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  • Connor Ewens

Every ECW Major Show Reviewed 'N' Ranked, Part 4

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Before we get started, I'm making changes to how I format these Review 'N' Rank articles. They're exhausting to write up and I imagine they're exhausting to read when they're like an hour long. I want them to be more condensed and summarised the shows and matches rather than delving into much detail. Also I don't want to keep spoiling all of the results in case people do want to go back and watch these shows without knowing the outcome. Easier to write, easier to manage and easier to read. Hopefully these are a big improvement, I may make some more adjustments for the next one.

This is a continuation of reviewing & ranking all the ECW Supercards & PPV's that I am able to. We're down to our final 19 shows so we're going to be talking about some peak ECW excellence here. With a new format all of the remaining shows will be included in this article. Let's get on with it!

#19: Return of the Funker, February 25th 1995. 47.1%

We kickstart our article way way back in 1995, which honestly might be the most underrated year in ECW. '96 is often praised as the most creatively juicy year by Heyman and his barbed-wire barons, but '95 builds the foundations for that year with some pretty bangin' wrestling shows. This show, as you could probably figure out with the title, is the first ECW appearance of Terry Funk is some time, August 1994 to be exact. Raven also debuted at the start of the year so the Raven vs Tommy Dreamer feud has begun, but is yet to reach its extreme heights.

The Pitbulls vs Chad Austin & Joel Goodhart

Squashy squashy squash squash. Nice and short, kept the Pitbulls looking strong.


-Tommy Dreamer & Raven promo, leading to a brawl and the addition of the Broad Street Bullies into Raven's Nest.

Mikey Whipwreck & Hack Meyers vs Paul Lauria & Jason

Not great. A sloppy and tiresome 15 minute bout that could have been enjoyable if it was 10 minutes shorter.


2 Cold Scorpio vs Hector Guerrero

The Gobbledy Gooker proves he's more than just a shitty thanksgiving gimmick here with a solid outing against reliably talented Scorpio. Good match.


Axl Rotten vs Ian Rotten in a Barbed Wire bat on a pole match

Those darn Rotten boys are at it again. The feud that seemingly never ends churns out another gorey, hardcore match that absolutely trumps all the other matches they've had. An entertaining slugfest with a creative use of the stipulation. Better than it should be allowed to be.


Shane Douglas (c) vs Marty Jannetty for the ECW World Championship

Jannetty left WWE after paying $500K towards a $10M lawsuit by Chuck Austin, who broke his neck against the Rockers. Another match that exceeded my expectations, a classic wrasslin' performance by two classic wrasslers.


Sabu & The Tazmaniac (c) vs The Triple Threat (Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko) for the ECW Tag Team Championships

A perfect blend of ECW hardcore bollocks and wrestling excellence between 3 of the best wrestlers on the roster, and also Sabu. That's unfair, Sabu is good at what he does, which is throw himself around like a squash ball. A great match.


Cactus Jack vs Mystery Opponent

A wet fart of a main event. The mystery opponent is DC Drake, a Philly local who even the fans were disappointed to see. It went a couple of minutes and its a couple of minutes I would have spent better staring at a wall.


Overall, this was close to being a great card. If they binned 3 matches this would have been excellent. The main event was a crap disappointment and the two opening tag matches were dull and poorly executed. Everything else was bloody marvelous.

MOTN: Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit vs Sabu & The Tazmaniac

#18: Gangstas Paradise, September 16th 1995. 48.3%

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left. 'Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long, that even my mama thinks that my mind is gone. Yes taking place a month after the release of Coolio's biggest hit, Gangstas Paradise is also in reference to ECW's least violent and least controversial team ever, the Gangstas. After the big name departures of Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit, Heyman brought in some new talent to showcase on this show. We'll get to who these guys are later.

Bull Pain vs Broad Street Bully

Do you care? I don't, neither did the crowd who trashed this 8 minute slog between 2 jobbers with chants of "boring" and "you both suck". They didn't even bring out 911 to end on a happy note.


The Dudleys (Dances & Dudley) vs Chad Austin & Don E. Allen

A squash but not even an entertaining one, between 2 of the least interesting members of the Dudleys and 2 jobbers. This should have been saved for TV


JT Smith vs Hack Meyers

SHAH. SHIT. SHAH. SHIT. SHAH. SHIT. Pretty much sums up this contest.


The Steiner Brothers & Taz vs The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & Kronus) & Jason

I was excited to watch this, and they fucking clipped it! Seriously? You make me watch 8 minutes of Bull Pain but you cut up one of the most intriguing matches on the card? Damn you ECW and your silly ideas. The action that I saw looked great.


Raven & Stevie Richards (c) vs The Pitbulls in a 2-out-of-3-falls, double dog collar match for the ECW Tag Team Championships

A mouthful of a match stipulation. This was fucking excellent, a lot of overbooked nonsense but in all of the right ways. The run ins, the drama, the action. Mwah! Chefs kiss. Is this the best tag match in ECW history? I think it might be.


Rey Misterio Jr vs Psicosis

I don't think I need to tell you how good this is, the names alone should sell it. 2 luchadors making their ECW debut in a stellar way. They incorporated the ECW style into their lucha libre style and it was SICK. These have had better matches together, but this was still excellent.


-Backstage shenanigans between the Public Enemy, New Jack & 2 Cold Scorpio leads to a brawl. As the officials deal with that, we see the debut of Stunning Steve Austin! He's doing a hilarious Hulk Hogan impersonation before cutting the shit and shooting on WCW, Eric Bishoff and the wrestling business as a whole. Definitely worth seeking this out, the seeds are planted for the future Stone Cold character.

Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) & Mikey Whipwreck vs New Jack, 2 Cold Scorpio & The Sandman in a Steel Cage match

Enough violence and big spots to fill an entire Doc Martens store full of boots. An exciting car crash to watch, there's a killer table spot here which is insane how no one got hurt. A worthy main event


Overall, a well built show. It started shit but it really picked up and threw out some insanely captivating matches. I'm still pissed about the clipping of the Steiners match.

MOTN: The Pitbulls vs Raven & Stevie Richards

#17: Holiday Hell, December 23rd 2000. 48.6%

The 5th and final edition of Holiday Hell comes 4 years after the last one. This was the final ECW show of 2000, the fourth last ECW ever, the penultimate ECW supercard/PPV event ever and, maybe most significantly, the final ever show at home in the ECW Arena. We'll see if the lads send the hardcore faithful home happy.

The Blue Boy vs Chilly Willy

Not rating this, the match was ruled a no contest and never really got under way. Mainly a promo segment, and not a really fun one.


Danny Doring & Roadkill (c) vs Da Baldies (Angel & Tony DeVito) for the ECW Tag Team Championships

A very standard tag match here, nothing to arouse the mind but nothing to shake your fist at.


Balls Mahoney vs Bilvis Wesley

These two are real life friends which is cute. Wesley went from timekeeper, to construction worker to wrestler within ECW, being a jobber mainly. This was okay, at least it was short.


Jerry Lynn vs Spike Dudley

This was a perfectly average match, I found Lynn to be far more exciting to watch as a face, as opposed to his heel work here. Not bad though.


CW Anderson vs Super Crazy

Interesting clash of styles, a grappler vs a high flyer. They put on a good match, worth watching as CW was in his prime during ECW's final days.


EZ Money vs Nova

Another no contest due to interference resulting in the match being called off. Bit shit to do that twice on 1 show Paul. This brings out the Young Blood faction of Christian York, Joey Matthews & Tommy Dreamer for an impromptu match with Hot Commodity.


