected. The network also tried to recruit Lynn who has animosity with RVD, but he doesn't want to either. This isn't their best match together, but it's still an enjoyable contest. An even contest with new spots and callbacks to previous encounters. The match is dragged down by the Network interfering attack both men, then Scotty Anton turns on RVD costing him the match, Lynn wins with two cradle piledrivers. Anton hasn't really been in the company long enough for anyone to really care of his betrayal. Just another future match for RVD to eventually win. A good match nonetheless and I always like Jerry Lynn getting wins. 3.5

Our main event is supposed to be Tommy Dreamer vs Justin Credible vs Lance Storm, but Credible doesn't like those odds. Credible wants to settle the score with Storm only, he threatens to trash the World Championship and walk if anyone else who isn't Lance Storm comes out. Dreamer does, so Paul Heyman reasons with him and this becomes a singles match. The Impact Players were already having problems but their team imploded when Credible win the World Championship and dropped the tag belts. The match is decent but ultimately a disappointing main event. Dreamer is super over with the crowd so removing him, whilst a great heel move, is more of a TV main event angle and it just deflated the crowd. They had a good match that was a even back and forth contest, as well as your usual ECW catfight. Hello women. It ends with a 'That's Incredible' to give Justin the win. Dreamer comes out after to beat up Justin & his valet Francine to end the show on a slightly happier note. 2.5

Overall, a decent little show. It hasn't got much crazy going on but also nothing awful, outside of your regularly scheduled New Jack appearance. Think removing Dreamer from the main event was a bad call but I understand the reasoning. The roster is really thinning out by this point but the performers they have left are doing their best.

MOTN: Jerry Lynn vs RVD

#21: Guilty as Charged, January 7th 2001. 47.1%

All things must come to an end and this is ECW's swan song. Yes this is the final nationally and globally broadcast even by ECW, they would file for bankruptcy 2 months later. They had a Living Dangerously PPV in March planned but their last show would end up being a house show in Arkansas 6 days after this show. Scott Hall was actually advertised for this show, having left WCW and making a occasional house show appearances for ECW, but he was later removed for an unknown reason. It was widely believed by the ECW roster that this could well be the very last show, so the talent involved do their best to put on an exciting show. How did it go? Let's find out.

The show starts with a usual ECW promo then Christian York & Joey Matthews come out. They're attacked by Da Baldies during their entrance, the heels Jerry Lynn & Cyrus come out. Lynn hits a cradle piledriver and tags in Cyrus who pins York. Apparently a legit match was occurring. Lynn calls them jobbers and refuses to work another match unless it's a main event. A weak way to start a PPV, not an exciting opener. NR

Danny Doring & Roadkill defend their Tag Team Championships against Hot Commodity (EZ Money & Julio Dinero). This was a standard tag match, very exciting with plenty of big moves but no real structure or psychology. A lot of fun though. Hot Commodity continuously cheat to try win but it works against them, a Boogie Bang for the champs keep the belts. Totally fine. 2

Hot Commodity beat down until Nova comes to make the save, leading to an impromptu match against Hot Commodity member Chris Hamrick. It starts hot and fast, before it becomes an ECW special of "bring out all the wrestlers!" Elektea gets involved, then the referee is down, Nova's old partner Chris Chetti returns to attack him, Lou. E Dangerously is out, Spike Dudley comes out to fight off Chetti. Mercifully, Nova hits a kryptonite punch to win. Messy chaos that ECW made a name out of. 1.75

We have an I Quit match, Tommy Dreamer faces CW Anderson. This was a well built feud as Anderson & the Network wanted to run Dreamer out of the company. This was a brutal match, they beat the hell out of each other with everything at their disposal. Dreamers offence with the chair and the wrench looked gruesome. Anderson's spinebuster onto razor wire also looked gruesome. After a Spicollo driver through a table, Dreamer grabs a piece of the table and pulls it against CW's face in a submission. Anderson quits because yeah, that looked nasty. A very enjoyable match, one of Dreamer's best performances. 3.5

After a brief promo we get a tag team 3-way dance, the Unholy Alliance (Mikey Whipwreck & Tajiri) vs FBI vs Super Crazy & Kid Kash. 6 guys who have made a name for themselves as a part of ECW. It begins as a spot fest as you'd expect from a match with Kid Kash & Super Crazy. The FBI eliminate Kash & Crazy to become a more standard tag match. A great even contest, Mikey and Tajiri have great chemistry together. Good exchanges between these 2 teams culminating with stereo tiger suplexes and a win for the Unholy Alliance. 3