Hot Commodity (EZ Money, Julio Dinero & Chris Hamrick) vs Young Blood (Christian York, Joey Matthews & Tommy Dreamer)

Enjoyable but clunky and disjointed. There's enough going on here for this to be a good match but also too much going on here for it to be a good match, if that makes any sense. If it doesn't make sense, we'll wrestling sometimes doesn't make sense and that's okay.


The FBI (Little Guido & Tony Marmaluke) vs The Unholy Alliance (Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck)

Emo Mikey weirds me out. He looks like he smells of dish water. This was a good match. Weird booking, the first fall was a draw which doesn't really make much sense. Just why? It means that after the second fall, the loser can only achieve a tie. That's stupid. Good match though.


Steve Corino (c) vs Justin Credible vs The Sandman in a 3-way Dance for the ECW World Championship

Mainly just hardcore violence from Sandman & Credible whilst Corino tries to include some semblance of wrestling. Probably more fun to witness in person, but overall it was a disappointing main event, something ECW are unfortunately pro at doing frequently.


Overall, this is a fun show to watch. It doesn't go very long so it's easily digestible and an inoffensive way to spend your time. There are better shows for sure, but this may be one of the most significant for being the last ECW Arena show.

MOTN: Full-Blooded Italians vs Unholy Alliance

#16: Heat Wave, July 18th 1999. 50%

The biggest party of the summer! Wait, no that's not it. This is no day at the Beach! That ain't it either. Forget about the tagine, let's get into ECW's most reliable PPV for match quality, Heat Wave. '99 was a real transitional year for Heyman's Hardcore Hard Club, with talent coming and going like the ideas in Paul's mind. While most of the shit in the year '99 didn't really work out for ECW, this show earns the honour as best ECW event of '99, not like the competition was too difficult.

-promos from pretty much everyone wrestling on the card open the show. Not exactly a PPV feel to it.

Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Chris Chetti & Nova

Doring is accompanied by his unnamed girlfriend, who would later become a wrestler we all know as Lita. Mainly a spot fest, enjoyable but nothing that raised my eyebrows too much.


Jazz vs Jason

This stays short and I'm thankful. Jazz is still green and her best performances are ahead of her. You won't see this in her Hall of Fame highlights.


Little Guido vs Super Crazy

These two as well as Tajiri had a long feud where they regularly put on some of the best matches on the card. They just had great chemistry. Another good installment here.


The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) (c) vs Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley in a Dayton Street Fight for the ECW Tag Team Championships

I got sick of the exceedingly long Dudley/Gertner promos they did ahead of their matches. It always felt like time wasting rather than actual content. Your bog standard ECW brawl here. Spike Dudley showed New Jack how to do a balcony dive properly without nearly dying. Not bad, not good, just fine.


-Tommy Dreamer promo teasing retirement, out comes members of the Network. Steve Corino demands to torch be passed to him, Dreamer refuses and he gets beaten up by the guys. Dreamer knocks him down, Francine then PINS STEVE CORINO. Wait, there was a match happening? Fuck this segment. Just have one of your brightest future stars be pinned by a bloody valet. Dumb shit. It also went on for centuries. Taz makes the save for Dreamer & Francine which leads into our next match.

Taz vs Tajiri

I had higher hopes for this, but it was still pretty decent. Excellent finish mind, Taz using the Barbed wire for his Tazmission looked brutal. Great job by Joey Styles selling the barbaric nature of Taz.


Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible) vs RVD & Jerry Lynn

A great main event that probably saved this show from being wank. Sure its an old trope of "HOW WILL THEY CO-EXIST?!" between Rob & Jerry but it was still great. The finish was a bit overbooked but it made sense with all of the moving parts in the intersecting storylines.


Overall, a fun show but lacking in next level match quality. We got a great main event though, which is something ECW have been unreliable at doing. I still don't understand why Francine had to pin Corino, Heyman wasn't too great at establishing new stars. Most of the action was enjoyable but not much cross the threshold into being good or great.

MOTN: Impact Players vs RVD & Jerry Lynn

#15: Holiday Hell, December 29th 1995. 50%

It's the most, wonderful time of the yeaaaar (Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong!). ECW's first major excursion outside of Philadelphia is right here for Holiday Hell, taking place in Queens, New York. They sold over 1,000 tickets with the majorly promoted main event between two hardcore legends, Cactus Jack & Sabu. Will it live up to the hype? Only one way to find out.

Taz vs Koji Nakagawa

Koji got over in Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling as 'The Hitman', donning similar attire and entrance music to Bret Hart. Unlike Bret Hart, he gets squashed by Taz. Entertaining.


Hack Meyers vs JT Smith

Pretty much just the same as the last time I reviewed their match. SHAH. SHIT. Etc. Etc.


2 Cold Scorpio (c²) vs Mikey Whipwreck for the ECW TV Championship & the ECW Tag Team Championships

Yep that's correct, a singles match for tag Championships because fuck tag wrestling I guess. Whilst I enjoy the 2 Gold Scorpio moniker and I understand ECW treat rules the same way that I treat moths who invaded the privacy of my home, but some rules feel necessary. Don't defend Tag Titles in singles matches, that's why there's singles matches. I understand why they did, the booking is really good and makes a lot of sense but I still don't like the decision. Some great storyline development for Mikey Whipwreck going forward after this one. Good match.


The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & Kronus) vs The Pitbulls

What happens when you get a team who are tough and no-sell offence vs a team who aren't that good at selling? You get this match. A good hard-hitting contest but I kept being withdrawn by the constant lack of selling.


Tommy Dreamer vs Blue Meanie/Stevie Richards/Raven

Tommy Dreamer is supposed to face Raven in a number 1 contenders match but he's apparently broken his leg. He faces Meanie instead who he instantly defeats. Stevie Richards ambushes him but Dreamer instantly defeats him too. Eventually Raven ambushes him and we have our match. An enjoyable hardcore fight between two bitter rivals. I really enjoyed the storytelling of Raven using his Nest to constantly overwhelm Tommy.


Bruiser Mastino vs El Puerto Riqueño

Mastino is the legendary Mantaur, a crappy WWE gimmick from the 90s. A dull squash followed by 911 to clear house who has a staredown with Taz.


Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs Blue Meanie

I'm not rating it because I didn't even know a match was happening. A fun promo between two of ECW's most entertaining factions which turned into a brawl then Buh Buh just won. I'm not sure if I missed something, don't really want to go back and find out.


The Sandman (c) vs Raven for the ECW World Championship

A sloppy mess of a match but in all of the good ways. Probably the best match these two had with each other. Overbooked finish of course because it's ECW but it was enjoyable and good for the most part.


Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) vs The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa Saed)

This is supposed to be Public Enemy vs Heavenly Bodies but Tom Pritchard returned to the WWF sooo Gangstas it is. Usually I'd be upset to watch more New Jack, its like watching a snuff film sometimes. However, this was surprisingly good.


Cactus Jack vs Sabu

Hardcore icons collide in our main event. Jack says we're having an Olympic Rules match and introduces referee Pee-wee Moore. 911 doesn't want that, he murders Pee-wee and referees the match himself. Good fun. Great match to close the show, these guys would kill themselves to put on a good match together. Sabu especially looks rather hurt.


Overall, a much better show than I ever expected it to be. The majority of the matches were good, and those that weren't were fun to watch except the El Puerto Riqueño match. Some enticing booking here too, except for the tag belts being defended in a singles match. Have Scorpio choose a new partner every defence if you have to, don't ruin tag team wrestling.