Our next match is Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond against Meat & 2 Veg, Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy. We don't get it though, because Rhino comes out and murders everyone with gores, including the valet's. Was this really necessary? Rhino is already a monster and has torn through pretty much everyone. Oh well. A segment more than a match. NR

Next we have our ECW World Championship match defended in a tables, ladders, chairs and canes match, oh my. Steve Corino defends against Justin Credible & The Sandman. Cyrus notes that not only is this for the title, but also to have some adult time with Francine, positioning her as an equal trophy alongside the world championship. Sure, that sounds good. This had some good moments, Sandman bumped like a madman compared to the other 2, which surprises no one. A garbage brawl which was entertaining but very messy. Some moves and spots were fluffed and looked naff, like Corino just waiting to be dropkicked off a ladder. Corino & Credible both reach for the title but it's lifted above their reach, like King of the Ring '99. They both fall, then Sandman makes the climb and wins! He reclaims his prized possession. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. It was watchable. 2

Sandman celebrates, he shakes hands with Corino & Credible, who don't seem that upset by being screwed out of the title. Da Baldies attack! Credible & Corink fight them away whilst Sandman sets up a table for some reason. Rhino comes on with a gore! He demands a title shot, to the point of threatening Sandman's family so he accepts. Rhino gores him through the table for a two. Piledrives him through a table for a two. Piledrives him AGAIN onto the broken table for a win. Dominant showing, feels looked they rushed Rhino to the world championship here, probably because they knew the end was approaching. I'll give it a star. 1

Cyrus hypes up Rhino as a Unified World Champion, since he holds the TV Championship also. He dares anyone to step up to Rhino. Out comes RVD, to an ENORMOUS pop. What a perfect way for ECW to close its doors, one of its most loyal, most talented boys to finally win his deserved world title. Except, NOPE. Jerry Lynn attacks as Rhino leaves so we're getting another Lynn vs RVD. Why? Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed every Lynn vs Rob match but it just feels wrong. 3 world title changes on one PPV does feel excessive, but just add Rhino to the TLCC match and have him win then. RVD shouldn't have had to wait until WWECW to arrive before winning his first World title. It should have been here. This is RVD's first match in a while after a pay dispute with Heyman, but I guess he came back knowing that ECW was on death's door. This is the final and unfortunately the weakest chapter in the Lynn-RVD story, probably due to ring rust of RVD's behalf. They put on a solid match here but it was stop and start at times. I also didn't like the finish. They told a story about how they know each other so well. After a mini Cyrus and Joel Gertner exchange which felt a bit random, Lynn brings in a chair and eats a Van Daminator. Why would you do that? It's like bringing a cane against Sandman or bringing tables against the Dudleys. It made him look foolish. Van Terminator by RVD gets him a win to fin. A good match but definitely hoped for better. 3.25

Overall, ECW put on a car crash event intended to entertain rather than perform, and they did that well. Nothing bad on here at all, half of the card is good it just lacked something of excellence, which perfectly sums up ECW as they entered 2001.

MOTN: Tommy Dreamer vs CW Anderson

#20: House Party, January 5th 1996. 47.1%

The first show of ECW's creative boom year 1996, was also quite the pivotal one. This would be Public Enemy's last ECW performance before signing with WCW, where they would have a mediocre at best run. Also the final appearance of Tony Stetson too, I definitely haven't already forgotten who that is. This would also see the debut of ECW's coolest dude and future star Rob Van Dam, as well as a big shock return to the company. We will see who that turns out to be.

We start with a Bill Alfonso promo, hooray, which leads to a big stand-off between Taz & 911 which brings out the roster to stop the fight. The Eliminators fight 911 so Rey Misterio Jr comes out to lend a hand. IMPROMPTU MATCH!!!! This is a fun opener, the big and little combo of Rey & 911 was entertaining. It was refreshing to see 911 constantly being downed and Rey having to survive on his own. The finish is spectacular too as Rey dives off 911's shoulders for a hurricanrana to Saturn for the win. The Eliminators would continue the attack but Pitbulls make the save. 3