MOTN: Cactus Jack vs Sabu

#14: Massacre on 34th Street, December 3rd 2000. 50.6%

Sticking with Christmas and sticking in New York, we go to the penultimate PPV in ECW's historical timeline. A reference to the Crimbo classic 'A Miracle on 34th Street' as well as an homage to a 1996 ECW Supercard 'Massacre on Queens Boulevard'. It eminates from the Hammerstein Ballroom, which was located on 34th Street in New York, so lots of lovely stuff there with the PPV name. Monthly ECW PPV's came into fruition at a last minute attempt to earn money as their TV deal was flushed down the toilet, unfortunately it didn't succeed. Let's see if the PPV was a success at least.

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs Christian York & Joey Matthews

Only goes 5 minutes but its a very exciting amuse-bouche of a match.


Balls Mahoney vs EZ Money

Another short match, better than I anticipated too. The crowd tear EZ's valet Elektra to shreds during this match, with chants such as "She's got herpes". Oh 90s, you're so weird.


-A post-match beatdown on Balls brings out Nova to make the save leading to a classic, vintage, homemade ECW IMPROMPTU MATCH!!!

Nova vs Julio Dinero

Yet another short match, less good though. They worked hard but it was a clusterfuck of spots and disjointed moves. The match is supposed to be impromptu, not the wrestling.


The FBI (Little Guido & Tony Marmaluke) (c) vs Danny Doring & Roadkill for the ECW Tag Team Championships

If Doring & Roadkill lose they must separate. Haven't seen ECW do that before. The crowd are FUEGO for them to win the gold. Our first proper good match of the evening, just under 10 minutes and these 4 used their time well.


CW Anderson vs Tommy Dreamer

Does it actually mean anything when matches are advertised as a 'grudge match'? I assume its just a way to sell the seriousness of a match. These two have some great chemistry, a nice blend of wrestling and brawling.


Rhino (c) vs Spike Dudley for the ECW TV Championship

Rhino put Spike on the shelf for 9 months by breaking his leg. Whoops. This was alright, the crowd didn't really care for this and after a few minutes I didn't either. I don't think it was as boring as the fans say, but it was a really predictable contest.


The Unholy Alliance (Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck) vs Super Crazy & Kid Kash

Very good match here, a super entertaining contest which resides comfortably in Spotfest City. Tajiri & Super Crazy have oxygen & hydrogen levels of chemistry.


Steve Corino (c) vs Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible in a 3-way dance for the ECW World Championship

This is decent, but yet again a disappointing ECW main event. The crowd were mega hot for it which is good, but once Jerry Lynn was eliminated the match became very uninteresting. Heel vs heel is hard to do. "But Connor, ECW don't have heels and faces just wrestlers who act in certain ways." Yeah well they act like heels so they're heels to me maggle. Probably would have been better if we had a Corino vs Lynn final two.


Overall, it's a shame that the two big title matches were so disappointing because the rest of the show was pretty good. The low rated stuff was short and exciting, the other important matches were good. Nonetheless, Paul and his party continued to work hard to put on some great shows in ECW's dying days and I respect that.

MOTN: Super Crazy & Kid Kash vs Unholy Alliance

#13: Double Tables, February 4th 1995. 50.6%

The inaugural ECW Supercard of 1995 was actually part of an Internet wrestling convention. The name double tables comes from the main event, a Double Tables match for the Tag Championships. I haven't got much more information for you about the show so let's just dive right through the table.

The Pitbulls & Jason vs Hack Meyers & Young Dragons (??? & ???)

Weird this. Apparently the Young Dragons are Mikey Whipwreck & Paul Lauria, who are also scheduled to face off later as former allies turned enemies. However, later on in the match one of the dragons are unmasked, and its neither of those guys. Who knows who they are, and who cares who they are.


Stevie Richards vs Tommy Dreamer

Oh no, the suspenders are back. A decent contest early on into the Raven storyline, we'd see better things from these two in the near future.


Paul Lauria vs Mikey Whipwreck

OMG It's the Young Dragons!! Good match here, rough at the edges as these two are essentially rookies but they worked hard and put on a hot match.


Axl Rotten vs Ian Rotten

Bloody, bloody, blood, blood, bloody, blood, blood, blood. Yep. Exactly that.


Chris Benoit vs Al Snow

If you're only familiar with Al Snow as a psychopath who has a romantic and possible sexual relationship with a mannequin head called Head, then watch this match. This is pre-Head, and this is fantastic. Benoit is excellent as usual but Snow more than holds his own in this one.


Shane Douglas (c) vs Tully Blanchard for the ECW World Championship

Tully feels like an odd fit for ECW but he's a respected veteran and even the smarky Philadelphia crowd react positively to him. This is a paint by numbers title match, inoffensive and solid in-ring work by both guys.


The Sandman vs Cactus Jack in a Texas Death match

You win by pinning your opponent and your opponent not being able to answer a 10 count. It starts out as a good brawl but it goes off the rails towards the final third of the match, getting sloppier and messier as Sandman just refuses to stay down. Apparently this is because he got legit knocked out midway through the match. I don't want to be too critical of a possible injury. This was a decent outing though.


Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) vs Sabu & The Tazmaniac in a Double Tables match

These are 4 of Heyman's first stars he introduced when he took over as creative of ECW. Thrilling match-up, hardcore lads doing their finest hardcore best.


Overall, this is our third best show from 1995 and deservingly so. Most of the matches were of decent quality, with an exciting main event and a classic match in the middle of the card. If only Sandman didn't get knocked the frick out then maybe that could have been an even better contest.

MOTN: Chris Benoit vs Al Snow

#12: Anarchy Rulz, October 1st 2000. 50.6%

ECW's coolest named PPV is back with a show superior to its predecessor. The show was actually built rather well by ECW, with focus on our two big feuds for the world title and the TV title. How could we make this PPV name even cooler? They could spell it 'AnRki Rulz' because poor spelling and unnecessary word shortening is cool. They could just have the entire name written in wingdings to be all vague and cryptic. Now that's cool. Anyways, on with the show.

Christian York & Joey Matthews vs Danny Doring & Roadkill

An exciting back and forth opener, these 4 guys can be relied on to start the show off in a good way.


-Cyrus delivers a promo where he challenges Joel Gertner for a match right here and now. Gertner heads down but Cyrus says he must defeat EZ Money first. However, acting commissioner Spike E. Dangerously (seriously) declared Kid Kash will wrestle EZ instead, if he wins then Gertner gets his match. Oooooohhhhhh... IMPROMPTU MATCH!!!

Kid Kash vs EZ Money

For an impromptu match, this was banging. Big spots, big reactions, big enjoyment. Kid Kash was super underrated during his time in ECW.


Joel Gertner vs Cyrus

Spike Dudley, Kid Kash & Sandman clear all the heels so that Gertner gers Cyrus alone. This was crap, a very hot segment for the crowd but I didn't care for it.


Meat & Two Veg (Chilly Willy & Balls Mahoney) vs Da Baldies (Angel & Tony DeVito)

A bloody brawl with a gruesome finish, but I really wasn't enjoying what I was watching.


CW Anderson vs Steve Corino

The winner of this will become the number 1 contender for the ECW World Championship. This is a really solid match but the crowd were quiet, they had calmed right down. A bloody brawl that shouldn't have been placed on the card directly after a different bloody brawl.


The FBI (Little Guido & Tony Marmaluke) (c) vs Unholy Alliance (Mikey Whipwreck & Tajiri) for the ECW Tag Team Championships

Tajiri is very over in this match, a good display of tag team wrestling.


Rhino (c) vs RVD for the ECW TV Championship

A pretty good match with a weird crowd, they went quiet for the final third and reacted really negatively to the finish. I understand where they're coming from.