Our next match is the debuting RVD against Axl Rotten. This was a nice showcase of RVD's skills and talents but Rotten was on top for way too long. RVD has a refreshing moveset that ECW needed and the fans enjoyed. Rob wins with the split-legged moonsault. 1.5

TV Championship on the line as Mikey Whipwreck defends against 2 Cold Scorpio. Scorpio has a record setting 3 reigns as ECW TV champion and he looks to extend it to 4 with a win here. He blames Cactus Jack for his failure to win at Holiday Hell, he says Jack can't save him today. This was a solid match that dragged out longer than it should have. Its a shame Scorpio is in his annoying 'do top rope moves but don't pin properly phase. Scorpio dominates but Mikey fights back valiantly until a ref bump. Raven comes out, who Mikey is loosely associated with via Cactus Jack, and he nails Mikey with a DDT. Scorpio follows up with a powerbomb and a splash to win. The storytelling was good here, leading up to Mikey's eventual turn against Cactus and the Nest. Scorpio is a solid heel. This was mostly good. 2.75

Next we have Taz taking on Hack Meyers. Your usual Taz squash here, though it was an impressive one as he threw around a much larger opponent. He wins after suplexes and a Tazmission. Taz has a post match promo dissing Sabu, as well as telling the fans to fuck off. Very nice. 1.5

The next match is Buh Buh Ray Dudley taking on Jimmy Del Ray. You'll probably know Del Ray as one half of the Heavenly Bodies from the WWF. The team made sporadic appearances for ECW before Bruce Pritchard went back to WWF, Del Ray would leave for WCW then eventually retirement in '97. They have cut this match up so its only highlights. Bubba wins with a DDT. NR

After a scuffle between Mr Hughes and Buh Buh, Mr Hughes brings out a returning Shane Douglas! The fans react well to him and its nice to see him back in ECW. Good promo from him. After, we get a promo from Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie and Beulah McGillicutty. Its revealed that Beulah is pregnant, ru-roh. Raven comes out angry and she also reveals its not his, RU-ROH. He goes for Stevie but she says it's actually Tommy Dreamer's! RU-FUCKIN-ROH! Dreamer comes out and clears house, ending with Beulah & Tommy embracing. Dumb but I'll be damned if it all ain't entertaining.

Our next match is for the ECW world title, The Sandman defends against Konnan. This would be Konnan's last ECW match as he is another name bound for WCW. Weird match this. Konnan tries to wrestler Sandman, who can't and won't comply. Sandman fights wrestling with brawling and weaponry. It was rather sloppy throughout. Nice ending though, Mysterio comes out to give Konnan his own cane, leading to a caning duel which caused a double down. Sandman only just breaks the ten count with the help of Woman to retain. Not a bad way to end a mediocre contest. 1.5

Next we have Stevie Richards vs Sabu. Recently, Richards had a bit of a health scare after a spinal infection. It seems he has made a lot of progress in his recovery which I'm pleased to here. I wish him well for the future. Sabu gets the early advantage with his high risk offence but the Blue Meanie is able to help Stevie retain and maintain control. Paul E. wipes out Meanie. Sabu defeats Richards with the Atomic Arabian Facebuster. A really good match here, Stevie got the chance for a lot of good offence but the winner was never in doubt. 3.5

Our main event is a street fight, Public Enemy against The Gangstas. This feud has been going for months and this'll be the blow off, with Public Enemy leaving. Before the match, New Jack asked the Enemy pass a message to Harlem Heat. Its not a very nice message. They also call Sister Sherri a "Ho Ho Ho". The 90's everybody, what a time. This is your expected Mcbrawl with extra brawling. They strike each other with irons, luckily they're not plugged in. There's also pies that the audience have supplied. I don't know why, was there a memo sent around? Was it pie week? I dunno. After the usual carnage the Public Enemy get the win with a Drive By to Mustafa. A farewell promo by Public Enemy closes the show. This was entertaining as usual but nothing too great. 2.75

Overall, quite a good show here. The world championship match sucked but everything else low rated was kept short and had its purpose. A few solid matches and a couple good matches. It's a digestible watch for sure, and a glimpse ahead to what the upcoming year would have in store for the hardcore faithful.

MOTN: Sabu vs Stevie Richards

That will do for this installment of R'n'R. We only have 19 shows left, so I will break down the next 10 shows in the next article, saving the top 9 for another post with a bit more depth into what makes them better than the rest. Thank you for reading, lemme know what you think and until next time, see ya!


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