Justin Credible (c) vs Jerry Lynn for the ECW World Championship

I don't think Jerry Lynn is capable of having a bad match even if he tried. Great match, Lynn brought the best out of Credible who is a nuclear heat machine but uninteresting to watch sometimes. Not here though. More importantly, Jerry Lynn finally wins the big one! Go on lad.


Overall, I'm overjoyed to see Jerry Lynn win the big one. It's a shame he didn't hold it for very long. The crowd were weird for the RVD match but I do understand their disappointment, but Rhino was Heyman's newest project. Gertner & Cyrus sucked but it wasn't meant to be anything amazing, just a fun heat segment to pay off a feud. A jolly good show.

MOTN: Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn

#11: Natural Born Killaz, August 24th 1996. 51.3%

I'm hot like lava, you got a problem? I got a problem solver, and his name is Revolver. It's like a deadly game of freeze tag, I touch you with a .44 Mag, and you're frozen inside a body bag. Nobody iller than this graveyard filler, cap peeler, cause I'm a natural born killer. Another Supercard associated with the Gangstas, how lovely. Natural Born Killaz is a song by Ice Cube & Dr Dre, which the Gangstas would have playing as they entered and often kept playing while they wrestled. You wouldn't know watching the WWE Network, as the music is replaced by a crappy free-use instrumental which sounds vaguely similar. In the middle of arguably the hottest year in wrestling since the late 80s, we'll see if ECW continues their hot streak of creative genius.

Devon Storm vs Louie Spicolli

Spicolli is often credited as the inventor of the Death Valley Driver, though its speculated it may actually be Etsuko Mita. Competent opener, Louie is slowly getting over with solid performances


Mikey Whipwreck (c) vs Little Guido for the EWA European Junior Heavyweight Championship

This belt was invented by the Dirtbike Kid and voluntarily dropped it to Mikey for some bookings. ECW rarely used him. This was another competent match.


Axl Rotten & D-Von Dudley vs The Dudleys (Buh-Buh & Big Dick)

D-Von cuts a great heel promo before the match, targeting hat guy in the front row who is at all the Philly ECW shows. A good tag match full or brawling that fit the intense storyline that had been building for months.


Brian Lee vs Terry Gordy in a Badstreet Rules match

Badstreet rules means no rules, so this is essentially just your standard ECW match. Not bad, but underwhelming considering Gordy's name value.


Rob Van Dam vs Doug Furnas

The action in this match was extremely hit and miss. Some spots and sequences were excellent, some were sloppy and poorly executed. I blame Doug more than I blame Rob.


Taz vs Tommy Dreamer

Battle of the ECW icons here. A vintage ECW slugfest that never failed to entertain. It ended in usual overbooked nonsense, causing a no contest which is a bold decision for this one. Many hated it but didn't mind it too much.


The Sandman & Pitbull 2 vs Raven & Shane Douglas

Sandman actually starts the match on his own due to Douglas injuring the Pitbull, who would appear later in the match wearing a neck brace. This was a decent match up, nothing too remarkable in-ring but the storytelling involved was very good.


The Gangstas (c) vs The Eliminators in a Steel Cage for the ECW Tag Team Championships

Pin and submission rules only, none of that 'escape the cage' bullshit. Your standard New Jack match, plenty of weapons, plenty of fighting, plenty of laughs. This was when New Jack hadn't overstayed his welcome so I still got some enjoyment from this.


Overall, not really a remarkable show but it's a consistent one. There's nothing bad here, each match has its moments. The sheer amount of brawling gets repetitive as most matches devolve into the same formula. That's something ECW were guilty of often. A solid card with some good storytelling.

MOTN: Axl Rotten & D-Von Dudley vs The Dudley's

#10: Hostile City Showdown, April 15th 1995. 52.5%

This show was part of a 'double header' event by ECW, alongside Three Way Dance which took place the weekend prior. Some reviews call this a one match show, you'll understand what I mean, but I think that's unfair to the rest of the card which does have some decent action. This just falls short from being the best show of '95, I'm sure it's pretty obvious what the best show from that year was. We'll talk about it next.

Mikey Whipwreck vs Stevie Richards

A solid match up as Mikey has to overcome the odds of Raven's Nest with the help of the SHAH, Hack Meyers. Totally acceptable opener.


Tony Stetson vs Tsubo Genjin

Genjin's first of only two appearances for ECW. Similar to a lime cordial, this is a squash. Horrible joke for a horrible match.


Axl Rotten vs Ian Rotten in a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat match

Those bloody Rotten brothers back at it once again! Axl give the crowd options of what weapon to use, a nice bit of audience participation there. Show this to your children, they'll love it. It's a standard masochists delight, as expected. Better than usual but not their best.


Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Dean Malenko for the ECW TV Championship

Yeah it's this match. This is the best match. I mean, how could it not be? Two of the best wrestling for nearly half an hour. It's narrowly shy of perfection. Go watch it.


Shane Douglas (c) vs The Sandman for the ECW World Championship

From a near 5 star classic, to The Sandman. A hilarious change of pace. Douglas outwrestles Sandman for sure but Sandman outfights him. A clash of styles that produces an okay match.


Public Enemy (c) vs The Pitbulls for the ECW Tag Team Championships

A good, entertaining brawl that could have been much better if it was a bit shorter. Some great stuff in the ring but the crowd brawling lasted forever.


Ron Simmons vs 911

This is clipped, soooooooooo.


Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk

Hopefully they can just go out there and have a brutal contest without the Public Enemy coming out to ruin things. That's exactly what happens, except it's the Sandman who comes out to interfere at the end instead. At least they got the time to put in a gruesome match, I enjoyed this very much.


Overall, this show would still hold up as decent without the Malenko vs Guerrero classic. Some solid matches as well as a barbaric main event. But DAMN that match is so good. The epitome of a show-stealer.

MOTN: Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero

#9: November to Remember, November 18th 1995. 52.5%

Widely regarded as one of the best ECW shows ever, this show has an absolutely STACKED card. After a failed run in WCW, Sabu is back with ECW and has his first match back here. Misterio & Psicosis have another match, Steve Austin challenges Whipwreck, Terry Funk aiding his protégé against Raven & Cactus Jack plus much more. Unlike all of the previous installments I've reviewed, this really is a November to Remember.

Don E. Allen vs The Broad Street Bully

Before this match can even begin the Dudley's are put as Buh Buh Ray Dudley is the special guest ring announcer, an attempt to cure his stutter. Buh Buh gives up and destroys Allen. The match is thrown out.


The Broad Street Bully vs Buh-Buh Ray Dudley

The Bully jumps Buh-Buh so he powerbombs him and pins him in an unscheduled match. I didn't even know this was a match. Not rating this but the whole Buh-Buh segment was quite entertaining.


-Paul Heyman is out to talk to the fans. The lights go down, when they return Sabu is out for a monstrous pop. He and Heyman shake and hug, showing there's no hard feelings. How lovely.

Konnan vs Jason

Taz is the special guest referee, because he's Taz and he does what he wants. This also isn't getting a rating, because Taz fast counts a pinfall after like 10 seconds. This segment was used to put over Taz some more.


El Puerto Riqueño vs Stevie Richards

After 3 non-matches finally we get something I can rate. We have the debut of the Blue Meanie, as a fan dressed similarly to Richards and gets invited to be in his corner. Another short match, mainly used to debut Da Blue Guy and put over Stevie. A fun start to the show but not a strong one.


The Pitbulls vs The Eliminators

This is a our first good match of the evening. I was ways really impressed by Kronus' ability to move for someone of his size. This is early on in the Pitbull/Eliminators feud and the Eliminators are actually selling alright. It makes me question whether the Pitbulls' severe lack of selling influenced the team going forward. This is a good, even contest.


Rey Misterio Jr vs Psicosis in a Mexican Deathmatch

The rules for this are the same as a Texas Deathmatch, its Mexican because they're luchadors. This was a fantastic blend of lucha libre and hardcore wrestling. Rey kept fighting back against the bigger and more powerful Psicosis. Good psychology and good action.


The Sandman (c) & 2 Cold Scorpio (c²) vs Public Enemy for the ECW Tag Team Championships, ECW TV Championship & Number 1 contender for the ECW World Championship

The intention here was for the stakes too be massive with essentially 3 titles up for grabs, however it just made the match really predictable. Not a chance Grunge or Rock were going to get a world championship opportunity over Sandman or Scorpio. A good match here though, wild action including using a fan's prosthetic hand as a weapon. Handy.


Bill Alfonso vs Todd Gordon

Well of course this was going to suck, but the story was built well and the crowd were very hot for it. 6 minutes is probably too long, but they still went out put on a fun match. A bad match yes, but fun.


-There's a great promo by Taz here who is pissed everyone cares for other wrestlers and not him, so he doesn't care about the fans anymore. Afterwards, Sandman makes his way to the ring for his title match but Steve Austin beats him down, before calling out the champion himself.

Mikey Whipwreck (c) vs Steve Austin for the ECW World Championship

Man this could have been so good if they gave them more time. What we got was excellent, Austin looked menacing and Mikey was a Valiant underdog. It could have been rated higher if it didn't last mere minutes.


Sabu vs Hack Meyers

This exceeded all my expectations. With it being Sabu's first ECW match back I expected him to go absolutely crackers, he did but he also wrestled competently. This is the highest position on the card I've seen Meyers in and he held his own well.


Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs Raven & Cactus Jack

Joey Styles notes that Terry Funk may retire soon, which is hilarious. He has "retired" 3 times prior to this match, he would retire 5 more times later (assuming his match in 2017 is his final match). Another wild brawl with some unique offence, including a VCR, a shopping cart, golf clubs and a snow shovel. ECW at its finest.


Overall, I see why this show is so beloved. Its a show that doesn't take itself too seriously but still does its best to put on a highly entertaining show and it achieved massively. With a few tweaks this could easily have been their best show ever. However, this could arguably be the best wrestling show of 1995. It wasn't a great year for western wrestling, WWE was in a serious slump and WCW were possibly having their worst year ever, so at least one company decided to put on something worth watching.

MOTN: Rey Misterio Jr vs Psicosis

#8: Hardcore Heaven, August 17th 1997. 53.3%

After the stunning success of ECW's first PPV, we will get to that show a little later, the real test was for Heyman and his team prove it wasn't just good luck and have a second successful major broadcast. Judging by the position in this list, you can assume correctly that indeed it was a success. Hardcore Heaven's major selling points was an interpromotional match between ECW icon Tommy Dreamer and WWF commentator Jerry Lawler, as well as a Three-Way Dance for the World championship which featured all the same participants from the legendary Three-Way Dance in 1994 at 'The Night The Line Was Crossed'. We'll see how Heavenly this 6 card show is.

-We begin with a Rick Rude promo, berating the crowd and promoting his pal Chris Candido. Todd Gordon demands Rude leaves or Candido will lose his match via forfeit. Rick obliges, angrily.

Taz vs Chris Candido

They both have a history of neck issues so they both target each others necks. A slow match but good action and solid storytelling.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs Spike Dudley

Bigelow weighs nearly 3 times as much as wee Spike. A David vs Goliath battle here which was essentially a squash but a very entertaining one. Bam Bam throw Spike like a pitcher into the crowd. It was hilarious.


Rob Van Dam vs Al Snow

This match is contest under 'Monday Night Rules' whatever the fuck that means, just generating more heat for the now pro-WWE RVD. This was another slow match with good action, hampered by a lack of crowd investment in Al Snow. I was surprised at this, did they not know who he was? Solid match still.


-Reporter Lance Wright is in a helicopter, which is probably the reason why ECW ran out of money. He's following the Sandman who has commandeered an ambulance. Very disjointed segment. Also a pre-recorded promo by Jerry Lawler, continuing to shit all over ECW.

The Dudley Boyz (c) vs PG-13 (Jamie Dundee & Wolfie D) for the ECW Tag Team Championships

As well as their usual company, the Dudleys are also joined by famous porn star dubbed 'The Queen of Porn' Jenna Jameson. She has won more than 35 adult-video awards over 15 years, which is quite impressive. PG-13 dominated the USWA tag scene with 16 title reigns. This was a pretty standard tag match but I was entertained by PG-13's antics.


-Lawler cuts a pre-match promo where he advertises a real PPV, WWF Ground Zero. Funnily, that PPV was not exactly a great show to watch.

Jerry Lawler vs Tommy Dreamer

This goes way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way waaay too long, just like that sentence did. The action was good but it dragged a lot and had a muddled, overbooked finish.


-The Sandman has now been arrested and apprehended by police, although he did cane some of them.

Sabu (c) vs Shane Douglas vs Terry Funk Three-Way Dance for the ECW World Championship

The last meeting these 3 had in '94 was an iconic main event which unfortunately doesn't hold up too well these days, though I can appreciate the efforts that went in. This match doesn't go quite as long but it still goes 25-30 minutes which might be a little excessive but I still really enjoyed the match. Lots of carnage, lots of spots, lots of interference. Funk came out of this looking especially great, because he is great.


-There's a big ol' brawl between lots of faces and lots of heels for a thrilling, chaotic finale to the show in perfect ECW style.

Overall an enjoyable, consistent show that would have benefited with better pacing throughout. Too many matches felt long, or just were long, but at least I didn't have to watch a New Jack match, hooray! Although there are 3 more New Jack matches to talk about. Boo.

MOTN: Sabu vs Shane Douglas vs Terry Funk

#7: The Doctor is In, August 3rd 1996. 55.6%

The name of this show comes from the debuting Dr Britt Baker DMD. Wait that's not it. The name of this show comes from the debuting Dr Isaac Yankem DMD. Fuck that's not it either. Doctor of Thuganomics? No. Doctor Tom Pritchard? Still wrong. I'm sure I'll remember. This show takes the bronze medal for the year of 1996 which is great going considering the amount of talent and creativity on display during this year.

-We open with JT Smith who introduces our very special guests tonight, legendary rock band Kiss! Of course, it's not really them. We have Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie, Super Nova & Don E. Allen dressed as the Glam Gang. They lip-sync "Rock and Roll All Nite" while pretending to play instruments before Sandman comes down and canes them all. Raven comes and distracts him, so Stevie can gouge his eye with the cane. A hilarious segment ending in some good story progression.

Devon Storm vs Mikey Whipwreck

A decent opener to warm up the crowd. Nothing much else to say, it's aight.


Louie Spicolli vs Johnny Smith

Smith made his money mainly in All Japan. He worked for Stampede Wrestling and was actually billed as the brother of Davey Boy Smith. This is a pretty enjoyable outing that the crowd enjoyed, so did I.


Axl Rotten vs D-Von Dudley

More of an angle here. A brief exchange before Buh-Buh comes out with his brethren to absolutely murk D-Von with a chair. D-Von retaliated by murdering all of the Dudley's, but doesn't nail Axl who sympathises with D-Von. The former opponents leave together as allies. This was good storytelling since Axl had been in that everlasting feud with his own brother Ian.


Stevie Richards vs The Sandman for Raven's ECW World Championship

In the midst of Raven stealing Sandman's family away from him, he is apparently too injured to wrestle to Stevie is defending for him. This is a good brawl with a questionable finish, Raven slides in and gets the pin even though he isn't legally in the match. I can let it slide a little because it's ECW and if I criticise too much New Jack will visit my dreams and murder them.


2 Cold Scorpio vs Chris Jericho

This is Jericho's final match in ECW before joining WCW. A very well worked match that even the ECW faithful forgot Chris was leaving and stopped booing him.


Shane Douglas (c) vs Pitbull #2 for the ECW TV Championship

I had little expectations because these two normally have little chemistry in their matches but this was good. The crowd heat really carried Pitbull's lack of talent. Good work from Douglas and the intensity never let up.


Brian Lee & Taz vs Tommy Dreamer & Steve Williams

The doctor is in the house! 'Dr Death' Steve Williams makes his ECW debut here as Dreamer's dream partner, he appears to be a credible threat to Taz's run of dominance. This a decent brawl with some nice spots but I would have liked to have seen more from Stevie Boy here.


The Eliminators (c) vs The Bruise Brothers (Don & Ron Bruise) vs The Gangstas vs The Samoan Gangsta Party (Mack Daddy Kane & Sammy Silk) Four-Way Elimination for the ECW Tag Team Championships

All 4 teams have been feuding so we have a big match to blow it all off. It's a 10 minute mess of brawling, fighting and weaponry and it was entertaining for the most part.


Sabu vs Rob Van Dam in a Stretcher Match

This is another blow off match, bringing a temporary end to this feud which has been a highlight of ECW over the last 6 months. This was a pretty good contest, not the best in their feud but still enjoyable. Brutal at moments too. A nice way to wrap up their run of matches.


Overall this was a very solid show for ring work. The majority of the card features good matches and everything else was decent. Some of the booking was a bit questionable but other other booking was very intriguing indeed.

MOTN: 2 Cold Scorpio vs Chris Jericho

#6: A Matter of Respect, May 11th 1996. 58.3%

The name of this Supercard could be in reference to a whole bunch of things. After their match at Hostile City showdown, RVD disrespected Sabu, refusing to shake his hand. D-Von Dudley, the newest member of the Dudley family, has been very disrespectful to his blood through verbal and physical abuse. Shane Douglas, former World Champion disrespected the TV Championship which peeved off Scorpio. A lot of disrespect going on.

El Puerto Riqueño vs Damian 666

They feel each other out before Sabu comes out and fucks them both up for a no contest. Fair enough.


Damien Kane & Devon Storm vs The Dudley Boyz

This is before the Dudley's were on the same page as one of the best tag teams in the US. Buh Buh is a goof having a good time which passes D-Von off so he leathers everyone including the Dudleys with a chair not causing a DQ until the referee is hit. A ECW. Very questionable booking in a very questionable match.


The Full-Blooded Italians vs Axl Rotten & Hack Meyers

Luckily for these guys this match is clipped up significantly, because the clips that were shown wasn't great. If that's the best they could show, what atrocities did they cut out?


Raven (c) vs Pitbull #2 vs The Sandman for the ECW World Championship

Nothing like putting your WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the MIDDLE OF THE CARD. It's supposed to be your biggest prize. I don't think this should have closed the show but maybe the penultimate match. This was entertaining for sure, probably could have been even greater if Sandman didn't fuck up so much the drunkard. Pitbull #2 didn't belong in a World title match.


Chris Jericho vs Mikey Whipwreck

This is a real hidden gem of a match. A very good contest between a future legend and one of ECW's reliable performers. It's not perfect but they go 100 miles an hour and put in a great show.


2 Cold Scorpio (c) vs Shane Douglas for the ECW TV Championship

Indeed Scorpio is still doing his weird thing whenche breaks his own pinfalls after a splash but even that bollocks can't hurt this match too much. A very good match from probably ECW's most reliable workers of the time.


-Shane Douglas cuts a bland promo, he wants Scorpio to put the belt on him but he attacks him instead. Face turn for Scorpio should hopefully mean the end of the bollocks he's been doing.

Sabu vs Rob Van Dam

This is the best match of the feud here I think, or at least my personal favourite. Their first was a great showcase, this was just as good but had a lot of heat and intensity to really up the ante. These two are just at their absolute best here.


The Eliminators & Brian Lee vs The Gangstas & Tommy Dreamer

This was a 5 star technical masterclass that even Bret Hart couldn't replicate. Plenty of transitions, plenty of submissions and plenty of intricate in-ring work. HA. Obviously not. Basically lots of weapon bonking, of course.


Overall we have a standard good ECW card here, a lame start and a serviceable finale but an awesome midcard thanks to ECW's better performers. After this point, the top 5 shows could realistically all be regarded as the best ECW show of all time. Lets'a go.

MOTN: Sabu vs RVD

#5: Barely Legal, April 13th 1997. 58.6%

Out of all of the shows on this list, this may be the most important. ECW's first foray on PPV was a critical turning point in the company, their biggest opportunity to solidify their status as the 3rd biggest company in the US. They struggled to get onto PPV after the 'Mass Transit' incident, but managed to come to an agreement with Request TV. This was a MUST win situation for ECW, a bad show here could have derailed their course significantly. This show was an astounding success, the best show of 1997 and a PPV they only ever managed to top on one other occasion.

Dudley Boyz (c) vs The Eliminators for the ECW Tag Team Championships

This was a fun match with spots galore. Bubba was nursing an injury so this is a dominant performance by the Eliminators. Exciting start.


-Chris Candido promo instead of his scheduled match because he is injured. He says he should be in the main event.

Lance Storm vs Rob Van Dam

Storm is replacing Candido in a match here and I'm all for that decision, Lance is great. This was a good match by two very good wrestlers. Storm does need to take some lessons in chair swinging because his shots are weaker than an old man's handshake.


The Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada & Masato Yakushiji vs bWo Japan (Taka Michinoku, Terry Boy & Dick Togo)

ECW made a deal with Michinoku Pro Wrestling to bring some of their talent in. Taka & Togo would go on to compete in WWE for Kaientai. Terry Boy is named such because he idolised Terry Funk. This was absolutely excellent, something completely different and exciting to keep the card fresh and the crowd hot.


-Stevie Richards cuts a great promo, a lot more serious than we're used to from Big Stevie Cool.

Shane Douglas (c) vs Pitbull #2 for the ECW TV Championship

Yeaaaah this sucked. The only real low part on the show. 20 minutes of slow, unexciting offence by both men. Not only that, the overbooking got complicated and awkward. Honestly one of the worst Douglas matches I've watched.


-A deal was made between Douglas and the masked man who was obviously Rick Rude. If Shane wins, he must unmask. After the TV Championship match, a masked man wearing Rude's robe comes out. This man is obviously NOT Rude. Shane attacks him, a member of the riot squad enters and reveals himself to be Rude. The masked man reveals himself to be Brian Lee. Lee chokeslams him as Rude swivels his hips to the joy of the crowd.

Taz vs Sabu

This feud is years in the making, finally these two face each other or the first time. It lived up to the hype. The match had intensity from start to finish. Taz looked like a killer whereas Sabu looked like a survivor but pushing Taz to his absolute limit. Great match here.


-Taz cuts a promo praising Sabu for his heart, but RVD comes out and attacks Taz. Sabu protests, but then he attacks Taz too. They beat on him until Bill Alfonso comes out, but he reveals under his shirt a Sabu shirt! Big storyline drama, brilliantly executed.

Stevie Richards vs The Sandman vs Terry Funk Three-Way Dance for Number 1 contender

All 3 men have serious beef with Raven and want to kick his ass, as well as win the World Championship. Richards wants his first reign, Sandman wants to regain, Funk wants one final ride into the sunset. Well, one of his last rides before he ultimately returns to wrestling again. A very entertaining brawl with the right result. Funk was the sympathetic favourite and he got the result, though Stevie had an excellent showing.


Raven (c) vs Terry Funk for the ECW World Championship

This doesn't go very long, and it is an absolute carnage of overbooking and storytelling but it was great. I loved it, can't be rated too high because it wasn't very long but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus Funk gets his crowning moment. All good stuff.


Overall this was just a really good outing for ECW, on a night when it most definitely had to be a good outing. This could have been a top place contender if Douglas vs Pitbull was better but oh well. Still fantastic and well worth the watch.

MOTN: Michinoku Pro 6-man Tag

#4: ECW One Night Stand, June 11th 2006. 60%

I know, I know. This isn't an ECW PPV technically. However, since WWE bought ECW that means all of the shows I've talked about are technically WWE shows soooo I'm including the One Night Stand shows. While it's a bit depressing that WWE were able to steal 2 top 5 spots in this R'N'R, the next two shows I'm about to talk about are absolutely fantastic. After the success of ECW:ONS '05, WWE decided to revive ECW as a third brand which didn't pan out as good as we all hoped. However we did get this show, which was successful in solidifying ECW as a brand even if it didn't last for very long. Fun fact, Kevin Owens is in the audience for this one, 8 years before he would sign with WWE.

-We open with a passionate promo by Paul Heyman, who addresses ECW rising from the ashes again as a third brand. The crowd are FUEGO for this. We see a "If Cena wins we riot" sign, I really believe they would riot too.

Tazz vs Jerry Lawler

Tazz earns an extra Z when he competes for WWE. Before the match Lawler slaps commentator Joey Styles so he jumps on him. As Lawler goes for a piledriver, Tazz is out and chokes him out instantly for a quick win. I'm not going to rate this segment because it wasn't much or a match but it was a fun hot opener. Plus I don't think Tazz could physically bump anymore due to having the neck strength of a fruit winder.


Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle

The most WWE match on the show. Orton was booed heavily, even hit in the arm by a fan. Angle was cheered massively, being advertised as the face of ECW which is a little ironic. Angle did appear for ECW briefly back in the day before he got into pro wrestling properly, but he was deterred by the extreme nature of the company. A very solid match here but nothing too exciting. The crowd tear Orton the shreds throughout which was brutal but a little funny.


The FBI vs Super Crazy & Tajiri

Little Guido was billed as Nunzio whilst he performed for WWE. Tajiri got a loud ovation as he had left WWE but came back for this show. This was a competent tag match that wasn't much to write about, but the crowd's investment really makes this more fun than it should have been.


-Big Show came out and destroyed everyone, similar to 911 used to do for ECW. The crowd loved it. I never expected them to cheer Big Show so loud.

-JBL cuts a fun heel promo from the balcony, not as good as his one a year previous. The crowd verbally abuse him, obviously.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs Sabu for the World Heavyweight Championship

Rey gets booed even though he's a face and has performed for ECW before. Sabu is like a god to these fans. This match was insanely exciting, these two had very complimentary styles. The crowd hated the ended because it was a no contest. I didn't mind it, I understand why to not weaken either guy. Very good sprint match.


Edge, Mickie Foley & Lita vs Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk & Beulah McGillicutty in an Extreme Rules match

Edge, Foley & Lita all delivered good heel promos before this match. This was an awesome match. This was beautifully brutal, probably the most hardcore match WWE have done. I loved this match when I first saw it, and I still love it today. All 6 put in a tremendous effort, but especially Foley & Funk who are way too fucking old to be taking such gnarly barbed wire bumps.


Balls Mahoney vs Masato Tanaka

Balls is very over here. This is a short match with some brutal weapon offence. A nice little palate cleanser following the chaos in the match previous.


-Eugene comes out, the fans hate him so The Sandman appears and decks him with a cane.

John Cena (c) vs Rob Van Dam in a Extreme Rules match for the WWE Championship

After RVD won the Money in the Bank briefcase, he cashed in ahead of time to face Cena here for the title. This match is a must watch, purely for the crowd's disdain for Cena. They berate him with chants. He tries to throw his shirt to the crowd multiple times but everytime fans throw it back. It was insane and it was amazing. This was a very good main event that escalated. Cena slid into the role of heel essentially and played it well. RVD got the well deserved win for a HUGE pop. Sure it wasn't clean thanks to Edge, and sure he would later vacate the title due to being suspended, but this was an amazing moment that RVD truly deserved after never being able to win the big one for ECW back in the day.


Overall, this was an excellent show. Not only one of the best ECW branded PPVs but honestly one of WWE's better shows too. Definitely their best PPV in 2006. Nothing disappointed and nothing sucked, which is great. The insane energy from the ECW crowd really makes this one feel special, but not as special as our next entry.

MOTN: 6-person Extreme Rules

#3: ECW One Night Stand, June 12th 2005. 64.3%

I briefly touched in this when talking about December to Dismember, but this is one of my favorite WWE PPV's ever. It's probably in my top 10. This is a true love letter to the hardcore fans of the once beloved ECW. This came at a time when wrestling fans weren't so critical and worried about WWE's questionable booking. However, after the failure of the Invasion angle, some were skeptical of WWE holding an ECW branded show. Boy did Vinnie Mac pull through.

Chris Jericho vs Lance Storm

Two guys who made a name for themselves in ECW before going on to be bigger stars. Storm had left the company but came back for this one show to face his real life close friend. A very good contest, they packed in a lot of action into a small amount of time.


-Pitbull Gary Wolfe introduces a tribute video for ECW alumni who have sadly passed away.

Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs Little 'Nunzio' Guido Three-Way Dance

-These three have 6 minutes to give it their all and boy did they. Very impressive the amount of wrestling and spots we got here, including a sick balcony moonsault by Crazy. Good match.


-A nice promo package with highlights of some of the iconic moments in ECW history.

Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio

My expectations were too high for this because of their amazing matches 10 years ago. The action is great but its all under short time restraints so it's not what it could be. I still very much enjoyed my time.


-Invaders from Smackdown take their seats in the balcony. Angle & JBL both cut great promos that generate nuclear heat with the hardcore faithful. RVD comes out with Bill Alfonso and delivers a fantastic promo with genuine emotion. No match from him tonight unfortunately because he's injured.

Sabu vs Rhyno

A dream match here, I can't remember these two ever squaring off in ECW but I may be wrong. This is another short match but another exciting one. Rhyno shows dominance but Sabu uses his popular extreme style to get the victory.


-Raw stars are out now onto their own balcony. Commentators Styles & Foley rip on Edge, Bischoff & Jonathan Coachman. They're doing a great job.

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

Two of ECW's best early acquisitions who never crossed paths during their time in Philly. This was a good match. It slightly underperformed because I think Eddie got pissed off for a reason. Still, a match between these two can't be anything less than good.


Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka

Holy fucking shit. Over 5 years since these two had their classic matches in ECW, and they still are able to perform to the highest standard. This match was awesome, pun fully intended. Joey Styles buried Mike on commentary a lot, which may have frustrated some people but I get it. Styles was loyal to ECW and Mike fucked the company over when he left for WCW. This match was the TITS.


-Paul Heyman comes out and delivers possibly the best promo of his life. He bigs up ECW as well as shooting on the anti-ECW Superstars from Raw & Smackdown in the balconies.

Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman vs Dudley Boyz

This is reminiscent of your classic ECW main event. Lots of violence, lots of fighting and lots of "ooof" moments. Very nice flamin' table finish to this match. A memorable match which perfectly encapsulated ECW in its prime.


-A post match beatdown by the Dudleys brings out Sandman to make the save. Out comes Steve Austin! He cuts a promo before challenging all the Raw & Smackdown stars to come down for a fight, or he'll come up there and beat the crap out of them all. They all come down, leading to a massive brawl between the ECW alumni and the rest. This is the infamous moment where JBL leathered the Blue Meanies face for reals. ECW occupy the ring and Austin gets Foley to bring Eric Bishoff in to have his ass beaten. Austin & Sandman raise their hands holding beer to close the show.

Overall this was an excellent event. This was a perfect simulation by WWE of what was so great about ECW. All of the matches were enjoyable too. My favourite part about this show is the amount of cameos we see. Nearly every match and inbetween them we see faces from the past such as Mikey Whipwreck, Joel Gertner, Dawn Marie to name a few. The callbacks to their history like the Dudley's wearing tye-dyed shirts, the big brawl closing the show. It was all just too good to be true. This was as perfect of a show as we could have gotten at the time, if you haven't seen this in a while, go back and watch it because it's awesome.

MOTN: Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka

#2: Big Ass Extreme Bash, March 8th/9th 1996. 65%

The BAEB was a double header event, the first show was held in NYC whilst the second was back home in Philly. This would mark the final ECW appearances for Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera & Mick Foley. They left with a bang by putting on the best matches in ECW history. This show was mocking dedicated to Eugene Moore, a retired wrestler who tried to disrupt shows by reporting safety concerns due to bloated attendance. Is this full show worthy of being the second best ECW show EVER? That's up for debate, but a pair of matches on this show really elevate this show up the ranks and you will see why.

The first portion of the show is highlights from the March 8th event in New York. We see highlights from Cactus Jack vs Chris Jericho, Taz vs Mikey Whipwreck, The Dudleys vs The Headhunters, Rey Mysterio vs Juventud Guerrera & Raven vs Sandman. Some good clips of action.


There are two matches that open the March 9th event that are clipped into highlights. JT Smith vs Axl Rotten as well as The Eliminators vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Hack Meyers. Apparently there was also a match between the Bad Crew and the team of Damien Stone & El Puerto Riqueño, however that wasn't there on my watch through. No ratings for all of these.


Taz vs Chris Jericho

This doesn't go very long because Taz is on his path of rage. However, Jericho gets some great offence and survives longer than anyone has previous. This was kinda an extended squash except Jericho looked really impressive. A good match.


Rey Misterio Jr vs Juventud Guerrera 2-out-of-3-falls

There isn't much I can say about this, except this is the best match in ECW history. Period. 16 minutes that feels like 5. Phenomenal spots and excellent storytelling as Juvie takes the lead and Rey has to pull out all of the stops to try mount a comeback. I won't say much more, except go match this match. Seriously, go stop reading and go watch it. I'll wait..........................I know right?!


Cactus Jack vs Mikey Whipwreck

A wonderful story has built between these two, starting two years prior when they first won the tag belts together, continuing in '95 when Mikey won them on his own and Jack declared himself his partner. 3 months later we have this, Cactus' final ECW match. Jack goes out in style as he has an absolute classic here with his former friend. Jack is a sadistic heel trying to murder Mikey. Mikey is finally sticking up for himself and tries to murder Cactus. Excellent match, another recommendation.


The Pitbulls vs The Bruise Brothers

The entrances are clipped here but I think there's enough content for me to fairly review it. It's a pretty standard ECW brawl here. Nothing to rave about.


Sabu vs Big Titan

This is another clipped match unfortunately. Titan's claim to fame is being Fake Razor Ramon. Poor fella.


Raven (c) vs Shane Douglas for the ECW World Championship

Raven tries to back out claiming he has gout, however when his Nest ambush Shane he's ready to go. I quite enjoyed this, a bit shorter than I wanted it to be though. Shane tries to fight fire with fire by implementing a more hardcore strategy than usual. Not a bad showing by both lads.


The Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio vs The Gangstas vs The Headhunters Three-Way Dance

Not sure why this was the show closer. Sure its the exciting carnage the ECW faithful thrive off, but I think Cactus vs Mikey would have been a perfect way to send off the show. A standard '96 ECW match here, but a bit better than your average brawl. I think I just love a good elimination stipulation. Cute rhyme. Not a clean match by any means but entertaining to say the least.


Overall it does feel like this show as a whole doesn't belong this high up, out of the 6 matches I reviewed half of them didn't break into 3+ territory. However, Jericho & Taz was an entertaining match. Cactus & Mikey was a fantastic demonstration of a well worked hardcore match. Rey & Juvie put on an absolute clinic in Hardcore Lucha Libre. I think for how good that match is, this placement might be deserving.

MOTN: Rey Misterio Jr vs Juventud Guerrera

#1: Heat Wave, August 2nd 1998. 70%

It had to be didn't this show didn't it? In the year of 1998 which was very much a more miss than hit year for EC-DUB, Heyman and his boyz put on an absolutely stellar show during the summertime. Arguably, this could be in the conversation for best wrestling PPV of the 90's. I wouldn't say so personally, but it could very possibly be in the top 10, most definitely in the top 20. In 2013, WWE even ranked this at number 14 in their best PPV's of all time. We'll see why.

Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn

After exchanging victories, we have a rubber match between these two. This was a very good opener, Lynn is the best and he had good chemistry with Credible here. A good match that got progressively more chaotic. It teetered the line of being overbooked without stepping over. Great start.


Lance Storm vs Chris Candido

Storm & Candido tried to co-exist to get tag gold but their hatred for each other eventually became too much. This was another very good match with sound fundamentals and entertaining antics. Candido was hilarious when he got blinded by powder. More great stuff.


Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka

Already talked about these two a few times but I'll say it again. Nothing better than two lads just beating the hydrated piss out of each other. Huge moves, stiff strikes, crazy spots. The crowd loved it, and so did I.


Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) vs Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki

The challengers come from Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. Hayabusa is considered the ace of his division, unfortunately his stellar career cut short due to a horrific injury. This was a rough spotfest that lasted a bit too long, but it still delivered a very exciting, compelling match with some nice storyline progression between Sabu & RVD.


Taz (c) vs Bam Bam Bigelow Falls Count Anywhere for the FTW Championship

Similar to Awesome/Tanaka, two big lads beating the tattooed piss out of each other. Another very good contest that only just falls short of being as good as the Awesome match. However there is a killer spot here, when Taz DDTs Bam Bam through the fucking ramp! There's a huge hole and everything! This was mental in all the right ways.


Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman & Spike Dudley vs The Dudleys (D-Von, Bubba & Big Dick) in a Street Fight

This was a crowd pleaser of a main event. Chaotic brawling but it never felt repetitive and it didn't overstay it's welcome. Sandman actually appeared somewhat competent. Spike's ladder dive was nuts. Yes this was the weakest match of the night but considered what preceeded it, that's not bad going at all.


Overall, it's just the best isn't it? Not a single match below a 3 star rating from me and that's very rare to come by. Most shows have weaker matches to build to classic matches on a card. Not here though. Everything was good. A lot of it was great. It truly deserves all the praise that it receives.

MOTN: Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka

There we have it. I have watched, reviewed and ranked a shit tonne of ECW PPVs and Supercards. I noticed there was 3 or 4 added to the network when I last checked but I probably won't get round to it because I've got a lot of other wrestling I want to watch. It's been a fun journey ECW, thank you for all of the good times. It'll be a while before my next R'N'R. I plan to rank and review EVERY WCW/Jim Crockett PPV. There's bloody loads of them. I've been binge watching them for a while, I'm in mid-99 so I'm not far away but I'm going to write up all of the articles ahead of time then release them on a weekly basis so that I don't feel rushed for time. It just makes more sense that way.

Thanks for reading as always. Let me know your thoughts and how much you agree/disagree with me. Until next time, see ya!


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